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An empty Biden inauguration for a false victory

Comparing crowds at presidential inaugurations
Photos from here.

For those who still think Joe Biden won his election legitimately and with popular support, you need only look at the two screen captures to the right, comparing the crowds at the previous presidential inauguration (at the top) and the crowd today at Biden’s inauguration.

It is also important to note that the Trump crowd in 2017 was totally normal, comparable to every past public inauguration since such events became occasions of grand splendor.

For Democrat Joe Biden, however, the lack of a crowd is essentially unprecedented. While past inaugurations were greeted with large enthusiastic crowds of citizens coming to celebrate the democratic and peaceful transition of power, today’s event was heralded by wartime security, barbed wire fences, military checkpoints, and a military police guard of 25,000 troops. Biden officials claimed this tight security was necessary because of the threat of violence.

I ask however: If 80 million voters swarmed the polls on November 3rd to elect Joe Biden, why does his new administration feel so afraid of the American people? No president in the past was this terrified of taking his oath of office in front of a gigantic crowd. Even Abraham Lincoln did so before a huge crowd in 1865, even as the Civil War still raged, as the photo below shows most emphatically.

Abraham Lincoln surrounded by crowds at 2nd inauguration
The red arrow points at Lincoln speaking.

No, the inauguration of Joe Biden is something quite different than any past American transition of power. It comes surrounded by numerous allegations of election tampering and vote count fraud. A vast part of the population — quite likely the majority of the country — strongly believes the election was stolen, a belief that has been reinforced by the aggressive resistance of election boards and Democrats to investigate those allegations. That resistance has been so strong that the Democrats and their supporters have even made it their goal to blacklist and destroy anyone who even dares raise the question.

The tight security imposed on Biden’s election acts as proof that those allegations might very well carry weight. If Biden was truly elected legitimately, he would not feel the need to be surrounded by barbed wire and tens of thousands of soldiers, like any tinpot dictator. No, like Lincoln he would be able to nonchalantly walk through a crowd of fellow citizens, with everyone confident that the person the American people actually chose was now in office.

The military nature of Biden’s inauguration signals the end of American democracy in other ways. It is clearly a sign that the Washington swamp, having finally gotten rid of outsider Trump, is now telling us they will no longer tolerate further resistance to their power. That corrupt ruling class of bureaucrats can now wield the military against you if you dare oppose them, and today’s occupation of Washington was their way of proving this fact to everyone.

You will accept their rule, or you will face blacklisting, censorship, and even the sound of storm-troopers banging at your door, there to arrest you for wrong-think.

And if you doubt me, just give it time. The downward path to dictatorship by this Washington crowd has been steady and continuous since President Bill Clinton got away with perjury in the late 1990s. They will go there, mark my words.

What will Americans do in response? For myself, I tell them to go to hell. I will be a free American until the day I die, and if that means they come at me with guns because they don’t like what I write, so be it. It will only prove that I stand for freedom, and they for oppression.

Which side are you on?

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  • Kyle

    A corrupt ruling class of elites who made most of their riches while holding public office. I wonder how well that will mix with a nation founded on individual liberty, God given rights, a “live free or die” mentality, and a history of fighting against tyrannical monarchs, southern despotic aristocracy, and fascist dictators, in other words other corrupt ruling classes of elites.

  • V-Man

    The main difference with previous totalitarian regimes is that this time, the would-be victims are heavily armed, geographically dispersed, and mostly self-sufficient (outside the major cities). Nothing can truly be done unless they are disarmed, and trying to disarm them will only trigger the revolt (remember — doesn’t matter if you have the army and police on your side if they are outnumbered 100-1).

    “May you live in interesting times” indeed.

  • Nitecat

    The previous comment is very well said indeed. I wonder at how many who would say they still believe in individual Liberty if asked or polled just can’t deal with the fact that we have allowed this ruling elite to metastasize throughout our society , rotting and corrupting it so much that individual Liberty is made to seem like an extreme point of view. The constant propaganda assault we now undergo has really gone into overdrive , all new episodes TV shows and movies , music , including Country and even smooth jazz , commercials in all media wash the passive minds to try to make them accept this tragic foolishness as ” the new normal. ” Behind the Black and Books you have to seek out are a refuge from the assault ! Thanks , Bob !

