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The support of my readers through the years has given me the freedom and ability to analyze objectively the ongoing renaissance in space, as well as the cultural changes -- for good or ill -- that are happening across America. Four years ago, just before the 2020 election I wrote that Joe Biden's mental health was suspect. Only in the past two weeks has the mainstream media decided to recognize that basic fact.


Fourteen years ago I wrote that SLS and Orion were a bad ideas, a waste of money, would be years behind schedule, and better replaced by commercial private enterprise. Even today NASA and Congress refuses to recognize this reality.


In 2020 when the world panicked over COVID I wrote that the panic was unnecessary, that the virus was apparently simply a variation of the flu, that masks were not simply pointless but if worn incorrectly were a health threat, that the lockdowns were a disaster and did nothing to stop the spread of COVID. Only in the past year have some of our so-called experts in the health field have begun to recognize these facts.


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Enrollment plunges when students are no longer forced to take critical race theory class

Freedom of thought might still exist at St. Joseph's
Among the students, freedom of thought might
still exist at St. Joseph’s University.

A victory for free thought: When students at St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania were no longer required to take a class promoting race and the anti-white agenda of critical race theory, enrollment dropped so much that most of the offered classes will likely be canceled.

The university’s campus paper noted:

Multiple sections of the university’s new one-credit diversity course, Inequality in American Society (INT 151), are at risk of getting canceled for the spring 2022 semester due to under enrollment.

As of Dec. 4, only four of the 26 sections offered for the spring 2022 semester are full, according to numbers on the Course Registration website. Twelve of the 26 sections have 50% or more seats still available.

Of course, the teachers who are promoting this racist class want this problem solved by making the class a requirement. More important, these teachers are not really interested in diversity of thought, as illustrated by this comment by professor Brian Yates, the course’s leading advocate:

“The line isn’t between racist and not racist. The line is between racist and anti-racist,” Yates said. “Hopefully we give students the practices and the tools that, if they choose to, they can use in order to be a part of anti-racist actions.”

In other words, Yates’ wants to indoctrinate his students into agreeing with his particular political beliefs. And if those students refuse, he must have the right to force it down their throats.

So far it appears the school is not following through with the mandate. It appears the first attempt to impose it did not follow the proper procedures for doing so, and at this point that the school administration does not appear to be taking any action to properly impose it.

The result? Students have no interest in being indoctrinated. Good for them. They’d rather take courses where they might actually learn something.

At the same time, no one should let their guard down. St. Joseph’s University is also the college that fired a professor in August for expressing an opinion against the idea of paying reparations to today’s blacks because of the slavery of two centuries ago. Give this administration time and we should not be surprised if it eventually chooses forced indoctrination over free thought.

NOTE: At the moment I am thinking of shifting from writing daily blacklist stories to reporting on some of the positive pushback that appears to be occurring more and more against those blacklists. There is some good news out there, and it should be noted.

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  • Robert, I think that both positive stories of pushback against the “Woke” agenda and the Blacklist post are needed on a frequent basis. That is because we need to know where to pushback.

    This story is good news now but will probably be negated for the reason you point out.

  • BillB: You are right, but it has become increasingly tiring and depressing to only report the negative stories.

    Maybe I’ll roughly alternate. More likely I will simply let the stories as they arrive determine which I will do.

  • Cotour


    I am in a conversation with a Liberal woman on the subject of Intellectualized Reality and the trans gender issue:


    “This is the latest example of intellectualized BS. In 2019 this person was a man, and was probably an average competitor.

    Now in 2021 he is a trans “Woman” and is smashing women’s swimming records.

    This in reality destroys and devalues women’s sports while being “Woke” and “Politically correct”.

    This attitude is a self imposed mental illness.

    A biological man that feels like a woman should be respected, and I respect people who are different.

    But, what is going on here is not reasonable or rational, it is an example of an Intellectualized reality.

    Do you agree or disagree? “

  • Alton

    Sir Bob:

    Let the inflow determine the posts,
    BUT multiple follow-ups on a single
    Positive outcome instance would be also welcome if so needed.

