New bipartisan budget deal cuts nothing from bloated federal government

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The swamp wins! A bipartisan budget deal worked out by Republicans and Democrats in Congress will cut nothing from the bloated federal government.

While losing on the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump won a $15 billion down payment on his request to strengthen the military.

GOP leaders demurred from trying to use the must-do spending bill to “defund” Planned Parenthood. The White House also backed away from language to take away grants from “sanctuary cities” that do not share information about people’s immigration status with federal authorities.

The measure funds the remainder of the 2017 budget year, rejecting cuts to popular domestic programs targeted by Trump, such as medical research and infrastructure grants.

In other words, these corrupt bastards are doing nothing to reduce the budget, even though that is exactly what they were elected to do. Instead, they are growing it.



  • wayne

    Rence Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell.
    “We can’t do anything until you give us the House….
    We can’t do anything until you give us the Senate…
    We can’t do anything until you give us the Presidency….
    Sorry, we can’t stop ourselves from lying, next stop… $21 Trillion in Debt.”

    Living Colour
    Cult Of Personality

  • wayne

    “Autopilot Spending Devours Budget”
    Heritage Foundation; Federal Budget in Pictures.

  • PeterF

    So it appears that “the Donald” has been rolled. I wonder if it bothers him the “Chuckles the Clown” Shumer is laughing at him. All I can hope for at this point is that the president remembers that he has the power of VETO. That would sure wipe the smile off the RINOs faces!

  • Gealon

    Time to get out the pen and telephone.

  • wayne

    (Donald Loves Chucky, he certainly gave enough money to him over the decades.)

    Mark Levin:
    “Liberal Republicans owe Obama an apology for trash-talking Obamacare…”
    (April 28 2017)

    Mitch, Ryan, McCarthy, and Scaliese, “the Usual Statist Big Government RINO suspects,” and they are IN CHARGE of the whole Government.
    (and we can’t forget Willll-bur over at The Agriculture Department, he never met an agriculture-subsidy or protective-tariff, he didn’t LOVE.)

  • wayne

    Food Stamp Spending

    –47 million recipients, at a cost of $78 billion a year.

  • Commodude

    Every time we have a national election, people get wrapped around the axle about the Presidential race and ignore the poltroons in Congress.

    To effect ANY change you need at least half of the 535 seats to change from the incumbents to new reps, and that’s not happening. Barring retirements, there’s over a 90% incumbent reelection rate.

    We have royalty, we’ve just changed the manner in which they get their titles. Once elected, it’s almost impossible to unseat an incumbent.

  • Michael

    If the republicans do not get with the program the next election in 2018 with have one of two outcomes:

    The democrats will re-take the house and senate in which the country will be lost (most likely)


    the republicans will retake the house and senate with a blood bath occurring among the leadership and the lower ranks that will be staggering (desirable but not likely)

  • Mitch S.

    Let’s remember that a politician’s #1 priority is to get reelected.
    Now we all want our Pols to promise to cut spending and reduce the deficit – but when it comes to actually doing something are we willing to take the pain?

    We’ve been spending beyond our means for decades and there is no way to truly reduce the deficit/debt without cutting things that are backed by various constituencies.
    So a Congressman has a choice – face the people and tell them their taxes can’t go down and there will be cuts in benefits or just pretend program and benefits can continue because we’ll solve the deficit by:
    A) Dems: taxing the rich and corporations – of course it never really happens because the pols need the money from the rich/corps.
    b) Repubs: We’ll cut entitlements and taxes – and the lower taxes will cause a boom that fills the treasury. – Of course the cuts never happen because the pols don’t want to piss off voters and the tax cuts end up being funneled to donors.

    And many of us here would correctly point out that even if taxes are truly raised, the gov’t will just grow to absorb the additional revenues.

    Most politicians simply go with A or B even though they know it doesn’t work – why give an opponent ammunition to use to defeat you?

    Will the “deficit hawk” who wants to soak the rich or cut the Pentagon be willing to do without funding for Sesame Street” or free cell phones?
    Will the “deficit hawk” who wants to cut entitlements and waste be happy when his Medicare payments go up, a carrier group is eliminated, the main employer in town that makes parts for fancy weapon systems that don’t work (or rockets that are never launched) is closed?

    Let’s remember every frivolous budget item has an interest group who will point out why their slice of pork is vital to the nation and cutting it would be unfair and an outrage when there is so much other waste.
    (I’m sure every military golf course and General’s Gulfstream has a paper explaining how necessary it is)

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