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Cowardice and fear from Western leaders; Courage and determination from Israel and its Arab allies

The model presently used by all leaders in the free world
The model presently used by today’s leaders
in the free world

If you wish to understand why the Middle East in general has had relatively few pro-Hama demonstrations — even in the Arab territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank — while the western nations have been largely engulfed by them — some of which have been violent and bluntly anti-Semitic by actually advocating the genocide of all Jews — you need only listen to the leaders of these countries, because those leaders reflect their populations and their overall attitude to the murder, rape, and beheading of innocent civilians, including children, by Hamas on October 7th.

In Israel Benjamin Netayahu made it once again very clear his country’s determination to eliminate Hamas and its terrorist cell in Gaza in a speech to his nation on December 2nd.

I state clearly and unequivocally: We will continue the war until we achieve all of its goals and it is impossible to achieve these goals without continuing the ground incursion. The ground incursion was essential in order to bring about the results up to now, and it is necessary to bring about future results.

I tell our friends around the world, you share our goal of eliminating Hamas and releasing our hostages; therefore, I also emphasize to them that there is no way of achieving these goals except by victory, and there is no way to achieve victory except by continuing the ground incursion. The IDF and the security forces are doing this with determination, strength and while upholding international law.

The second paragraph above was very specifically but carefully aimed at the leaders of Israel’s allies in the west, who from day one of this conflict have repeatedly waffled in their support, constantly looking for a way to stop Israel’s effort, to appease Hamas, and to make believe that an early end to this fighting, with Hamas still intact and in control of Gaza, will somehow bring peace. French President Emmanuel Macron illustrated their weaselly cowardice quite well during a press conference that same day:

“We are at a moment when Israeli authorities must more precisely define their objectives and their final goal: the total destruction of Hamas, does anyone think it is possible? If this is the case, the war will last 10 years,” Macron told a press conference at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, as quoted by Reuters. “There is no lasting security for Israel in the region if its security is achieved at the cost of Palestinian lives and thus of the resentment of public opinions in the region. Let’s be collectively lucid,” the French President added.

Macron also said France was “very concerned” by the resumption of violence in Gaza and that he was heading to Qatar to help in efforts to kickstart a new truce ahead of a ceasefire. [emphasis mine]

Macron’s fear-driven approach mirrors the attitude of everyone in the Biden administration here in the U.S., which has repeatedly seemed more interested in saving the lives of Gazans than destroying the terrorist leaders who have brought hell down upon those Gazans. In mid-November U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said this in an effort to blunt Israel’s effort:

“Far too many Palestinians have been killed. Far too many have suffered these past weeks,” Blinken said at a press availability in New Delhi at the end of a whirlwind trip that also included stops Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, Turkey, Iraq, Japan and South Korea. We want to do everything possible to prevent harm to them and to maximize the assistance that gets to them,” he said.

“To that end, we’ll be continuing to discuss with Israel the concrete steps to be taken to advance these objectives,” Blinken said, but declined to detail the specifics of those steps.

Such statements from the Biden administration have appeared more and more often as the war continues. Notice also how Blinken, like most western sources, naively appears to accept without question the exaggerated and unverified casualty numbers released by Hamas authorities, numbers that have consistently been found to be false and vastly overstated when real data is finally available.

The highlighted words in Macon’s comments also reflect the general attitude of western leaders to the “Arab street.” They assume that a hard push by Israel that results in some colateral casualties will raise tensions in the Middle East. They also fear violence from pro-Hamas bullies in their own nations, and think a timid Israel will quell any such protests.

Fools. Not only is this policy of appeasement guaranteed to fail, as it has failed with all bullies since the beginning of time, it indicates a complete ignorance of the actual attitude of leaders in the Middle East itself, which in general are supporting Israel and are eagerly hoping it will succeed in eliminating Hamas.

At a Arab conference in early November an anti-Israeli proposal was proposed, calling for a blockage any American military equipment to Israel from U.S. bases in Arab countries while freezing all diplomatic relations with Israel temporarily. It also proposed a new oil embargo and wanted all Arab airspace closed to Israeli planes.

