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For many reasons, mostly political but partly ethical, I do not use Google, Facebook, Twitter. They practice corrupt business policies, while targeting conservative websites for censoring, facts repeatedly confirmed by news stories and by my sense that Facebook has taken action to prevent my readers from recommending Behind the Black to their friends.
Thus, I must have your direct support to keep this webpage alive. Not only does the money pay the bills, it gives me the freedom to speak honestly about science and culture, instead of being forced to write it as others demand.


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Behind the Black officially premiered July 1, 2010, and has been up and running now for twenty months. I make it a point to post often and regularly on issues of space, science, technology, politics, and history, subjects that interest me personally. Except for one short period a year ago when family matters kept me away from the computer for several days, I have managed to update the webpage frequently every day during that entire time.

Because of this, traffic to the site has steadily grown. For this I thank you, my readers, especially those who love to add their own two cents to the webpage in the comments. While I certainly do not agree with all those who comment, I very much appreciate the open and intelligent nature of the discussion.

During that time I have resisted begging for contributions. Though I added a tip jar link to the webpage about three months ago (located in the right column below the search box), I have made very little note of it because shilling for dollars seems crass, and I feel that if I am doing a good job people will naturally look for it in order to donate to the webpage to keep it going.

However, today is my birthday, so I feel I have the right to do some self-promotion. Moreover, for the past fifteen years I have made my living as a freelance science writer. The business, however, is changing, and I am finding that I am becoming increasingly reliant on the income I make from at my own website over that earned by selling articles to magazines.

Thus, if you are a regular reader of Behind the Black, please consider giving the website a donation, no matter how small. Not only would I appreciate it greatly, it will help make it possible for this website to continue and grow.



  • Kelly Starks

    I was honestly going to subscribe – you grovel well, and it is your birthday- and found my paypal accounts locked now that I pulled my checking account from it.

    Not my best weekend.

  • JGL

    Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

    Happy Birthday.

    When will you look into and do a story on Andrea Rossi’s E-cat energy catalyser (L.E.N.R.) ?

    Very interesting technology and I beleive he has a device under U.L. application and also an application with the patent office.

  • Mr. Zimmerman thank you very much for your work on this site! By stopping by here once a day I am alerted to many intersting things I would have missed otherwise . I can’t afford to donate at the moment but I will say I often post links to your site elsewhere and tell my friends and family about you . one of these days I’m going to get a real job …. i’m so tired of parking cars . and happy birthday!

  • holy smokes i just read the cold-fusion wikipedia article . it is kinda long

  • jwing

    From one transplanted New Yorker to another, I will be donating to your site. I don’t normally donate to websites but honestly, your site is one of the most infomative, eclectic non-news sites I’ve experienced. I most enjoy the science angle. Please don’t change it to a more current news site as I believe this is its greatest appeal. Hope Arizona is treaing yo well…and don’t forget to visit the Black Hills of South Dakota as we have some excellent caves (Wind Cave and Jewel Cave). If you visit Rapid City, don’t hesitate to email us. We’d love to meet you at a local public house on us. Jim

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Bob! I discovered you and your website listening to The John Batchelor show, and find both your interviews and site to be informative and interesting. Please keep up the excellent work.

  • Kelly Starks

    Could have sworn I included a happy Birthday wish! :(

    Hope you had one!!

  • Happy Birthday Bob! Spoke with you a few months ago on The Space Show. Will try to make a donation soon. That reminds me; gotta go check PayPal. Expecting some money myself :-)

  • Do you have an address, perhaps a PO box to which I can send a check? Keep up the good work.


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