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A small victory in Nevada against COVID mandates illustrates the ongoing corrupt politicizing of all of American culture

Might still exist in Nevada
Might still exist in Nevada.

First the good news: An elected Nevada legislative commission last week overturned an extension proposed by the state’s board of health of its mandate that all college students in the state get COVID shots or be banned from school.

Initially approved in August by the Nevada State Board of Health, the emergency provision was set to last only 120-days, according to The Nevada Independent. When the mandate expired last week and was sent to the Legislative Commission for review, the Commission chose not to make it permanent, with all six Republican lawmakers voting against the mandate and all six Democrats for it.

The tie means the mandate is not renewed.

This small victory for freedom and against irrational discrimination and blacklists illustrates some fundamental points about the entire COVID madness as well as America’s evolving culture.

1. It appears the emergency provision was never approved by any elected officials, and this vote was the first time any elected officials had a chance to vote on it. Sadly, this has been the pattern almost everywhere during the entire Wuhan panic. The decisions are made by unelected bureaucrats, whom are immune from punishment or firing. Our elected officials have been increasingly impotent.

2. There is no data or rationale to justify such a mandate. It was increasingly clear in August that the COVID shots did not protect you from COVID, and thus provide little protection from infection. Requiring the shots thus was simply discriminatory, used to favor one set of students because they obeyed orders and while banning others because they exercised their right to choose for themselves what medical treatments they will get.

3. Each individual’s medical data is by law supposed to be private. The colleges have no right to demand such information, nor do they have the right to ban anyone who refuses to give it. That such laws are now routinely ignored is a stark example of the collapse of our constitutional legal system. The law no longer matters, only the unilateral decisions of those in power. And with the law now ignored, those same people in power are also immune from it, and free to do whatever they want. Thus you get such senseless edicts by the unelected Nevada board of health, based not on data but on fear and panic.

3. The partisan vote by the commission to overturn the mandate illustrates clearly how the panic over the Wuhan flu has politicized all medical treatment, making it a partisan issue decided by politicians rather than a private decision between a doctor and a patient.

This last point might be the most important. We are no longer a rational society, but a political one. When all decisions are made based on politics, it is the craving for power that determines what is done, not facts or rational thought, or even the law itself.

Think about almost everything you read today, whether it be about sports, entertainment, literature, space exploration, gardening, humor, or food. It is impossible to talk about anything without including the political element.

In a few cases, such as space exploration, politics has always been a major component. For most of the last half century the space age was started, maintained, or squelched by politicians, and therefore it would be a mistake to not include that political factor in discussing space.

For most other subjects, however, it is entirely inappropriate to insert politics into the activity or discussion. What does gardening have to do with political power? Or football? Or food? Yet all have been poisoned by politics in the last few years, in many cases actually destroying lives because someone would not tow the right political line.

Worse, the insertion of politics into everything has now corrupted the legal system as well. No longer do the objective words of the law mean anything. Partisan politics must now determine their meaning, so that the law itself no longer matters.

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca.

And the solution to all this? It really still comes down to the citizenry, and no one else. Politicians aren’t going to fix this, unless the public changes the politicians, drastically. The six Nevada Democrats who voted for this illogical mandate did so not because they had any facts on their side (which they did not), but because the edict expanded the power of government, and that today is the overriding goal of ever Democrat. Crush the opposition, squelch free debate, and twist the law in any way possible to guarantee victory. The voters should have thrown these bums out of office years ago. It is now imperative that they do it now, because there is very little time left. Soon, if these power-hungry Democrats have their way, elections will no longer matter. They will be in control, and will not allow you to remove them.

Nor are the Republican politicians much better. Too often for decades they have made deals, going along to get along, rather than stand for freedom and smaller government, as they consistently would promise during every single election campaign. The voters need to throw a lot of them out of office as well.

That Nevada’s legal system however finally worked in ending the foolish statewide mandate for college students to get COVID jabs is still a small victory in the battle for liberty. It just needs to be followed by a thousand more such victories.

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  • Cotour


    (Please feel free to copy and share with a friend for the new year)

    Looking back, every presidential election after Reagan as I think about it, from G H.W. Bush, to B. Clinton, to G. W. Bush, to Obama, all of those presidencies looking back at them all felt as though they were all politically prechosen and installed presidents. They were all the proforma “next” in line political party representatives of the political agenda driven good old boy, crony capitalism, uni party political power and control machine that comprises the American government.