  • Cotour

    Her response:

    Disagree.. Transgender is Generally a physical Change

    How do you know about his/her biological make up?

    (I had a long conversation with her on the issue of the Left and respect V Intellectualized reality.)

    My response:

    If you are born a genetic male and have all of the biological and physical advantages of being born a genetic male but you feel you are a female, and I can understand that, you should compete in sports against males, OR other differently advantaged people who are also genetic males but identify as female.

    OR, there should be no designation for any competition in sports. No male competition, no female competition, just competition. And at that point there are no women competing in any sport.

    No disrespect, its just the science of the matter. Being different is difficult and it is not a fault of theirs or anyone elses. But different they are.

    There are people who are born different and that is a fact. But being different does not require everyone on the planet to turn in their common sense on the issue.

    If not so than how can women ever compete in sports? Answer, they can not, its unfair. I have heard professional soccer players say that many 10th grade mens high school soccer teams could beat any womens Olympic soccer team. Johm Macenrow once said (And she is a great player): Serena Williams, if she were to compete one on one in the mens competition against the best mens players she would be ranked about 700 in the world. But she is a #1 womens tennis player and someone to be admired. I admire her and her accomplishments. But one on one no gender in the real world, she is #700. Who could argue with any man who under these rules says that they are trans gender? It is intellectually dishonest.

    The Left wants retribution and “Equality” and insists that the world adopt their intellectualized and emotionalized version of reality, and not respect and rational thinking.

    This is how the Left destroys the western cultural norms which is among their highest goals. Everyone has to be equally dumb, or to adopt an Intellectualized reality.

    There are solutions to these issues, but the Left only offers insanity and Intellectualized reality.

  • Skunk Bucket

    “…under enrollment”? ANY enrollment in a class like that is drastic OVER enrollment. I was forced to take an ethnic studies class in college back in the late eighties. (We students referred to such as “guilt classes”.) In this one I’m afraid I made a bit of a pest of myself by “innocently” asking questions that undermined the professor’s racist propaganda. To his credit, he didn’t mark me down for it, though the teacher of my required Sociology course sure did.

  • wayne

    just an anecdotal observation– in all my time in mental-health, ‘sexuality disorders’ were relatively scarce and when they did require our attention, they usually consumed an inordinate amount of resources, given the very low rate of their actual occurrence in our local population, (like’ 1-2 clients/year)
    And….there was always some sort of political baggage that came along for the ride. (Which would include “diagnosis-shopping” by the individual(s) in question.
    IMHO– a BIT of all this Stuff, comes from what we used to call, “the worried well,” that is, folks who weren’t downtrodden but wanted to act out their personality disorders in Public.

  • Max

    Not that long ago, a person who believed they were Napoleon, an animal, or a different sex was considered mental illness.
    No matter how much the social reorganizes claim that there’s “no difference between the sexes”, reality, fortunately, is winning in the general public. The pendulum is swinging back the other way.
    The mandate in the spending bill to begin forcing women to sign up for the draft was removed.
    The military recognizes obvious differences that cannot be overlooked.

    We may soon see sports determined by chromosome, or the presence of “male hormone” of which is considered cheating if found in a woman. Those who use performance enhancers in sports should be disqualified… Even if it’s a natural occurring hormone in a man claiming to be a woman. Cheating is cheating.

  • Jeff Wright

    Let them have Trans games. Being Ru Paul is not green, as cosmetics have more economic and ecological costs than defense spending-or so I’ve heard.

  • Max

    The left is black listing their own. It’s the night of the Long knives in slow motion as the elite left takes out those who wish to moderate or think about what they’re doing.

  • “Let them have Trans games.”

    That sounds like money.

