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A weaponized and partisan Justice Department and FBI

On many of today’s complicated political stories, I tend to hang back and avoid posting my thoughts about them when the stories initially break. Often I do so because the story itself is either unreliable or simply trivial, and time is needed to find this out. Often I wait because I want more information to confirm my initial conclusions. Sometimes I wait because I consider the story merely a Republican partisan attack that is not strong on the merits and will fade with time.

Though I have previously posted my impression that Robert Mueller investigation into Russian-Trump collusion during the campaign is nothing more than a Democratic Party witch hunt against the Trump administration, I have recently held back noting recent stories because I wanted to compile them to see if they really did fit this pattern. Below are those stories, all of which have appeared in the past two weeks. They strongly prove that Mueller’s investigation is exactly what I first surmised.

These stories all confirm a July story that was headlined: Here’s a Look at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 15 Attorneys: A Who’s Who of Liberal Activism. Of those 15 attorneys, four have now been proven to be part of the Democratic Party partisan machine. Furthermore, evidence has been found that the FBI agent directly involved with both the Clinton and Trump investigations, Peter Strzok, moved to change the Clinton investigation conclusions to exonerate her, despite the evidence, while he was also repeatedly expressing strong partisan and anti-Trump opinions to one of those 15 attorneys.

One anti-Trump text by FBI agent Strzok is especially disturbing. In responding to a statement by Special Counsel Liz Page that she thought there was no way Trump could win, Strzok wrote the following:

“I want to believe the path you threw out… – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.” [emphasis mine]

The clear implication here is that what eventually became the Mueller investigation was an effort within the FBI and Justice Department to cripple or destroy the Trump administration, should Trump win the election.

Nor are these stories all that has been uncovered about the partisan corruption in the FBI and Justice Department. Other stories have revealed that Justice Department officials were directly involved in creating the dossier paid for by the Democratic Party during the campaign that made numerous scurrilous and false accusations against Trump.

Worse, it appears this fake partisan dossier was then used by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant that allowed them to spy on the Trump campaign, during the election, spying that was then provided illegally to the Obama administration which passed it on to Clinton to use against Trump during the campaign. If so, that warrant was obtained illegally, and heads should roll.

This week we have also learned that though Mueller’s investigation is supposed to be looking into events that occurred before the election, his office illegally obtained thousands of emails by Trump transition team officials from after the election.

In the past week there have been several articles by better experts than I, suggesting that this combined effort by partisan Democrats in the FBI and Obama Justice Department (many of whom are still there) was no different than a coup attempt against a legally elected American president. Here are just two:

From where I stand, it sure looks that way.

During the latter years of the Roman empire, an elite unit assigned to be personal bodyguards to the emperor, the Praetorian Guard, ended up repeatedly interfering with Roman politics, and often in later years would actually participate in the overthrown of emperors and the choosing of their successors.

I wonder, are we in the United States now seeing in the FBI and Justice Department the first hints of our own Praetorian Guard? And will we, as free citizens, have the courage to challenge this corruption, and remove it from power?

I have my doubts.

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  • ken anthony

    Benefit of the doubt should have ended with the Rahm stonewalling before Trump was ever on the scene.

    This is the only way a coup can happen with our system of government. What these criminals have done is made law a tool that only works as a ratchet for them. Electing Trump was the right counter but no where near enough. Democrats, most republicans and bureaucrats are all united in this criminal venture.

    We do not live in a free country. We live in a constrictor snake that will squeeze us until there’s nothing left with which to fight back. Asking the snake to be nice is just stupid. I don’t plan on living to see the end game. Those that allow it to happen deserve the results.

    It can only be fought by being woke and united.

  • wayne

    “Democrats are turning American Government into a Tyranny”
    Mark Levin
    May 29, 2009 broadcast clip.

  • Orion314

    HAVING an AG who acts like a poster boy for being blackmailed by the DNC, is no way to overthrow a Coup d’état .

  • Rick

    If you want a good blog that has been following this closely, check out The Conservative Treehouse.

  • Cotour

    The Romans did not have the Constitution, we do, and that is the one and only thing that differentiates us from them and offers the potential for the reconciliation between rational law and abuse of power, corruption and real Fascistic dictatorship and destruction.

