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The new American fascism.

The new American fascism.

Another day, another witch hunt — this time in duplicate. “Twin brothers David and Jason Benham,” CNN reports, “have lost their opportunity to host their own HGTV show.” On Tuesday, the pair was gearing up for their new role; by sundown the next day, the network had announced tersely that it had “decided not to move forward with the Benham Brothers’ series.” And that, as they say, was that.

Their real crime:

Per Right Wing Watch’s rather hysterical indictment, the brothers’ main crimes against humanity are to have “led a prayer rally,” talked a few times on the radio, written a few articles, and — shock! — been involved in “protests outside of abortion clinics” and “at a 2009 LGBT event.” In other words, to have taken to the public square and to have spoken — an activity free societies have traditionally tended to cherish.

The persecution shall continue until we are all free!

And then there’s this: A football player has been fined and suspended for posting tweets critical of a newly drafted homosexual football player.


A man loses his job merely because he has an opinion the left dislikes.

McCarthyism of the left: A man loses his job merely because he has an opinion the left dislikes.

We also have a blacklist being used to harass and intimidate conservatives.

But this can’t be so! The left is home of tolerance and diversity!