The Las Vegas shooting, based on police radio communications

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This detailed analysis of the police radio traffic during the Las Vegas shooting dispels many of the absurd rumors about what happened, based on actual data.

I spent some time today listening to the audio feed of the police radio traffic for about 90 minutes following the start of the active killer event on Sunday night. If you are interested in active killer response, either from the police or armed citizen perspective, this audio is pure gold. In general, the police had a stellar response. Being able to hear how it played out is an incredible resource for anyone studying the topic.

This article is primarily written for my police readers, but has some very important insights for my armed citizen readers as well.

The post includes the full audio if you wish to hear it yourself. One tidbit that news reports are not covering: “It appears that the shooter had stopped firing by the time the officers isolated him to his room. Most likely, patrol officers would have forced entry into the room if the killer had been firing on their arrival.” This is only about eleven minutes after the first 911 call.



  • wayne

    Mr. Z., excellent link, downloading the whole thing right now.

  • LocalFluff

    Why didn’t a hundred or so of the intended victims fire back? 32nd floor is a difficult target, but the amount of people firing back from such a crowd should’ve compensated. Had the victims been forced to disarm themselves by some who collaborated with the mass murderer???

  • eddie willers

    You’re making a joke, aren’t you LocalFluff?

  • LocalFluff: I suspect you do not own a gun, or have never been trained in its use. To have pulled out a pistol in that mob scene to attempt to fire at a window on the 32nd floor would have made everyone around you, including the police, see you as a big target and a threat. It would have gotten you killed, for no purpose. The right approach, which the armed police and security people quickly followed, was to converge on the gunman at his location.

  • mike shupp

    Wel, imagine yourself in such a scene. People are being shot on all sides, spinning about, falling, screaming. Maybe maybe maybe you can get a feeling that the shots are coming from some quadrant on your left or right, but beyond that? To recognize that the firing comes from one particular window on the 32nd floor of a building a quarter mile distant? I’m not sure that Superman could narrow things down that well.

    And if you have made that recognition, what do you do? The gunman was firing at a crowd of 20 thousand people, without particularly concerning himself with individuals. You’re proposing to whip out your trusty hand gun and fire a couple of bullets that smash into one person, barely visible, 1400 feet away. Pretty fancy shooting! You do that every week at your friendly pistol range, you and six of your casual acquaintences?

  • LocalFluff

    If several hundreds out of the 10 000s fired back, at that obviously broken window, it should’ve become uncomfortable to stand in that window. Some out of the thousands of bullets would’ve hit. Now this maniac seems to have been allowed to fire during a much longer time than it takes for a crowd to locate him and fire back. Was the crowd forbidden to carry guns?

    It is an advantage for the defense that the murderer fired from another plane that the crowd. Free to fire at. The police was obviously not present at the time. And the broken window of the murderer looks obvious on the press images I’ve seen. No lack of lighting in Las Vegas.

  • LocalFluff

    And as I said, allowing people to carry fully automatic assault rifles would’ve saved alot of lives in LV. Weapons efficient for killing enemies through a concrete wall with well aimed precision. Why were there no fully automatic rifles in the audience?

  • Garry

    With proper training, anyone can learn to hit targets a few hundreds of meters away with a high powered rifle.

    With all the training in the world, few can learn to hit targets 100 meters higher or lower than themselves. Sights are set for level ground, and when you tilt the gun upward or downward, the trajectory is non-rigid and changes completely.

    This is assuming that people can even see the target.

    Or that the police and others are going to leave them alone to do it.

    Or that they somehow aren’t going to hit neighboring rooms, etc.

    The killer’s choice of terrain would be absolutely terrible if he was just trying to kill an individual. But since he had an area target, his choice was effective.

    It sounds like LocalFluff watches too many action films.

  • LocalFluff

    Robert Zimmerman:
    “I suspect you do not own a gun, or have never been trained in its use. “

    Well, you suspect wrong, Mr. Zimmerman. As you often do. It is sometimes painful listening to how you are making up guesses about astronomy on the John Batchelor Shown. Makes me suspect the competence of all of his other guests too.

    Like all able Swedish men in my age, I have a one year military training. I have one year training as military police anti-sabotage jaeger at the Royal Guard of the King of Sweden. If I had been there om LV and not killed the murderer within five seconds, my Rittmeister would’ve gotten angry at me. So that is not even an option.

  • wayne

    Charles Whitman

    Holy cow dude– get a grip on yourself
    “..allowing people to carry fully automatic assault rifles..”
    What’s an assault rifle? no such thing, and machine-guns are already outlawed for civilian possession in the USA (without a Class 3 license) and have been so since the 1930’s.
    What caliber do you think, goes through cement walls?