    Its coming, its in the air, the re-interview of Hillary is now being talked about very seriously and in concrete terms. The bad actors / “Praetorian guard” in the FBI and DOJ have been identified and testimony has been initiated and will continue and the public’s understanding of the unfairness of the situation is underway. The tide has turned.

    And I have blathered on about this potential for a long time to the frustration of many and it truly appears that we are now on the verg of all of the blatant political manipulation presented as “good” all unraveling. And through this process that must occur for all our collective good there will certainly be compromises but in the end in this case the Democrats through the corrupt leadership of Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Clinton machine will have brought it all down upon themselves.

    Some have doubts, and given the long history of corruption on both sides of the equation that is a reasonable conclusion, that is all they can in reality be, but, ITS COMING.

  • ken anthony

    The danger is success. Then we drop our guard. We have to fully understand how deep the roots of this problem go.

  • Chris

    Once again:
    “Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss…. “ The Who

    Man, I think they had a “future spy glass” … Or were just good observers of history.

  • wayne


    The Who –
    The Punk And The Godfather/ I’m One

  • Cotour

    “We have to fully understand how deep the roots of this problem go.”

    We do fully understand how deep the problem goes, its human nature as it relates to power, in this case specifically related to governance. There is nothing new here. This historical understanding about human nature related to power is the foundation of the Constitution. Thats how simple this all is.

    The challenge is having the political courage and public will to reveal what must be revealed and do what must be done using the tools that the Founders provided to do so and let the chips fall where they may. This is the unique political cycle element provided by those who designed our system that sets America apart. (If we are brave enough to not turn our heads)

    I believe that we find ourselves in a unique point in history where we have a unique individual in the position of president and where there is a political will that is building to do what must be done. It is our obligation to do so and if we refuse to do so then we are doomed.


    And then the cycle continues, nothing new here.

  • Cotour

    The lead up to the cleansing?

    While this Uranium One deal that Sessions seems to be re-investigating certainly stinks to high heaven with the Clintons “Charitable” Foundation pocketing a cool $145 million dollar tip for what appears to be facilitating Putins goals of becoming a player in the worlds Uranium market. And amazingly in public Democrats are unable to see any Russian collusion here, but they and the general public intuitively understand.

    Sessions will soon be revealed to be either an objective head of the DOJ or a political tool and afraid to do what must be done. If I were to guess I would say that based on the building momentum in the zeitgeist of the American public he takes care of business. And again, there will be legal consequences and political accommodations made that will seem and will in fact be unfair when it all shakes out that not everyone will be happy with, but thats politics in the political realm.

    Then there will be the ILLEGAL private email server situation to be dealt with and the FBI and DOJ political operatives who shaped things to accommodate their own political preferences. This is what in the end cost Hillary the presidency, the last nail in her corrupt coffin. These individuals, the self appointed “Praetorian guard” in the end will probably be the ones that will suffer the most and may well be fired and may serve time for their bad judgment. And they will deserve it for abandoning their sworn fiduciary responsibilities.


  • Chris

    Wayne – Ah yes!
    Thanks and Merry Christmas

  • ken anthony

    The founders did a great job and understood humans, but really didn’t have the human examples we have today. I think they made a mistake regarding commerce and should have made it explicit that govt. shall not in any way regulate within or between the states. Involvement in foreign trade should be limited to a level playing field.

    Trade issues within the country would be resolved locally without federal interference. Especially with senators appointed in the original manner.

  • Edward

    ken anthony,
    The US Constitution is very explicit in Article I, Section 8:
    [The Congress shall have Power] 3: To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes

    The word “among” does not allow for regulation within any of the several States. It is the US government itself, through the (mis)interpretation by the Supreme Court, that allows for the usurpation and overregulation within the states. Each of these regulations is a flagrant violation of the supreme law of the land (per Article VI, Section 2: “2: This Constitution … shall be the supreme Law of the Land“).

    I agree with you that the Seventeenth Amendment removed the representation of the several states from the US government. The states have no representation anymore, which allows the US government to freely usurp powers that the Constitution expressly forbids it.

    And we wonder why government bureaucrats are running this country like a totalitarian dictatorship.

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