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“Formerly clandestine Nazis will continue protesting, sometimes violently”

Enthusiatically and publicly cheering for another genocide
The left is now enthusiastically cheering for another
Jewish genocide in Israel

The headline sums up the situation. It is a quote from an article about the Israeli army’s green light to invade Gaza and take as long as necessary in order to utterly destroy Hamas. In its conclusion that article couldn’t help noting the expected and guaranteed enraged protests from all the usual suspects when that invasion begins.

The attempt by Israel to defend itself after a brutal terrorist attack by Hamas, torturing and killing what appears to be more than a thousand people, including many women, children, and babies, has accomplished one and only one good thing: It has caused the Nazis among us — almost all of which are on the left — to finally make clear their true feelings and goals: It’s all right to kill Israelis, especially if they are Jews. And it’s also all right to torture little children before you do it.

The examples of this are so many it is difficult to document them all. Over and over people from all walks of life but especially our elitist intellectual class enthusiatically called for the massacre of Jews while demanding Israel stand down and let Hamas do it. Here are only a few examples:

After the mainstream press worldwide eagerly spread the Hamas’ blood libel that Israel had bombed a hospital in Gaza killing 500 (the bomb killed less, didn’t hit the hospital, and was a misfired missile launched by Hamas allies in Gaza), one now-fired banker at Citibank wrote with glee in a tweet: “‘No wonder why Hitler wanted to get rid of them all,’ adding a smiley face emoji.

A mob of students in a high school in San Francisco left their classes to protest Israel’s actions, parading through the school’s halls chanting “From the river to the sea,” which is a slogan of all Arab terrorists describing their intent to kill every Jew in Israel. I wonder what these students would do to any Jews that might attend that school?

A professor of American Studies at the University of California-Davis, Jemma DeCristo, was even more blunt in his tweet, directly threatening the children of journalists who wrote anything about the Israeli situation he didn’t like:

One group of people we have easy access to in the US is all these Zionist journalists who spread propaganda & misinformation.

They have houses with addresses, kids in school. They can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more. [emphasis mine]

He included in his tweet images of a cleaver, an ax, and three drops of blood.

Anti-Semite university professor Mika Tosca
Anti-Semite university professor Mika Tosca

Another professor, Mika Tosca at the School of Arts Institute of Chicago literally plagiarized Nazi anti-Jewish slander propaganda from the 1930s in his own tweet to the right.

I should note that DeCristo and Tosca are men who now claim to be women, making them leaders in the queer movement that wants the right to mutilate and castrate little children without their parents’ consent.

Another history professor at Cornell, Russell Rickford, was filmed speaking at a pro-Palestine demonstration where he said he considered the mass murders by Hamas to be “exhilarating” and “energizing.”

At Harvard hundreds of students held a “die-in” in support of Hamas, also holding up signs saying “From the river to the sea!”

A group of hundreds of academics from universities like Harvard, Cornell, PennState, William & Mary, Tufts, Chicago University (to name only a few) published a letter [pdf] that literally justified everything Hamas has done, and in fact called for more blood against Israel. The letter’s description of the Hamas terrorist attack is remarkable in its intellectual dishonesty:

The resistance [Hamas] bulldozed part of the fence around Gaza and some Gazans set foot outside the boundaries of their besiegement for a moment.

These are the people teaching young people in today’s colleges. No wonder the modern generation is all in on bigotry, censorship, blacklisting, and murder of their political opponents.

Nor are we finding secret Nazis only in academia. At the federal government the State Department is “facing a mutiny” about the Biden administration’s support of Israel.

“There’s basically a mutiny brewing within State at all levels,” one official told the Huffington Post. Others confirmed the preparation of a “dissent cable,” which is an internal document criticizing Department policy. State spokesman Matthew Miller told the outlet that “Secretary [of State Antony] Blinken has spoken to this on a number of occasions, when he’s said that he welcomes people exercising the dissent channel.

School drop-out and climate activist Greta Thunberg illustrated her own ignorance by posting in picture with her and three friends holding up signs in support of Palestine. That her original picture included a stuffed octopus that invoked Nazi anti-Jewish imagery from the 1930s escaped her notice. That she didn’t see a need to comment on the torture, murder, and kidnapping of Jewish women and children revealed her anti-Semitism.

In posh Beverly Hills medical practice radiologist Andrew Thierry was fired after he posted several tweets calling Israelis “war pigs,” “genicidal,” “pedophilic,” and “greedy,” all the typical slanders used by the Nazis against Jews in the 1930s. He later “apologized if anyone interpreted my words in the wrong way,” but his problem is that we interpreted what he said exactly right, which is why he was fired.

