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Chicago demonstrates the abject failure of Democratic Party policies

Two stories in the past week illustrate the routine failure of the urban political policies in cities nationwide that have been traditionally controlled by Democrats:

The first story proves the absurdity of gun control laws. Chicago, like most cities and states controlled by Democrats, has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. And Chicago, like most cities and states controlled by Democrats, is also home to one of the highest crime rates, using guns, in the nation. Routinely there are more people shot per week with in Chicago then in any hot spot in the Middle East.

This particular story further demonstrates how pointless those laws are in keeping guns from both criminals and even ordinary citizens. It not only describes the premeditated use of guns by young adults against each other, it documents two examples where children accidently shot a playmate because they were playing with guns that happened to be in their homes.

If those gun control laws had done what the Democrats had promised, those children would not have had those guns available to them. But they did, because first, criminals did not obey the laws and are thus very well armed in Chicago, and second, to defend themselves against these armed criminals Chicago citizens are forced to get guns illegally themselves. Instead of reducing access to guns, the gun control laws appear to have increased it. Worse, because those guns are illegal, proper training in gun use and safety is inaccessible. The result are stories like this.

The second story describes the consequences of these bad Democratic Party policies. Chicago’s population has now shrunk four years in a row, with many of those fleeing coming from the very black community that the Democrats supposedly care so much about. The reasons?

They have been driven out of the city by segregation, gun violence, discriminatory policing, racial disparities in employment, the uneven quality of public schools and frustration at life in neighborhoods whose once-humming commercial districts have gone quiet, as well as more universal urban complaints like rising rents and taxes.

Note that the blame for most of these failures (gun control, corrupt police, bad schools, rising taxes) can be traced directly to the polices of the Democratic Party that has run Chicago unopposed for almost a century, the same party that for decades these same blacks have voted for repeatedly.

As they say, you get the government you deserve. I just hope the blacks remaining in Chicago as well as the blacks who have fled will reconsider their blind loyalty to the Democratic Party. As Donald Trump told them directly during the 2016 campaign, “What have you got to lose?”.

So far, less than nothing, based on the disasters that the Democrats have brought upon them. I pray they will finally realize this.

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  • Cotour

    Its kind of ironic don’t you think?

    Chicago’s population swelled because of black Americans who were fleeing the racist South which was dominated by Democrat lead KKK racism. And now 50, 60 70 years later black Americans are fleeing those same Democrats who dominate that same city that afforded them shelter because of the very same Democrats institutional racism and culture of politically correct dependency which now is pretty exclusively killing those same black Americans.

    The politicos and media may not be able to conveniently “see” all of this, but those black Americans who are seeing their family members being shot and killed every weekend do.

    Black Americans can just never win with the Democrat party, so why do they vote for them so consistently?

    We are about to find out in the American era of Trump if that paradigm can be broken. And I suspect that it can and will be broken.

  • Tom Biggar

    The mayor of Chicago recently said that Chicago has too many guns. Not true. Chicago has too many murderers. An honest look at why Chicago (et al) grows murderers would embarrass the dem party, so they won’t start the conversation; we need to start calling them out on it.

  • Cotour

    The solution to these problems lie here

    The reasonable and rationally applied legal law enforcement from the ground up law enforcement.

    Giuliani accomplished stop and frisk being logical, fair and judicious @ 100K stops per year. Bloomberg apparently willy nilly just said stop “them” all “Throw them up against the wall”! And did so to the tune of 600K per year.

    Just another item in the Bloomberg basket that condemns him.

    At lunch just now with my Liberal Democrat employee, she is thoroughly disgusted with the Democrat party and especially Bloomberg attempting to buy his way to the presidency. I told her: “I love these moments of clarity and rationality in your thinking”.

    She remains disgusted.

  • John

    The left blames chicago’s gun violence problem on the gun laws in surrounding areas. Why surrounding areas don’t have the same problem is a question their self-proclaimed superior intellects can’t answer.

  • hondo

    I stopped using this “blame” Democrat polices in urban areas some time ago.
    There is clearly a social/cultural/racial component to all this that is not touched on here. My love of science and this blog tells me that is good (regrettably) policy.

  • Cotour


    To really understand what is going on in American politics today we have to step back and see what we can plainly see from a big picture distance.

    And what is it that we see? We see the American voter of each party rejecting the same old pro forma, cookie cutter political candidate who is controlled by the party leadership interests and we see true ideological leaders emerge.

    And what do I mean by the term “Leader”?

    Simply, a leader, leads, they are not followers. A political leader communicates their philosophy and intent and then after becoming empowered moves towards fulfilling what they have communicated. Why is Biden flailing and failing? He has neither. All Biden communicates is what he thinks the people want to hear and he promotes what the party leadership sees as what is in their best self interests. And the people see right through that when presented with aspiring leaders who truly and clearly communicate their philosophy and intent and what they pledge to implement.

    Trump as an example is today a proven American leader who believes in the power of the American Constitution as formulated and Capitalism. And he proposes “Make America Great Again”, a simpler and more American political message can not be formulated. And he delivers on it. And much of the American population hear that and connect with it, even if they personally despise the transmitter of that message. And Trump rejects the corrupt go along to get along politics of the Republican party leadership. And those party leaders in turn despise Trump for his disruption of their corrupt power gravy train in Washington D.C.. This is simply why Trump is so successful.

    And Bernie is an example of a wanna be American leader and is as honest as a philosophical American Communist / Socialist can be about his message and proposed agenda. And he apparently believes what he says. And to be clear about defining Bernie as I do the only difference between Socialism or a Democrat / Socialist, or “Progressive”, or Communism is, in a Socialist model the government has not yet collected all of the firearms from the publics hands. And in a Communism model they already have all of the firearms that were in the publics hands and it is understood that those firearms are loaded and are now pointed at that publics head. Let there be no confusion, it is as true now as it was in Mao’s China, or in Stalin’s Russia, and today in Maduro’s Venezuela. There is no such thing as Communism or Socialism or Democratic / Socialism / “Progressivism” “Light”. This is why Bernie will never be president. (Not of America anyway)

    And that simply is what we are witnessing here, the people of America have rejected both political party’s pro forma, everyday corrupt leadership dogma and have chosen the purest potential ideological leaders that touch them and appear to be honest and true to their stated ideology who will act in the publics interests.

    It will be immensely interesting to see just how the DNC / Democrat party leadership attempts to once again usurp the peoples will and supplant Bernie with either a Bloomberg or a Hillary redux. And in doing so will further reveal themselves and force them in their dishonesty and existential desperation to become even more transparent. And that is the beauty and strength of our American Constitutional system.

    The corrupt Republican party leadership has already learned to just shut up and enjoy the ride of a true leader.

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