  • David K

    A good visual of a literal police state – where literally only the state police can attend speeches by the dear leader.

    If space is mentioned at all, I’d love to hear analysis of it here.

  • Jim Davis

    For Democrat Joe Biden, however, the lack of a crowd is essentially unprecedented.

    I think the circumstances are unprecedented as well, Bob. We are in a pandemic. You think that had nothing to do with the crowd size?

  • John

    A pathetic senile old man as a figurehead for a corrupt state sworn in during a police state lockdown with walls and division of troops but lacking any citizens – Yup, the left is definitely in control.

  • Col Beausabre

    A sign of the corruption of this administration. consider this. As a way of getting around the Posse Comitas Act, which forbids federal troops being used for domestic law enforcement, 2000 National Guardsmen were sworn in as “Special Deputies” to give them the tissue thin cover that they were not members of the military but civilian law enforcement personnel. Really…..were they given orders to accept employment as “deputies”…who is paying them, better not be DOD….did they have the right to refuse being sworn in…you do NOT have to obey an unlawful order. As an old soldier, I am outraged…..Let’s crank up the impeachment machinery, this outdoes anything Trump was accused of.


    The states need to weild the power they still have and reclaim what has been usurped over the last century or so. A good start would be an Article V Convention of States.

  • Kyle

    Jim, in a sane world you would be correct., the pandemic should of affected the crowd size, but this has been an insane pandemic. Covid rules for thee but not for me is the law of our Blue Rulers. We had a whole summer of mass protest with streets full of people packed shoulder to shoulder, they were supported. Then you had your “victory” parties with people packed in the streets of major cities shoulder to shoulder again when the MSM called the election for Biden, they were cheered on. So our rulers don’t care about crowd sizes during a pandemic when it benefits themselves.

    I think it is more likely our rulers thought that more Trump supporters would of showed up then Biden supporters, as they manufactured millions of them to beat Trump, therefore to not embarrass themselves they used the unrest at the capital 2 weeks ago as accuse to show their true colours. Authoritarians.

  • Dick Eagleson

    V-Man is quite right.

    It isn’t just a matter of the equivalent of two divisions of troops vastly outnumbering the pathetic corporal’s guard of a “crowd” for Usurper Joe’s inaugural, but the fact that those troops were screened for “political reliability” and brought in from all over the country. Totalitarians always use troops from some other province to put down unrest. I think this presages a full-blown political purge of the U.S. military vastly exceeding even what took place during the Obama administration. I think the same will quickly be true of big-city U.S. police forces. The Dems will keep only those willing to be the core of a New American Stasi. To refill the badly depleted ranks, the Dems will call on their ethnic gangster allies. Things will, I fear, degenerate very rapidly. Jan. 6 was no “insurrection,” but if things go as I fear, and as quickly, we could see open insurrection against the Usurper regime, led by ex-soldiers and ex-cops, as soon as mid-year.

    Jim Davis,

    The pandemic didn’t seem to discourage mass rioting last year nor the mass gathering of revelers in many places to celebrate the phony “election” of Usurper Joe last Nov. I think the dearth of attendees at what was supposed to be Usurperpalooza today is more reflective of the new regime’s fundamental distrust of even its own supposedly loyal proletarians.

  • At the Biden Inauguration, why is there an American flag in the picture?

  • James Street

    The riots continue at least weekly in Seattle since last spring, not reported by local or national news.

    Here’s an amazing picture of Seattle police department’s east precinct. It’s completely surrounded by concrete Jersey barriers stacked 3 tall with a chain link fence on top. Citizens can’t do this around their property.×1152.jpg

    But these are peaceful protests.

  • Jim Davis

    The pandemic didn’t seem to discourage mass rioting last year nor the mass gathering of revelers in many places to celebrate the phony “election” of Usurper Joe last Nov.

    I think it was very disingenuous (bordering on dishonest) for Bob to contrast photos of inaugurations without even mentioning the pandemic.

  • Mitch S.

