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A sign of hope and disaster: Students rip out tampon dispenser in boy’s bathroom 20 minutes after it was installed

Marc Belanda, principal of Brookfield and leading the way to a queer future!
Marc Belanda, principal of Brookfield HS,
leading the way to a queer future!

Last week a story made news when administrators at Brookfield High School in Connecticut installed a woman’s tampon dispenser in the boy’s bathroom, as now required by an insane law passed by the state legislature in 2022.

A bill passed in the 2022 legislative session requires public school Boards of Education to provide free menstrual products to students in all girls restrooms, in any all-gender restrooms, and in at least one boys restroom. According to Connecticut’s Department of Public Health (DPH) “The intention of the law is to address period poverty, meaning the struggle to purchase period products due to lack of income.”

It wasn’t however the installation that made news, but the fact that only twenty minutes after the dispenser was installed students at the school (likely teenage boys) ripped it out.

Within about 20 minutes of its installation on Jan. 24, the dispenser, which was placed in the bathroom in response to an upcoming new state law, was vandalized, torn down and destroyed, school officials said in a statement.

The school principal, Marc Balanda, immediately sent out a school-wide email condemning this vandalism and claiming he had “a list of suspects” and “know[s] who is responsible. There will be consequences.”

Belanda in his email also advocated verbal communications instead. “Use your words to start a dialogue.” He also in large type proclaimed his pronouns to be “He, Him.”

Belanda is a typical example of today’s foolish and blind educational community. The students didn’t bother starting a “dialogue” because they knew that if they expressed any opposition to the stupidity of putting a tampon dispenser in a boy’s bathroom to any school official, 1) their words would be ignored most sanctimoniously, 2) they would have likely been brought up on charges of sexual harassment.

Instead, these teenage boys felt their only recourse was violence. At their sensitive age the last thing they need is some official doing anything to question their sexuality. The dispenser insulted them. The possibility of girls entering the bathroom appalled them. They knew Belanda would never do anything to address their issues — which are normal and not perverse and should be supported by adults 100%.

And so they took the matter into their own hands.

This story is both hopeful and a terrible portent of the future. From a hopeful perspective it tells us that the younger generation is increasingly not buying into the insane queer agenda being promulgated by the left. Traditionally young people have automatically gravitated to the well-intentioned feel-good proposals of the left, because young people are very emotional and emotional pleas reach them quickly. It hasn’t matter if those leftist ideas made any sense in the real world. They sounded good.

Now it appears the left’s ideas of “social justice” are no longer sounding good to these kids. In fact, the left’s proposals are looking downright crazy, so offensive and insane that the students felt required to take direct action, knowing the people running their school would not.

That’s the good news. The bad aspect of this story is its violence. Because Belanda and people like him will no longer tolerate any dissent, and the Democrats who control the Connecticut state legislature have imposed their queer agenda by law, this future generation has now realized it no longer has any option but violence to make their side heard. While once there might have been debate, debate is no longer allowed. You will accept rule by the left. You will accept its queer agenda that says boys can be girls and it is all right to mutilate and castrate little children.

And if you make any attempt at peaceful dialogue and debate, you will immediately be labeled a racist and subjected to harsh penalties.

What other choice then do these students have? The future this portents is quite terrifying, one where the only recourse for debate is violence, war, hate, and destruction.

Can we change things? Maybe, but I have strong doubts the voters in Connecticut have any intention of doing so. The state senate has been controlled by Democrats since 1994, while its house has been controlled by Democrats for far longer, going back to the entire second half of the 20th century. And though these voters have elected some Republican governors over the decades, they have still favored Democrats mostly.

Cry havoc

Do not expect any sudden change, even as today’s radicalized Democratic Party pushes for even more insane ideas. The entire left has exhibited an increasing close-mindedness at all levels, from the legislators at the top down to its loyal voters at the bottom. They don’t want debate, and they certainly will not tolerate any changes.

The consequences thus can only be violence, as those who dissent are given no options otherwise. The students at Brookfield High School have given us a hint of this future. And as I said, this future is quite terrifying.

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  • Ken

    Did he threaten to involve the ef bee eye?

