The midterm revolt brewing against the Republican leadership

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Link here. Two key quotes:

The movement that is emerging to back candidates nationally in these critical upcoming primaries and general elections—combined with the candidates themselves, almost a decentralized and loosely organized political party in and of itself—is filled with some of the strongest conservative voices and a broad spectrum across the movement.

“What I’m seeing is a lot of anger, frustration, and disappointment from voters around the country,” Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots, a key grassroots organization, told Breitbart News. “They are angry at the lack of Republican leadership on Capitol Hill, and many think it’s time to ditch Mitch as the leader of the Senate. What I am beginning to remind people and let people know is I’m meeting incredible candidates around the country who are willing to take on the Republican status quo. I’ve seen candidates from Montana to Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, who are ready to take on the status quo and be the leaders we need.” [emphasis mine]

And this:

In other words, conservatives are considering a full slate of candidates nationally in open races and those with Democrat incumbents—and running or actively seeking out serious primary challengers for every GOP incumbent senator up for reelection next year except for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)—all part of an effort to wrest control of the Republican Party away from failed leaders and hand it to fresh blood. [emphasis mine]

Back in 2015 at the beginning of the presidential campaign I noted a number of factors suggesting that the Republican Party was a house divided against itself and was likely to break up, with the more moderate half likely replacing the Democratic Party.

Right now the party is trying to be too big a tent, including conservatives and many moderate Democrats who find the modern Democratic Party unacceptable. (This is one reason why the Republican presidential field is so large.)

Should the party split, we might also eventually see the withering away of the Democratic Party, which today is very corrupt and far too leftwing for most Americans. If the Republicans split into conservative and moderate wings, many of those disenchanted Democrats would move to the moderate Republican faction. The result would be to cut off the corrupt modern Democratic Party from the reins of power.

We could now be seeing the concrete political beginnings of this process.



  • Max

    For the “government” (establishment gov, secret gov, unelected gov, aministration and bureaucracy gov… ) to remain in power and grow larger, the illusion of two parties fighting each other must be maintained.
    With the blatant disregard for the law,(Hillary, the Democrats, never ending war) and Obama care lies that resulted in the highest out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare was more than the public could swallow. The public is still choking on it and they don’t even see it.
    They think if they give us a few hundred dollars in a higher “low tax bracket” making 10% more of the population into the low income bracket (that already 50% don’t pay taxes) that it would revitalize the local economy (movie theaters, restaurants and Main Street) when thousands of dollars are being paid per family for rising insurance costs.
    They just can’t figure out why people are mad at them for not keeping the promises…

    From the article posted above;
    “And conservatives, Breitbart News can confirm, are looking for challengers to incumbent Republicans in Nebraska and Utah, where Sens. Deb Fischer (R-NE) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) are for now seeking reelection.”
    Mitt Romney has establish residency in Utah to take the reins from oral hatch. But oral hatch refuses to give them up. For the third time, he has broke his promise not to seek reelection.
    A few years ago in Utah, Progressive Bob Bennett was replaced in the Republican primary with a very conservative Mike Lee (voting nearly 100% for the constitution)
    The same nearly happened to oral hatch had he not spent $12 million to keep his Senate seat.
    Recently a Utah house bill allowing people who want to run as Republicans need to only get signatures on a petition bypassing the Republican primary. At first there was strong opposition but it seem to fizzle out. It was just recently revealed that the opposition leader was the same guy who introduced the bill in the Utah legislature!!!
    That’s right, the “fix” was in. The opposition was sabotaged to take control of the Republican Party. Even the Democrat party president in provo ran as a Republican! On the petition ballot.
    The person responsible for all this admited that this was the way they took control from Ronald Reagan’s legacy in California giving the Democrats unopposed power.
    This same man is pushing hard for a article 5 constitutional convention.

    The future is unclear, but I am hoping for the best.
    We the people, to form a more perfect union, must once again take control of those who would exercise unrighteous dominion without regard for “truth justice and the American way”
    (Wayne, I need a 1950s superman clip.)

  • Chris

    Interesting information and look at the situation Max.

    I am wondering if this stratification of the parties into multiple groups will not take us toward a “parliamentary” type system. I realize a true parliamentary system would require radical changes in the Constitution – essentially scrapping it (heaven forbid the Article 5 route for this), but with multiple sets of constituencies there will need to be multiple sets of compromises and agreements.
    I see the decomposition into multiple groups moving in and out of the two parties. OR the fall of the parties and the rise of new parties leading to even more gridlock. This looks like slow discontinuous trending move to the “middle” (whatever that is) where we see no real direction in the government. But we would see a marked increase in pet project spending to get the various constituencies satisfied. Each set of groups would need their own piece of the pie to get anything done.

    I really like the idea that the parties and their infrastructures will get really shaken up but I don’t like the outcome. The only way out of this spiral is to remove the emphasis on “my Representative” or “my Senator” who get things done for their district or state respectively; but an emphasis on the the Congressmen upholding the Constitution and an overall smaller (more constitutional) government with LESS SPENDING.
    My point is that the movement to shake up the parties is great but the result has to be toward less government and spending (and therefore less money) coming to our individual districts.

