Trump White House wins Emmy for best reality show

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News you can use! The Trump White House has won an Emmy for producing the best on-going reality show on television.

Trump accepted the award in an emotional speech at the Microsoft Theater, thanking the hundreds of staff members he has fired so far in his presidency, as well as his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Oh man, I know I’m forgetting so many people,” he said as the background music began to prompt him to wrap up his acceptance speech. “Spicey, the Mooch, Bannon the Cannon, and all the others I can’t remember right now—you guys made this all possible. I know I’m the star here, but it’s the great cast of side characters, past and present, that really made this whole insane circus come together.”

“I’m the best!” he cried out as he was finally escorted off stage.

Read it all. You will realize that real reality is almost always more interesting than fake reality.


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  • Cotour

    A little more reality, even “Molten Carpet” will have praise for Trump today.

    And more:

    As I have stated many times, Trump has the potential to be the most consequential president of the past 155 years, where will he deliver us to with it?

  • Garry

    Cotour wrote,

    “As I have stated many times, Trump has the potential to be the most consequential president of the past 155 years”

    I agree, but you seem to see only one side of the coin. There’s a small chance that Trump will mark the start of the Great Swamp Draining (the side of the coin you see), but there’s also a chance he leads us to catastrophe. (the side of the coin you apparently don’t see)

    “where will he deliver us to with it”

    Reminds me of an alleged remark on a fitness report of a British Army officer:

    “His men will follow him anywhere, mostly out of curiosity.”

    I like Trump’s stated (and demonstrated) willingness to go against the grain, and even like some of his actions, but I still can’t figure out whether he will be a net positive or a net negative, or the magnitude of the benefit/loss.

    I concede that we would already know these thing had Hillary won, but I don’t rule out Trump leading us to places as bad or worse than she would have tried.

  • All: Note please that the link I posted here was a very funny piece of satire making fun of Trump, and the reality of his chaotic administration, so far.

    I think Trump will achieve some positive changes. His reshaping of science and regulation alone will be worthwhile. However, I also think he will achieve some very negative changes, illustrated by his willingness to work with Democrats to pass some of their agenda.

    In the end, I think Trump is merely a transitional leader. The country is shifting, moving to the right but not with the same conservative beliefs that were traditional in the past. Trump represents that change.

  • wayne

    referencing: “His men will follow him anywhere, mostly out of curiosity.” and going tangential–

    LSD Tests On British Marines
    (circa 1964)

    Have to agree with Mr. Z. on Trump being a transitional president. He’s non-ideological, some of his entourage however, are full-blown ideological, but not in the good-way and not in the way a portion of Trump true believer’s think he is.

    For me, Trump did what I needed him to do, stop HRC. That’s all I wanted. Anything else he might accomplish, is pure gravy.
    I do fear however, we’ve past a point of no return and are probably already falling into the abyss. We just don’t fully realize it yet (We may have crossed the event-horizon.)

  • Cotour


    When I use the word “Potential” what I assume is understood is that potential is in fact a double edged sword that can cut both ways. I will endeavor to further refine my terminology in the future. And to the Zmans point, Trump by definition is in fact a transitional president, term limits govern and ensure that. What appears to be the transition is that more and more aspiring politicians will be more willing to operate outside of the expected standard political party behavior because of Trumps successes and because of the peoples unwillingness to not buck the status quo. The people will IMO in the coming months and years push further right instead of further Left and Trump is one of the catalysts that enables that thinking and action.

    As to Trump being willing to work with the Democrats, that seems to be a strategy of division focused on the Republican party leaders rather than a strategy of agreement with the Democrats. Thats what it appears to be. Trump pushes for actual action instead of proforma grid lock. Trump is learning how to manipulate both party leaderships, and that is a good thing.

    I repost this observation about Trump and the political party’s destroying themselves. The party’s have become corrupt and that is the only thing that they could become. And so there will be change / progress one way or the other. This is the political war fare that plays out before our eyes in slow motion :

  • Steve Earle

    The Country as a whole has been shifting slowly and slightly to the right and that is why the Left has become ever more desperate to legitimize those things that will maintain their power: DACA/Amnesty, Obamacare, Media, and last but not least the Schools (at all levels).

    If they can keep their gains in all those areas then all they have to do is wait for another Hillary-type to ascend and then they can resume their march towards the People’s Socialistic Paradise….

    So far, as Wayne said, he has stopped their “Great Leap Forward” by defeating Hillary (AND putting Gorsuch on the Supremes) and I agree to a certain extent that all the rest is Gravy at this point, BUT if he does not push the Ratchet Wheel back a few notches, then all he will be is a temporary speed bump to the Left.

    Just signing the DACA Amnesty into Law alone will give the Left another 2-3 million votes and ensure the Right will never have a chance like this again….

  • Phill O

    Cotour “Trump pushes for actual action instead of proforma grid lock. Trump is learning how to manipulate both party leaderships, and that is a good thing.”

    Me thinks you hit the nail square on the head. He must get the “personal agenda” republicans on side or the GOP will look like baboons! The work on the health care bill I saw on the news today is a step which indicates he may be winning!

  • Laurie

    There isn’t enough time to acknowledge the many, many the supporting actors…

  • Edward

    Now I am sorry that I didn’t bother to watch the Emmy Awards show. It would have been hilarious to see Trump win an Emmy despite not having an actual television show. But that is just like Trump, always winning until we get tired of all that winning.
    [End sarcasm]

    I am no longer reading Cotour’s comments, but did you and he already forget about all the terrible consequences of the Obama regime? Here is a list just off the top of my head:

    — Using the IRS and FBI against his political opponents. Heck, Nixon only sent a couple of campaign henchmen to burgle an apartment.

    — Fundamentally transforming the US into a tyranny so bad that it is the first in history to have the audacity to direct its people as to how to spend their own money.

    — transforming the best healthcare system in the world into a disaster that is about to abandon millions of people and leave them unable to obtain health insurance?

    — Allowing heterosexual pedophiles, just by declaring that they identify as feminine at that moment, to legally enter the girl’s restroom, where they can intimidate (and worse) little girls. No one has to be transsexual to enter the opposite sex’s restroom, they just have to say that they are.

    — Promoting the coercion of the violation of religious beliefs and tolerating the unconstitutional and excessive fines for following one’s religious beliefs, bankrupting florists, bakers, and intimidating others.