  • Max

    Zimmerman posted “The first amendment” at the top of the page.
    Isn’t it ironic that alphabet used that language as a defense that fact checking doesn’t necessarily mean they need to give the readers the facts…
    Maybe call it, factual “opinions”?
    Under that ruling, opinions do not need to be “factual” under the first amendment. Which means it’s ok to “pretend” you quote somebody and say “they got it wrong” when they never actually said it…
    Clown world.
    Bearing false witness that cost others money is theft and should be prosecuted as so.
    “When I asked what was misleading about my video, they surprised me by saying that they hadn’t even watched my video,” Stossel said. “They offered no defense for posting words in quotation marks that I’d never said”

    That is the liberals strategy against conservatives in a nutshell. Fake it until you win it, the ends justify the means, “winner” not only takes all, but rewrites history in their preferred image. Cotour’s “strategy over morality”…
    They will reap what they sow… There is no honor among thieves.

  • sippin_bourbon

    The facebook factchecker scam should surprise no one.

    The next thing we will hear is that they are a private company and that they should be allowed to do that, even if it means defaming someone here or there. I mean, they have already been doing that anway.

  • Cotour


    I will include a bit more of the glimps into the thinking of a real liberal:

    Her response:

    “Listen racism began by rationalizing
    See Thomas Jefferson writings..
    Special group of people.
    When is that over…”

    My response:

    “Thomas Jefferson was a man of the time he existed in.

    And understanding his place in time he was not able to or could fashion a governance document model that was too progressive because it would have never been agreed upon. But in the end the Founders wrote a unique document in all of history that did include everyone and their freedom in the course of time. And that is a part of their brilliance. If you want to call that rationalization then so be it.

    Notice I called the Founders *Progressive*. They were actual and real progressives, the “Progressives” of today are in reality just Marxists and Leftists who have high jacked the Liberal component of the Democrat party. And the rational people within that party now fear them because they have demonstrated that they are very active, very “Woke”, very Marxist and very violent. And many agree with their now clearly Leftist and Socialist agenda because its politically correct.

    What the “Progressives” today offer is not individual freedom for everyone as was laid out in the Constitution, they offer “Equality” which actually means that everyone has the right to be equally poor and equally disincentivized to be successful.

    Progressive: Def: “Favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters:”

    There is nothing new or progressive with repackaging Marxism / Socialism and selling it as something new. The Left offers oppression and living at the permission of the government. The exact opposite of what the Founders fashioned for America. And that is all and only about control, political power and retaining and acquiring control and political power. The Left is in the process of attempting to cement their political control in place. What do you think open borders and flooding the country with illegals the moment that political power changed was and is about?

    Take a moment and explain that to me.

    As to the sports issue, sports is about apples to apples physical competition.

    If you are willing to call sports an apples to oranges physical competition in your intellectualized reality then only one thing will occur. There will primarily only be apples competing because oranges can not compete for the most part physically with apples. All you have created is an intellectualized reality that you emotionally desire.

    That is like saying, I desire the Communist Chinese leadership to be nice people and you refuse to think that they would want to invade and or take over Taiwan. But they are clearly in the real world telling you that that is exactly what they have planned, and they will kill you if you stand in their way. Why do you not believe them? Because you desire that your intellectualized reality is better and you want it?

    But the real reality does not care for one second about your fantasy intellectualized preferred reality.

    I know all this makes you very uncomfortable because you or someone must choose to be rational and that rational thought and decision will result in some differently advantaged people to be dis included or “Othered”. Are you willing to totally destroy female sports competition in order that you be right and they be spared being seen as different?

    If this remains as the “Politcally correct” policy of this country where everyone is now “Equal” then in the future there will be no women that dominate and rise to fame and fortune in womens sports, none, zero. And that is the exact opposite of what the Feminist movement allegedly proposes.

    Do you consider yourself a Feminist? Why are the Feminists so silent on this subject?

    (Because they are now Leftists and Leftists seek to destroy entirely the western model of life. And then rebuild it in what model? Socialism, which turns into communism that turns into people living their lives at the point of a gun and the direction of their government and its mandates and at that point the entire intension of the real Progressive Founders of America, individual freedom has been turned 180 degrees around. And that is the nature of all government.)

    Is that what you ultimately desire? I do not think you do.”

  • Cotour

    A reality knocking follow up:

    ‘It’s impossible to beat her’: Despondent female rival says swimming against trans Lia Thomas is ‘intimidating’ and ‘discouraging’ after teammates spoke out and said ‘everyone knows it’s wrong’

    Apples are apples and oranges are oranges.