    Don’t have time to watch TV/online vids, but checking the headlines I see no mention of the throngs of violent Trumper “insurrectionists” that the “intelligence” agencies warned were poised to attack.
    All those troops were part of the theatre put in place by the Dems to paint all who opposed them as “dangerous insurrectionists”.
    The Capitol riot was the Dems Reichstag fire, a “fortuitous” excuse to crush any dissent.

    Do agree with Jim Davis’ ding on Bob Z not mentioning the pandemic.
    Don’t think the Dems were afraid of Trump supporters nearly as much as they were afraid their own supporters might create an embarrassing scene.
    Even though they could mostly rely on the press to bury any embarrassing incidents, the empty mall was also an opportunity for pandemic “virtue signaling”. Lends more weight to any pandemic restrictions Biden might choose to impose.

  • “Military Occupies DC; Women, Minorities Hardest Hit”

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

  • wayne

    “Ridiculous Inauguration Coverage & Call to Cancel Conservative Media”
    Dave Rubin
    The Rubin Report 1-20-21

  • pzatchok

    I have full confidence in the progressive liberal democratic party.

    They will do exactly what this nation needs.

    Think of an enema.

  • D. Messier

    There was an attack on the Capitol two weeks ago by people who were threatening to kill the vice president and members of Congress. There were credible threats of violence in DC on and around inauguration day. So they locked down the whole area.

    There’s also a pandemic that has killed 400,000 Americans. That is nearly the number of military and civilian deaths that we had from World War II. In about 10 months, not 3 years 8 months.

    Given all of that they decided to lock down the area. I know that area. I’ve attended an inauguration before. The last thing you want is hundreds of thousands of people out there in the midst of a pandemic with violent militants out for blood.

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    Purging ‘unreliable’ police officers and soldiers? Doing that will only create more volunteers for any possible resistance. The Left is not the Waffen SS, the army of Alexander the Great, or the USMC at Iwo Jima. Nor are they quite yet the reincarnation of Stalin’s NKVD or the Gestapo. So I’m not inclined to give up hope quite yet. Something which I’ve seen people do all too easily on various conservative websites since the election. Bringing them down may not even require that much violence. I’m sure some people posting here remember Father Bush’s “A thousand points of light.” How about modifying that statement and making it “A thousand points of confusion” when applied to the Left. Make them play whack-a-mole across a continent-sized country.

  • Jeff

    Forgotten fact in the Lincoln 1865 photo. John Wilkes Booth was present and in the picture.

  • Allen

    GOD will prevail.

  • Iam Solzhenitsyn

    @ D. Messier
    Total drama Queen. Pray tell, what’s the ‘normal’ death rate per annum, compared to 400k. In simpler terms … what is the ‘excess’ death rate due solely to COVID.
    Idiots like you have negated our rights and liberties. For shame.

  • JohnTyler

    One would be hard pressed to find more liberal progressive counties anywhere in the USA than Manhattan County, NYC and San Francisco County, Ca.
    And what percentage of the votes did Trump receive in these two counties??
    About 12% of the vote (you can look it up).
    Of course, this is to be expected and without hesitation it’s safe to say the vote count in both these counties was totally legit , fair and square. No hanky-panky.

    This also tells us that if a large and representative sample of votes (say, 25,000 or more ) is obtained from the entire population of votes cast in each of these two counties, you would expect the SAMPLE to show that Trump received about 12% +/-.

    Now, I really do not think there is any county anywhere in the USA that is more liberal than these two counties, which would mean that no matter which county you chose , Trump would obtain about 12 % +/- of the votes.
    This being the case, if one were to obtain a SAMPLE of votes from any county in the USA you SHOULD EXPECT to see Trump obtain at least about 12% of the vote.

    What’s my point?

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for a vote “dump” of 100,000 votes or more, ANYWHERE in any county in the USA, to have ONE candidate receive ALL the votes or even 95% of all the votes.
    But that is exactly what happened in the last election.
    And ALL of these vote dumps produced the same exact result; that is, Bidet getting ALL or 95% of all the votes.
    Why is it that NONE of the vote dumps showed Trump getting even 75% of the votes ??

    Any idiot can see that the election was a fraud, a joke, a big F’n lie. And as usual, the dumb-publicans first bent over for the demokrats and then got on their knees and opened their pie-holes for the demonkrats.
    They are a F’n disgrace.