    — Promoting the Occupy groups that not only broke laws by camping overnight where it was illegal to do so but were terrorists in disguise.

    — Creating a deal with Iran that allows them to develop nuclear weapons and gives them $150 billion to do it.

    — Promoting that only Black Lives Matter and their cop-killing philosophy.

    I really don’t think that Trump has the potential to be nearly as consequential as just this list from Obama’s reign. I am sure that I missed a few items.

    [Restart sarcasm]
    So far, Trumps biggest triumph is winning an Emmy without having a television show as well as pissing off everyone at the Emmy Awards show. That might demonstrate good potential, but it is hardly consequential.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

    “Round up the Usual Suspects”

  • wayne

    “I will build a sub-space graviton field, and Bajor will pay for it.”

  • Wayne: Truly hilarious, and pure silliness. I like, a lot.

  • pzatchok

    I love the fact that the left just can’t stop thinking about Trump.

    The man has just about set up house in every single one of their heads.
    They can’t even wake up in the morning or go to bed at night without thinking of him.

    And even if they tried the news media would just crush the chance and remind them they lost and he won.

    Their only hope is if the news media would stop covering him and the white house, but news media they will never stop attacking him, so the left has no chance of getting away from him.
    He is going to drive an ulcer through each and every one of them.

    Its like he has some voodoo doll of the left and he is just driving needles into them.

  • Laurie

    Wayne – that was a very fine chuckle, thanks!

  • wayne

    “Send In The Clowns!” (don’t bother, they’re already here…)

    Don’t mean to imply that Trump is Gul Dukat. Hillary however, is Vedic Ky (nurse ratchet).

    As has been said before, “Trump is to be taken seriously, but not literally.” “The Wall,” is a metaphor, once you get that, it all makes sense. (and it’s the name of a Pink Floyd album….)

    Referencing Reality TV in general– ‘manufactured conflict,’ written by non-union Writer’s, so ‘technically’ it’s “unscripted.”
    That being said, I myself trend toward the gold-mining Show’s. (and…got myself sucked into the Curse of Oak Island for way too long)

  • Cotour

    Here is some more Un reality, might as well be a show scenario on TV.

    Is it possible that these mega tech company’s have too much money? Is it possible that capitalism must in the end turn into a Socialist model and a One World type government model?

  • Cotour


    And why is that?

    Trump’s style, his simplistic way with words, his seeming intuitive flexibility and ability to transmute and utilize “facts” to suit his goals, Trump speaks of American values and national interests and the Constitution, which when all seen as one is a force that existentially threatens the foundation of the Lefts entire heavily invested in for many, many years disassembly of America as founded. And so the Democrats are frantically working across all media to reinforce over and over again in an almost manic media mantra everything and anything that they can spin as being a negative related to Trump. They attempt to shape the subconscious of the malleable and more emotional members of the public. In other words, more than likely, YOU!

    Its Trump 24 / 7 / 365 for the Left and their insanity and insistence that Trump conspired with the Russians, even though no evidence as emerged after over a year of investigation, Trump is a “Liar”, Trump is “crazy”, Trump is embarrassing,Trump was put in office by the Russians, Trump is illegitimate, etc, etc. These are all powerful indicators of some really scared political actors on the Left, this coming 2018 midterm election is a major make or break election for them. Thats why they are so actively yelling and shouting “FIRE” where ever and when ever they can in the halls of Congress and broadcast on the screens of their many media cohorts.

    The truth from my point of view however, which in reality is what must be driving them like scurrying steroid infused rats on a burning ship, obstructing and denying when ever and where they can, truly terrifies them. And what is that truth? Trump is just an American meatball politician, with American interests in mind, who finds himself with a unique set of ruthless skills of manipulation honed over a life time of dealing in the second most corrupt and dirty cities on the planet besides Washington D.C., New York City, and has a strong vision about America that he intends to manifest that if realized will certainly destroy the Democrat party as formulated today, and that formulation is now Leftist lead and anti American. Not that the everyday American Democrat is a leftist, no far from that, but the everyday American Democrat must come to understand that the leadership of their party is now full blown, full blood Leftist lead. Doubt me not.

    The Democrats viscerally fear the sustained loss of real power should Trump be able to retain the majority in government and will do ANYTHING, and I mean anything, to not allow this politically deadly to them potential to emerge. ANYTHING!

    So fear not, the contrived chaos and insanity in the media that we are all witnessing in the end is actually a good thing, its a good sign. It sounds counter intuitive but in order to properly understand and make sense of Washington D.C. and American politics and the perversion and corruption that goes on there you must train yourself to think different. So think different and be at peace.


  • Cotour

    Well, you never thought that it could happen in a million years………………but ITS HERE.

    (No not that “ITS HERE”, and that would be when Hillary has an indictment brought down upon her and her cohorts for the many and varied corruptions and offences to Democracy and the law of the land. That in due time will arrive even though the Zman doubts it. And it will be good.)

    This “ITS HERE”, you are in agreement with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

    Like him or them or not they seem the more reasonable among the Left leaning Hollywood types and more than likely you agree with their take on Trump and politics.

    Hell is starting to chill?

  • Cotour


    Kanye West. Yes, thats right, Kanye West.

    Kanye has a direct line into the minds of the young, specifically young black as well as Hispanic and white youth and is giving them permission to think different, think for themselves. And when they are allowed to do that they come to realize, 1. That Trump is really accomplishing to some degree his stated goals and 2. How the Democrat party uses and depends upon them by keeping them psychologically dependent on the culture of dependency that has been crafted in order to ensure the Democrats their political voting base.

    This strategy and the population of illegals that the Democrat party fights for, but they fight for it not because they are so concerned about them, they primarily see them as their future additional Democrat voting base members. They figure between dependent minorities and forced illegal immigration they can grow their party. Its sick but effective if they can keep it up, but their Un American party is dying because of it.

    The Democrats, not the everyday Democrats that are Americans neighbors for the most part, but the Democrats that manipulate and craft the political agendas focused on acquiring and retaining political power, the Democrat leadership, which I have been pointing out for some time now has been and as a matter of fact is directed by full blood Leftists. This is now an un American political party.

    Kanye plainly states: “I love Trump and nothing anyone says is going to change that. We both have Dragon energy”.

