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Don’t forget: The protesters supporting the Hamas mass murderers are all Democrats

Pro-Hamas demonstrations

As Israel now ramps up its offensive against Hamas in Gaza, slowly but steadily moving tanks and troops into the strip from numerous directions, protests by supporters of Hamas’s mass murders on October 7th have exploded in numerous locations in the United States and elsewhere.

To the right are screen captures from two very large protests, the top showing a demonstration of an estimated 7,000 pro-Hamas protesters taking over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York on October 28, 2023. In the video at one point you can read a sign that clearly says, “Our soldiers will not be held accountable for anything.”

The second picture is from a protest in Chicago. The demonstrators at this moment are chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”, a chant that has always meant in plain language, “We will kill all the Jews in Israel because Allah said only Muslims can live there.” It is also written into the Hamas founding charter, which states unequivocally that it “owes its loyalty to Allah, derives from Islam its way of life, and strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.”

A typical Hamas supporter at Cornell

These large protests in New York and Chicago follow many other demonstrations of support for Hamas (and its recent acts of Jewish genocide) on many American campuses, underlined yesterday when Cornell was forced to shut down its Jewish student Hillel Center at the university because of threats of violence, warning its Jewish students to stay away from the building. The warning was instigated by tweets such as the one to the right, signed by someone calling his or herself “hamas”.

Even after this, if you have any doubts about the genocidal goals of Hamas, supported unequivocally by these demonstrators, you need only listen to the words of this Hamas official, calling for the cleansing of all Jews and Christians from the entire Earth.

The entire 510 million square kilometers of the planet Earth will come under (a system) where there is no injustice, no oppression, no treachery, no Zionism, no treacherous Christianity. [emphasis mine]

And if you think he means Jews, Christians, and Muslims will all live in peace, you are being willfully dishonest. He means that all non-Muslims will either convert, or be killed. And with Jews, he almost certainly considers conversion untrustworthy. Better to kill them to make sure they are converted.

None of these stories above are really breaking news, especially if you have been paying attention during the past two weeks. Many news outlets (mostly in the new alternative press) have already reported on these demonstrations and their violent genocidal intent. Organizations like MEMRI have been documenting the genocidal goals of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Iran for years, using their own words.

What has not been noted enough however is the political allegiances of these pro-Hamas demonstrators. While not every Democrat favors what Hamas did on October 7th, we can be very very VERY confident that practically every single one of these pro-Hamas protesters, calling for the death of every Jew in Israel and numbering in the tens of thousands, is a Democrat, and has been voting for Democrats their entire lives.

This is the base of the Democratic Party. It is why the anti-Semitic “squad” of Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), and Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts) are all elected members of the Democratic Party caucus in the House of Representatives. The first two represent districts strongly controlled by Democrats, most of whom come from the local Muslim communities, while latter two come from the one-party secular cities of New York and Boston, controlled wholly by Democrats.

As I say, not all Democrats are anti-Semites and supporters of Hamas’s genocidal mass murder of over a thousand people on October 7th, including the torture and killing of women, children, and babies. Nonetheless, the Democratic Party obtains much of its power and agenda from people who do support this evil, and thus shape much of its agenda. For years it has also looked the other way when these bigots and other bigots in its midst promoted the new racial segregation and discrimination of critical race theory and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” on college campuses and inside corporations. Now many members of that party are struggling to do whatever they can to hide their alliance with these bigots, if only to protect their power.

None of that matters. We now know where the Democratic Party and its base really stand. We also know that it is a party that is willing to harbor bigots in its midst, merely to remain in power.

Thus, if you are a registered Democrat but consider yourself a decent human being who finds what Hamas has done beyond the pale, why in God’s name are you still a Democrat? Or are you deep down a bigot as well, and really approve of what Hamas did, and consider it a good proxy so you can make believe you are virtuous while others do the dirty work for you?

Or you simply an example of a “good German”, who makes believe evil isn’t happening in your name, and will later claim “you just didn’t know, you had no idea what the Nazis were really doing?”

It is time to face these facts. In fact, it is long past time.

Genesis cover

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  • Ian C.

    “None of these stories above are really breaking news, especially if you have been paying attention during the past two weeks.”

    More like during the past 20 years. But until recently it was “anti-Muslim racism” to even bring that topic up and it could cost your job, reputation, and even your life.

  • James Street

    I used to listen to Jewish AM radio talk show host Michael Medved back before he went all loony leftist. Once he took a call from a slow talking guy with a southern accent who said “You know as I look around the world about the only friends Israel has are Evangelical Christians” to which Michael Medved replied “AMEN, BROTHER!”

  • Edward_2

    “Unfortunately” for Fascist Hamass, Hezbola, Iran, Jihadists…

    Israel is NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 or Khaybar.

  • Gary H

    Per my daughter, most of the students at her Texas college are all in for Palestine. She tells me that they don’t understand the history and are not open to discussion. In other words, they are Democrats. She believes that they don’t see the connection between Hamas and other Palestinians in Gaza. No question, like Iran, there are probably many in Gaza that don’t like their government. Unfortunately, even these people will become, if they aren’t already, more militant due to the devastation of Gaza. Of course, this is what Hamas is counting on.

