A man loses his job merely because he has an opinion the left dislikes.

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McCarthyism of the left: A man loses his job merely because he has an opinion the left dislikes.

We also have a blacklist being used to harass and intimidate conservatives.

But this can’t be so! The left is home of tolerance and diversity!



  • Cotour

    The pussification of America, this is what endeavors to run America.


    Talk about bigoted!

    Bigots, close minded, exclusionary, elite, stereotyping, just plain old narrow minded and nasty as they enter their meeting in complete safety and comfort. The Star chamber on estrogen.

  • joe

    I am beginning to believe that modern education is more of a disease than it is education, I used to beat myself up for not getting an education past high school, not so much any more. The fact that university’s and colleges are bastions of liberalism can not help, these kids are not getting an education, they are being turned into brown shirts.

  • joe

    I think this is worse than anything Joseph McCarthy ever did, this is a culture war and a war against Christianity, and against conservatives. This is the splitting of America with factions for every conceivable lifestyle, with atheist’s, gays, feminists, socialists and communists all splintering off of what America was and what it stood for, I think we are in for a wild ride, conservatives need to band together and vote in such a way as to minimize the damage, diversity as long as your not a conservative.

  • mike shupp

    Apologies for being the troll here, but …

    BAH. Three little words: Fire At Will.

    Unless you’ve got a union or something like civil service behind you, you can be fired or laid off at any time for any reason in just about any state in the country. Businessmen know this is essential; conservatives defend the practice incessantly.

    Too bad about Mr. Eich, but he should suck it up and move on. So should the rest of us, but we should also thank the Mozilla people for demonstrating that the law applies to everyone. Score one for America!

  • Edward

    “we should also thank the Mozilla people for demonstrating that the law applies to everyone.”

    Mike, I seem to be missing your point. Of course the 14th Amendment applies. No one is complaining that Mozilla didn’t have a right to drum out Mr. Eich, but many are complaining about the hypocrisy of claiming tolerance and equality when they are, in fact, intolerant and appear to think that they are more equal than Eich.

    I hate to keep repeating this tale on this site, but when I went to Berkeley, many of the students there bragged about being intolerant only of intolerance. It turned out that the word intolerance meant “anything I disagree with.” They were not tolerant of ideas that differed from their own, and they were even less tolerant of those who had such ideas. Anyone who wanted to fit in (and at that age, who doesn’t) had to espouse the ideas of the left, and they had to modify those ideas whenever the left’s ideology “evolved.” Anyone who failed to do so became ostracized along with those on the right. I remember some people complaining that there should be a “PC Magazine” (Politically Correct, not Personal Computing) so that everyone could keep up with the ever-changing PC ideology.

    It seems that Mr. Eich needed a retroactive PC Magazine so that in 2008 he could keep up with the President’s future evolution in 2012 and Mozilla’s own evolution that would occur in 2014. How are we supposed to stay PC when the future will hold it against us for having the exact same viewpoint that the Democrat president has today?

  • joe

    To be fired for having an opinion that differs from your board of directors or employers when it has no bearing or relation to job duties is fascism, if job performance is not to nominal standards is one thing, but for an idea or an act that has no direct action to the business is wrong.

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