    This must be terrifying the Democrat leaders, from the get go Trump has garnered more black and Hispanic votes, and now Kanye gives the black, Hispanic and white youth that follow him, and there are many millions that do, permission to think different, think for themselves based on their direct real world observations. Chilling to the bone for the Democrat leadership.

    Doubt me not, ITS COMING.

  • Cotour

    Further supporting evidence of how Kanye is effecting culture in a Trumpian way, Wayne will love this:

  • Cotour


    Can you begin to smell the desperation of the Democrats and their leadership as they now consistently and desperately viciously strike out at the Right and ultimately president Trump and his building successes?

    1. The Mueller investigation although not much is known about what is going on it does seem as though there is nothing there there to the point where the Democrats are now abandoning the “Russia Collusion” narrative.

    2. North Korea and the for the time being anyway the words of Kim Jung Un who does seem to be willing to surrender his nuke program after sitting down with his South Korean counter part and appears to have ended a 65 year old war and is talking about Korean unification. Which may in the end be a double edged sword. And all of this is the result of real leadership primarily by president Trump and not the symbolic pandering leadership of past IMO failed presidents of both party’s. And to top it all off there are many on both sides that speak on Trump receiving the Nobel prize for his accomplishment if it in deed comes to fruition. Totally mind blowing.

    3. The border and the plain to see need for real border security and a wall. The Democrats desperately need illegal immigration to support their base numbers and they now see that the people of America have had enough of their now Anti American activities.

    4. The desperate and vicious attack of a woman, Sarah Sanders, by a woman, Michelle Wolf (I never heard of her before), at the White House Correspondence Dinner. The overwhelming negative reaction to this vial political hit job by a hired hit woman will cost the Democrats and the Left big time. Sarah Sanders has been elevated as has the president.

    5. The Democrats desperately are counting on winning the mid term elections and all of this chaos and frenetic negative narrative in the media and politics is all focused on this one approaching 2018 event. Why? Because the Democrat party dies if the Trump administration is verified and further empowered if they fail to gain a majority in the Congress and or the Senate.

    6. The economy is up, and unemployment is down, specifically Black and Hispanic unemployment is at its lowest in history and there are rumblings of the heavily counted on Black vote for the Democrats is not as solid as the Democrats have traditionally counted on.

    And what all of this viciousness is telling me is that the Democrats can smell their own political death if they do not prevail in the 2018 mid term elections. So this is all going to be getting even more chaotic and shrill and vicious and although it may give you concern and make you nervous it in reality is exactly what indicates that we are going in the correct general direction.

    So keep it up Anti American Democrat leadership and your mouth pieces the American media, you are driving your political bus not off the road but over a cliff. Thats what all of this smells like to me.


  • Cotour

    If this investigation into Trump / Russia collusion, which has turned up nothing of substance, is to be fair then Mueller, Rosenstein and most of the remaining members of the leadership of the FBI and DOJ that to date have not been fired or demoted for their corrupt acts related to THEIR collusion need to be dismissed.

    The list of bad actors *In the government* that have over stepped their authority and abused their power is long and the list begins with St. James Comey and then McCabe. Both Mueller and Rosenstein are conflicted because on the face of it they are long time associates of the now disgraced and fired former leaders of the FBI St. Comey and McCabe.

    Both Rosenstein and Mueller must go or better yet rely on the Intelligence Commitee Report which found no collusion between Trump and the Russians and end it.

    Keeping in mind that both Rosenstein and Mueller were in the leadership of the FBI during real Russian collusion and sat on vital information withheld from the Congress as Secretary Of State Hillary (their next boss) Clinton and former president Bill Clinton funneled a $145 million dollar facilitators tip from the Russians into their own fraudulent Foundation. Now that is collusion! But they could not see it.

    In closing, the people of America are absorbing all of this political inequity and unfairness and will speak in the November elections. Look forward to non traditional results from the voting in November 2018.

  • Cotour

    If this investigation into Trump / Russia collusion, which has turned up nothing of substance, is to be fair then Mueller, Rosenstein and most of the remaining members of the leadership of the FBI and DOJ that to date have not been fired or demoted for their corrupt acts related to THEIR collusion need to be dismissed.

    The list of bad actors *In the government* that have over stepped their authority and abused their power is long and the list begins with St. James Comey and then McCabe. Both Mueller and Rosenstein are conflicted because on the face of it they are long time associates of the now disgraced and fired former leaders of the FBI St. Comey and McCabe.

    Both Rosenstein and Mueller must go or better yet rely on the Intelligence Commitee Report which found no collusion between Trump and the Russians and end it.

    Keeping in mind that both Rosenstein and Mueller were in the leadership of the FBI during real Russian collusion and sat on vital information withheld from the Congress as Secretary Of State Hillary (their next boss) Clinton and former president Bill Clinton funneled a $145 million dollar facilitators tip from the Russians into their own fraudulent Foundation. Now that is collusion! But they could not see it.

    In closing, the people of America are absorbing all of this political inequity and unfairness and will speak in the November elections. Look forward to non traditional results from the voting in November 2018.

  • Cotour


    There is a strong argument to be made for being under the gun and not loved by all, especially in politics.

    When we look at Trump and even Bill Clinton and the many that opposed and were outraged by them and were / are legally chasing him / them creates a phenomenon in the general public. (Clinton at his worst was reelected, Trump is on trajectory to the same.)

    SYMPATHY. When it is perceived that they are being treated unfairly by the powers that be. The pedestrian realm is moral and does not appreciate inequity being freely distributed onto the heads of individuals by government. The empathy that the public feels in these situations is strong because they fear the same. This is a classic archetypal model of the oppressed, unfairly treated and put upon hero.

    Today we have Trump being perceived as being unfairly harassed by Special Prosecutor Mueller, who was the result of St Comey the liar and leaker and his manipulations, all of the unfair things that the FBI and the DOJ have clearly done to Trump, the constant 93 percent of the time negative reporting on CNN and the other Liberal media outlets, Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels lawyer constant anti Trump rhetoric, Maxine Waters constant drum beat for Trumps impeachment because “She just does not like him”, and on and on it goes.

    And what will the long term results actually turn out to be? Trumps reelection because the media incorrectly have created such a sympathy in the minds of the public. I suspect that those who know how to manipulate the media and want that sympathy look forward to these attacks.