    No matter who was elected during this time, what was accomplished in American government was all indistinguishable one party from the other. ALL of those presidents were installed political tools of the uni party and they pushed forward a more Liberal and, in the end, Leftist type of politics of division and racism in America. The American political parties have no interest in the unification of the American people and their interests, they are both fully invested in the division and chaos in what we all see before us today. And in that they find their power and control. But that appears now to be cycling and changing.

    And so that leaves us on one end with Ronald Reagan, who was without doubt more of a true American leader. A true American leader who being a man of his times found himself politically surrounded by the Neocon operatives that drove all kinds of chaos agenda in the world.

    And then on the other end there leaves us with what was the very disruptive to the system Donald J. Trump political anomaly. The people rose up and were saying *NO*, no more. And no one can argue that Trump with all of his warts and offensive mannerisms and over speaking was also a true American leader. Many found that he personally disturbed them and could never find their way to supporting him. But in the end, there was no doubt now looking back through the fog of the political warfare that has ensued where we all saw just how perverted and corrupt American politics in its rawest form can be. Political warfare of the first order, bare fisted, blood and guts brawling. This is what the Constitution in fact structures.

    And now in 2021 going into 2022 we have President Joe Biden, just one more political uni party installed tool, a political party facade that is attempting to “lead” America down the anti-America, anti-Constitution path, surrendering to the multinational corporatist, Socialist, Globalist agenda of control and compliance. And this perversion and the Leftist political agenda that has installed him in the presidency “By any means necessary” as they are so fond of saying, is imploding before all our eyes.

    And the real-world takeaway is this is how our Constitution forces over time for these political perversions to be revealed so the American people can properly make the political adjustments that are necessary. American Democracy is alive and well. And the uni party understands perfectly this truth, and that is why they are now very dangerous. Any trapped animal becomes very dangerous as they attempt to wiggle out of the truth of their existential predicament.

    Get ready, there is another bigger and badder *NO* coming from the people in 2022. So, gird your loins, there are going to be many things to be revealed about just how perverted and corrupt American politics can and has become. All in the interests of retaining and acquiring further political power and control.

    Why? Because this is what the Constitution structures, it insists upon it. It *IS* the only way.

  • Questioner


    The progressive politicization of all aspects of people’s daily life in the West – an actually observable fact – seems to be a side effect of the political form of democracy, especially in its later phase. You have to live with that if you don’t want to abolish the latter.

    Has it not been reported that the defense of the Roman Republic against Caesar (and against the long line of Roman emperors that followed) failed in first place because the Roman citizens were fed up with the politicization of their lives in the final phase of the republic?

  • Cotour


    And the one thing that exists today that did not exist during the Roman empire…………………………is the Constitution.

    The Constitution is the one hope in the world, and if America fails at this point in time, then all is lost for everyone on the planet.

    Love America, or hate America, that is just how simple this all is right now.

    No muss no fuss, the American people have to take care of business this year, 2022 and into the future. The only question remains, are we still up to it? You stay tuned on that.

  • Questioner

    Mr. “Constitution” ( ah … Cotour): (:-)

    You should listen to the interviews with Dr. Jeff Bell if you don’t already know him. I think that is your man.

  • Cotour


    Should the American people fail in their responsibilities to their own Constitution, this will be the fate of the world:

    You won’t be able to wipe your own butt without instructions from your superiors.

  • wayne


    Harry Reid, dead at 82

  • Andi

    Small edit in first sentence of numbered item 2: “rationale”

  • Cotour


    (Please copy and share with a friend)

    Dr. Robert Malone, recently banned and censored by Twitter, they do not like what he has to say.

    mRNA vaccine tech originator / inventor: This is the guy, the man, to listen to IMO related to rationally dealing with Covid, the *NEW* tech mRNA vaccines, the off-label drug use therapies etc. He reveals the clearly perverted and corrupted government / big tech / big pharma / big media / big political agenda regarding Covid. ; 3 hrs. “The intentional blocking and banning the use of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine by the government”.

    The shorter version: ; 9 min.

    Why? Maybe because big pharma companies were about to complete and gain approval of their exclusive *NEW* in the drawer “Vaccines” and oral Covid medications? Government agencies and big tech media running cover for a big pharma and big $$$$ companies in order to cement their power and control? Looks like a duck to me.

    Robert Malone: “The same play book is being run on every continent”. IMO you are being intentionally lied to and manipulated by your own government and they are in league with worldwide political powers that be who need America to be weakened and essentially gutted. America stands in their way.

    If the American people fail to stand up for the principals of their Constitution and their individual freedoms and Rights and allows this collusion between these big world, big government, big money players, then all is lost. You will not be able wipe your own buttocks without permission and instruction from your government.

