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Conservative journalist obtains evidence the IRS audited him because of his political views

Working for the Democratic Party: A conservative journalist and strong critic of the Obama administration has obtained evidence through a Freedom of Information request that strongly suggests the IRS audits against him were ordered by the Obama administration and possibly a Democratic senator because of his political views.

My IRS auditor wrote into the margin of my file that he spent hours researching my political views. How chilling is that revelation? It sounds like the KGB, Stasi or even the Gestapo.

An IRS audit that required researching my political views clearly wasn’t a “normal random audit.” I was targeted for my political views. My civil rights were clearly violated.

The reason it may have taken the IRS fourteen months to turn my IRS files over to Judicial Watch [despite being required to do so in 30 days] is that they state a United States senator from Oregon was involved. At the time both senators from Oregon were Democrats. But only one, Ron Wyden, was chairman of the Senate Finance Committee with oversight over … the IRS. Could Ron Wyden have been the Democrat senator involved in my case?

There is a lot more at the link. Read it all.


“The IRS scandal is much worse than anyone realizes.”

“The IRS scandal is much worse than anyone realizes.”

How did I know this was a coordinated attack on conservative critics and donors? Because just in my small inner circle of friends, virtually every businessman that I met was getting hit with IRS audit notices only weeks after writing checks to the GOP and Mitt Romney. Strange coincidence, huh?

In one case, a friend of mine who is a hedge fund CEO attended the first major Wall Street fundraiser for Mitt Romney. Only a select few Wall Street big shots attended. After they went home, almost every one of them in the room that wrote a check to Romney later reported receiving IRS audit notices.

In another case, a friend of mine wrote a big check to Romney. He called me to report his suspicions when only weeks later he received an IRS notice. In another case, my next-door neighbor (who is a big GOP donor) reported being under vicious IRS attack. In another case, my accountant was suddenly audited only months after my first IRS attack. Even my publicist received an IRS audit notice.

The author of this article — a well known conservative critic of Obama — was himself audited twice, and exonerated twice. The second audit notice came five days after he had won in court the first time.