  • Mike Borgelt

    How does the meme go? “If you aren’t capable of violence, you aren’t peaceful, merely harmless”

  • Diane E Wilson

    I would say that removing the tampon machine and trashing it is a powerful opening statement for a dialog.

  • pzatchok

    The trouble makers will be found and dealt with. You can be sure of that.
    We can not have decent in our schools.

    Students do not have any rights that we do not grant them, either inside or outside the school building. Once enrolled in our system they will be educated and conform.

  • “The intention of the law is to address period poverty, meaning the struggle to purchase period products due to lack of income.”

    In six decades on this planet, I have never known, or heard of, a female that could not afford, or had access to, basic hygiene products. I’m going to bet that no one at the Connecticut Department of Public Health, has, either. This is not an action to address an actual problem, but public officials engaging in publically-paid virtue signalling and job justification. I will also wager that at no point in the process did anyone ask “Is this a real problem?” Because to do so would label one as a heretic; not down with the struggle. What likely did happen was that someone sitting at their desk, looking to justify their job, thought “What if some women can’t afford menstrual products?” Then, fabricated the ‘problem’, and ‘solution’ out of whole cloth, based on zero empirical evidence. And as the people making these decisions with your money are not accountable to the people making the money, there is no real way to stop it. Bureaucrats know that political winds will shift, but a government job is for life.

    I am trying to imagine the scenario that officials used to justify tampon dispensers in the boys bathroom:

    “Oh, Jimmy, I’m having my period, and I need a tampon.”

    “No problemo, Susie, I’ll pop into the boys bathroom, and grab you one. Or, you can just go in, yourself. It sure is nice of the school to provide dispensers in all the bathrooms, so people-identifying-as-female don’t have to walk five extra feet to the girls bathroom, right next door.”

  • Blair Ivey: Remember, this was a LAW passed by the state legislature. The idiots in the Health Department might have recommended this stupidity, but the legislature, controlled by Democrats, jumped on it with great enthusiasm.

  • Robert, to my point: by the time anyone in the Legislature heard of this, ‘period poverty’ was likely presented as ‘fact’. I am not inclined to attribute stupidity as an innate legislator trait: they depend on others who are expert to advise them, and like everyone else in a leadership position, they have to trust that people are giving them the straight dope. This particular item does play right into Progressive prejudices, a fact not likely lost on the people proposing the bill.

  • Al

    I take exception to the claim of ‘violence’. The lads committed vandalism. One can not commit violence against a thing.

  • Randy

    Same thing is happening at Canadian military bases where these things have been installed. BRAVO!!!!!

  • Blair, from my limited interaction with the legislative species, I’m not as generous as you regarding the condition of their intellect; regardless of party, they fail to impress me as the superior Smart People™ we are expected to trust and defer to in this social technocracy.

    And they don’t get a pass on the common sense that can be obtained just by looking in the mirror when they get out of the shower.

    I’m not looking for intellect in my leaders, however – I’m looking to those that embrace what has been referred to as Callahan’s Principle of Leadership – a man’s got to know his limitations – and do not share the self-righteous certitude of Smart People™ that leads them to trample like bulls through the china shops of our lives. That instead, engage their own common sense as they represent us and make the decisions of our governance – setting the expectation that we are to walk BESIDE them as free and responsible citizens, not BEHIND them as subjects (or worse).

    I’m coming to think that William F., Buckley Jr. was right – we would be better served if we just picked candidates from the phone book, than looking to our allegedly-elite institutions, from Designer Label Universities (DLUs) to political parties, to provide them.

  • pzatchok

    Why I was in school the nurse or office had boxes of those things for the girls who needed them. Free.
    They even had those dispensers in the female restrooms.

    While working in large industries with any females there, they even had them for free.

    No this law was passed with just one thing in mid. To stick women’s problems in young boys faces in hopes of turning them to even the small female problems. If they can turn them to supporting something this normal then anything can be pushed with better hope of the boys support.
    Its the old idea of ‘break them while young’.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson/ Akira The Don/ Friedrich Nietzsche
    Tarantulas 🕷️ (October, 2018)

    “When they call themselves the Good and the Just, do not forget that they would be Pharisees… if only they had – power!”

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