Trump White House wins Emmy for best reality show

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News you can use! The Trump White House has won an Emmy for producing the best on-going reality show on television.

Trump accepted the award in an emotional speech at the Microsoft Theater, thanking the hundreds of staff members he has fired so far in his presidency, as well as his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Oh man, I know I’m forgetting so many people,” he said as the background music began to prompt him to wrap up his acceptance speech. “Spicey, the Mooch, Bannon the Cannon, and all the others I can’t remember right now—you guys made this all possible. I know I’m the star here, but it’s the great cast of side characters, past and present, that really made this whole insane circus come together.”

“I’m the best!” he cried out as he was finally escorted off stage.

Read it all. You will realize that real reality is almost always more interesting than fake reality.



  • Cotour

    A little more reality, even “Molten Carpet” will have praise for Trump today.

    And more:

    As I have stated many times, Trump has the potential to be the most consequential president of the past 155 years, where will he deliver us to with it?

  • Garry

    Cotour wrote,

    “As I have stated many times, Trump has the potential to be the most consequential president of the past 155 years”

    I agree, but you seem to see only one side of the coin. There’s a small chance that Trump will mark the start of the Great Swamp Draining (the side of the coin you see), but there’s also a chance he leads us to catastrophe. (the side of the coin you apparently don’t see)

    “where will he deliver us to with it”

    Reminds me of an alleged remark on a fitness report of a British Army officer:

    “His men will follow him anywhere, mostly out of curiosity.”

    I like Trump’s stated (and demonstrated) willingness to go against the grain, and even like some of his actions, but I still can’t figure out whether he will be a net positive or a net negative, or the magnitude of the benefit/loss.

    I concede that we would already know these thing had Hillary won, but I don’t rule out Trump leading us to places as bad or worse than she would have tried.

  • All: Note please that the link I posted here was a very funny piece of satire making fun of Trump, and the reality of his chaotic administration, so far.

    I think Trump will achieve some positive changes. His reshaping of science and regulation alone will be worthwhile. However, I also think he will achieve some very negative changes, illustrated by his willingness to work with Democrats to pass some of their agenda.

    In the end, I think Trump is merely a transitional leader. The country is shifting, moving to the right but not with the same conservative beliefs that were traditional in the past. Trump represents that change.

  • wayne

    referencing: “His men will follow him anywhere, mostly out of curiosity.” and going tangential–

    LSD Tests On British Marines
    (circa 1964)

    Have to agree with Mr. Z. on Trump being a transitional president. He’s non-ideological, some of his entourage however, are full-blown ideological, but not in the good-way and not in the way a portion of Trump true believer’s think he is.

    For me, Trump did what I needed him to do, stop HRC. That’s all I wanted. Anything else he might accomplish, is pure gravy.
    I do fear however, we’ve past a point of no return and are probably already falling into the abyss. We just don’t fully realize it yet (We may have crossed the event-horizon.)

  • Cotour


    When I use the word “Potential” what I assume is understood is that potential is in fact a double edged sword that can cut both ways. I will endeavor to further refine my terminology in the future. And to the Zmans point, Trump by definition is in fact a transitional president, term limits govern and ensure that. What appears to be the transition is that more and more aspiring politicians will be more willing to operate outside of the expected standard political party behavior because of Trumps successes and because of the peoples unwillingness to not buck the status quo. The people will IMO in the coming months and years push further right instead of further Left and Trump is one of the catalysts that enables that thinking and action.

    As to Trump being willing to work with the Democrats, that seems to be a strategy of division focused on the Republican party leaders rather than a strategy of agreement with the Democrats. Thats what it appears to be. Trump pushes for actual action instead of proforma grid lock. Trump is learning how to manipulate both party leaderships, and that is a good thing.

    I repost this observation about Trump and the political party’s destroying themselves. The party’s have become corrupt and that is the only thing that they could become. And so there will be change / progress one way or the other. This is the political war fare that plays out before our eyes in slow motion :

  • Steve Earle

    The Country as a whole has been shifting slowly and slightly to the right and that is why the Left has become ever more desperate to legitimize those things that will maintain their power: DACA/Amnesty, Obamacare, Media, and last but not least the Schools (at all levels).

    If they can keep their gains in all those areas then all they have to do is wait for another Hillary-type to ascend and then they can resume their march towards the People’s Socialistic Paradise….

