Seed from ancient extinct plant planted and brought back to life

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Israeli scientists have successfully gotten a 2000-year-old seed of an extinct date plant to grow and now reproduce.

Methuselah sprouted back in 2005, when agriculture expert Solowey germinated his antique seed. It had been pulled from the remains of Masada, an ancient fortification perched on a rock plateau in southern Israel, and at the time, no one could be sure that the plant would thrive. But he has, and his recent reproductive feat helps prove just how well he’s doing.

For a while, the Judean date palm was the sole representative of his kind: Methuselah’s variety was reportedly wiped out around 500 A.D. But Solowey has continued to grow date palms from ancient seeds discovered in the region, and she tells National Geographic that she is “trying to figure out how to plant an ancient date grove.” Doing so would allow researchers to better understand exactly what earlier peoples of the region were eating and how it tasted.



  • Cotour

    Its amazing how tenacious life can be.

    Unrelated but related:

    A few story’s back the conversation was focused on GMO’s and Round Up. This Doctor who for some reason thought and stated it was wise to suggest that Round Up was not harmful and offered to drink a glass of it. However during an interview on the subject the French interviewer offered him just that, a glass of Glyophosphate (Round Up) to drink, he refused. I wonder why?

    People thought he was a front man for Monsanto but apparently is not, so why if he said what he said wouldn’t he drink even a tiny little bit of it if he really thought it not harmful in any way? In addition Round Up was recently listed as a probable carcinogen.

  • D.K. Williams

    Neat story.

  • Max

    Ty for your post. It would seem that all leading science organizations that back GMO/round up/Glyphosate also back man made global warming.
    Monsanto’s motto is “scientifically safe.” I personally like Robert’s motto of The “uncertainty of science.” Scientifically safe is the Conman’s equivalent to “trust me.”
    Here is the best evidence I have seen yet of roundups legacy. Cause and effect evidence such as this can no longer be covered up.
    The doctor talks for over an hour that gives detailed analysis of roundups effect on Environment as well as the food that we are eating. If you don’t have time to watch, skip the how and why in the beginning and watch the results in the end. It is “scientifically” proven to be an premature aging product that will shorten lifespans and damage the ecology.

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