  • LocalFluff: I stand corrected. I also will state as someone also trained in the use of firearms I find your approach to their use somewhat nonchalant. In actual combat your approach might work. In a terrorist situation as seen in Las Vegas, it would have been a very bad decision.

  • LocalFluff

    Charles Whitman
    That is the problem. If one outlaws assault rifles, the enemy will only use assault rifles from positions which are hard to hit without assault rifles. And on the concert in question, maybe all kinds of firearms were banned? Such a very dangerous decision by a host of a concert, which easily can lead to a massacre, must only be made if the host takes care of safety by placing snipers on the roof tops around.

    Your DO think it is right to shoot a mass murderer to death, don’t you? You are maybe just focused on the hat. I think that there are more important to kill the murderer, than to only care about what hat the one who does it wears. That one of a policeman or a baseball cap.

  • LocalFluff

    The argument that it would be bad to return fire, is very disturbing. It reveals a deep hate against life, a blind faith in government as God, helplessness.

  • wayne

    Not advocating the shooter not be killed, as quickly as is feasible. Just that, concert-goers returning fire to the 32nd floor, from 1,200 feet away, is a bit dramatic…. like a Movie.

    –I still don’t know what an “assault rifle” is, why adopt the language of the gun-haters?

  • LocalFluff

    Assault rifle, for God’s sake! The Germans invented it 73 years ago and Hitler himself invented the term Sturmgewehr = assault rifle. AK47 is a famous example, if you ever heard of it.

    Being shot at is “pretty dramatic”! Doing everything to stop it is the prudent conservative careful way of handling such a situation. And shooting towards the window is the best life saving measure that could be taken. Once bullets fly through the shooters window, he might pull back instinctively, even if not directly hit. This guy had never been under fire.

    When taking handgun training courses, one should remember to include firing at sky scrapers. Simply sitting in a tree allows you to watch down on the enemy walking right under you without noticing anything. It is a bit amazing to actually experience it. People don’t look up. All mass murderers must be expected to use only assault rifles only from skyscrapers in all states which illegalize honest people to carry assault rifles. making all defense pretty useless, although blasting off the handgun is better than defenselessly allowing oneself and the loved ones being hit and killed.

    I’ll certainly have a look at whatever reconstruction of the events as it emerges in the coming days. Where was the hotel security unit? It seems much could’ve been done to stop this much quicker. More guns on the streets are clearly needed. And people need encouragement to use them to kill.

  • wayne

    Are you allowed to have a weapon in your home, in Sweden? (Don’t you guys have a huge Rape problem in Sweden? How’s all that “gun-control” working for ya?)

    Yepper, those whacky Germans, have a word for everything. But, why adopt the language of Nazi’s? (and by extension, the Left)

    Much like my AR, you can buy civilian-versions of the AK, neither of which are automatic. Both look scary, but if you break in my house, I’m using the deer rifle or shotgun, ‘cuz those will stop you in your tracks. (you only get to bleed all over my carpet, if you die in the process.)

  • LocalFluff

    Hunting rifles, impractical in combat, are very common in Sweden, outside of all towns.

    No legal weapon has ever been used in any murder in Sweden, to my knowledge. Sweden is completely open to bring in any illegal weapon, since we don’t have any kind of border controls and no kind of implementation of any kind of law. The other day a Kalashnikov was found hidden in a school yard next to where I live in Malmoe southern Sweden. The islamists hide weapons here and there to be picked up before their armed robberies or terror attacks. Because if they are caught by the Swedish police while carrying a Kalashnikov, they might risk up to 12 hours of detainment before they are let free again.

    Just to give you a glimpse of how European politicians are deliberately destroying Europa, take this: The Swedisg customs is forbidden by the government to do anything against incoming vehicles with four or more passengers, because the customs can never mobilize more than four persons at any check point. So for their safety, they are not allowed to stop any car with more than four passengers. Because the arms smugglers are obviously armed! Swedish customs is unarmed.

    Because the arapes lie that they are less than 18 years old and then the police cannot keep them captive no matter what. No politician has suggested changing this rule to let all murderers who baselessly lie that they are younger than 18 are always let free immediately. It is politically impossible to change that law. Many who lie that they are 17 have been physiologically proven to be older than 30, but that evidence is not considered by Swedish courts, which are populated by uneducated politicians, not by real judges.

    Temporary police harassment is however somewhat operationally annoying for the islamists, so they simply hide their weapons in the bushes at school yards instead. They lose some of them, but it’s cheaper than being temporarily held up by the police for walking around as an apparent terrorist. There’s no lack of illegal weapons in Sweden, since we have totally open borders with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya so they hide several weapons in public places and hope that at least one of them is available when they commit their violent crime. Hand granades have become popular in Sweden. A great self-defense weapon!

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