Fifth anniversary fund-raiser

Please consider donating to Behind the Black, by giving either a one-time contribution or a regular subscription, as outlined in the tip jar to the right. Your support will allow me to continue covering science and culture as I have for the past twenty years, independent and free from any outside influence.

In celebration of Behind the Black’s fifth anniversary, I am considering ending the automated Google ads that presently appear on the site. To I remove these ads, however, I need to replace that income. I am therefore asking that my readers consider contributing to the website, either with a one-time contribution or a regular subscription, as outlined in the tip jar to the right.

So far the response has been gratifying. My heart-felt thanks go out to all who have contributed.

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  • Nick P

    Bob, I can’t find a way to make a contribution with a MasterCard. Looks like contributions can only be done with paypal and I don’t use paypal.

  • Thank you for donation offer. I really appreciate it.

    I can only take credit cards through Paypal. If you are willing, however, you can always mail me a check directly. I will email you my address if this appeals to you.

  • Nick P

    Bob, what I’m suggesting is to allow a mastercard donation in the same way you allow a subscription with mastercard.

    If that’s not possible then email you address.

    Nick P.

  • Bob:
    Truly enjoy your website!
    I don’t have account w/paypal.
    If you could e-mail me your address I would be happy to send a check.
    Keep up the good work,
    Mike Earley

  • jeff medvin

    I follow your appearances on john Batchelor and the space show. (with anticipation). many thanks

  • Joe Foss

    I listened intently to you on Coast last night. I have heard we are mining the moon and and possible other planets. Specifically, in a book written by a woman who was in the Air Force and was forced to ride in a UFO with too other Air Force men, an Officer and the vehicle was operated by a alien, She was forced to provide sex fro the other workers which were also being held against their will on the moon where mining operations were being conducted. She was not allowed to talk to anyone as they were being guarded by the Grays. They drugged here to make her forget and she had hypnosis to revive her memory. Good Book. The thing is, what elements are we seeking or mining that we do not have on earth? If we have the technology to go to other planets, we should have the ability to synthesize any element. So, what are we mining there on these planets? Additionally, you mentioned you were talking to a whistle blower…What does he say who is behind this mining? Are the ETs in control here for the mining; seems they are always present as guards. What does the whistle blower say about what we are mining? When is he going public to name names and agencies? Is he afraid of his life; if not, why not. This is important information wee need to know. Thanks,
    d of his life

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