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Arizona state legislators to hold public hearing on election fraud

A group of legislators from the Arizona House and Senate have organized a public hearing on November 30, 2020 in Phoenix, open to the public, where they will allow experts as well as President Trump’s legal team to present evidence of election tampering in Arizona.

The President’s legal team will be present from DC to assist in a fact finding hearing with select members of the Arizona House and Senate and a panel of experts. The goal will be to gather the evidence that justifies calling a special session to contemplate what happened and take immediate action accordingly.

The hearing will be chaired by state representative Mark Finchem, who also happens to be my own representative. I have been in correspondence with him for the past week about the election, trying to find out if the Republican-controlled legislature was going to do anything to deal with the significant questions relating to the vote count. It appeared that though he and other conservative legislators were trying to get the Republican leadership to bring the legislature back into special session, those leaders were stalling.

From the second link:

“Since shortly before the 2020 election a number of my colleagues and I have been examining potential fraud pathways and illegal actions through which our 2020 election could become tainted. My worst fears have come to light in the process, and so far the evidence has been blocked from an official public forum.,” Rep Finchem said. “A few weeks ago I requested approval for the House Federal Relations Committee to hold a hearing on the integrity of the Arizona 2020 election. That hearing has not yet been approved by House leadership, and time is of the essence to show proof that our election has been compromised.” [emphasis mine]

It appears these conservatives have decided to do an end-around of their RINO leadership, and hold these hearings anyway. According to what Finchem has told me, the hearing will be live streamed, beginning at 9 am (Mountain) by both the One America News Network (OANN) and the Western Journal.

The goal is to make the evidence public, and thus apply some pressure on that leadership, which includes Republican governor Doug Ducey, to bring the legislature back into session. As Finchem himself noted in a Western Journal podcast on November 24th, the Constitution is very specific. To paraphrase his comments, it specifically puts the job of picking the electors in the hands of the state legislatures, not the voters or the courts. It is their duty therefore to act.

If you live in Arizona, you should be calling the offices Governor Ducey (602 542-5381) as well as House Speaker Russell Bowers (602-926-3128), demanding that they bring the legislature back into session and address the evidence, forcing a correct and careful audit of the vote, and if this cannot clarify and correct the count (no matter who wins), deny any candidate the state’s electoral votes.

I must also note something I wrote to Finchem, and is also evident in Pennsylvania. Republicans and Trump are not being well served by the state Republican leaderships in both these states. In both cases the leadership has been reluctant to do anything, washing their hands like Pontus Pilate, even though there is strong evidence that the Democrats may have stolen the election.

This is shameful, and incredibly foolish on their part. If they do not do something now, they guarantee that in coming elections they will be removed from office, by further fraud and election tampering. Do they not have instinct for survival? Or are they content to walk into the gas chambers with nary a protest?

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  • LocalFluff

    Joe Bunker Biden has announced the members of his shadow cabinet. It is of course all about diversifying genitals and skin color and ethnicity:
    – The 1st female director of intelligence.
    – The 1st black UN ambassador.
    – The 1st Cuban secretary of homeland security.
    – The 1st Indian vice president.
    – The 1st native American secretary of education (well, Liz Warren).
    – The 1st secretary of labor who celebrated honeymoon in the Soviet Union.
    – And the 100th jewish secretary of the treasury.

  • Steve Richter

    take a sample of 1000 ballots from suspect precincts. Contact each of the 1000 voters. Just verify that they voted, that they live in the district, that their signature matches the one on the ballot. Then report the number from that 1000 ballot sample which were not verified. If more than a few, then republicans have solid evidence they can present to the public that the vote was fraudulent.

  • Steve Richter

    just an indicator of the meddling that Biden foreign policy figures plan to engage in, here is John Brennan signaling to Iran that the US will punish those who recently assassinated the Iranian nuclear scientist. He says “… Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible American leadership on the global stage & to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits. …”
    ( this tweet was mentioned in today’s NY Times front page report on the assassination. )

  • LocalFluff

    @Steve Richter The ballots once cast are anonymous. An outer envelope might have the voter’s identity on it if it is a vote cast somewhere else than in the local polling station. But the envelope is discarded and the secret ballot is mixed with all the others in an urn before counting. There is no way to tell who voted how. At least I hope so! But, from what I’ve heard of the US voting system lately I’m not perfectly sure anymore…

    Stalin once famously said that it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes. He said it after having lost an internal party election with anonymous votes. Strangely, most of those who voted were soon murdered and he won the next election.

