Drastic changes in Mars South Pole icecap

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Mars South Pole 2007
Mars South Pole 2015

Cool image time! Summer images taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 8 years apart of a specific area of the Martian south pole icecap show significant and surprising changes.

The top image on the right was taken August 28, 2007. The bottom image was taken March 23, 2015, four Martian years later. As noted by the science team, the bright flat-topped mesas have shrunk by about half, while the dark rough low areas have grown, eating into the mesa walls.

Closeup study of this area would provide a wealth of knowledge. It will also be very challenging, as the environment is harsh, hostile, and unstable. Imagine doing research in the Himalayas but with an unbreathable atmosphere and temperatures always far far below freezing.



  • Seattle Steve

    Proof of catastrophic anthropogenic interplanetary global warming!

  • Cotour

    A video about actual climate change, in this case in the Sahara desert and not “climate change” the political agenda where pollution created by economic activity (read; dirty filthy capitalism) and its control is the agenda.


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