    Once again, apologies for the rambling.

  • wayne

    Interesting stuff.

    Repeal the 17th Amendment– we don’t need a Senate unless they actually represent their respective State.

    Max– not a big fan of Superman, so I’m pretty useless as far as clip-acquisition for the DC Universe.

    ” $20 Trillion Reasons”

  • wayne

    “The Case Against Mitch McConnell and The Case For America”
    Mark Levin CRTV 8-11-17

  • Cotour

    This is where Steve Bannon becomes more useful on the outside rather than inside of the White House. His stint on the inside has made him much more of a credible political player in the eyes of the greater public with all of the free PR he has received. Well done Bannon, this is who will now lead or at least drive the agenda of the political revolution.

    The fact that as the Democrat politician’s line up for the 2018 and 2020 elections it is clear that they are way, way too, not Liberal but in fact Leftist for the majority of Americans who identify as Democrat. This has driven names like Oprah being floated as possible candidates for president. I do not believe it will be Oprah, as I have stated I believe that it will be Clooney or someone like Clooney. Although all of the media imagery indicates Clooney to me. The Dems can not drive a win using their current political stable they must have fame and celebrity, thats what they will see as the winning formula running against Trump. Clooney appears “clean” and has the celebrity credentials for the job. A perfect Liberal democrat puppet.

    And Ted Cruz can be “Emphasized” all day long, he will never be president.

  • Commodude


    For the sake of the United States, I dearly hope someone besides Governor Romney runs to unseat Sen. Hatch. Gov. Romney was a disaster in the state of Massachusetts, and should be kept as far away from Washington D.C. as humanly possible.


    “My representative” and “My Senator” is a poison to the electoral process. Your STATE representatives and State Senators (or assemblymen, depending on the structure of the state constitution) should be taking care of the state, leaving the federal representatives to mainly ensure Washington stays out of the way or at least assists in minimally invasive ways.

    I’ve long stated that the only way change is going to take place is when we finally wake up and end the trend of 90%+ incumbency which exists in the halls of Congress.

  • wayne

    Yow– you consume a LOT of main-stream-media!
    Steven Bannon a “credible political player in the eyes of the greater public,” really?

  • Max

    Pressure on the Republican leadership from Trump, pressure from the voters, and now the heat is on from the donators/contributors.

    Donations are down considerably. The contributors and the voters did their part, the republican politicians have not.

    Breaking up into smaller factions makes the system easier to “divide and conquer”. It is a tactic that worked in Europe, it is being used in great Britain, it is happening now in Spain.
    It will be difficult to do here because we have a constitution that unites the people as one. Break that unity, and your prediction will come true. Congressman and Senators will be nothing more than front man for corporations and billionaires. Some even representing foreign governments.
    As for less spending, fractional reserve banking makes it clear that if they do not increase the debt/taxes, our money system will fail. The juggling act can only be maintained for so long… Many of our recent wars are just to keep oil trading in dollars to pre-long the end.
    It has become obvious that we live in a post constitution era where laws are designed to go around the constitution, make parts of it irreverent, or ignore it out right is taking place every day.
    For instance Trump wants to hire more patrol border guards and immigration enforcement officers.
    Obama robbed their budget to give undocumented immigration housing, food and money to make there stay more comfortable.
    The rule of law versus anarchy and Lawlessness.
    Most Americans know the bed rock in which this country was founded, returning to what makes us strong will be easy to do because we are all on the same page seeing the problem in the proven perspective.
    This is an advantage.
    Those who seek to destroy this country with riots and tearing down statues, or just kneeling to disrespect our flag are, for the most part, rudderless and disagree with everyone even those on their side. The only time they come together in agreement is when someone like Soros pays them too. Money buys their loyalty… Until the money runs out.
    Patriots are not motivated by this reasoning, this is why the left flights them so hard, fighting dirty looking for every advantage that they can expose.
    The legislatures are debating about “freedom of speech rights” questioning whether hate speech can be allowed. And by their definition, the speech of the “alt right” is all hate speech and every conservative talkshow host needs to be banned from the air.
    In great Britain, you can get 15 years in prison now for even reading a conservative article.
    Every elected official takes an “oath of office”. That they will uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Military takes this oath seriously. In my opinion, If an elected official writes legislation that undermines the constitution, steps should be taken to charge this person with being a domestic enemy.
    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”…
    For the past eight years I’ve heard of so many good intentions proposed and forced on us that the road they have built is a 6 Lane Freeway in One Direction. They have golden parachutes that deploy as soon as we go over the cliff, we have the boot firmly against our neck…
    Sorry, now I am rambling.

  • Cotour


    You use the term “Consume a lot of main stream media” as a pejorative, you have done it several times. Understand I consume a lot of varied media from extreme Left to extreme Right to get a more balanced impression, weight or flavor about what is actually going on in the media and by extension in the political agendas that they drive and discourage and how the public might be consuming it all. I do not just seek out only what I agree with, and to be honest if you do not understand or attempt to understand who you disagree with then you tend to stay a bit too narrow in you positions and can be easily counted on and manipulated.