    If you fail as an American: How to open a door, Finland: ; 1:52

    You must understand this issue, and you must take back the freedoms that your own government is in the process of taking from you. With risk there must be choice, and your government if allowed will be telling you what will be injected into your body, where and when you can work, and exactly what your “freedom” encompasses.

    Are you paying attention in 2022 yet? Where does the authority to do such things come from? This is Strategy Over Morality; all you are as an individual is potential collateral damage.

  • wayne

    the first link you noted has been taken down.

    The JRE show is available at Spotify, but you have to register for an account.
    I did locate a copy at YT, but I suspect that will vanish shortly. (They’ll claim copyright, but I think we all know the real reason…)

    Joe Rogan Experience
    Dr. Robert Malone

  • wayne

    thanks greatly for the Rogan reminder, I’ve been wanting to listen to this guy at length. I’m 45 minutes in already and this guy is amazing.

  • Cotour

    Robert Malone: “Government is lawless, and they do not care”.

    The Left and the permanent government that they control have their agenda and you will comply is their mantra. They long ago have forgotten what America and being an American is all about. They are about to get very dangerous IMO.

    The question remains: How will government give back the power they believe is theirs by Right as they see it under this declared health emergency? Covid is over in the next 4, 5 to 6 weeks as it normalizes. They are not going to like that.

    And that has been from the beginning where the abuse of power and the flat-out incompetence on the part of the government has emanated from. To the point that it is clear there is massive corruption and collusion on going. Does anyone here think that the likes of Nancy Pelosi are just going to lay down?

    The only answer? Political warfare, Lawyers, Courts and Money!

    Yes, Rogan is actually a very thoughtful interviewer most of the time. He asks pertinent questions, and he allows his guests to say what needs to be said. He can go off the rails now and then, but he is now a major media figure that gets the other side of the story out to the rational non-drones that still exist in America and the world.

    Rogan is interested in promoting truth and journalism, who would have thunk? America and the world saved by comedians like Rogan and Chappell and the MAGA movement lead by Trump loyalists.

    This is a very dangerous time IMO, they, the Left, will do anything as their existential moment of truth draws near.

  • Questioner

    Cotour: This socialist video is a cheek!

    “David Cross: Why America S…. at Everything”

  • Cotour


    My point has generally been that ultimately, even given just how corrupt and perverted American government is, if America goes down and folds on these issues of freedom, and mandates, and required ID cards etc, etc. it’s all over for EVERYONE!

    The Globalists and the Leftists of the world desperately need that America be laid low. Why might you ask?

    Because ultimately *IT* and its law and justice system as well as its monetary system *IS* how the world operates. Why might you ask?

    Because, as perverted and corrupt as our politics can be, as all politics around the world is, the Founders structured something never before seen in governance. A paradigm shift in how people live, work and the degree of freedom they have to do both.

    So are their more qualitatively measured country’s? Sure. So, you and everyone else who like to point their fingers at America and its particular brand of corruption and perversion stay or move there and enjoy yourself. But just remember when it comes down to being able to do that and live as free a life as you do it comes down to three or four choices: 1. America and its system, 2 Communist China and its system, and 3. Russia and its system. Or the Socialist / Globalist / Oligarch / Star Trek model. Choose one or a perverted combination there of.

    And it has been clearly demonstrated over and over when the American economy and its people are unhampered NO ONE can, given the parameters I have mentioned previously and apples to apples competition and stand and compete toe to toe.

    Why do you think that the Leftist agenda in America is soooo aligned with the Socialist / Globalist model “In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy”? Why do you think that is so?

    America in all its political perversion and corruption that is plain to see by all, by design, stands in their way and in the way of their particular Socialist Star Trek flavored model of control and compliance for the world. Their requirement is that America must be destroyed, razed and erased by their measure. Why has our government over the years thrown political roadblocks in the way of the American people and caused them to compete on a not equal field?

    And let me say here that its our multinational American corporate entities / companies who are soulless and are driven only by profits and not by the understanding that they are participating in the killing of the golden goose as they trend towards these Globalist agenda$.

    As well as it is the perverted and corrupted politically empowered self-interested double-dealing politicians in our Congress and Senate who are charged with properly regulating these entities, and the weak generally installed presidential place keepers many of which have been bought off or black mailed that are what needs to be rectified by a now politically paying attention and incentivized American populous.

    And in the perversions and the surrendering of their politically empowered fiduciary responsibilities they are all forced to reveal themselves to their political audience, the American people. And there will be consequences. Unless of course the political powers that be have so perverted the system to the point where that can no longer occur. Stay tuned on that.

    So, Questioner, Lee, Andrew W and all the rest of you who live your good lives in your several other fine countries populated by the many fine people like you and have your freedoms as they are, but remember really where that in the 20th century is provided to you by.

