“They want to start taking — now.”

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The two stories linked below, describing what it was like at Sunday’s People’s Climate March in New York, confirm for me what I had surmised from earlier reports prior to the march, that the march was a leftwing get-together with its central goal to use the climate as an excuse to impose leftist and communist redistributionist policies on the free citizens of America.

My headline is a quote from the second article. The full quote:

Put it all together — all the justice demanders, the tax Wall Streeters, and the spirit of Occupy symbolized by the angry pacifist — and the People’s Climate March was one long, loud, loosely organized demand that vast sums of money be taken from the wealthy and given to the clients of the coalitions and alliances and networks and task forces that make up today’s environmental justice movement. They’ve had enough of debating climate models. They want to start taking — now.

Lord help us, in that we have already tragically allowed many of these people to wield significant amounts of power, and they are using that power to impose their agenda on us all.



  • Cotour

    It is 10:48 on Monday morning and I am listening to the Brian Leher radio show and he is playing speeches and interviews from the “climate change” demonstrations, one of the speaker is Bernie Sanders and others speaking and these people are pure communists! They make their points about inequities in the power structure but all of their solutions are aligned with revolucion! and a Utopian socialist world.

    Lord help us? We may need more than that.

  • Pzatchok

    It all starts at home.

    These children are taught these ideas. First by parents who started teaching them by having ‘no consequence’ decisions and games. No matter what you don’t lose.
    They no longer teach them to think through any decision. They no longer think of the bad possibilities if they get or do what they want.

    Those children eventually become teachers themselves. And they always end up teaching what they themselves have been taught. And in many cases take things a little bit further never thinking of the consequences. Just thinking of the possible outcome they want.
    The Utopia in their minds.

    Environmentalists were never for the environment, they were always against industry. Private industry especially.

    I have the impression that hunters have saved more species and habitats to support them than any environmentalists organization.

    Ducks unlimited for one.

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