    After weighing the political / media atmosphere I then balance that against the foundation concepts that I have come to understand as valid. This more broad spectrum approach results in some controversial conclusions but the reality of it all is what it is.

    Bannon is and will be a player in the political revolution that the Zman identifies.

  • Cotour

    On the subject of the media, Wayne:

    You can not make it up, therefore I must assume it was done on purpose. Is this an advertising campaign that is focused on the black or dark skinned ladies that want to be lighter in tone or even white? There certainly is a market for this kind of product. Or is this just another not so subliminal attempt of the main street media to keep the racial turmoil going so as to be leveraged by interested political party’s?

    Who at this moment in time in America would think that this was an appropriate advertising campaign?

  • Cotour

    Clooney’s political street cred being built in the minds of the public?

    We watch Clooney.

  • wayne

    Ha.I consume a lot of media as well, it’s just less-n-less from mainstream sources. I recognize a lot of your references, ‘cuz we probably overlap on a bunch of sources. (When I give up Drudge completely, then I’ll be truly “free.”)
    I do try however, to differentiate between entertainment, information, and ideology.

    I guess my only real point, and not aimed necessarily at you in particular; The Left only has one play-book, but an infinite number of variations on the same darn Theme. Whatever they are pushing at any given time, is a shiny object, intended to distract & obfuscate. They manufacture lies wholesale.

    It’s pointless to argue with anybody or anything, that buys ink by the barrel, or bandwidth by the gigabyte.

    As for Steve Bannon— he’s infinitely more like one of those Hollywood billionaires you were zapping in the other thread, rather than somebody like Mr. Z.

  • wayne

    You are welcome to watch Clooney, all you want.

    Ocean’s Eleven – Planning the Heist

  • Cotour

    My point is to enable yourself to objectively absorb these multiple inputs and attempt to understand what they try to manifest while they are immersed in the time and place which they find themselves and our selves.

    And then be able to reasonably take a measured position and “put it out there” in the form of a projection or prediction. When I see Bannon and where he has been, where he finds himself now and the things that he speaks of I see him as a player in the redirection of our collective politics more to the right.

    Do you believe that a Hollywood billionaire type might be able to have more of a Right orientation and that he might see what has been going on in our country as Leftist and subversive? If you can agree with that then you will probably tend to agree with what Bannon has to say. And so will many more.

  • Cotour

    Perfect, he has no party, but he will have a good percentage of the peoples votes.

    In the end the peoples votes will be the capital that Trump can use to force / cudgel Conservative or at least a more American interest type action and take over the leadership of the Republican party. That is or should be the goal. At that point of a real paradigm shift in American power, if successful, might Trump have to become seriously concerned for his safety?

  • wodun

    I read one of these articles that framed the split in the GOP as pro-Trump populists and GOP moderates and the establishment.

    The reality is that the GOP split long before Trump. Electing Trump was the response to the GOP not taking the Tea Party seriously. Trump isn’t a conservative standard bearer but neither is anyone in the GOPe. However when you look at the state races, people who are more ideologically conservative are being elected not partyless populists.

    The conservatives are reforming the party from the local level up. Congress and the Presidency are the next targets. Since congress writes the laws, that is more important than having a conservative standard bearer as President. A conservative congress can move a largely sympathetic President.

  • Cotour

    I think what essential fact that is being demonstrated as of late is that the vote and the system that exists to record it has a certain armor against those who would be just as happy to not have a vote at all.

    Local control, tabulating and recording and the electorial college are the two things that must be perverted or destroyed if this Trump / Conservative / tea party revolution is to be stopped.

    Trumps victory has upset the apple cart in such a way where everyone can understand this and so what must be guarded against are moves that would tend to undermine these systems.

  • ken anthony

    The conservatives are reforming the party from the local level up

    This is the first lesson the tea party learned and they’ve held to it religiously since the very beginning. We are about to see the result of over 15 year of work.

  • Cotour

    Remember my Democrat aspiration call from Oct, 9th, 2017 Wayne? George Clooney?

    The Democrats will naturally be attracted to celebrity to save their brand in their next face off with Trump, and IMO Clooney is at the top of that list. Clooney is more a f a traditional Liberal Democrat rather than a full blood Leftist which the party has been high jacked by, I.E. Obama, Ellison, Perez etc.

    It will be Clooney and Camelot #2, he has got the beautiful high profile wife (progressive Muslim / human rights lawyer) wife, the kids, the look and most importantly the celebrity and the connections / money.

  • Cotour

    Even better, Clooney and Oprah joining forces!

    They could flip a coin to see who would head the ticket. The Leftist lead Democrats will be soo desperate by 2020 that they may entertain the thought, that is if Hillary does not announce what is now her continuing run for her birthright presidency position. That is of course if she is not under indictment by then which may be interpreted by the psychopathic hoard that surrounds her as a positive position to be in.

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