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Americans might finally be noticing the depravity in academia that has existed for more than two decades

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Has the bankrupt testimony of three college
presidents finally awakened ordinary Americans?

For more than two decades conservatives have been reporting the growing immoral and depraved culture on the campuses of America’s most prestigious colleges, all to no avail.

These colleges instituted bigoted and racist policies of hiring, admissions, and funding that favored some races over others, so much so that today there are so few conservatives on their campuses that debate is impossible. The right has documented this repeatedly. Nothing was done.

These colleges worked to censor and silence the few conservatives that remained or came to speak as a guest, sometimes even allowing riots by leftist students to make sure such speech was prevented. The right has documented this repeatedly. Nothing was done.

These colleges further acted to remove and fire anyone, whether they were conservatives or not, who dared criticize any of the above actions. Often the terminations were done with no due process, and in direct violation of law and the colleges’ own rules. The right has documented this repeatedly. Nothing was done.

These colleges have steadily reshaped their curriculums so as to indoctrinate students into Marxism, “safe spaces”, and close-mindedness, instead of teaching the values of Western Civilization, liberty, the rule of law, personal responsibility, and most important, the requirement that an educated adult must be able to think critically. Students now come out of these colleges hostile to any debate, their minds closed to thinking because such thinking makes them uncomfortable.

The right has documented this repeatedly. Nothing was done.

As was the case in the early years of World War II, before the attack of Pearl Harbor (which occurred 82 years ago today), Americans were asleep. Then, Americans didn’t want to face the evil that was growing in Europe and threatened to engulf the world in war, and inevitably did so. Now, Americans have done everything they could to avoid facing the evil that has been growing in their own backyard. The result is the chaos we see today, with a younger generation that ignorantly believes America is the root of all evil, and that the best policies for the future should be censorship, socialism, and racial discrimination.

The situation has gotten desperate, and threatens to engulf us in another world war, potentially far more deadly than World War II. Worse, that war will be fought here, in America, from the start, because the enemies of Western Civilization have been deeply impregnated in our society by these corrupt colleges.

And as happened on December 7, 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it appears that something has finally happened that has at last maybe wakened Americans up. Our Pearl Harbor today might simply be the bankrupt clueless testimony of three college presidents in front of Congress on December 5, 2023.

First everyone must listen to the most revealing moments of that testimony. If you haven’t seen the video below, you need to watch it now. And if you have already seen it, watch it again. It is short, and quickly illustrates the moral depravity of the leadership at three of America’s most elite colleges, Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania.

All three of these college presidents — Harvard president Claudine Gay, MIT president Sally Kornbluth, and UPenn president M. Elizabeth Magill — made it clear that they think it is entirely acceptable to allow students to call for the genocide of Jews, as long as those students don’t act on their statements. The presidents attempted to parse their words carefully, in order to avoid offending the students they have been indoctrinating, as well as the teachers and staff they have hired to do that indoctrination. As a result, they no longer have the ability to condemn those who advocate another Holocaust, and in fact are entirely cool with the idea that these new Nazis fill their campuses with hate and violence.

Nothing that happened at this hearing on December 5th was any different that anything that has been occurring on college campuses now for decades. These college presidents were simply repeating the weasel words they have used endlessly since the 1990s to justify and excuse their own bad behavior as well as the bad behavior of their faculty, staff, and students.

What appears different now is the reaction. In the past only conservatives would object to this behavior. Outside of that partisan bubble this behavior was ignored or excused. State legislators would take no action to defund or demand changes at the public universities. Academic donors would do nothing to demand changes at the universities they supported with millions in cash. Parents and students would ignore this situation, flocking to these bankrupt schools even though they not only failed to provide the education they promised, they had replaced it with the worst kind of poison.

Now however the outrage is coming from all directions, most of which are not part of the conservative press. At Harvard donors are screaming in rage, demanding that President Gill resign immediately. At MIT a group of Jewish alumni (whom we can reliably assume are mostly Democrats) sent a letter to Kornbluth, demanding immediate action to shut down the violence and harassment of Jewish students on campus. In Pennsylvania, the state’s Democratic Party governor called the testimonry of MaGill “absolutely shameful” and “unacceptable”, and suggested strongly that she needed to resign or be replaced at UPenn.

Even Joe Biden’s White House immediately condemned these three college presidents, suggesting that even the bigoted Democratic Party has realized its willingness for many years to make excuses for the evils of Palestinian terrorists is no longer acceptable.

