New York gun shop raided by SWAT team, without a warrant

Fascism: A New York gun shop was raided by a SWAT team, without a warrant, and forced to turn over customer sales records.

This raid was supposedly legal under New York’s newest gun control law dubbed the SAFE act. However, under the Constitution no raid can be legal without a warrant. In addition, the store owner has repeatedly requested clarification of the law from officials in his attempt to be cooperative and legal and was still raided. He is suing.

Another right wing blogger has had the police called to his house because of a fake report of a shooting at his house.

Leftwing civility? Another right wing blogger has had the police arrive at his house because of a false report of a shooting.

The intention of the false report is to cause a SWAT team to descend on the house, guns blazing. In this case this fortunately did not happen.

We don’t know yet who made the false report, but the MO is identical to the previous events that appeared to have been instigated because the conservative blogger had written about leftwing activist Brett Kimberlin’s criminal past.