    I am not joking when I tell you that Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933 in a more legal and legit manner than Bidet’s installation as president.
    (Of course, AFTER Hitler took office, he began to shred the German Constitution and implemented his murderous, draconian, deadly policies; the rest is history).

    Bidet will be president for at most 2 years; then his whore of a VP will take over. She may be prez for a total of 10 years.
    Rest assured that there will be no national (or even Senate) election in the foreseeable future that will be hones, fair and square.
    The demonkrats will see to that.

    So what recourse does the citizenry have??

  • D. Messier

    Good question, Iam. So what’s the answer? Do you have one? Or are you just trolling?

    Here’s a fact check:

  • Daniel J. Kaczynski

    One is reminded of the truly odd, psychopathic dictator Nikolai Ceausescu of communist Romania,
    and his equally psychopathic and megalomaniacal wife Elena. THEY had much, much larger crowds
    at his many hours long harangue speeches. The first several rows of seats were filled with Securitate
    goons, although supposedly even the goons were unarmed just in case one of them got any “funny”

  • Daniel J. Kaczynski

    We have seen in this past year during the seemingly permanent rolling rioting that the
    ultra violent Antifa and BLM lunatics are the Democrat Party’s own Sturmabteilung.
    I assume it is from this pool of zealots that the Democrats will fill the ranks of their
    American NKVD. I wonder who will serve as America’s Lavrentiy Beria?

  • Max

    This lady covers this topic in some detail. Even Tucker Carlson talked about it. There’s even talk of starting a secret police. Our very own Gestapo.

  • wayne

    The Death of Stalin –
    “Beria Trial and Execution”

    “You are accused of treason and anti-Soviet behavior. The court finds you guilty and sentence you to be shot.”

  • wayne

    Daniel –
    Good stuff.

    Deep Space 9
    “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”
    Bashir connects the dots Section-31

  • Crosseyed n Painless

    Biden is just the puppet. HUSSEIN is the one behind the puppet, the camel was chosen because she is not a threat to hussein. 17 EO signed on first day – biden couldnt put out 17 in a year being senile and busy with grifting the world.
    The inauguration was a not just a rejection of biden – it was also a rejection of hussein, the clintons, hollywierds, congress, media, antifa, blm….ect…
    word has it that the fence around the capital is to keep them in ….more national guards are coming INTO DC……to do what?
    arrest the swamp? it was crucial to allow time for traitors to show themselves – the worst being cocain mitch! …damn RINO’s
    America must be reformed from USA Inc to USA the Republic again !
    Praying every day for our country, troops, loved ones and God’s blessing and Grace

  • Daniel J. Kaczynski

    Thank you for your kind words, wayne. “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges?” Recte!

    As you may have inferred, my family, more specifically my parents, had a very difficult
    time living in Poland during WW2. Fortunately, they had been born in the United States
    and so were able to escape back to the US after the war ended. But where shall WE go?
    I had always thought that they had had enough “excitement” to last several lifetimes,
    but no. It seems we also are fated to “live in interesting times.”

    Or to quote another political philosopher: “Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh! A Jedi
    craves not these things!”

  • Dave H

    Bob – Congratulations on this article being mentioned in Gateway Pundit.

  • Rick

    Yes but wasn’t the inauguration closed to the general public?

  • pawn

    Every picture tells a story.

  • Rick wrote: “Yes but wasn’t the inauguration closed to the general public?”

    That’s the point.

  • D. Messier

    Reagan’s second inauguration in 1985 was held indoors due to frigid weather. The parade was canceled.

    Different circumstances, but the point remains the same. There are extenuating circumstances that cause inaugurations to be changed. Then it was the weather. Now it was an attack on the Capitol, threats of additional virolence, and a raging pandemic killing thousands of people every day. The lack of a crowd on Wednesday symbolized the desire to not lose anyone in a riot or through exposure the COVID-19. That’s all.

  • Max

    The common cold kills people over 85 every year, this year is not unusual from past years. Even the link you gave said the same.
    A true pandemic with double or triple the average amount of deaths in a year? This has not occurred, if anything the average death count is down. The media is constantly reminding you to be afraid, be afraid, be afraid. Fear is the mind killer. It makes an entire world irrational.
    If you look on the UN sadistic’s for the world population you will see births are twice as many as deaths. But that has changed, their projections show deaths will soon outnumber the births by 2050 on this world. The vaccination sterilization program has begun.