  • Cotour


    Trump, while all around him in the Liberal, now Leftist, MS13 supporting media are in chaos and spewing confusion continues to put up wins.

    The anti Trump media over and over again attempts to drag Trump down, but long term will be unsuccessful. Trump still has the “Coming soon” release of the I.G. Horowitz report that will further reveal the players in the Obama administration and the DOJ, FBI and CIA as clearly using the power of the state to install their chosen candidate, Hillary, Coupe D’etat Clinton. And the progress on the North Korean denuclearization front which no other president has come close to even budging, then there will be the renegotiation of the treasonous Iran deal, then a reasonable Americacentric immigration reform, and the building of a wall, and the reforming of government regulation used instead of duly passed law, then Veterans affairs, then China deals, then……..the list goes on and the list grows and grows. Actual progress where no other presidents could or would do what needed to be done.

    (And of course because Trump is in league with and is clearly controlled by and was in fact installed as president by Putin and has been conspiring with him since even before Trump decided to run for president Putin can pretty much do anything he pleases in the world. (I include this sarcasm for certain logic challenged individuals in America, you know who you are :)

    The general trend in the zeitgeist of America embraces Trump and this trend will continue into the future. Trump is the “Strong horse”, not seen in Washington D.C. in many decades.

    Please sir, may I have more?

  • Cotour

    The I.G. report will be released tomorrow.

    “IT” draws even closer.

  • Cotour

    This reminder was just sent this by a friend. Its good to watch again.

    Its a great speech by who is on the road to being considered the most consequential presidents of the last 155 years, D.J. Trump.


    (And there is this for a little entertainment their inability to understand what has happened now two years ago is still present as he puts up win after win. Hope springs eternal )

  • Cotour


    By German writer, Jochen Bittner, a New York Times contributor (In the New York Times?).

    Read it, Mr. Bittner correctly, just like president Trump correctly, calls out the Liberal and parasitic EU model for what it is. A Globalist model for the world where America pays most of the freight and the EU receives the benefits. A typical welfare state model where the recipients protest greatly when they are being forcefully weaned of their free ride teat.

    The same for the Chinese, their economy too has been built upon the backs of the American markets and the suicidal greed and acquiescence of allowing our intellectual property and processes to be stolen and they to boot intend to displace America as theee world dominant power using the same.

    Now we can better understand the need for a strategic alliance between America and Russia. Globalism, the world wide welfare state model where America is just another servant of the state. A world wide welfare state that China will easily dominate all the way to its destruction.

    Understand, personally love Trump or hate him he is absolutely correct on the subject of trade and defense. Trump seeks to break what needs to be broken and recasting it all so that America can remain the best and greatest hope of freedom on the planet. MAGA

  • Cotour


    Watch it, eat it, know it, share it. ; I don’t even know who these guys are, but the interviewee is 100 percent correct on it all. This guy had it all properly understood long before Trump was even elected. “Trump will rock the planet!”, right on the money.

    And now 2 years later and Trump is the president and he is doing just that, rocking the planet. Do I agree with everything he says and does? No, but I know we are moving in the correct general direction now and this is far from over. And the Left has not one idea other than treachery as to how to deal with it and counter him. And that is the way it should be because they by their nature must be dishonest about what they intend.

    The best of America is to be, not was. MAGA

  • wayne

    “The Wave ? ”
    Jordan Peterson

  • Cotour


    Rod Rosenstein, effectively the acting Attorney General, a career government employee (“Deep state” actor) who is not elected, nor appointed by the president nor vetted by the Senate with many, many personal and professional conflicts of interest related to the Russians and the political actors who have had “business” with them (Hillary) has generally empowered former FBI head Robert Mueller, Close friend of James Comey, liar, who is also extremely conflicted related to the Russians and the political actors (Hillary and Russian oligarchs) who have had business with them eventually will get to both you and I.

    If Mueller keeps going in the direction that he is going looking at everything except actual Russian collusion and into lawyers and hush money and 10 year old banking issues then eventually by his Rosenstein mandate he will in time come around to investigating and knocking on every Republican or Conservative’s door in America and indicting them for any similar or other infraction that they may have committed within the span of their adult life before he is through.

    We are all essentially on that list, its just a matter of time. This will be getting really crazy real soon but we and president Trump, no matter what, must never waver and never quit. MAGA.

  • Cotour


    Buckle up, “IT” and everything else you can imagine is coming.

    And it will be good.

  • Cotour

    Attempting to psych out Trump with the enemy supposedly within revealing themselves through an article written for the NYT’s.

    “Although he was elected as a Republican, the president shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets and free people. At best, he has invoked these ideals in scripted settings. At worst, he has attacked them outright.

    In addition to his mass-marketing of the notion that the press is the “enemy of the people,” President Trump’s impulses are generally anti-trade and anti-democratic.”

    This is how desperate they are becoming using psyop operations to destabilize the president and the country.

    And in the end its a very good sign, they are falling apart.

  • wayne

    I actually read that “editorial.” Considering the source, It would not surprise me if the whole thing was complete fiction.
    -I’d normally say, “it’s always a Mole Hunt,” (and there should be on-going hunts) but in this case, Manufactured Reality.
    >It is pure Agit-prop.
    >Trump lives inside these people’s heads, rent-free, 24/7.
    >Designed to embolden and play upon any careerist intentions among the executive branch staff. The place is filled with people with interest’s not aligned with the people who voted for Trump.

  • wayne

    “Downplaying the Holocaust, Arthur Hays Sulzberger & the NY Times:”
    Anna Blech at TEDxHunterCCS. October, 2013

  • Cotour

    They are going insane and their insanity is expressing itself in these never before seen actions and operations.

    Living free between their ears 24 / 7 / 365.

    And then the Mueller special council will blow up, this all rolled together is becoming a runaway train for the Left. The harder they push against it the bigger its going to get. Their best strategy would be to say as little as possible and allow Trump to shoot himself in the foot, but they are so threatened by Trump and what he is articulating and actually doing that they can not control themselves.

    We are witness to the death of the American Left. But the question remains, what will they not do in their fear of losing power? I say they will go much further.

    And it will be good.

  • Cotour

    What a high and might pile of crap!

    “We may no longer have Senator McCain. But we will always have his example — a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them.”

    Its funny, I learned to despise Mr. McCain. A “lodestar”? He was a certainly a load, and from what I can tell it was not loaded with restoring “honor to public life and our national dialogue. What BS.

