Climate Talks in China Limp Toward Deadlock

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Thank god for small blessings. The climate talks in China this past week are limping towards a deadlock, with no new agreements. It appears that the biggest problem are disagreements between China and the U.S.

Personally, I love how this quote from the article so nicely illustrates the totalitarian nature of many climate activists and their organizations:

Currently, the World Resources Institute is proposing the White House abandon legislative means and rely on the existing Clean Air Act to make emissions reductions administratively.

In other words, if the elected Congress of the United States is unwilling to pass restrictions (because a majority of the people of the United States oppose them), then the government should ignore the people’s wishes and impose those restrictions, without permission.

Ugh. The less power these environmental dictators have, the better for everyone else.


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  • Corlyss

    Yes, but how and when are they going to actually get less power?

    The fact that AGW is now discredited as junk science has not stopped the industrious stupid governments from perpetuating their draconian and expensive policies to impoverish themselves and their citizens in the name of AGW, nor have they stopped their propaganda activies in k-12, nor their recklessly misguided funding, nor has it stopped foundations and colleges from wasting their funds on sustaining the flawed studies. Government policies world-wide proceed as if the flaws in the data, the modeling, and the projections were immaterial.

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