    As for the impeachment of Trump, this is not constitutional to remove someone from office that is no longer in office. That leaves two possibilities.

    1- They are admitting that Trump won the election, and he is still the rightful president…

    2- The rule of law, the constitution itself, no longer applies. With no constitution, the Supreme Court is no longer valid having nothing to rule on giving them unlimited, unshackled, unbridled options. They’re drunk on power and feel the need for revenge regardless of the optics. They are making it up as they go, Trump still lives rent free in their heads and they must castrate him before civility can be established by any means, short of making him a martyr.

    A wonderful rant by Mark Levin on the audacity of the Democrats and what they propose.

    When Trump came into office, he had to fight for every cabinet member, except the deep state ones. Votes were delayed, debates raged. Resistance was evident with every move he made… Do you see any resistance with Biden’s cabinet appointees? The Senate has the power to tie the vote and make comie Harris cast the deciding vote as VP. There’s been no resistance from Republicans at all. Proof that we are led by only one party, that has a left and a right hand attached to it, that preforms theatre for our bemusement, entrancement. A magician who does sleight-of-hand, a distraction.

    Executive orders… 15 the first day 10 more the next. (No other president had more than one on the first day) most of them to override one of trumps accomplishments on the peoples behalf.
    He destroys in the name of a unifier. A pipeline that will benefit Canada and US with thousands of jobs now destroyed by the unifier. Face masks worn on all federal properties including national parks and trains and planes but not required for illegal aliens, no Covid test no ebola test.

    Not a single executive order being apposed by a judge somewhere. (Trump filled many conservative judge positions… Where are they?)
    Every time President Trump signed an executive order, a judge in Hawaii or the 10th circuit would put a hold/stay on it giving one excuse or another.

    Every dictatorship that killed it’s own people, first put laws in place to remove the weapons from the population. If we learned anything from history, this will be the trigger point.
    For now, I suspect the military accommodations will be the first order of business. Perhaps a garrison built on the mall? Did you hear that Trump opened his doors at the Trump Tower for them? I didn’t think so.
    Millions of Trump supporters, rallies larger than I or they ever thought possible for 4 years… They have a reason to be afraid. Trump reminded us that “we the people” are the masters, it’s time to restrain the servants and remind them of their constitutional duties. Then to make example of the oath breakers who put China first along with their own multimillion dollar portfolio.
    No one is above the law. They should have, must have, their day in court.

    Speaking of China, NPR has turned over a new leaf with Biden motto of Unity (hope and change) they are constantly promoting China for some reason. Although they did dial back the hate speech for Trump and conservatives, they are confident that we will all be unified in the coming reconstruction of our world. As comie Harris said, the United States isn’t a failed country … It just needs to be finished… Spoken like a true American hater. Not destroyed, but transformed into something better and beautiful… I can almost feel that boot on my face.

  • wayne

    interesting blog.

    Living on the lake Michigan coast myself, I am all-in on ceding the entire Detroit metro area (Wayne, Oakland, & Macomb counties) to Canada, no-charge whatsoever.

  • wayne

    “The lack of a crowd on Wednesday symbolized the desire to not lose anyone in a riot or through exposure the COVID-19.”
    Yeah, right.
    So, what sort of symbolism was it, when the left rioted all summer?

    “Tommy Flanagan- the pathological liar”

  • Iam Solzhenitsyn

    @D Messier
    I’m happy to go with that article you pulled from USA Today and glad that you are logical and numerate enough to counter argument with argument.
    The article itself gives preliminary numbers of 299,000 excess deaths for 2020 (ie deaths above the expected number) … and 2/3rds (200k) are attributed to COVID. Strong possibility the other 99k are due to reduced medical care (heart attacks, stroke, cancer treatment) because of Covid too, and suicides and drug overdoses due to the mental health effects of the authoritarian shutdown mania our ‘betters’ have forced upon us.
    So in short, for the sake of 200k excess deaths in a population of 330 million people (mostly formerly citizens, now entirely zeks) mentally and emotionally stunted people like you have presided over the abrogation of the entirety of our Constitution, rights and liberties.
    There is a VIP space in hell waiting for people like you, willing to destroy others’ lives.