    So far, as Wayne said, he has stopped their “Great Leap Forward” by defeating Hillary (AND putting Gorsuch on the Supremes) and I agree to a certain extent that all the rest is Gravy at this point, BUT if he does not push the Ratchet Wheel back a few notches, then all he will be is a temporary speed bump to the Left.

    Just signing the DACA Amnesty into Law alone will give the Left another 2-3 million votes and ensure the Right will never have a chance like this again….

  • Phill O

    Cotour “Trump pushes for actual action instead of proforma grid lock. Trump is learning how to manipulate both party leaderships, and that is a good thing.”

    Me thinks you hit the nail square on the head. He must get the “personal agenda” republicans on side or the GOP will look like baboons! The work on the health care bill I saw on the news today is a step which indicates he may be winning!

  • Laurie

    There isn’t enough time to acknowledge the many, many the supporting actors…

  • Edward

    Now I am sorry that I didn’t bother to watch the Emmy Awards show. It would have been hilarious to see Trump win an Emmy despite not having an actual television show. But that is just like Trump, always winning until we get tired of all that winning.
    [End sarcasm]

    I am no longer reading Cotour’s comments, but did you and he already forget about all the terrible consequences of the Obama regime? Here is a list just off the top of my head:

    — Using the IRS and FBI against his political opponents. Heck, Nixon only sent a couple of campaign henchmen to burgle an apartment.

    — Fundamentally transforming the US into a tyranny so bad that it is the first in history to have the audacity to direct its people as to how to spend their own money.

    — transforming the best healthcare system in the world into a disaster that is about to abandon millions of people and leave them unable to obtain health insurance?

    — Allowing heterosexual pedophiles, just by declaring that they identify as feminine at that moment, to legally enter the girl’s restroom, where they can intimidate (and worse) little girls. No one has to be transsexual to enter the opposite sex’s restroom, they just have to say that they are.

    — Promoting the coercion of the violation of religious beliefs and tolerating the unconstitutional and excessive fines for following one’s religious beliefs, bankrupting florists, bakers, and intimidating others.

    — Promoting the Occupy groups that not only broke laws by camping overnight where it was illegal to do so but were terrorists in disguise.

    — Creating a deal with Iran that allows them to develop nuclear weapons and gives them $150 billion to do it.

    — Promoting that only Black Lives Matter and their cop-killing philosophy.

    I really don’t think that Trump has the potential to be nearly as consequential as just this list from Obama’s reign. I am sure that I missed a few items.

    [Restart sarcasm]
    So far, Trumps biggest triumph is winning an Emmy without having a television show as well as pissing off everyone at the Emmy Awards show. That might demonstrate good potential, but it is hardly consequential.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

    “Round up the Usual Suspects”

  • wayne

    “I will build a sub-space graviton field, and Bajor will pay for it.”

  • Wayne: Truly hilarious, and pure silliness. I like, a lot.

  • pzatchok

    I love the fact that the left just can’t stop thinking about Trump.

    The man has just about set up house in every single one of their heads.
    They can’t even wake up in the morning or go to bed at night without thinking of him.

    And even if they tried the news media would just crush the chance and remind them they lost and he won.

    Their only hope is if the news media would stop covering him and the white house, but news media they will never stop attacking him, so the left has no chance of getting away from him.
    He is going to drive an ulcer through each and every one of them.

    Its like he has some voodoo doll of the left and he is just driving needles into them.

  • Laurie

    Wayne – that was a very fine chuckle, thanks!

  • wayne

    “Send In The Clowns!” (don’t bother, they’re already here…)

    Don’t mean to imply that Trump is Gul Dukat. Hillary however, is Vedic Ky (nurse ratchet).

    As has been said before, “Trump is to be taken seriously, but not literally.” “The Wall,” is a metaphor, once you get that, it all makes sense. (and it’s the name of a Pink Floyd album….)

    Referencing Reality TV in general– ‘manufactured conflict,’ written by non-union Writer’s, so ‘technically’ it’s “unscripted.”
    That being said, I myself trend toward the gold-mining Show’s. (and…got myself sucked into the Curse of Oak Island for way too long)

  • Cotour

    Here is some more Un reality, might as well be a show scenario on TV.

    Is it possible that these mega tech company’s have too much money? Is it possible that capitalism must in the end turn into a Socialist model and a One World type government model?

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