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Unknown new British company will fly space tourists in five years

Private vaporware: A new and previously completely unknown British rocket company, Starchaser, has claimed today that it will be flying tourists into space within three to five years.

How do I know this is vaporware and won’t happen? Besides the fact that I’ve never heard of this company before and that the story above includes a lot of fishy details (such as the head of the company has apparently most spent his time building large model rockets), there was this one quote:

The flight will only take an hour and will see the rocket reach around 330,000ft – ten times the average cruising altitude for an aeroplane flight.

An hour is too short for an orbital flight, and is much too long for a suborbital flight at 330,000 feet. In other words, something here is just not right. Regardless, I hope my cynicism here turns out to be wrong, and this company joins the new competition to lower costs into space.


Embezzlement at British rocket company.

The former bookkeeper at a British suborbital rocket company has been jailed for stealing almost two hundred thousand pounds from the company.

The company presently makes its money flying large size model rockets in educational venues as it works to develop suborbital craft. The embezzlement, which lasted six years, apparently almost bankrupted it.