Isn't liberty and human rights for all what America stands for?
Maybe we are finally demanding that our universities
once again teach the American values of liberty
and human rights for all.

Furthermore, two of these three presidents have subsequently issued what they called “clarifying statements”, trying to rationalize their inability to condemn the advocacy of genocide at that Congressional hearing. At Harvard President Gay now claims that she always condemns such language, but we were just not smart enough to understand her or the First Amendment itself.

At UPennsylvania, President MaGill immediately issued a video statement, claiming that her answers at the hearing were improperly “focused” on free speech, not on the evil of those calls for genocide. She absolutely now considers such language a violation of the school’s rules. Or to translate her real meaning, she now recognizes her position at UPenn is threatened, and is hoping her “clarifying” statement will defuse the situation.

At MIT President Kornbluth has yet to make any statements at all. She apparently thinks everything she said was hunky-dory, and that the objections coming from all directions are uncalled for. I wonder what those Jewish alumni will think of this. Will they take kindly being ignored and still write those donor checks? I have my doubts.

In the end, the evil that Hamas committed on October 7th might have a silver lining. It shouldn’t ever take a massacre and the brutal raping of women and the beheading and mutilation of little children to get people to condemn evil wherever they see it, but if the long term consequence of Hamas’s frightful action is that the general public finally wakes up and takes real action against the evil that has been growing within America for decades, then some good will actually spring from that horror.

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  • Groveling, weasley, weak apology rejected! What the hell are these people thinking? They are not of this country or planet.


  • Jay

    I can’t believe what I just heard. What a load of double talk by those presidents. Don’t ask them for a resignation, just fire them.
    I am reminded of the late Jean Shepherd saying on his radio show in regards to academia- “Sheepskins doing funny things to people”. I know some profs are full of themselves, but academia is the new aristocracy.

  • Allan

    Pearl Harbor day receiving scant, if any, mention in the media. How memories fade as the greatest generation numbers dwindle. Bob remembers as well as making a more than oblique comparison to this university scandal.

  • sippin_bourbon

    It is hard when there is a portion of the population cheering, pushing and enabling the behavior.

  • Phill O

    When they came for the communists, I did nothing because I was not a communist, nor did I like them,
    When they came for the gypsies, I did nothing because I was not a gypsy, nor did I like them,
    When they came for the Jews, I did nothing because I was not a Jews, nor did I like them, unless they were baptized.

    When they came for me, there was no one to stand up for me.

    Martin Niemoller Imprisoned as Hitler’s personal prisoner (1937-1945) after his trial which was basically an acquittal.

  • Ron

    I do not share your optimism on this one, the rot is too deep. Changing university leadership will not change what they believe and teach, they will just be more discreet about expressing opinions publicly. Until access to federal funds are removed, I doubt any real change happens.

  • James Street

    For only $60,000 a year tuition you too can get a participation trophy.

    Grade Inflation at Harvard and Yale: 80% of Students Get As

  • Ron: For years I have been arguing that funding should be cut and people should stop going to these schools. Nowhere in this essay do I say otherwise. In fact, my point is the same as yours. It is time to do more.

  • Ron &,Robert, how much would even a total loss of federal funding actually do to reverse this, with these institutions having billions of dollars in their endowment investment portfolios?

    IMO, we ordinary folks need to take a cue from the statue-snatchers of recent years, and remove the monument known as the “Designer Label University degree” from its pedestal of trust, deference, and six-figure demand, so these closed-minded bigots become less relevant to our governance and culture.

    Let us return to what the old HP test-equipment ads said, forty years ago when I was a wet-behind-the-ears engineer …

    when performance must be measured by RESULTS.

  • Jestor Naybor: I must underline something else I said, which is that parents and students must stop going to these bankrupt schools. Even with their endowments, if the schools find no one wants their degrees any longer, or will not hire their graduates, trust me, there will be change there at last.

  • Alex Andrite

    “The Closing of the American Mind”.
    “How higher education has failed democracy and impoverished the souls of today’s students ”
    Allan Bloom

    >1987< "IMPOVERISHED" "the souls of todays students", and those who now are of our 'leaderships' and Nation.
    Read it to take a short journey back into our present.

    Then ……

  • Milt

    The right has documented all of this depravity for many years, and there will be an election in 2024. And nothing, probably, will be done.

    Likewise, Republican legislators and elections officials at the state level have known about serious voting irregularities for at least the last three years. And, again, nothing probably will be done before the upcoming election.

