Academic fascism in 2017

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Rather than publish another weekly update on the fascist culture that presently dominates many American campuses, I thought I would look back on the year and compile a list of all the colleges I reported where acts of oppression or the silencing of free speech were carried out by the administration, facility, or student body.

There were many ways I could have compiled this list. In the end, I decided to list the colleges alphabetically by state, and then sort the states into three groups, based on how those states voted in the past two presidential elections. States that voted Democratic or Republican both times are grouped together as either Democratic- or Republican-dominated. States that flipped from one party to the other (all flipping Republican, by the way) were listed as battleground states. If a college had more than oppressive incident during the year the number of incidents is indicated in parenthesis.

Because the list is so long, I have placed it, as well my analysis of it, below the fold. Before you read on, make sure you scan down take a look at the list of colleges itself.

We can garner several things from this list. First, though the list doesn’t illustrate this, I must note that almost every college shown marks a moment when leftist members of an administration, facility, or student body acted to squelch the free speech rights of a conservative. Nor do I think this is because of bias on my part. From the beginning I have recognized the possibility that I might unfairly only report oppressive incidents committed by the left, and have tried to avoid that. Unfortunately, despite my sincere effort to report incidents where conservatives tried to silence liberals, during the whole year I only came across one event where a conservative college acted to shut down a dissenting liberal speaker. I admit that I might have missed a few, but even if I did I do not think this would change the overall pattern. 2017 was a year in which the left decided that it was acceptable to act like fascist thugs and do whatever they could to shut down the free speech of opposing points of view.

Second, while the majority of universities behaving oppressively appear to be in the Democratic states, there are also appear to be plenty of oppressive universities in Republican regions. Yet, there was only one case where a college acted to silence someone who appeared to be liberal. I suspect therefore that the wide regional spread of oppressive colleges is not because this fascist behavior is favored across the entire political spectrum, but because almost the entire academic community is strongly dominated by the left, even in conservative regions, and it is today’s left that is most attached to the idea that all dissent must be silenced.

Third, the list strongly indicates that the west coast and the northeast are regions that have become especially hostile to free speech and dissent. The incidents of oppression were more concentrated in colleges in these regions than anywhere else in the country. In this case I believe (partly from personal experience having lived most of my life in the liberal northeast) this is because the overall cultures in these regions has become especially totalitarian. It isn’t just the colleges where dissent is no longer tolerated. It is the entire region. Woe to anyone who takes the chance in these places to walk around wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, or put up Republican campaign signs in their front yards.

Fourth, this list argues strongly that all financial support to these universities needs to be questioned, or eliminated entirely. It is unconscionable for public money to be used to support this kind of behavior. Any state, such as California, Washington, Oregon, and New York, that has not done anything to address this behavior at their public universities demonstrates that they are actually a part of the problem.

Finally, and most important, parents and children should strongly question whether these universities are good places to get a good liberal arts education. My own conclusion, not merely from this list but from my own personal experiences teaching and working within the academic community at several colleges during the past few decades, says that every single one of these colleges should be avoided, like the plague.


University of California-Berkeley (13)
University of California-San Diego
University of California-Merced
University of California-Los Angeles (5)
University of California-Riverside
University of California-Santa Cruz (2)
University of California-Irvine
University of California-Davis
Stanford University (3)
Chapman University
Whittier College
California State University-Fresno (2)
Loyola Marymount University

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
University of Colorado-Boulder (2)
University of Northern Colorado
Regis University

University of Connecticut
Quinebaug Valley Community College
Yale University, Connecticut

District of Columbia
George Washington University
Howard University
American University (2)

University of Hawaii

Knox University

Boston University
Hampshire College
Tufts University (2)
Emerson College
Brandeis University (2)
Harvard University
University of Massachusetts

Wartburg College (2)
Concordia College, Moorhead
St. Olaf College

University of Nevada-Reno

New Hampshire:
Keene Stage College

New Jersey:
Princeton University (2)
Rutgers University

New York:
Columbia University (4)
Fordham University
Cornell University
Brooklyn College
Hunter College
Adelphi University
New York University

Reed College
University of Oregon
Portland State University

Rhode Island:
Brown University, Rhode Island (2)

Middlebury College, Connecticut

University of Virginia
Liberty University
College of William and Mary
Virginia Commonwealth University

Evergreen State College (6)
Western Washington University
Seattle University School of Law

Battleground states:

Florida State University
University of Florida
Rollins College

Albion College
University of Michigan

Obelin College
Otterbein University

Drexel University (2)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (2)


Arizona State University
University of Arizona

University of Arkansas

University of Georgia

Boise State University

Purdue University

University of Iowa

Northern Kentucky University

University of Montana

North Carolina:
Duke University
Duke Divinity School

University of Oklahoma

South Carolina:
Clemson University, South Carolina

South Dakota:
South Dakota State University

University of Tennessee (2)

Northwest Vista College
Texas State University
University of Texas-San Antonio
Texas Southern University
Texas A&M
Southern Methodist University


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