    I have to agree Wayne, the thing reads like a bullet point article written by several people. This piece reminds me of how you can never question the FBI leadership because of their many Christ like years of dedication to public service. Believing that is like believing in a mass public suicide pact.

    How dare you question what was! What was was and shall always be and shall never be questioned, especially when it is revealed just how corrupt and perverted and un Constitutional their actions are proven to be.

    I once again point out, this is all long term a good sign, the left and their operatives are getting overtly desperate.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson
    “Radical change should be viewed with suspicion, particularly in a time of radical change…”

  • wayne

    no time to follow this story in depth.

    In my opinion, the ‘editorial’ is a work of wishful fiction. The new York times fashions itself as the 4th branch of government. They will say or do anything. any-thing.

    At best (or worst) it’s a composite Tale, of a dozen people, over 2 years. (But it’s all fake.)
    The dangerous part is buying into the initial premise of it “being true,” and that’s way more than I’m willing to give the NYT.

    When they aren’t making stuff up, wholesale, they are busily lying by omission and obfuscation. The Sulzberger’s— the entire family is a bundle of psychological malfunctions, and they force the rest of us to participate in their pathology.

  • Cotour


    This may be the pinnacle in American president leadership speeches ever given in modern times, in this case at the U.N. of all places. I almost don’t believe that I heard the words that came out of his mouth, excellent! ; 46 min, listen to it.

    I could not have written a better speech that hits ALL of the subjects that myself and many others have identified as essential to a strong, safe, and productive America and world. From ensuring American sovereignty, to borders and immigration, to making their country’s “great again”, to energy, to Russia and its bad acts, to Iran and not allowing them to have a nuclear weapon, to Germany and its duplicity, and rejected the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court that the Globalists want to use to usurp the American legal system, and on and on he went.

    The U. N. is a deliberative body, it has been high jacked by the corrupt big money Globalists and the Socialists of the world to be cast as a world leadership body that they aspire to control and drive the world down the anti sovereignty, specifically American sovereignty and Socialist road.

    (If this is what Mr. Putin meant to accomplish when he “made” Mr Trump the president of the United States then I look forward to the 2020 presidential election when Mr. Trump once again secures the presidency :)


  • Cotour

    In the era of Trump.

    Bret Kavanaugh is confirmed.


  • Cotour

    In the era of Trump:

    In the era of Trump there will in time be justice and a re-founding of sorts, the momentum and all of the signs are on the wall. Trump will be in time considered a re-founding father of the United States.

    And that is what is coming.


  • wayne

    It’s about stealing….

    Hillary’s America
    2016 Dinesh D’Souza

  • Cotour


    We get back to the real business at hand, revealing the conspiracy between the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and other foreign players in the phonied up FISA warrants used to violate the private rights of private citizens in order to spy on and ultimately the attempt to remove a duly elected president. All with the goal of fulfilling the obvious and immanent presidency of Hillary Clinton. NOT.

    Kavavaugh, he will heal after being publicly and politically reamed and gutted for all to see, but what is coming down the road in American politics is going to be the main event. And it does not look good for Obama and many in his administration including Hillary herself. All co conspirators in what is essentially an internal coup de tat.


    This is the beginning of the beginning, not the beginning of the end.


  • wayne

    To Kill a #MeTooBird
    Louder With Crowder

  • Cotour


    State Congressman, “Beto” O’rourke, who is today in a Senate contest with Ted Cruz which he will more than likely lose in Texas and who has raised through national donations almost $40 million dollars. His claim to fame and national prominence is anchored in when he was noticed by Hollywood when he supported the likes of Colin Kapernick and his now infamous and disrespectful, anti American, “Progressive” kneeling during the national anthem and his dislike for law enforcement and support for Black Lives Matter.

    The Left has desperately poured sooooo much money into “Beto’s” campaign that he has a surplus of funds and he is unwilling to share it with other Texas Democrats who are in need. And it is thought that “Beto” (What an annoying nick name) and all of that money has plans to run in 2020 FOR PRESIDENT. Keeping in mind that Hillary spend about twice the amount that the last person who beat her spent, money does not always equal success.

    The Democrat party is in such a tumultuous stage of its evolution that one of their main drivers of agenda, the biggest propaganda machine on the planet, which is being gobbled up by the Chinese at the moment for obvious reasons to me, Hollywood, is attempting to in some way manner or form to begin to set up their efforts for the 2020 presidential race and which anti American Progressive (And pro Chinese world dominance agenda) they will be supporting.

    Remember, when ever a Liberal Democrats mouth is moving and words are coming out and they are talking about their political philosophy…………….they are lying.

    The Left, the Liberal Democrat, the Progressive are all code words for the further confiscation of the everyday Americans wealth, the surrendering of our sovereignty through open borders and very Liberal immigration policy and the welfare state to support the growth of the Democrat party and the promotion of foreign agendas.

    That’s today’s Democrat party and its leaderships only agenda. This is the only formula back to power that they can see. None of it is American interest based, the Democrat party is now officially an Anti American political party.

    Something for voting Americans to think about, those who appreciate their own freedom as it is anyway. How much more of your freedom and your wealth through political taxation confiscation to support the Democrat power re-acquisition plan are you willing to further surrender?

    I say none and it has to be further reversed as is being done by the general correct direction we are currently politically going. That is the trend that must be supported. “Beto”? I bet noto!


  • Cotour

    Zman, remember my prognostications of several months ago? How the Black American vote, which is “owned” by the Democrat party, is poised to further destroy the Democrat party and further empower Trump in the era of Trump due to his real world policies and actions in the self interests of most all concerned Americans.

    Hansen speaks of the 2020 presidential election, I say that this trend will begin and will be visible in the coming 2018 midterm elections.

    Not so shabby company to be in, even if he was behind the curve for several months before he was willing to publicly make his prognostications.


  • Cotour


    Trump is doing a Ted Cruz rally in Houston Texas tonight where supporters have been lined up since yesterday and there were 100,000 RSVP’s to attend. Trump and Cruz get along now, politics makes strange bed fellows.

    Obama recently had a speech and rally, 750 people showed up.

    These numbers and enthusiasm is saying something, can you figure out what that is?


