June 18, 2024 Zimmerman/Space Show podcast

David Livingston has now posted my two-hour appearance on the Space Show last night, with the podcast available for download here.

The show was especially enlivened by the many phone calls and excellent questions from listeners. Thank you.

I must also thank Charles Lurio (of the Lurio Report) for phoning me personally after the show to clue me into some centrifuge research on ISS that I was unaware of. Thank you Charles!

On the radio

I will be doing a long appearance tomorrow (Tuesday) with David Livingston of The Space Show, beginning at 7 pm (Pacific). You can access the live broadcast here. This was the rescheduled show we had had to cancel in May due to technical problems.

I hope my readers will consider calling in. It is always more fun to have a give-and-take with someone live, rather than simpl answering emailed questions.

March 4, 2024 Zimmerman/Space Show podcast

David Livingston has now posted my two-hour appearance on the Space Show last night, with the podcast available for download here.

Despite some technical issues halfway through (which David has edited out of the podcast), the show was fun, especially because of a lot of very good questions from listeners. The second half of the show was devoted to discussing my book Conscious Choice, which David Livingston had read and wanted to highlight. His endorsement of the book was much appreciated. As he noted (I am paraphrasing), it you are interested in the problem of establishing space settlements, you must read this book, because it deals with things beyond engineering that are as if not more important.

Tonight’s Space Show cancelled due to computer hack

My appearance tonight on the Space Show with David Livingston has been unfortunately cancelled because the Space Show website was hacked early this morning. David is struggling to get some live stream system working, hopefully by tomorrow, with me being the guest. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, his show could use some financial help to fix this problem. Even though I doing on my own fund-raiser for Behind the Black at present, I feel compelled to ask my readers to consider helping the Space Show as well. In the past two decades I have been on that show more than any other guest. It has helped spread the word about capitalism in space more than any other outlet. Here is the donation information:

Online through Paypal at www.paypal.me/thespaceshow. Using Zelle, email your donation to [david at onegiantleapfoundation dot org]. You will need to convert the “at” and “dot”. Or send a check payable to and mailed to One Giant Leap Foundation, C/O Dr. David Livingston, 11035 Lavender Hill Dr. Ste. 160-306, Las Vegas, NV 89135.

Please help if you can, especially if you have listened to the show over the years.

December 19, 2023 Zimmerman/Space Show podcast

Last week, on December 19, 2023, I appeared on the Space Show with David Livingston. You can listen or download it here. I am posting the link to the podcast now, almost a week later, because both of us forgot to do so, David to send me the link and I to ask him for it.

Twas a good show. For me the highlight was the conversation with Charles Lurio of the Lurio Report, who admitted he had finally come around to my way of thinking in connection with delays to SpaceX caused by the abuse of power by the FAA, Fish & Wildlife, and likely the White House. He like too many journalists covering the space industry had thought I was being paranoid. Charles however kept an open mind. He watched what was happening rather than look the other way, and now recognizes that politics and mindless bureaucracy is certainly playing a part in these delays. It must not be ignored.

October 31, 2023 Zimmerman/Space Show podcast

The podcast of my appearance last night on the Space Show with David Livingston is now available. You can download it here.

The discussion almost entirely centered on the delays getting government approvals for the next Starship/Superheavy test launch. The best part I think was the conversation between myself and Charles Lurio, publisher of the very well-respected space newsletter The Lurio Report.

Also, I think one of my regular readers and commenters here at BtB called in with some good questions, but I am not sure. If so, please confirm in the comments below.

On the Space Show tonight

Tonight I will be doing another long appearance from 7:00-9:00 pm (Pacific) with David Livingston on The Space Show. I hope my readers tune in and, more importantly, call in with questions.

When I scheduled this with David several months ago, I told him my expectation was that Starship/Superheavy would still be on the ground due to government blockage. He hoped not. I am sad to say I was right, when I really really wanted to be wrong.

On the radio tomorrow, twice!

I have two long radio appearances tomorrow, for those who prefer the audio format.

First, the second part of the long interview I did with Robert Pratt will be aired on Pratt on Texas at 5pm (Central). You can listen to the live stream here. The topic was blacklisting and the ugly desire of the left in the U.S. to silence debate and squelch its opposition through the use of force.

Second, I will make another appearance on the Space Show with David Livingston. The show will begin at 7 pm (Pacific), and will almost certainly last more than the planned 90 minutes. The live stream can be found here. Please consider calling in with your questions and comments. They are truly appreciated, and help make for a more lively show.

June 8, 2023 Zimmerman/Space Show podcast

You can now listen to the podcast of my appearance last night, June 8, 2023, on the Space Show at this link.

Twas an excellent show. For me however the highlight was the call from Ryan, a self-admitted “lefty” from Oregon, who called in simply to praise in astonishingly glowing words his admiration of my book, Conscious Choice. I had not prompted this, and was floored by his almost unbelievably positive impression.

It was even more gratifying because of his own political leanings, opposite of mine. He recognized the book’s depth of knowledge and grasp of truth, and realized it was not partisan.

On the radio-CANCELLED

UPDATE: Due to technical problems outside of David Livingston’s control, the show tonight had to be cancelled. We will try to reschedule for another show within a week or so.

Original post:
Tonight I will be doing another long appearance on the Space Show with David Livingston, beginning at 7 pm (Pacific). Please feel free to call in, as it is always more fun to talk to someone directly than to answer email questions.

On the radio plus under the weather

Two things:

1. I will be on the Space Show with David Livingston tomorrow night for about two hours, beginning at 7 pm (Pacific). You can listen to it here. Please consider calling in. Conversations and questions are always fun.

2. I am a bit under the weather today, so it is likely I will not have the energy to do a blacklist column today or a cool image. This could change, as I get restless if not active. Regardless, I want to take some pressure off by making it voluntary, not a requirement for the day.

On the radio

I forgot to post this earlier, but I am doing the Space Show tonight, beginning at 7 pm (Pacific). The info is in the right column or on the bottom of the page, depending on the device you use to read this.

On the radio…

UPDATE: The show started late due to technical problems, but is going on now!

I will be doing another long guest appearance tonight on The Space Show with David Livingston, beginning at 7 pm (Pacific). You can listen live here. (link fixed, though now it doesn’t matter as the show just ended. It will be archived and available in a day or so.)

As always, I strongly encourage my readers to call in. Makes the show more fun.

July 27, 2021 Zimmerman Space Show podcast

The podcast of my two-hour appearance last night on The Space Show with David Livingston is now available here.

Thank you to David and tor everyone who called or emailed questions. Twas a very good show, to my mind. It also allowed me hone my verbal description of my new book, Conscious Choice. When I finish a book, I tend initially to get buried in the details in describing it in interviews. This appearance allowed me to get an idea on how to talk about the book quickly, in summary. I think it went well, and will certainly get better with future appearances.

On the radio

For those who wish to listen to me and even call in to ask a question or comment or disagree with something I have said, I will be on The Space Show with David Livingston. tomorrow night for probably two hours, beginning at 7 pm (Pacific).

As always, your calls will be welcome. I don’t bite, though as John Batchelor says, I can get grumpy.

In addition, I will be on WCCO-AM in Minnesota to talk space stuff on the next night, March 31st, for forty minutes, beginning at 10:00 pm (Central).

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