  • Gary H: What college does she attend? It very clearly is not educating but indoctrinating, and other parents/students need to know this.

  • Cotour

    T. Jefferson: “Tribute or war is the usual alternative of these pirates. If we yield the former, it will require sums which our people will feel. Why not begin a navy then and decide on war? We cannot begin in a better cause nor against a weaker foe. “Jefferson was convinced this solution would be more honorable, more effective, and less expensive than paying tribute.

    The now revealed radical Leftist Democrat party controlling political machine is now officially anti American and those reasonable Americans who remain identified as Democrats are being held hostage by these modern-day Barbary pirates.

    And those who understand this condition and see it for what it is must free themselves en masse at the polls.

    The question remains: Are the polls now controlled by the pirates?

    The people of America are going to have to take care of their business very soon, just like the Israelis are taking care of their business.

    How do you get to where you have to get to?

    Sometimes you have to be hit over the head before your attention is adjusted to the proper perspective.

    In the next administration hopefully ANY student that sees it fit to participate in such demonstrations they will unceremoniously ejected from the country and are sent back to their [deleted] country and not allowed back in.

  • Cotour: I have deleted the obvious obscenity from your post. You should know better, being a regular here for years. For this reason I am so so tempted to suspend you for a week. Can you say anything to change my mind?

  • Cotour

    I did not use any profanity.

    I did not think that [deleted] would be a problem.

    Maybe I should have said radical Islamic [deleted]

    I will take the week if you think it is warranted.

    (Man, it’s going to be boring for the next week :)

  • Cotour: Your reply, which continued the offense, only convinces me you need to take that week off. It also suggests you haven’t the faintest idea why I have these rules. Very unfortunate.

  • Jeff Wright

    I read in the NY Post than many young Jews want to go overseas to join the fight. Which might be what Hamas fans in NYC want.

    Better to man phone banks here and get political.

  • Ian C.

    Bob, perhaps he missed/forgot that obfuscating but still implying an obscenity is covered by your rule as well.

  • Ian C: Cotour has been commenting here for years. He knows. He just decided to ignore them this time.

  • Concerned

    The (naughty) Cotour wrote:
    The question remains: Are the polls now controlled by the pirates?
    THAT is the key question and only important issue facing us over the next year. Election laws were impulsively and illegally changed in key swing states under the cover of the “covid emergency”–really just 8 counties in AZ, GA, MI, PA, WI. These laws are mostly still in place there where mail in ballots are shotgunned out and chased and trafficked with little to no chain of custody nor signature verification. And then there’s the Dominion machines. It is still doubtful we’ll be able to vote our way out of this situation. We must however double down our efforts, as if our lives depend upon it, which for many it will.

  • Dennis P Keating

    The Hamas Commander does look forward to a future where Jews, Christians, and Muslims will all live in peace. They will have peace after the Jews first, then the Christians, Rest in Peace RIP.

  • Questioner

    Turkey SANCTIONED Israel – No Oil for Israel

  • Luke Liberty

    “Thus, if you are a registered Democrat but consider yourself a decent human being who finds what Hamas has done beyond the pale, why in God’s name are you still a Democrat? Or are you deep down a bigot as well, and really approve of what Hamas did, and consider it a good proxy so you can make believe you are virtuous while others do the dirty work for you?”

    An alternative explanation: The RNC has given us Donald Trump, who is not a decent man. His unworthiness has nothing to do with collusion, hoax, Jan 6, political persecution, etc. Judge those in an way you want, there is no escaping that he is a congenital liar, a vengeful narcissist, a petulant and creepy old man. That we have someone wiht similar description in the WH now is no excuse. The parties have given us astonishingly, criminally bad choices. There are so many reasons to be disgusted by Donald Trump, each one of them an answer to the question of why are you still a Democrat. Each side is toxic and inviable. These days, we are experiencing the lethal choice of picking the Ds. But Trump et al make realizing you are on the wrong side incredibly difficult. Want Ds to wake up. The Rs have to give a better alternative than they have been serving up in Donald Trump. Wanna stop genocide? Buck up and do the right thing. Give the country a better choice.

  • pzatchok

    You might think of Donald Trump as man who is not decent.
    But think about him for a second. Discount his wealth and you have a man just like the vast majority of men in the US.
    Most men are not monogamists throughout the majority of their life.
    A huge amount of people have declared bankruptcy.
    How many men have been married more than once for any reason?
    How many people want a strong opinionated leader? Almost all of them. They just have differences of those opinions.
    He is from NY so of course he will be vocal and boisterous. We already knew that.

    Before he went political how many liberals would have gone to a DT party? Almost all of them, just to say they did at least.
    Their present hatred of him stems from the MAGA movement he jumped in front of. The conservative movement was in full swing before he came along and that is what they really hate.

    If you want a moderate mediocre middle of the road candidate go find one and vote for them.There are more than two parties.

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