  • wayne

    Not in Labor Force: 96 million
    Medicare enrollees: 59 million
    Medicaid recipients: 76 million
    SNAP (food stamps) recipients: 38 million
    Social Security Liability: $17 trillion
    Medicare Liability: $27 trillion
    Official Unemployed: 6 million
    Actual unemployed: 12 million

  • Cotour

    Wayne, your being a long term downer.

    In my experience if all you concentrate on is the mass of the long term problems that face you you can talk yourself out of everything. Its depressing and tends to freeze your ability to act. Lets broaden the spectrum a bit and allow some measure of optimism.

    The longest journey begins with the first step. We have begun the journey because we have true leadership which is essential in competently choosing a proper direction.

    But you do point out just how successful America and the culture of dependency has become and that paradoxically is both a good and bad observation and fact.

  • wayne


    In the long term, we’re all dead. What we are doing right now, is picking up nickels in front of a steam-roller.

    Knocking off Hillary was no small accomplishment and for that alone Trump deserves praise.
    (And it is actually inspiring to watch Trump do a campaign rally, his Boosterism alone is priceless.)

    “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

    Spending however, remains off the chart, with no end in sight, ever. We haven’t had a actual Budget in 10 years, they are all continuing resolutions. Mitch McConnel and the usual suspect RINO’s are still running the show.
    Interest rates have been kept artificially low for 10 years and we have a financial-asset bubble getting ready to implode, again.
    Trump will not touch Entitlements or Spending.

    There is no amount of GDP growth that can save us from spending & debt.

  • Cotour

    All true.

    And this is why the word “freedom” is a relative term.

    We are all free to become yoked to pay these obligations that are created by short term political power players in their quest to acquire and retain power for the sake of acquiring and retaining political power.

    And still we must somehow continue on in the eternal battle that is politics, specifically American politics.

    Two steps forward three steps back, three steps forward two steps back, and sometimes its five steps forward and only two steps back, but the general direction is forward for the moment. MAGA

  • Cotour


    After what I see as being the potential for a historic type vote in the coming midterm elections where under the leadership of D.J.Trump the Republicans may well retain power in the Congress and the Senate as well as the presidency might the Democrat leadership out of mounting desperation propose that the ability of the people to vote be ended or severely controlled or limited?

    Hillary loses the electoral college, which is how you become president in America, but garners more votes than Trump, which is not how you become president in America, and what is the proposal that she and many others suggest? END THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! They can not see any need for it. Keeping in mind that we are a Democratic Republic and not a direct Democracy.

    The Democrats attempt to flood the country with illegals and in time the theory is that those “Immigrants” and their future votes will naturally be the captives of the Democrats who essentially brought them here and supported them with the welfare state and housed them in their sanctuary cities. This has been the stated political theory of operation since 1965 for the Democrats.

    I think what will become apparent soon to the Democrats as this mid term election plays out is that this depraved theory of political operation is so flawed and so depraved and so un American that it will in fact enrage true Americans and will cost them dearly at the polls for may years. And as the Democrat leadership becomes more and more desperate because they are now fully un American in their agenda they will move towards more and more desperate remedies to their now out of control plans for the acquisition of and retention of political power. This will in time, especially under the strong horse true American leadership of a president like Trump they must begin to propose throwing away all former rules of operation I.E. the Constitution and the Founders brilliance in instituting the electoral college and go full radical.

    This is the only way the Democrat leadership who are without any reasonable American based or concerned leadership and are now out of control can in time go. In the blind rage they will not be able to see anything else. At least that is what I see at the moment, what else logically could the Democrats propose?


  • Cotour


    After 22 or so months the Financial Times clearly identifies Trump properly as he relates to history and his growing potential to be seen as a true leader and agent of true change in America and the world.

    Love Trump or hate Trump it has been clear to this writer from the start that Trump is very, very different than the many preceding political place holders that have occupied the position of president of The United States who were not true leaders but the agents of other peoples agendas.

    From the chaos will emerge order, and I do not mean a Socialist “New World Order”, I mean an order in the world where America once again takes on the job of leadership which is the only rational way. “Lead from behind” like one former presidential place holder and facilitator of “other peoples” agendas once proudly stated on the world stage? I think not.

    Will the Chinese determine that if Trump is able to continue they must move up their plans for world domination that he now stands in the way of? Not really recommended, but you never know. Will Putin become displeased with his “puppet” in the White House and work with the Chinese to take America down a notch and become militarily aggressive? Stay tuned and find out, but what is certain is that the general direction our country was going was not for one second acceptable.


  • Cotour


    We are about to witness the proof that the MSM and their associated polling agencies are able to at any level objectively and some what accurately predict how the general public will vote in the mid term elections. Or whether they are no longer able to elicit honest and viable information from those whom they poll because they are just not trusted.

    I think several elements are in play here.

    1. The general public intuitively understands that these pollsters and the MSM are not in the least impartial nor objective, they have a definite Democrat or Liberal slant for the most part and a direct interest in their prevailing. And so the members of the general public are no longer willing to tell them the truth about who and why they will be voting for.

    2. The Black and Hispanic and minority reaction to Trump and his concerted efforts to in real world terms address their concerns, their financial future and self interests as they relate to employment.

    3. Whether Trump has alienated the female population of America or if the ladies of America secretly crave strong and real leadership.

    I tend to believe that the general public and specifically the segments listed above in America are going to once again surprise the pollsters, the MSM and the empowered political class.


  • Cotour


    You need a brain operation and you have to choose between two surgeons.

    Brain surgeon #1: He is a very likable and a very clean cut good looking guy and he graduated from Harvard medical and has many years of additional education and his walls are plastered with diplomas. He is married to a beautiful blond trophy wife who loves Hillary Clinton and has never cheated on his wife and goes to church every Sunday.

    He is a guy that you would like to hang out with and go to a movie with. His survival rate for your particular kind of brain surgery is 50%. 50% of his patients survive and live a fairly normal life, and 50% die on the table.

    Brain surgeon #2: He is a guy who could not afford to go to Harvard so he went to a medical school in Granada. He rides a Harley and has the American flag tattooed on his back and he loves to chase busty women even though he is married, also to a trophy wife, and his wife hates Hillary Clinton with a passion. He shoots guns and has been known to carry a 9mm into the operating room because some woman’s husband was seen around the hospital and was looking for him. But he happens to be a savant like expert at the kind of brain surgery that you need and his survival rate is a solid 92%, its just something that he is a natural at.

