Feel the middle-class rage

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While this story is about the testimony of a mother before the Arkansas State Board of Education, objecting to Common Core standards and demanding that they be changed or abandoned, I think its most important take-away is watching the intelligent and thoughtful anger she expresses.

I have included the video of her testimony below the fold. Anyone who thinks the tea party movement is dead needs to watch this video to find out how wrong they are. This woman speaking as a representative of over a thousand parents and teachers, all of whom object to Common Core, the federally-imposed education standards. She also reveals the increasing level of rage and anger that is percolating in the general public over the incompetent and destructive dictates that are being imposed on them by bureaucrats in Washington.

The Republican leadership in the House and Senate might think they were elected to keep the government open, but this woman’s testimony tells me that the mid-term elections were a demand by the public for the Republicans to shut it down.

And they better do it soon, because the rage is continuing to build. If our elected officials don’t respond to it soon the very system of democracy on which our society was built — founded on the principle that government is the servant to the people — is going to become very seriously threatened.



  • Jwing

    Hear ye, hear ye…Republicans and Democrats, alike, in DC:

    Ignore conservative, patriotic, or Tea Party Americans at your peril come the next election cycle.

    Common Core is nothing more than a Trogan Horse for centrally planned national education.

    2016 is closer than you think.

  • Chris Stand

    What does she possibly have against common core ?
    Does she object to people in all the 50 states in America driving on the right ?
    Does she object to electrical devices in all the 50 states in America using the same voltage ?
    Does she object to a common system of weights and measures in all 50 states ?
    Common Core is not a mandated method of teaching, it is a common core of knowledge items – all students shall know “this” and all students shall know “that”.
    She needs to put down the tinfoil hat construction paper and be glad that there are common educational goals for all students in America otherwise her Arkansas children might not be eligible for Montana jobs.

  • chris stand

    just watched this again with my wife – a teacher in Kansas who follows the common core concept.
    She laughed and laughed

    NO TEACHER would take the time to explain a process that took 118 steps. They would never get to lunch.

    give us 5 other concerns Mrs. Arkansas mom and see if they are as bogus.

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