That proposal was rejected, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Morocco, Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt and Jordan voting against it.

According to other sources,

…almost every Arab Leader during “Behind-the-Scenes Talks” with Israeli officials including several Gulf States have told them not to end the war with Hamas until the terrorist organization is totally destroyed with many seeing Hamas as a domestic enemy.

This report was confirmed by John Batchelor, who described to me in off-air converstions what his own Middle East experts are saying, that these Arab nations respect strength and reliability, have come to expect that from Israel and want to see more of it. At the same time they see nothing but trouble from Hamas and most of the Gaza and West Bank Palestinians, and want that problem eliminated for their own benefit. They don’t want to see wholesale murder in Gaza, but they are willing to accept a lot to get Hamas destroyed. They also recognize that Israel is not trying to commit genocide — despite the slanders of American and western academic bigots — but is focused on eliminating Hamas only.

Thus, the fears of western leaders are unfounded. The “Arab street” will not rise up should Israel fight this war hard. If anything, that “Arab street” respects strength, and will work to stop further violence because it does not wish to rouse an Israeli tiger further.

The actions of both Lebanon and Iran prove this last point. At first Hezbollah in Lebanon was screaming threats to Israel. When it realized however that Israel means business this time and will show it no mercy if it joins this war, suddenly its support of Hamas became far more muted. A similar pattern has occured in Iran.

The fearful and timid attitude of western leaders also reflects their own unwillingness to deal with the worst bigots in their own countries. Both the U.S. and France now have a large contigent of pro-Hama fifth columnists, who have been demonstrating violently in the streets. Rather than show strength and work to stop this violence, these leaders have generally looked the other way, making believe that kind words and appeasement will convince these goons to become peaceful.

As I said, what fools.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the free world
Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the free world

What do these facts mean for the future? At the moment it means that the true leader of Western Civilization at this moment is Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. That nation’s unwavering determination to shut down forever the Hamas terrorist cell has forced those so-called western leaders to back down every single time they tried to rein Israel in. For example, when harshly criticized for his comments by Israeli officials, Macron immediately called Israel’s president Isaac Herzog to “clarify” what he said, and to emphasize he “unequivocally” supports Israel’s right to defend itself. Similarly, every time a Biden official has tried to get Israel to mitigate or stop its offensive, Israel has bluntly told them to pound sand, forcing them to fall into line like Macron.

While Israel’s steadfast determination, with support from a large percentage of the Arab world, is encouraging, it is tragic that our own western leadership is so bankrupt. Unless there is change in the west, the situation here will only get worse. The pro-Hamas thugs who are committing violence and riots now are only a continuation of the same Antifa and BLM thugs who committed violence and riots in 2020, all of whom have been energized by the continuing lack of resistence to them.

Unlike Netanyahu, our leaders continue to refuse to stand up for our own values of liberty, justice, and the rule of law. Instead they cower before barbarians whose only goal is to wipe those values from the face of the Earth.

Thus the free world stands on the cliff, with death staring it in the face.

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  • Col Beausabre

    I will remind everyone of Operation Thunderbolt, where Sayeret Maktal (General Staff Recon – the IDF’s most elite) rescued 106 hostages, killing all the terrorists, in Entebbe with only one casualty, the mission commander (Israeli officers lead from the front) Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Netanyahu – Bibi’s big brother. So Netanyahu is not likely to show any weakness by giving quarter to Hamas, fighting terrorism is the family business,,the%20premier%20special%20forces%20units%20of%20Israel.%20

  • Cotour

    Why do they have no courage?

    Because they are not leaders they are “executives”, there is a difference.

    What are they unwilling to say, fully recognize and embrace?

    A leader leads, an “executive” wets his or her finger and sees where the wind in blowing and reports to and takes orders from the board and is but a facade in many instances.

    What needs to be said must in time be said and acted upon.

    Mr. Netanyahu is a leader, as is Mr. Wilder, as is Mr. Trump, as is Mr. Melie (?), unfortunately they rare birds.

    We need more rare birds.