  • Steve Richter

    “… The ballots once cast are anonymous. …”

    I was able to go online in Morris County, NJ and see my voting record. Does not say who I voted for, but does say my ballot was received. There are credible allegations that people recorded as having voted do not live in the district, or did not even vote. In the check I am thinking of, no need to ask what a person’s vote was. But if the voters in the sample are asked to vote again, the percentage for each candidate in the revote would match that which was cast in the actual election from that precinct.

  • wayne

    Gangs of New York
    “election day”

    “…..the ballots don’t make the results, the counters make the results, keep counting…”

  • LocalFluff

    @Steve Richter
    Yes, it is public who has voted, when you show your ID and hand over the secret ballot is in its anonymous envelope. In many states you can register as a Democrat or Republican (or other party) voter in order to participate in the primary, nominating the party’s candidate. That of course gives a clue about who has voted how. But then again you maybe won’t vote for the president the party you have registered for if you don’t like the guy nominated.

    In Sweden this is all done manually with paper and pencil. To find out who has voted, one has to go in person to the local city hall’s archive (there are 290 of them) and ask to have a look at what names have been checked off in the voter’s ledger. If your name isn’t in the ledger when you come to vote in your local polling station on election day, your vote is not accepted. This happens quite often when voters mistake what their correct voting station is, so they are guided to the right one.

    One can vote during a couple of weeks ahead of election day, at polling stations in the city hall and the central station, for example. It is done the same way except that they of course do not have you voter’s ledger. The early votes are during election day sent (by guards) to your local polling station. If you regret your early vote, you can go to your polling station on election day and hand in a new vote while you get your early vote back. Those votes are in outer envelopes with the voter’s names on them. When voting ends, these envelopes are thrown away and the inner anonymous envelopes with the secret ballots are put in the urn together with all the other. Then the urn is emptied, the anonymous envelopes opened and the ballots counted per party.

    We don’t have primaries in Sweden. The candidates are selected by the party’s board members. To influence who should be nominated by a certain party, you have to be very engaged in that party and become of a handful of its board members. The list of candidates (we only vote for parliaments, never for an individual office) is formally confirmed (they could reject it, but I’ve never heard of that happening) by the party’s annual meeting. But not even then are any party member allowed to participate. The participants are selected by the party’s local boards, like one or two each in the 290 counties.

    That’s the biggest weakness with Swedish democracy. Party’s are in effect very closed organizations and one must in practice be a personal friend of the guys in the party board at least locally to have any chance of having any influence. And this is just how all party’s happen to be are organized today. They are not required to have any internal democracy at all. Netherlands (and most European countries) have a similar system and for example Geert Wilders is the only member of his party! He nominates who he wants on his parliamentary ballot.

    The US democracy is way way better than the Swedish (and European in general). Basically because you elect an individual directly. The unelected corrupt secretive party organization has little influence, as Donald Trump demonstrated. It seems to me however that the party bureaucracy of the Democrats in recent years has gotten a stronger grip over its nominations and their policies.

    But we are much better on the practical physical handling of the voting process! You are in a mess there (in some states), the world is flabbergasted as it hears of this. You are actually undermining the credibility of democracy world wide! Many in Sweden don’t understand how the voting process works here, and say that they believe that our elections have been manipulated by machines too (although no kind of machinery or software is in any way involved).

  • janyuary

    good stuff Local Fluff. I also think voting should be very low tech. I think it would be better if in America, folks had to go to some effort to register and vote. Here, they sign people up at tables outside of grocery stores, they hand out registrations with drivers licenses, they encourage ignorant, silly people to vote, lazy people who demand to be able to do it by mail. The only people who should be voting are the ones who care enough to take the time to go to the local courthouse to register, find time on the one day of the year to vote, etc.

    One thing worth noting however … although Sweden is about ten percent bigger than California land-wise, its total population is about a third less than the Southern California region of four-county area (L.A., Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside) of about 16 million people. And that’s not even counting San Diego!

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