    The obituary for Western Civilization might well read “they knew, but nothing was done.” But they were well rewarded for their inactivity:

    The real light at the end of the tunnel, per Ron’s comments, may be that more and more former left leaning people like Naomi Wolf have risen from their sleep and are “doing something” to awaken their fellow Americans.

    PS — As an example of just how far the academic clerisy have gone toward perverting the language of discourse, last week Robert Young Pelton appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast, and in the course of his presentation about trouble spots around the world he seemed to be suggesting that the January 6th events were another example of “terrorism.” That’s right, the almost entirely peaceful assembly of concerned citizens protesting what seemed to be clear and unambiguous evidence of election irregularities is now construed as terrorism, and the people involved are, if I was hearing Mr. Pelton correctly, just as much terrorists as members of Hamas. Peaceful protest — if it is for the “wrong” thing — now equates to rape and the murder of children. Thus Orwell’s prediction about the debasement of language is fulfilled.

    Sadly, the host of the program “said noting,” and his guest’s comments went unchallenged. Doing nothing seems to be the default choice of almost everyone.

  • Jeff Wright

    Mike Massimino on Coast shortly.

    Ivy League schools produced a lot of research…and like bad parents, let their sociology Dept run amok.

    They have “showed out” far too long

  • wayne


    TimeGhost History
    WW2 in Real Time. The minute-by-minute special:
    “Enter Japan; Pearl Harbor.”
    Episode 1 of 11

  • Nigra Thecoon

    They have been attacking White men forever, but when they come after those precious victims, the jews, all of a sudden every “conservative” writer starts screaming. To hell with them, to hell with academia and to hell with the jews that are finally getting a taste of the very hatred they have been promoting all these years.

  • Theocon, your thinking is as collectivist as those you decry. Jews are not an NPC monolith; our host is a prime example of the exception to your broad brush. As I understand it, the Orthodox are also notable in their alignment with American conservative values.

    You focus on the faith and/or ethnicity, when it is forsaking that faith for the god in the mirror that is the problem.

    As always, such as these are Progressives first, (insert group label here) second.

    The proper approach is to stand against both group supremacy, and group submission … of ANY grouping, including any group you or I find ourselves pigeonholed within,

    Make it about liberty for all …. and fight to defend it,

  • Edward

    Hmm. So Jewish democrat donors and a democrat governor noticed rampant antisemitism , finally ? How nice, except you folks are late to the party, decades late. This ugly display is not new, you have just been practicing deliberate ignorance. None of these antisemite terrorists are conservatives. None of the administrators at these schools have ever not voted democrat. Indeed none of the ” squad ” in congress who whole heartedly support these people and their actions have ever been conservative. Yet these donors, that governor and their ilk have reliably voted for these kind of people, these kinds of liberals forever. It would be entirely in character for them to vote that way again. I suspect the ” outrage” will be short lived. I eagerly await any evidence to the contrary. I will be grateful to be wrong. But that isn’t the way to bet.

  • James Street noted:

    “Grade Inflation at Harvard and Yale: 80% of Students Get As”

    All students from Lake Wobegone, no doubt.

  • Cotour

    A friend sent this to me this morning, made me smile:


    Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia, formerly known as California.

    White minorities still trying to have English recognized as the third language.

    Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage.

    Iran still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels.

    France pleads for global help after being taken over by Jamaica. No other country comes forward to help the beleaguered nation!

    The Last Castro finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.

    George Z. Bush says he will run for president in 2060.

    Postal Service raises price of first-class stamp to $17.89 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

    Average weight of Americans drops to 250 lbs.

    85-year, $75.8 billion study: Diet and exercise is the key to weight loss.

    Global cooling blamed for citrus crop failure for third consecutive year in Mexifornia and Floruba.

    Abortion clinics now available in every high school in the United States.

    Senate still blocking drilling in ANWR, even though gas is selling for 4532 Pesos per liter and gas stations are only open Tuesdays and Fridays.

    Massachusetts executes last remaining conservative.

    Supreme Court rules any punishment of criminals violates their civil rights.

    A Couple Finally Achieved Sexual Harmony. They had simultaneous headaches.

    Average height of NBA players is now nine feet seven inches with only 5 illegitimate children.

    New federal law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January 2060.

    IRS sets lowest tax rate at 75 percent.

    Now, send this to whomever you want and as many as you want. NOTHING will happen. No miracles, no money, absolutely nothing, except you might make someone smile, or, you might scare them to death.