This same article also included video of a Florida dentist, Ahmed Elkoussa, ripping down posters of Israeli children and babies who are being held hostage by Hamas. His practice immediately fired him, with the owner saying “His license should get suspended.”

Nor was Elkoussa alone in ripping down of those posters. This article details the many examples, in London, California, New York, and elsewhere, actions that all demonstrate not only the depraved support for the torture and murder of little kids by these leftists, but their inability to face that truth, and their willingness to censor any information that might reveal it. Like the Nazi storm troopers in the 1930s, the goal is hide evil through violence and brutality.

In London and New York tens of thousands demonstrated in support of Hamas, with more than a hundred arrested in New York when they began to riot. Nor were these the only public demonstrations in support of Hamas brutality.

As I said, the only conclusion one can draw from this behavior is that these people think it unacceptable for Israel to do anything to defend itself, and that Hamas must be given a carte blanche to kill as many Jews as possible.

I could go on listing other examples, but there is no need. The numbers are endless, and more such events are occuring each day. All you need to do is open your eyes and read the daily press, especially that press from the new alternative internet news aggragrates.

The past is prologue

In 1987 Jesse Jackson led a protest at Stanford University where the protesters chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, western civ has got to go!” To appease these ignorant fools the university changed the name of its “Western Culture” required course to “Cultures, Ideas, and Values.”

At the time this protest was greeted with great outrage. That Stanford bowed to these thugs was equally condemned. The last thing anyone wanted — except for Jackson and his radical leftist protesters — was for western civilization to be destroyed.

The bankrupt and ignorant support in the west for Hamas savagery and barbarism these past two weeks strongly suggests however that Jackson’s goal — one that many on the far left have been advocating for decades — has finally been accomplished. Western civilization is gone, replaced by mindless childish protests and riots and murder and war and hate.

If so, the future is grim indeed.

There are signs of hope, however, coming from the strangest places. The pushback has been strong in many places. Many donars to universities have cancelled their support. Board members have resigned. Many of the worst pro-Hamas protesters have been fired or dismissed, as noted above.

Maybe however the best sign of hope comes from of all people radical leftist Democratic Party congressman Ted Lieu (D-California). After the New York Times went out of its way last week to spread Hamas’s blood libel lie about the bombing of the hospital, without making any effort to verify that lie, Lieu condemned the Times in no uncertain terms.

The @nytimes didn’t “botch” the Gaza hospital story. They did something worse. They intentionally wrote an attention grabbing headline that falsely pointed the blame at Israel to generate clicks during breaking news, without waiting for confirmation or the actual facts.

Lieu also lambasted the Los Angeles Times for this headline: “Rage spreads over Gaza hospital blast amid dueling narratives from Israel and Hamas.”

The Times simply accepts what terrorist organization Hamas said even though it’s false. This both sides journalism is factually wrong. A true headline would say ‘Rage spreads over Gaza hospital blast amid false narrative from Hamas,’

In my long life spanning more than five decades observing politics, I have rarely seen any radical Democrat come out and condemn its own side like this. Lieu’s actions more than any other suggest that the left has finally gone too far. It has finally revealed its true heart to the general low information public.

We can only hope that this revelation might finally be reflected in the polls. For decades the knee-jerk but decent supporters of the Democratic Party have refused to recognize the growing evil within that party. It is quite possible that the past two weeks have finally opened their eyes.

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  • Robert Pratt

    And, a plurality of Americans are paying little to no attention to any of this or much of anything else. That assertion is not new to our time but sad nevertheless.

  • Ferris

    The Left pushes the “COEXIST” mantra, meaning there should be tolerance and acceptance, but it’s clear that many on the Left have no tolerance whatsoever.

  • Related:


    “Is this what is coming to America? Coming? Hell, it is here!

    This below is what is coming to America, 7 days a week. Radical “progressive” Democrat party destroy America agenda street protest, agitation and VIOLENCE! And it must be properly dealt with.”

  • Cotour

    The Democrats in this symbolism driven, diminish and destroy America administration and their perspective are officially EVIL!

    They continuously strive to make moral equivalencies that serve their anti-American and now clearly anti-Israeli agenda.

  • John

    The “free palestine” westerners are sickening, even more so than the ones who do the butchering of women and children – because most of them grew up in civilization and they should be better.

    The muslim world will not let the palestinians settle anywhere else. As long as they die in place, it’s good for the death cult. They knew what retribution they were bringing down on themselves and they embrace it. Dead palestinians, Dead Jews, more martyrs, death death death- It’s a win for the hamas savages. They say as much if you listen to their words.