  • Ian Solzhenitsyn: I might agree with you, but please, we do not win arguments and persuade others by being insulting. You verge on going too far.

    Note too I am not referring to convincing Mr. Messier. I am referring to third parties who are trying to figure things out. You want those people thinking positive of you. Insulting others instead discredits you.

  • Edward

    D. Messier wrote: “There are extenuating circumstances that cause inaugurations to be changed. Then it was the weather. Now it was an attack on the Capitol, threats of additional virolence, and a raging pandemic killing thousands of people every day. The lack of a crowd on Wednesday symbolized the desire to not lose anyone in a riot or through exposure the COVID-19.

    The threat of additional violence turns out to have been bogus. It was just an excuse to turn D.C. into a military state. Strangely, the attack on the Capitol was well known in advance, but somehow the FBI failed to inform the Capitol police so that they could prepare a defense. Indeed, suggestions for National Guard protection went unheeded. With the installation complete and the feared insurrection proved a false flag, why is D.C. still militarized, three days later?

    The “raging pandemic” has not stopped the Democrats from their own previous celebrations, memorials, indoor-restaurant-dining, haircuts, or vacations. But somehow this time is different? Democrats were the ones who didn’t take the disease seriously and urged people to go to their local Chinatowns — no wonder the disease is so bad in those areas of the country, talk about super spreader events. Democrats have encouraged and urged on rioters all summer, but somehow these bogus riots are different? Pretend Biteme* signed an edict requiring masks be worn on all national property, but he very publicly ignores his own edict, just like the rest of the illiteratti — er — intelligencia. If masks work, then why not allow big crowds of blindly-obedient masked Democrats? Are they admitting that the BiteMe* regime is as illegitimate as a bastard and cannot stand without military support?

    The flu killing thousands per day during January? This has never, ever happened during flu season before, so why should this year be expected to be any different?

    It is turning out that everything about this bogus administration is likewise bogus.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

  • D. Messier


    The threat of more violence was very real. The security measures taken discouraged anyone from trying. As did the numerous arrests of people who attacked the Capitol. The temporary closing of areas around the inauguration was a major inconvenience to residents because it restricted movement. But, it hardly turned DC into a police state. The National Guard presence is being drawn down. My guess is life is pretty much back to normal, as normal as life can be in a pandemic.


    299,999 was not a preliminary number, it was an incomplete one. As the story clearly states:

    >Going further, the 2,851,438 number is incomplete as an annual total for 2020, as the reporting period doesn’t start until February, meaning deaths from the first month of the year are not counted. And finally, the year isn’t over yet, making the numbers, and comparison, incomplete.

    The story was written before even December’s numbers were complete. Given the lag in reporting deaths, the surge in COVID-19 over the past couple of months due to holiday get togethers, and the fact that we just passed 400,000 deaths, the final number is likely to be much higher.

    Without lock downs, masks and distancing, the numbers would be catastrophic and the entire health care system would have been utterly overwhelmed and collapsed, causing even more deaths and suffering. That makes your next statement completely clueless.

    > So in short, for the sake of 200k excess deaths in a population of 330 million people (mostly formerly citizens, now entirely zeks) mentally and emotionally stunted people like you have presided over the abrogation of the entirety of our Constitution, rights and liberties.


    > There is a VIP space in hell waiting for people like you, willing to destroy others’ lives.

    I assume this is based on first-hand knowledge of hell. Please, enlighten us about the VIP spaces in hell.

  • Jeff Fauva

    I see the rubes are still at it. Don’t go changin’ you maniacs.

  • Jeff Fauva: If your only purpose in coming here is to be insulting, you might as well get a break for a week. I’ve warned you twice before. You are suspended for a week.

  • wayne

    “Joe Biden: Day One”
    Dave Smith: Part of the Problem

    “Dave and Robbie discuss the measures Joe Biden has taken to ensure “social justice” and how the dems have made their agenda about the future of America crystal clear….”