    I Love This Country! It’s The Government That Scares Me!

  • sippin_bourbon


    Judging by his name and comments, he is just as bigoted as those he decries.
    Best ignore him.

  • Pedant in training

    FTR, it’s at Penn that donors are screaming about Magill.

  • Dave

    Minor nit, but clarity is important: The references to Pennsylvania University and Penn State should be the University of Pennsylvania, or UPenn for short..

  • Dave and Pedant-in-training: I thought I had fixed this, but apparently not. Thank you.

  • Paul Schinder

    University of Pennsylvania, not Pennsylvania University, and definitely not Penn State. Penn is a private, Ivy League university, although it has the state’s Vet school. Penn State (6 miles from where I sit) is the state’s Land Grant college, although not technically a state university. Penn and Penn State have nothing to do with each other. I’m an alumnus of Penn, and McGill needs to go.

  • Paul Schinder: I thought I had fixed this error, twice. If it still exists somewhere in the essay, please tell me where, because I can’t find it.

  • Dennis P Keating

    Every big donor of every well endowed school, as well as every parent of a potential applicant, should demand the answer to this question from every school fundraising president in the USA. The next question that also needs to be be asked has two parts: Have there been incidents of students being harassed because of their religion or views, and how have the perps of such harassment been punished.

  • Richard M

    On the one hand, part of me wishes I could drag every single one of these students through Auschwitz-Birkenau. Let them see the rooms stacked up with eyeglasses, shoes, and prostheses. On the other hand, I honestly fret that quite a lot of them might actually *enjoy* it.

  • Edward

    First and foremost, and most important:

    The Edward who commented above is not me, the Edward who has been commenting here for a decade.

    Second, my comment on the situation:
    Robert wrote: “ For more than two decades conservatives have been reporting the growing immoral and depraved culture on the campuses of America’s most prestigious colleges, all to no avail.
    It shouldn’t ever take a massacre and the brutal raping of women and the beheading and mutilation of little children to get people to condemn evil wherever they see it, but if the long term consequence of Hamas’s frightful action is that the general public finally wakes up and takes real action against the evil that has been growing within America for decades, then some good will actually spring from that horror.

    I understand why people would hope that a horrific event as October 7th would bring something good — anything good — so that the horror experienced by those people would not be in vain, but we have thought for a decade that various events would wake up America and that we finally would make changes for the better. It never has.

    I have been hearing for over a decade that the left has finally shown their true stripes (or true colors, or true selves, or whatever), yet virtually nothing has ever been done. I really don’t know what makes Robert — or anyone — hopeful that this time will be different. The Republican Party (leadership, politicians, and voters) have only moved to the left, marching right behind the Democrats as they moved so far to the left that they think anyone as far right as Stalin is an extreme right wing radical. Republicans, even the voters, have moved farther left than Bill Clinton, yet the Democrat voters moved so much farther left that Republicans still fail to pick up Democrat voters. Democrat voters fail to feel as though their party is going too far toward tyranny; they don’t feel as though their party is wrong, and Republican voters feel the same about their party, so both Parties move farther left without any punishment for their bad behavior.

    It is so bad that the right started eating its own, just as the left does. Who was that congressman that Republicans just voted to expel for merely being accused of wrongdoing? Guilt by accusation has been a left-wing philosophy for at least a quarter century, displayed widely during the French Revolution — J’accuse! Off with his head! — and used widely by Stalin against his own generals and admirals.

    The Republican politicians abandoned their promise of overturning Obamacare, because they didn’t like that their voters went for a president that the politicians didn’t like. For Republican politicians, even Obamacare was more acceptable than Trump, a president who was as far left as Bill Clinton. We were betrayed by the very people we hired to save us. Yet I keep hearing conservatives expect Republican politicians to save us, if only we vote for them again next election. Republican politicians have even less incentive to change their treacherous ways than the leftist capitalists or leftist educators do. Americans are rewarding politicians for doing the wrong thing rather than following Milton Friedman’s recommendation of making it politically profitable to do the right thing:. (1 minute)

    We Americans have recently seen the light and stopped shopping at stores, buying beer, and patronizing long-loved entertainment, but none of these companies have changed their ways despite falling stock prices and the pain we made them feel. Why would we think that educators, leading the charge to the left, would make any change if the capitalists following their leadership do not?

    Stopping the flow of money does not work with these people. We have already seen that strategy fail. Refusing to be their customers has failed. Voting Republican has failed; the politicians just believe that their move to the left is justified and accepted by their voters. We need a different strategy, a strategy that will work.