    The remaining 8% of his patients he splits 50/50, half survive but are not 100% and the other 50% die on the table. You may or may not want to hang out with him and go to a movie, he would much rather go to a topless bar and drink.

    As a matter of fact the head of the hospital that surgeon #2 works at his son needed the operation that he specializes in and he is best friends with doctor #1, was his best man. Guess who the head of the hospital chooses to operate on his son?

    Who are you going to choose for your surgeon?

    President D.J.Trump is exactly what America and the world needs for the next 6 years. Don’t want to sit down and have dinner with him or go to the movies with him? No one cares, least of all him.


  • Cotour


    These IMO are two core emotional political issues that are both winners for the Republicans or the Democrats if they can some how properly address and move to remedy them. I said properly address, not some bumper sticker, BS, lobbyist chock full, politically pandering based speak and policy, but real and demonstrable actions that people can see real progress being made on.

    1. Plastic pollution in the oceans. People, both Conservative and Liberally oriented are emotionally connected to, and for good reason, issues when they perceive that a living animal on planet earth looses their lives or are in some way poisoned by human produced materials. Specifically in this case by plastics floating around in the oceans that whales and fish ingest and are killed by. These are powerful story’s and images and for good reason.

    Solve this issue and garner a good number of middle of the road reasonable Americans to support you and your political agenda. Begin to specifically back the cleaning of the oceans of plastic waste and show the results and the people of America who have a very bad core emotional feeling about this issue may well support you if they did not before.

    2. Real, fair and equitable prison reform. Prison reform that does not see race but sorts out the violent and anti social actions of perpetrators from the non violent crimes and long unreasonable prison sentences. This can be a very complex and interconnected issue where minorities perceive with cause that they suffer disproportionately. Properly solve this legal conundrum and once again reach into the core of human emotions and become a viable political choice where none was before.

    These are almost oddball and edge of the political spectrum issues but they reach into the core of humanities sole because humans have a fundamental emotional connection to people or animals suffering “unfairly” as a result of human activities and carelessness, callousness or ignorance. Solve these and some other core issues in real and demonstrable terms and win the future.

    This IMO is in many ways a more powerful issue than something like Iranian or North Korean nukes. These issues are everyday issues that people directly relate to and deeply desire solutions to but see none. Be the solution and win.

  • wayne

    Have to disagree with those 2 issues, as being republican-winners.
    –with “environmental issues,” it never pays to try and be more-progressive, than the enviro-statists. (there’s no appeasing these people)
    –with this alleged “prison reform,”– just ask yourself, if Chuckie Schumer & Rino Mitch both ‘love it,’ it has to be bad. (What you touch upon is perfectly fine, but that’s not what ‘prison reform’ does.)

    Anyway– something we might both agree on, and you might enjoy this: (I actually did, quite a bit, to my surprise!)

    Steve Bannon | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

  • wayne

    totally tangential and off-thread:

    Jordan B. Peterson in Slovenia
    “12 rules for life” Tour

  • Cotour

    Wayne, you keep making that point but are missing my point.

    These are not 1. Unreasonable issues to look to solve, and 2. Not owned by either party, and 3. Both issues go to the core or the subliminal human emotion engine.

    Address them in real terms and create receptive Americans in the black and minority population and the white bread Liberal earth hugging population where none existed before.

    Its like making love Wayne, its those little things that tickle and please that are appreciated and remembered at the core level, not the act itself.

  • wayne

    Naw– I’m sick of fractionating everyone into groups. Good Policies, appeal to all American’s.
    And, going the progressive-statist route attempting to appeal to these disparate factions, never moves the ball down the field.
    It was Nixon that gave us the EPA, and they still hated his guts and took him down.


    Life, Liberty & Levin
    w/ Victor Davis Hanson

  • wayne

    I’d suggest this type of route for Trump….

    “It’s Morning Again in America”

    “There’s a Bear, in the Woods”

  • Cotour

    Listening now to, Bannon, great talk. Bannon lays it all out seamlessly, brilliant! Thanks.

    There is nothing wrong with doing both the big picture and the small picture. Why would you throw away an opportunity to usurp and bleed the Left? These smaller subliminal / core emotional issues are an opportunity, I see it every day in many of my customers, and it is growing. Specifically the issue of plastics in the environment in dealing with the white bread Liberals and the black and minority issue is something that exists in similar terms.

    I say own better the Lefts own issues where possible and offer actual solutions to real people that can not be unseen. I am not suggesting becoming one of them I am suggesting undercutting some of their issues where possible to weakening them and burying them. Its a strategy that Bannon would understand over and above the big picture world political situation that he speaks of. Bannon in this talk speaks of experimenting with different strategies, my suggestion is identifying but two of those opportunities.

    “The signal, not the noise”. “Use every arrow in the quiver”. S. Bannon.

    Recalculate, or maybe, reconsider.

  • Cotour

    S. Bannon: We need to get 1/3 rd of the Bernie supporters and 1/3rd of the black.

    Exactly what I suggest, I only identify two of the ways to accomplish that.

  • wayne

    I thought you’d like the Bannon talk! Hadn’t sat down and heard him, in long-format.
    I’d prefer the Victor Davis Hanson approach– Trump only has peel-off a few percentage points from each of these fractionated, hyphenated-American’s.
    Again I would say– Good Policies appeal to all American’s.
    We do however, need to get a grip on Fake News, before the 2020 election.

  • wayne

    Guns n Roses
    “Civil War”

  • Cotour

    My 2 item post here was also my email of the day and to my point a very high percentage of my Democrat oriented friends who usually do not respond responded during the day in the positive. Very interesting.

    I watched the entire Bannon at Oxford video you posted, excellent. He really is a well spoken and well read in and very open to being challenged person. You may not like what he says but he is right on the front lines, and does not flinch.

  • wayne

    When you’re as rich as Bannon, you can say pretty much what you want. (He was a front-end participant in, and owns back-end residual’s for, the Seinfeld show.)

    That being said– he says a lot of good stuff. I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusions but it is a highly interesting talk he gave.

    tangentially related-

    “America and the World, 2017-2018”
    Victor Davis Hanson/Hillsdale Event
    October 2018

  • Cotour

    Trump to release all of Hillary’s 35K secret and deleted emails?

