Driving vs flying

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After a twelve hour drive from Chicago, I am finally home. It might seem silly to make this trip by car when the plane is faster, but since Sept 11 I have found it actually makes more sense to drive when the trip is 12 hours or less. First, a door to door plane flight will take about 6 hours, so you don’t save that much time. Second, by driving I have access to a car in Chicago, and don’t need to rent something. Three, the total cost is significantly less, especially since we save two airfares.

And finally, neither I nor my wife Diane have to submit ourselves to TSA abuse. I consider myself a free American, and don’t take kindly to government officials abusing their power unconstitutionally. If the airlines haven’t yet realized that this security madness is losing them business, it ain’t my problem.



  • LINO

    How much input do you think the Airlines have into the TSA methodologies? I was not under the impression that they have that much of a voice into the processes.

  • Kelly Starks

    Agree that driving is a lot more apealing now. I love flying – but getting through everything on the ground to be cramed into the planes like sardines negates all that.

    Note though that the airlines are well aware that this security madness is losing them business. When the airlines pretty much ran security before 9/11 it was both more effective – and far more conveint.

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