  • Western leaders pride themselves in the idea that they can resolve any conflict without the need for resolute, decisive, kinetic action. They myopically consider themselves beyond the need for that, and look down in self-righteous bigotry upon those who realize that sometimes, war IS the answer.

    And it turns my stomach to hear the Pseudodent and his minions lecture Israel about how they must avoid civilian casualties … when every one of them is old enough to remember how well such micromanagement worked in Vietnam.

    The support for Israel from Arab nations, and the eventual total defeat of Hamas, also pokes a hole in the “oppressor”/”oppressed” paradigm promoted by Western leaders, who desire that free people to feel guilty for defending themselves from thugs, fanatics, and barbarians … because they can leverage that guilt to remain in positions of power and influence. This is in part what drove our mismanagement of Iraq; we were sheepishly looking for the exits as soon as Saddam’s statue fell in Frodos Square in 2003, when we should have sent the unequivocal message we sent to Japan: we leave when you can sustain rights-respecting governance, which is the “vaccine” against the totalitarian expansionism that foments war – and not before.

  • geoffc

    In terms of Gazan’s deaths. Lets take their clearly inflated numbers as given. 15,000 killed so far? That is tragic.

    However, Israel has performed 10-15 thousand airstrikes. (Obviously numbers change daily).

    If they are averaging around one death per airstrike, then clearly the bombing is clearly well targetted, and the most accurate bombing campaign in the history of all wars in all of the world.

    That would demonstrate clear proportionate responses.

  • John

    I guess butchering civilians and then crying victim was a bit much for our Arab friends. Too bad our liberal friends can’t see it the same way.

  • Phill O

    Bob, you left out the depravity of the current Canadian prime minister, who, like Biden, is supporting the pro-hamas riots and not responding to the threat (some violence) to the Jewish community.

    But then, both the Biden and the Trudeau administrations are acting as I expected in throwing Israel under the bus; or a least trying to, because they are unwilling to be leaders!

    The results for the next federal elections in both countries will tell us if we have passed the point of no return.

  • Cotour

    Does everyone understand that those “progressives” and radicals in our own government (D) and country (D) justify and will not fully condemn Hamas and their brutal and barbaric actions by doing mental gymnastics based in their literal and unforgiving interpretation of history.

    And you can easily talk yourself into that justification. BUT, your justification requires if played out to the end means that America as founded, and its founding documents must be erased and rewrote. And rewrote by them in their Subjective interpretation of what a real country based in “equity” should be.

    What is the history that they plug themselves into? The Obama, philosophical Marxist, “Fundamentally Change America” apology tour doctrine which is focused on in some way shape or form of penalizing all white atrocities and abuses of the past 500 years. ALL OF IT!

    And so, in that spirit they can justify ANYTHING, up to and including rape and murder of anyone who is seen as fighting a colonizer (Israel / America / Briton/ France etc). Why? Because their people were subjugated and abused by their “White” European conquerors and colonizers. And that is how simple this all is.

    AOC: “Bronx-Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken aim at cauliflower, claiming that growing the vegetable in community gardens in nonwhite neighborhoods is an act of colonialism.” (Because cauliflower is white.)

    She and the Squad, Obama whose own grandfather was in fact abused by the British, Somali princes Ihan Ohmar and the rest are righteous race warriors who are “Making things right” with those who colonized THEIR native land.

    AOC: “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said she hopes to discuss “post-colonial foreign policy” during an upcoming trip to South America with four other House Democrats.”.


    And that is just how simple this all is.

    And where do they look for their guidance and marching orders? Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Castro, Che, Xi, you know the list.

    The enemy is without doubt within the walls, and they have been festering like an infection for many years and they have spent their time well indoctrinating into their self-hate, suicidal, authoritarian world model of command and control.

    It’s not about evolving and going in a positive direction, that is a nonstarter. It’s about retribution, reparations and destruction of what is. It seems to me that many talk past or around exactly what the radical Left is actually saying and doing. Maybe it is just too big of a concept and reality to digest in their own country and about their own neighbors and friends?

    A very dark belief system for sure. That is what I see anyway.