    Will there will be something coming in the near future released by Trump that will strategically and fundamentally change the general feeling of grid lock and hopelessness?

    Trump must do something that breaks those who attempt to ham string him.

    Seems likely, and only he would actually dare do it. Now do it, come hell or high water!

  • Cotour


    A government whistle blower who provided evidence to Congress that reveals Robert Mueller’s involvement in the Uranium One deal and his refusing to investigate the Clinton Foundation who received $145 million dollars into its coffers from the Russians for Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s facilitating the deal where the U.S. sold 20 percent of its uranium to the Russians.

    The FBI raids the whistle blowers house and search it for six hours. Which to me is harassment and creating a sense of fear.

    I have pointed out many, many times in the past that Robert Mueller and him being the Special Prosecutor is counter intuitive because he is plainly conflicted in a maximum way and involved with protecting 1. The Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundation, and 2. Involved directly in shielding the Russians and their Clinton deal scheme.

    Mueller and his special investigation are fraudulent from its creation, instigated by none other than………wait for it………..JAMES COMEY! Who Trump via Rosenstein, another conflicted party, justly fired from the FBI leadership position. Both Mueller and Comey are conflicted on this issue and many, many others.

    So what do you think should happen here?

    This is far from over, pure political warfare of the first order.

  • Cotour


    This last week we all saw the very well put together and executed president G.H.W.Bush funeral in Washington and Texas. I must admit that watching and listening to president 43, G.H.Bush’s eulogy of his father it did bring a tear to my eye. A dignified and fitting tribute to a man who certainly was a major player in American politics and agenda who lead a full and complete life by any measure. Rest in peace president 41.

    Now I have my problems with 41 primarily in that he lead such a complete life in American politics to the extent that he was the progenitor of his “Thousand points of light”, I.E. the “New world order”, “One world government” agenda that the Left has taken to heart and are running hard with today. Bush 41, a “Read my lips, no new taxes”, Republican and alleged “Conservative” who IMO is at the center of the ultimate and ever growing surrendering of American sovereignty, freedom and our founding document to a proposed world government where “We are all equal”. When ever a politician lauds themselves as being “Bipartisan”, as Bush did, all that means is that a Republican has once again acquiesced to a Democrat agenda and has further allowed the American government and its people to be dragged further Left, ultimately resulting a Socialist “Utopia”. You know, like France or Venezuela. (Great places to retire if your interested, all Democrats should seriously look into it) 3min. Looks like Trump is again being proved correct about such things as the Paris Climate agreement as the french people resist the push towards Socialist utopia and “oneness”. I guess the people of France see their freedom and their government and the EU’s “Right” to tax them to death in very different terms. I seem to remember a time in the history of France where they also revolted against their government and they astutely began it by cutting the heads off of all the lawyers and the aristocracy. Progress can take extreme forms, the French revolution was a major history altering event. But I digress, back to the subject at hand, Papa Bush.

    It turns out that when you begin to look into the subject, besides his heavy involvement in the oil business, Bush 41 was a part of military intelligence from about the age of 20, as was his father and which was a qualifier for him, besides his financially powerful familial associations, in becoming the head of the CIA during a very “active” part of the CIA’s history. A man who famously was unable to recall where he was during the JFK assassination, which I though curious for such a politically plugged in man.

    I honor 41’s military service to the country, but I question his conclusion and more Socialist proposed world structural agenda that today plagues America and the world. Out of the five surviving American presidents that attended the Bush 41 funeral sitting in the front row, there was only one president that dared or dares to stand in the way of the surrendering of American sovereignty, its founding documents and the further move to the Socialist “New world order / One world government” dream that is 41’s enduring legacy. Guess who? And their in lies the present presidents relevance and purpose, no matter the controversy that swirls around him.

    In closing, 2019 for many, many reasons beginning with the Supreme Court headed politically motivated and heavily conflicted and self interested Robert Mueller and his team of Democrat special investigators, to the roiling of the masses world wide, it will be a contentious to say the least time in both America and the world in general. Buckle up cowboys and cowgirls!

  • Cotour


    Dragged from the political realm where everything is gray and more influenced by politics, to the legal realm where things are much more black and white.

    Even with the Congress changing hands these developments I suspect are keeping many up at night.

    In the end the two sets of laws crafted for “the next president” by the permanent government must be rectified.

    MUST BE, without a doubt. (Even if they are ultimately given a pardon or similar.)


  • wayne

    (hate to be a buzz-kill because I do enjoy your boosterism!)
    It’s the AG of New York, who has jurisdiction over the Clinton Crime Foundation. (Your State have some of the strictest laws on charities in the Nation….. when they are actually enforced.)

    The only thing I know– If I ran a fake “charity” in New York State, the way they DO, I’d be in the grey bar hotel in Ossining.

    As to the innumerable Federal crimes against the people perpetrated by the Clinton’s–in the Alternate Universe, they would have already been “R&D’d,” rendered & disappeared, quite some time ago.

    HRC laughs hysterically at where she was the night 4 Americans died in Benghazi

  • Cotour


    The FBI investigation is out of Little Rock Ar., where the Clinton Library is located. Its all connected one way or another.

    See Charles Ortell:

  • wayne

    That, is more promising, but… they’ll skate, they always do.

    (In a more perfect world, the entire family & extended hangers-on, would all be in a State prison, mowing the median-strip on the interstate in the summer, and shoveling snow in the winter.)

  • Cotour

    Something rather than nothing approaches.

    Exactly what form that something takes is not exactly known, but doubt not, it approaches.


    (Watch that Charles Ortell video he is an expert on the issue at hand, very enlightening

  • Cotour


    Something down the road approaches.

  • Cotour


  • Cotour

    The universe, God, what have you, works sometimes in a mysterious, curious and timely manner.

    Trumps “Dark psychic force” in action?

  • Cotour


    First we have the Michael Moore 2016 “Trump Land” speech that predicted, clarified and motivated the Trump voters to vote for Trump. A finer and more to the point political motivational video / speech I do not think has ever been made. Stellar! 4 min.

    And this second video of the Democrat Socialist party’s convention in Georgia last week. Embarrassingly dangerous. :49 seconds

    A 4 minute speech by Michael Moore that predicted and motivated the Trump election, and in the coming 2020 presidential it only takes :49 seconds in this video of what is in store for America should the Democrat Socialists of America ever get near the levers of power. Super nova!

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