  • Cotour

    The glimps into the mind of a Liberal continues:

    Her response:

    “How has the Jefferson thinking
    And writing made racism work?”

    My response:

    Why the obsession with a man who has been dead for 195 years? Where in your estimation does any form of racism come from?

    IMO from the continued teaching of disrespect. Which by our very nice and constructive conversation of the other day, you entirely agree with.

    To be so focused on a 195 year dead white man and call what he did or did not do to be the cause of all racism in the world, in America, is not rational IMO.

    There will be no way to reconcile this issue, the past is the past and what is done is done. And destroying America and recasting it in a Socialist more “Equal”, “Politically correct”, “Woke” model is not the answer in any way shape or form.

    America is not today a racist country. That being said there are racist people, both white and black that live in America. Teaching mutual respect and not retribution and racism and that all white people are racist and evil in schools is not the answer. But that is exactly what is being taught and you can clearly see it.

    Two very different things.

    And this difference is being used as an emotional hot button political issue to draw clear and bright tribal political lines in order to continue the racism that the Left and the Democrat party desperately needs to retain and acquire their political power.

  • wayne


    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
    Hunter S. Thompson.

    Gary Myrick & The Figures
    “She Talks In Stereo” (1980)

  • Cotour

    Is the Left getting a reality check? And they are listening?

    “San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced plans Tuesday to expand the police budget to deal with rising crime, calling permissive policies “BS” (Bovine swill) and apparently reversing her policy this past February to defund $120 million from the police.”


  • Andi

    I don’t know about San Francisco, but quite a few of these lefties that have suddenly seen the light are up for re-election next year! Amazing coincidence

  • Edward

    Don’t classes like St. Joseph’s University’s merely create or reinforce a feeling that there are differences between races, sexes, genders, eye colors, hair colors, etc. rather than reinforcing the equality between them all?

    If whites are the only ones asked to count their privileges, doesn’t that also reinforce differences?

    On the other hand, one cannot have diversity if everyone is the same, thus in order to have a diverse campus we must necessarily ensure that there are differences among people. Classes like these ensure that a campus is diverse, even if the campus has to remedially diversify its students.

    This is the importance of knowing the goals to be achieved. It is one thing to bring people together and emphasize their commonalities, but it is another to ensure that the campus has the proper diversity, per guidelines or quotas.

  • Questioner


    Below is some data from my own corona infection that I got behind me without any problems:

    -December 4th: Infection very probably took place on this day in a very large and over-crowed shopping center.
    -December 10th: First notice of signs of illness that correspond to a normal flu-like infection.
    -December 11th: Voluntarily put in bed all day to speed up the recovery process.
    -December 12th: Perceived climax of the physical impairment caused by the illness. Self-used Covid antigen test delivers positive result.
    -December 14th: Already significant decrease in disease symptoms. Carrying out an official state PCR test.
    -December 15th: Practically completely fit and healthy again. Official PCR test result also positive (Begin of isolation for two weeks).

  • Cotour


    Sounds like a piece of cake to me. Happy to hear you got through it all without incident, be well.

    I was 20 lbs lighter after about 10 to 12 days and was fully operational with a negative self test after about 15 days.

    I was laid low and on my back for a solid 5 days, it was not pretty, and I smelled bad to boot. Could not take a shower or brush my teeth, no strength. I assume I had Delta, I will also assume you had Omicron which appears to be expressing itself in a milder manner. And an interesting possible note: Fully mRNA vaccinated individuals may have no detectable immunity to Omicron.

    Stay tuned on that as Omicron is going to blow up here in America in the next 2 to 3 weeks. How will government react as this pandemic winds down and becomes endemic? At what point will the declared health emergency be rescinded? That may well take a lot longer, the powers that be like that extra power and control.

    It is their, at least some of them anyway, nature.

  • Jeff Wright

    To Mr Z. I might change the title to “Enrollment in racist CRT courses drops when students no longer are forced to take them.” The way it is worded now implies drop-outs.

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