  • John

    Never mind. Magill “Genocide depends on the context” will remain a tenured faculty member at Penn Carey Law.

  • Jeff Wright

    I see the Biden Administration did an end run with recent arms sales.

    So that’s his Iran/Contra?

  • Questioner

    The term American and Civilization is an oxymoron!

  • Questioner observed: “The term American and Civilization is an oxymoron!”

    Well, the second syllable is descriptive.

  • Cotour

    Questioner: If you are able, Imagin the world without an America.

    Now what do you have?

    Tell me what you see.

    Where is civilization then?

    An oxymoron for sure.

  • Questioner

    Elon gives hope!

    Elon Musk (!), Alex Jones, Andrew Tate in a debate!

    @nickl8830 14 hours ago:
    “Applause to Elon for doing this and asking this question directly to Alex Jones. Cut out the middle man and echo chamber. This was by far one of the best exchanges with folks from all over the media and government space that I’ve heard period. Yeah I’m a supporter of X and what Elon is doing. This is amazing and we need more of this dialog.”

  • Cotour


    OR, even better, consider this scenario: Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential contest.

    What does the world look like today?

  • Questioner


    J. E. answers for me:

    “America … has created a ‘civilization’ that represents an exact contradiction of the ancient European tradition. It has introduced the religion of praxis and productivity; it has put the quest for profit, great industrial production, and mechanical, visible, and quantitative achievements over any other interest. It has generated a soulless greatness of a purely technological and collective nature, lacking any background of transcendence, inner light, and true spirituality. America has [built a society where] man becomes a mere instrument of production and material productivity within a conformist social conglomerate”

    ― Julius Evola

  • Yes, you and Evola, the *NEW* fascists.

    You cannot hide from the nature of man in regard to his aspirations regarding the acquisition of and retention of power. Cant have enough. It is the nature of the beast.

    What is the best way to in some measure attempt to counterbalance that nature and ensure the people some real measure of objective individual freedom and self-determination?

    The American Constitution.

    And you get all kinds of additional attempts to acquire and retain that power in such a system.

    Is what it is.

    Again, I ask you, what does the world look like to YOU with no America dominating it?

    You are looking for a more perfect system in the perfect vacuum of your mind. Everything is possible in the perfect vacuum of your mind. The real world however will only use your self delusion in order to control you and everyone else that you are able to convince of that perfect world in that perfect vacuum.

    I will throw this in here, it seems appropriate:

    WAKE UP!

  • Cotour

    PS: The American Constitution and “properly” regulated Capitalism.

    There has never been formulated a more powerful combination of forms of governance and commerce.

    Good, bad or otherwise.

    The evils of Capitalism compared to what?

    Again, the vacuum between your ears is a perfect social experimentation environment, Questioner and it has nothing to do with reality on planet earth.

  • Cotour


    As I have pointed out previously, God and or the universe, which ever pleases you, has a crazy sense of irony and humor.

    Can’t make it up.

  • Allan

    Wayne (way up there): An overdue thanks for TimeGhost History. The host seems like he is way more knowledgable than he has time to display. I watched all the episodes about Pearl Harbor.

  • wayne

    Ref TimeGhost History–WW-2 in Real Time.

    Week 277 just premiered an hour ago.
    “The Battle of the Bulge begins: December 16, 1944”

    Indy Neidell does the week-by-week reporting for WW-2 in real-time, and Spartacus Olsson (mustache & beard) does specials, a series called “War Against Humanity,” “Between The Wars 1919-1939,” and “On the Homefront.”

    You should definitely check out their D-Day coverage, it amounts to 24 hours in total, although Youtube recently age-restricted a 6-hour segment.

  • steve

    The 2 professors at John hopkins univ. , you might remember the profs. that are suing the appraiser for racism . Well, after the media jumped on the band wagon slandering the appraiser along comes the DOJ to put their two cents in. Naturally the DOJ is involved in the case to make sure the judge understands how the law should be interpreted ..At any point in this case the DOJ or the profs. attorneys could have looked at the evidence in this case and realized that the original lawsuit was bogus.. The profs., the media, the DOJ or the profs attorneys could have easily reviewed the 2 appraisal reports and realized the first report was correct not the second report that was waaay high. But the story was too good, 2 highly educated profs. at a storied college could’n’t possibly be wrong.. Well, the case is moving forward and all indications are the profs. and the DOJ are going to lose. That’s if you still believe in blind justice..

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