  • Cotour

    And here is an interesting kicker related to the radical Lefts current “leader” in the White House and his son’s business activities with the Chinese Communists who seek world domination and dominion over them and everyone else.

    “House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer released redacted bank records Monday showing direct payments to Biden from Hunter’s Owasco P.C. bank account. ”

    “Archaeologists have identified the ancestral Iroquoian culture in New York as the Owasco cultural tradition which began to flourish about 900 CE. The Owasco people were farmers whose lives centered on the raising of the Three Sisters: corn, beans, and squash.”

    The Biden family business enterprise is apparently named after a native American tribe, which is a raw and naked cultural appropriation of a conquered /colonized people by lily white now massively wealthy men.

    Is that irony? Or maybe just an ironic coincidence?

    And we all know who loves ironic coincidences.

    You know “The Big Guy”.

    No not that Big Guy, the other really BIG GUY :)

  • Col Beausabre

    John, You have liberal friends? Bob, ban him for life!

  • Alton

    Question ❓
    Since 1938 Conference led to between 60 to 118 million DEAD…..
    Will WE top ONE Billion this Century?

    Since WW2, Margaret Sangers Great Campaign has tallied 1,200 millions. (650 M by Red China).

    But according to Dr Rummel of University of Hawaii in his Work ‘Democide’ has tallied the 300 million murdered by their own government in genocides, Laogai and Gulags.

    The Black Book of Communism lists 140 million, today updates push it to 150 -180 million.

  • wayne

    “Families have been Notified”
    Substantial Truth Films (Memorial Day, 2015)

  • Cotour

    “Harvard ranks the lowest!”

    Elise Stefanik Absolutely Explodes At Harvard’s President And Calls For Her Resignation:

    The “movement” intends to stonewall, sidestep and refuse to answer direct questions about their intentions for the next 15 to 25 years until all those who oppose them are dead.

    Ms. Stephanic a viable choice for VP?

    Could be, she is strong, and she takes no prisoners.

  • Cotour

    “What are the percentage of Conservative professors” in your institution of higher learning?

    Joe Wilson Hammers UPenn President On Faculty:

    Just waiting for all of you old white Conservative bastards to die is what they really mean.

    It is unstated, but that is what they mean.

  • Cotour: You need to know more about Sefenik. She is only weakly conservative. She does a nice job here, but on policy she is not the best.

  • Cotour

    The only solution for America and the world?

    Grow more Conservatives of every race and creed.

    And how do you accomplish that?

    You ruthlessly and aggressively show everyone who is in fact the most racist, most hateful and pose the greatest threat to America and by extension the world.

    And that would without doubt be the radical Democrats and their perverted and weaponized political machine.

    Here is an interesting aside regarding the uni-party and how we have arrived at this place of increased racism, antisemitism and general insanity in government and justice in America:

    The last modern American presidents and their net worth before and after being in office:

    Notice who the biggest benefactor in net worth (Reward) gain is, the greatest traitor IMO, Barack Hussein Obama + $68.5 million. But Joe is coming on as a strong second as he attempts to finish off his bosses un and anti-American goals.

    And who the greatest loser (Penalty) in net worth is D.J. Trump, minus over a $ billion dollars. In this competition those who have benefitted the most and have been rewarded have delivered us to where we are. They have devolved America and not evolved America.

    And objectively the one president that has lost the most, by many multiples, over a BILLION dollars in net worth, must be the path back to sanity and a strong America because all the others have been handsomely paid off.

    Sound familiar Joe and “Brand” Company?

    The question remains: Will this very powerful entity ALLOW America to be dragged back to where it needs to be? Can they ALLOW that to happen. And when I say ALLOW, I mean what ends might they go to to prevent it?

    Strategy Over Morality is neither good nor bad, but it can be evil.

  • Cotour

    Just speculating, she can be and has been a pit bull on these kinds of issues. And I like that.

    Trumps choice will I am certain be an interesting one.

    I believe he will have to choose a woman.

    OR someone like a Byron Donalds, who is also a pit bull.

    The greatest show on earth!

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