  • wayne

    Pink Floyd
    “One of these Days”
    -cued to the relevant part-

  • wayne

    Personally, I’m a well educated Rube. I’d love to get a look at your psych profile.

    Learn the Michigan Accent:
    Carl Gratiot 2016

  • Wayne wrote: “Living on the lake Michigan coast myself, I am all-in on ceding the entire Detroit metro area (Wayne, Oakland, & Macomb counties) to Canada, no-charge whatsoever.

    That’s like ‘giving’ someone East Germany. Why would they want it?

  • wayne

    Historically, the debate in Michigan has been about letting the Upper Peninsula become it’s own State, but truth be told, if we split Michigan vertically– say along the I-75 corridor— none of us would complain a whole lot.

    lets go for a drive…. (make a run, for the border…)

    Crossing the Sault Ste Marie International Bridge into Canada
    The HighWayMan 2012

  • Edward

    D. Messier wrote: “The threat of more violence was very real.

    As evidenced by the complete lack of anything even resembling violence. Gee, maybe had they done the same security measures for Trump’s inauguration, then there wouldn’t have been any violence at that one, either.

    Oh, wait.

    As for the attack on the Capitol, they had security there, too. Interestingly, after antifa (anti First Amendment) began their violent attack, the Capitol police were inviting peaceful Trump supporters into the building.

  • D. Messier

    Edward: groups were making plans to attack the inauguration. Legislators and the Trump Administration and the president elect and DC govt were briefed on the plans by law enforcement. This was widely covered by the media. It’s easy to find with a simple Google search. These alternative facts you peddle are unacceptable.

    The closed off the whole area around the ceremony. People got arrested for the Capitol assault. Nobody wanted a repeat of that. Actions had the desired effect. The people planning violence at the inaugural are idiots, but they’re not suicidal. They weren’t going to take on the National Guard.

  • wayne

    “Biden declares Jahr Null”
    [The Man in the High Castle Se3 Ep6]

  • Edward

    D. Messier wrote: “These alternative facts you peddle are unacceptable.

    Government, including law enforcement, has taken the Democrats’s side, and in this case they have pulled off another Reichstag, and D. Messier took it hook, line, sinker, rod, and reel. Now law enforcement holds the power, and they wield it to support their side, the Democrats, and to bring maximum harm to the Democrats’s enemies, such as Gen. Michael Flynn. They say anything that reinforces their power and the Democrats’s power, and the left demands more government intervention. Of course they demand government intervention; for them, large government lording over the population is good, because leftists never grew up, succumb to their emotions, and want someone to be ersatz parents to them. Some of them pretend to be those parents, insisting upon ruling by creating Christmas every day. It’s a real world version of playing house, paid for by those who are actually adult enough to work and live in the real world.

    From D. Messier’s response, one would think that everyone loved Trump, but they didn’t. Even before his inauguration, plenty of people were talking publicly of harming him or destroying the White House. How quickly the leftists change history. Somehow, those people were not inciting violence, despite their direct talk of violence. Standards don’t apply to the leftists, which is why they forget so easily the violent rampages that leftists wreak throughout the land, and can pretend that it is the right that is violent, not the left.

    Then again, for those who live in conspiracy world, the lack of violence from the right is proof that there would have been violence from the right.

  • D. Messier

    Pretzel logic from some alternate reality you live in.

    Post: Lack of crowd must mean election was stolen. Democrats are authoritarian and cowards.

    Reality: No it’s a reaction to the deadly attack on Congress, real threats of more violence and a raging pandemic. Trying to prevent people from dying.

    Response: but there was no violence!

    Reality: the security precations worked. Protesters couldn’t get anywhere near the ceremony.

    Response: Reichstag! Fascism!

  • wayne

    D. Messier-
    It’s not the ‘right-wing’ that controls the security-forces, the CIA, NSA, or FBI, It’s not the ‘right wing’ that controls the Federal Reserve and prints trillions of worthless dollars. It’s not the ‘right-wing’ that controls the media or big-tech. It’s not the ‘right-wing’ that shut down my State and forces me to wear Halloween costume ‘masks’ that don’t ‘filter’ anything…..

    It’s people like you.

    The Twilight Zone –
    The Mirror

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