Black Lives Matter rejects good will gesture by police

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Hateful bigots: The Oakland Black Lives Matter group bluntly rejected an offer from the city police department for a joint barbecue to foster communications.

[T]he police were met with flat-out rejection by a spokesperson who referred to law enforcement as “pigs.”

“A BBQ is definitely not going to stop this blockade,” Karissa Lewis, a self-described “radical black farmer from East Oakland,” told local Fox affiliate KTVU. “And as a radical-black farmer from East Oakland, I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them,” she said.

But hey, this is the new standard for today’s politics: slander your opponent and foster ill will between people. It’s what we want!



  • PeterF

    Perhaps this person is just angling for an invitation to the White House? By our first black president’s statements it would appear that he identifies with this type of sentiment.
    I’m not too surprised that someone who associates themselves with Black Lives Matter is uninterested in solving their perceived grievance.
    I still think it hilarious as well as frightening that someone invited to the White House who purports to represent this group can only be described as a “bad guy”.

    If Black Lives Matter can be described as a “movement”, the racial strife and violence is just beginning.

  • Cotour

    They probably see their efforts as being effective and moving their agenda forward, its pure “community organizing” so they do not want to back slide on those perceived gains with an acquiescing BBQ. This movement wants their own government within our government.

    And where do they get their community organizing encouragement from? We all know that Black Lives Matter leaders have been to the White House and they have been encouraged from the highest law enforcement officer of the land, the Attorney General, to “not be discouraged” you know, with all of these police officer murders committed in their name.

    The Democrat Convention should really be interesting in how the president and Hillary choose to embrace them, and they are on track to do just that. I am pretty confident that this one issue will clearly define the two sides in this political race. The Democrats will attempt to clean them up and present them a being legit but they will be wrestling with a pig. I suspect they will be getting dirty.

  • Cotour


    This is the beginning of how to properly deal with these terrorist attacks. Whom ever is established to have some level of credible knowledge of a terrorist type attack who does not take the appropriate steps to stop or prevent it will be arrested and a lengthy jail sentence will be applied. Family members, friends, co conspirators, phone, email, texts etc.

    The criteria for arrest needs to be clearly laid out and explained in all media. Anyone who has knowledge of such acts has a responsibility to stop them.

  • Localfluff

    Call in the bomb robot! I suppose they don’t make them reusable.
    Seriously, it is disgusting how the left cultivates violent conflicts in society and now ruthlessly unleashes them to try to scare voters during an election.

  • DaveB

    Jim Crow Southern Democrats are laughing in their graves. Laughing at the misery being inflicted on the black community by well meaning Liberals and by much of the Black community it’s self. It couldn’t go better if they had planed it. First through policy that has undermined self efficacy and pride, not dependence that destroys pride.
    Second, the undermining the family unit as ones last defensive stand, leaving so many vulnerable to the ups and downs of normal life.
    Third, discouraging policing for protection and order that allows one to focus on their struggles.
    Fourth, giving them the most significant black leader since Martin Luther King. Who is such a miserable failure to them; and yet, righteous pride forces them into anguished denial.
    Now these Jim Crow Democrats are waiting anxiously (from the grave) for their next laugh, to see if these communities will degenerate into the misery of a Mogadishu with only Martial Law to save them.
    Sorry if this is a little intense.
    Dave B

  • wayne

    well stated.

  • Dick Eagleson

    A lot of the comments here are reasonable, but none seems based on an actual understanding of exactly what the BLM movement is. It isn’t a civil rights movement, it’s an anti-police movement that operates as what I’ve taken to calling “the PR wing of the Thieves Guild.” BLM is the public face of black organized crime just as the Black Panther Party was in the 1960’s. In both cases, a small cadre of black Marxist ideologues and would-be “revolutionaries” are front-men for a group that is basically interested only in hamstringing police operations so as to enhance their already considerable control of rackets in black ghetto neighborhoods.

    That this was true of the Panthers in the 1960’s is amply documented. Perhaps the most poignant story is that of David Horowitz, a prominent radical leftist, himself, in the 1960’s. He got a white female fellow leftist friend a job with the Bay Area Panthers. At some point, she apparently saw or overheard something that she wasn’t supposed to and was killed in fairly grisly fashion. That incident was the catalyst that started Horowitz on his personal odyssey away from the Left.

    Long after their heydays in the 60’s, prominent Panthers of that era were still involved in black organized crime. Huey Newton was killed in 1989 in a drug-related “turf” dispute with a member of the Black Guerilla Family. The BGF is another 60’s-era “black militant” group that warred with the Panthers for the same reason the Sicilian mob families of Chicago and New York used to war with one another – money and territory.

    H. Rap Brown was also involved in the drug trade. He’s now serving life in prison for killing a black cop who tried to execute an arrest warrant for him on charges including attempted murder of a rival drug dealer. In addition to his Panther activities, Brown was also involved in Islam and was, at one time, on the American Shura Council. Gangster, Panther, Muslim – guy was a real triple threat as the saying goes.

    The main difference between the Panthers of the 1960’s and the BLM today is that the latter has considerable support in the Democratic Party. The Democrats of the 60’s were hardly strangers to organized crime ties, but it was the Sicilian mob and affiliated labor racketeers like Jimmy Hoffa who were the connection. These days, the old Sicilian mob is mostly gone. The powers in organized crime these days are the black and latino “street gangs.”

    The last time Rahm Emanuel ran for Mayor of Chicago, for example, he was given a closer-than-comfortable race by a latino candidate. The mainstream media portrayed this guy as some kind of populist hero. What he actually was, was the candidate of the Latin Kings “street gang.”

    I put the term “street gang” in quotes to emphasize its inadequacy as a descriptor. The term “street gang” makes these outfits sound small-time and amateurish. They are neither. Some of them are even multi-national. While known for low-level street corner drug selling, these are full-service mobs. They run all the same rackets the old Sicilians used to run.

    And the Democratic Party is in with them up to their eyebrows, as always.

  • Wayne

    Dick Eagleson:
    Well stated.

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