    America as founded by the Founders some 245 years ago and the system of law and justice and economy that they crafted together is at the foundation of your freedoms and good lives. Just as much as it is at the foundation of Americas freedoms and good lives.

    You keep pointing your finger, but remember, if America goes down that finger that you so casually point will be unceremoniously cut off so there can be no finger pointing in the future. At that point there will just be instruction and compliance. Happy New year.

  • Cotour

    Correction: 20th and 21st century.

  • wayne

    again, finally have some time to explore Dr. Malone a bit deeper. I’ve been wanting to hear him explain what his mRNA tech actually is and isn’t, and how it’s being utilized for ’emergency use’ ‘vaccines.’

    Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of core mRNA and DNA vaccine technologies
    July 27, 2021
    ->extensive show-notes

  • Cotour

    Here is a new one for you, Wayne:

    Dr. Malone and wife in Hawaii speaking with children about Covid and vaccinations.

  • Questioner


    The Americans, who believe they live in the freest land ever seen on this ancient Earth, really seem to have a number of ungrateful fellow citizens who shamelessly abuse and take advantage of these freedoms. How else can you explain that America has the highest percentage of prison inmates in the world? So it certainly has nothing to do with rich and poor, does it?

    “Why America Throws the Poor in Prison”

  • Cotour

    Liberalism / Socialism and the purposeful destruction of the American family unit model and replacing it with the culture of dependency, government. Take the man out of the home and incentivize that model and where do those mostly black young men go for leadership?

    The streets and gangs. Does that mean that those who are lawless and a danger to others should be further empowered to do violence and create mayhem and chaos? (That is a rhetorical question.)

    That is how I explain it.

    Remember, it “Takes A Village”.

  • wayne

    “video has been removed.” (community guidelines violation)

    In part, the guys go deep on Malone and Rogan….

    No Agenda podcast (Jan 2, 2022)
    Adam Curry / John C. Dvorak

  • wayne

    Deep Space 9 Season 2 Episode 22
    “The Wire”

    “Garak and Bashir ask questions and answer none….”

  • wayne

    Aubrey Marcus Podcast
    “Mass Formation Psychosis”
    Dr. Mattias Desmet (October 2021)

    “After noticing some anomalies in the statistical analyses conducted during the pandemic, he became concerned by the consensus narrative. He joined me today to discuss his expertise in a phenomenon called ‘mass formation’, a type of collective hypnosis essential for the rise of totalitarian regimes.”

  • Socratease

    Not a political society; A partisan one. Democrats are clearly Party Members first, and being an American is somewhere way down on their list of identities, about 6th or 7th.

  • Orrin Johnson

    Up until last year, I wrote a weekly column here in Nevada. My editor couldn’t understand why I was so worked up – and early on! ( – about what looked to be endless emergency orders, but then, he was busy thinking Trump complaining about loose election laws was the real threat to democracy. It was awfully frustrating.

    Since our governor first declared a state of emergency in March 2020, our legislature has met FOUR times – one regular session and three special sessions. Other than codifying the new practice of mailing everyone a ballot whether they ask for it or not, the legislature did nothing of substance related to Covid, and refused to even consider taking back their power to make the laws (why would they, when they can all disclaim responsibility? The fact there are still emergency mandates is absurd, and our hollowed out tourism sector is the result – and we were never economically healthy to begin with.

    In my day job, I’m a criminal defense attorney, and I see first hand what is happening to basic civil liberties. The interim committee non-action on mandates was great, but it will be short lived unless we replace the governor this year. The damage done to this state by an incompetent governor and an absentee legislature cannot be overstated.

  • Cotour

    Amsterdam: You will comply:

  • Cotour


    (Please copy and share with your friends)

    From the beginning of the Covid pandemic event I looked for and identified the people that I found to be the most knowledgeable and credible on the subject at a time when there was not a lot of information about Covid to be had. One of those people I found was this man, virologist, Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS. 30 plus years in the field.

    And why did I conclude that this was one of the several people that I found who were most credible on this particular subject of viruses, Covid and vaccines? Because his name appears on the patents that describes the mRNA technology that is the basis for the mRNA vaccine technology. If he as a scientist and vaccine developer and a specialist in virology cannot understand and communicate these complex issues, then who can?

    Robert Malone in his own words reflecting on this Covid virus event and the many perversions and possible corruptions and apparent conflicts of interests occurring in big government, big pharma, and big tech media related to it: 8 min.