    They’ll bring blood and death here. They don’t care about your palestinain flag. They don’t care about you ‘free palestine’ posts. They’ll kill you like the useful idiot you are. They don’t care.

  • CBS story on the student protest:

    Notable for a couple of things: although extensively quoted, the article never actually names the student leader, and these kids have a heck of a sense of entitlement.

    The students are from Balboa High School in San Francisco.

    The Dean of Students is Trecia Cruz. Their email is

    Maybe someone should write them, and ask them about disciplinary action. I did.

    “Having recently seen the Balboa student protest against the Israeli response to the 7 October attacks by Hamas, I was curious what sort of disciplinary action might be taken against these students for advocating for genocide. Because, I don’t know what else you call an unprovoked attack resulting in the torture and death of some 1200 people for nothing more than their ethnicity.


    Blair Ivey”

  • Blair Ivey: My only objection is your use of the words “their” and “them” for this woman. See:

    Why contribute the leftist effort to debase our language so that meaning is lost or disguised?

  • Robert,

    I have used ‘their’, and ‘them’ long before the current societal obsession with normalizing mental aberration. Some names, like ‘Bobbie’ (could be Robert or Roberta), are gender-ambiguous. It just saves a lot of effort, trouble, and the possibility of giving minor offense. I have been confused many times for female; on this very site, in fact.

  • Edward_2


    Bobbie is for females

    Bobby is for males.

  • Edward_2

    Suggest counter chant…

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SLIME Will NEVER BE!

  • Edwdlny

    When people tell you who they are, believe them. Libs are fascist terrorists in word, deed, and belief. Treat them accordingly. I second a counter chant to the fascist favorite, ” From the river to the sea. Make the land palestinian free…….forever.

  • Steve Barrett

    A painfully, tragically informative post. Thank you.
    One quibble: “plagiarized” rather than “plagerized.” (Sorry, I’m a longtime editor.)

  • David

    There is a dictum, “There are no enemies to the left.” Evidently Ted Lieu (D-CA) is jumping the tracks by letting a decent, moral sensibility come to the fore. That dictum enables a great variety of despicable acts to go unchecked, unpunished, and even undisclosed. You say something awful happened but not who, or where, exactly? Isn’t that something. It’s no accident.

    I often wonder if a sizable portion of the population isn’t just damaged, but actually incapable of moral or empathetic thought. But in counter to that, like criminals, they do know to hide or deceive because they perceive the risk of being a reprobate in full view.

  • Rigo S

    It was a mistake for many on the right ballyhooing in the negative support for Ukraine in defending itself and people from the Russian invasion. Many of those people on the right bashing the ‘money grubbing’ Zelensky are now finding reasons why we shouldn’t support Israel: a neo-con plot, WW3, the border, Israel is tricking everyone, etc. The context at work with Zelensky was that he was only about the money, corruptly so. If there’s ever been a more of an anti-semitic dog whistle than this, I can’t think of it. I even saw comments and memes about his nose from the right wing swamp. And, yes, swamp, because they swim in a cauldron of old, tired ideas – that Jews are just a little bit too foreign to be trusted. Well, I would suggest for those who support Israel to reconsider their opposition to Ukrainian aid. It’s Russia that is aligned with Hamas and Iran, not Ukraine.

  • Steve Barrett: Mispelling fixed. Thank you.

  • Questioner

    The Emir of Qatar condemned Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, Reuters reports.

    “We’ve said enough. Israel should not be given an unconditional green light and unlimited permission to kill. We call for a serious regional and international stand against this dangerous escalation we are seeing, which threatens the security of the region and the world. We do not accept double standards and do not act as if the lives of Palestinian children are not taken into account, as if they do not have faces and names,” said Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

    This was the first comment from Qatar, which recently began a mediation mission in negotiations between Israel and Hamas over the release of the hostages.

  • Questioner: The vultures gather, flying over Israel hoping to eat the dead bodies.

  • pzatchok

    I for one do not believe anything any Islamic nation says about this continuing conflict.
    For the most part I do believe that they are just saying things to placate their own extremists.
    Its what they actually do that matters. And so far no matter what any of them have said none of them have actually attacked Israel.

    As for our support of Israel. They have mine for any number of reasons. As far as i know they have never denied the US any assistance they could give in the ME. For that alone they can have any assistance back from us.
    Saudi Arabia is in second. But that could change with one assassination.

  • Cotour

    From the real world:

    We live in a fantasy “civilized” world.

    Deny your enemy their power by not caring about what they are certain that you care about.

  • Col Beausabre

    Palestine must be free, from the river to sea!

    And it will be once the Israelis run it after destroying Hamas

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