    Dr. Malone has now been censored and ridiculed by those same *BIG* players because he does not exactly agree with their positions on issues like informed choice and consent and mandated injection of experimental substances into one’s body. You tell me what you think is reasonable on this subject. My money is on Dr. Malone and the others who have from what I can see have no conflicts of interests either financial or political. The facts is the facts.

  • Cotour


    (Please feel free to copy and share with a friend)

    “OneAmerica is a $100 billion insurance company that has had its headquarters in Indianapolis since 1877. The company has approximately 2,400 employees and sells life insurance, including group life insurance to employers in the state.

    According to Indiana’s chief medical officer Dr. Lindsay Weaver, ever since the vaccines were introduced, there have been more people hospitalized than at any point in the past 5 years. As of now, just 37% of ICU patients in the state are hospitalized for Covid-19, compared to a whopping 54% of beds that are occupied by patients with other ailments, she explained at a news conference with Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday. A similar pattern has been seen in hospitals across the country.”

    Real world data is real world data.

    As the Covid virus “normalizes” itself, which is the way of nature, and it becomes essentially a cold or flu as it finds its way to survive, should we rush to continue to have what is still an experimental mRNA vaccine whose data related to its safety and efficacy is legally sealed for the next 55 years? Does that sound reasonable to you? Why are you banned from knowing this information? Because this is a declared medical emergency?

    And I am not saying that those who are at greatest risk should not consider this experimental drug therapy, I know many who have taken it and are fine. It does appear to lessen the viruses’ effects should you contract it, but as you can plainly see it does not protect you from either getting infected nor does it prevent you from being contagious. It is a unique “Vaccination” in that way. It is or should be your choice.

    Just asking reasonable questions: In your opinion do you feel that your government has been as honest as they could be about this subject above? Do you find that government and the very large multinational high-tech media and very large multinational drug companies have been either honest brokers of information, competent or concerned with your freedoms and Rights?

    Does the man below who has contradicted himself multiple times during the Covid event instill confidence in you, or suspicion? At some point you are going to have to face and honestly answer these questions. If you have been paying attention to the emails that I have been providing you understand my perspective. And my confidence in that perspective grows by the day.

    Politics and government are at best incompetent, and at worst? There are no limits IMO. When Strategy becomes more important than Morality, *YOU* as an individual have a problem.

  • wayne

    Lex Fridman Podcast #254
    “Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: The Case Against Lockdowns”
    (Jan 4, 2022)

  • Cotour

    2020: WHY IS MAIL IN VOTING THE MOST CORRUPT? (Its all related)

    (Copy and share with a friend)

    Things that you are not aware of because the mainstream big tech, now Leftist media that you watch every day will not tell you.

    “Georgia Ballot Trafficking Whistleblower Admits to Making $45,000 for Stuffing Ballot Boxes — Just One of 242 Traffickers —”
    “The Georgia ballot trafficking whistleblower reportedly admitted to making $45,000 for stuffing Georgia ballot boxes from 2 to 5 AM in the morning. He was just one of 242 alleged ballot traffickers identified by the True the Vote investigation. There is a possibility of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ballots that were stufffed into the ballot boxes in Georgia!”

    A man in Georgia has admitted to being paid $45,000.00, I assume in cash, ($10 per ballot X’s 4500 ballots), for his illegal ballot harvesting activities. His mother apparently made him confess and do the right thing apparently. What would we do without mothers?

    So, let’s do the math: 240 illegal ballot harvesters X’s $45,000.00 (If they were all as industrious as him) = $10,800,000.00 in cash to stuff the ballots in Georgia. The only question remains: Who did they stuff the ballots for, who were they working to install in the office of the president? You can think about and answer that question for yourself.

    And of course, we must also ask the question: Where did the cash come from? And who doled it out and ran the operation? And of course, in support for which candidate? Guess.

    You keep watching for this story, because it is apparently coming.–~D

  • Questioner


    Today in Munich: Anti-Corona measures walk

  • Questioner


    The day before yesterday: Anti-corona measures walks walks through dozens of small and large cities across Germany.

  • Questioner


    The calls of the strollers in the Stuttgart area are: “Peace”, “Freedom”, “No dictatorship”, “We are the people”.

  • Cotour

    They are all captured by their governments, their default owners who intend to electronically tag them and control their ability to be free. This is the Globalist agenda.

    The ONLY hope?

    America standing up to it all, revealing it all and rejecting it with extreme prejudice.

    If America fails here at this time in history, then all is lost for the entire world.

    And you can bank on that, Questioner.

  • Cotour

    Will this kind of oath in some form be required in these many countries that are revealing themselves to be so oppressive and Nazi like regimes?

    Funny, but not so funny.

  • wayne

    “We’ve gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!”

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