Freedom dying

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The results of yesterday’s election, when taken in the context of the stories below, confirm for me the sad belief that freedom in the United States is steadily dying. Freedom might return, but for the next few decades I think we are headed for oppressive times. Be prepared.

The stories are only a sampling, and are cited because of what they show: In every case they describe attacks against individuals defending freedom of speech and diversity of thought, and all the attacks come from the students, the future of our society.

The election yesterday further demonstrates the bad future we are facing, not so much that the Democrats won the House after two years of repeated and insane smear campaigns against anyone who opposed them, but because a very very large percentage of the population has decided to support them in that behavior. As I like to say, it’s the audience that counts. The audience here is increasingly oppressive, intolerant, and eager to exercise power to impose its will.

That audience yesterday decided to give power to those who are equally intolerant, and like to wield that power to impose their will.

I could also cite many personal experiences, in just the past few months. The key is that I as a conservative know that if I express my opinions among friends, I will likely lose those friends, and get ostracized. I must choose my words carefully. My liberal friends however feel no such fear, and routinely spout their political views, always assuming that everyone agrees with them.

Meanwhile, I am also gathering that my willingness to express my political views professionally here on my own website has had a negative effect on the website. In recent months certain space aggregate sites no longer link to Behind the Black. Others have even told me that they will block all emails or communications from me.

None of this will stop me from expressing my point of view. It is my curse. I must say what I believe. However, be warned. Bad times are coming. Be prepared.



  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson
    Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and The Divine Individual
    -excerpt from New Years Letter to the World Jan, 2017

  • Phill O

    I hear you loud and clear Bob! However, as I got feed data from Associated Press and Fox News on line, I saw that the republicans were leading by at least 10 seats with no data from CA or the NW. This speaks good for the general population across the rest of the USA.

    Losing friends? It is nice to be down in ranching territory again leaving the bias of the Canadian media behind. The Kavannaugh hearing and the MSN coverage placed most Canadians against him BEFORE they even heard his side. Now with the admission of lying, I wonder what my past friends think. Past friends because I cut them off. I do not want prejudiced friends. I can tolerate an opposing point of view if there are open minds, but when it is simply arguing: count me out.

    Just saw Trump and CNN reporter have a go at each other. The CNN person tried to monopolize the press conference and refused to stop when asked. The hate from the left now has no bounds because there are no consequences.

    Government may hit gridlock.

    We will see in the spring if there are rational voters left in Canada. My is that there are but intimidation there have grown in step with it in the USA.

  • pzatchok

    Sorry to hear about your site troubles.

    Any ‘friends’ who could not discus politics with me reasonably from any side I let drop away and made new friends.

    Some friends I have just do not talk politics at all. Left or right and I respect that and don’t bring up the subject.

    i have found that the majority of Americans just don’t care, like the rest of the people in the world, as long they are left alone to work and live peacefully they just don’t care about those who strive for power.

  • wodun

    In recent months certain space aggregate sites no longer link to Behind the Black. Others have even told me that they will block all emails or communications from me.

    That’s crazy. You do a lot of original reporting that is deeper in detail than the typical articles on large space related websites. To the extent you do write about politics over the last few years, it has mostly been about pointing out how crazy our friends to the left have become. The behavior should be condemned by everyone, especially Democrats.

    Tim Pool has experienced something similar. He is a lefty Bernie Sanders supporter but he also has major problems with the “direct action” protesting tactics the Democrats use and the dishonesty of the media. He also doesn’t like Trump. But because he calls out Democrats for rioting and racist identitarian politics he gets attacked by the left.

    A lot of space related sites dip into politics, even journalists who try and portray themselves as unbiased and non-partisan.

  • wodun

    @ pzatchok

    i have found that the majority of Americans just don’t care, like the rest of the people in the world, as long they are left alone to work and live peacefully they just don’t care about those who strive for power.

    This is true but while they may not be interested in politics, politics are interested in them. The signs are everywhere that left will make them care.

  • Nitecat

    Maybe we should change tactics. Use ” lawfare ” wherever possible. Constantly refer to their rich , multi-billionaire special interest supporters , and tie them to the Chinese and their aim to control the world.

  • Cotour

    The one thing about Democracy is that freedom is always in the process of dying.

    What I think makes “Freedom dying” in todays world different is the level of organization that is possible that has the ability to change the previous status quo of the past.

    The battle continues, and that good, bad or otherwise is as it should be.


  • wodun


    Maybe we should change tactics. Use ” lawfare ” wherever possible. Constantly refer to their rich , multi-billionaire special interest supporters , and tie them to the Chinese and their aim to control the world.

    Judicial Watch is the only reason we know about a lot of the Obama administration corruption. They did the work the media was supposed to. I’m not sure lawfare will get untangle the dark web of dirty money financing Democrat activist groups but considering they partner with so many of our foreign adversaries, it is something law enforcement should be looking into.

    There are a couple sites that try and trace the money but they don’t seem to be super active in doing so and the money changes hands so many times it is hard to tell where it originated.

  • Lou

    Fear not. Our side has been winning for some time now. After decades of horrible, lying, lefty education, we have been winning elections and educating our youth on conservative, judeo-christian values, and doing what’s right. Evil never sleeps but good though late to the fight will win. Don’t be discouraged we only lost a round. Get up keep fighting and remember to never despair.
    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Holiness!!!

  • Lou: Thank you for the enthusiastic encouragement. However, I think you make a mistake when you say “Our side has been winning for some time now.” To me, we seem to instead be fighting to slow a steady retreat. We hold ground here and there, but overall we have been steadily losing ground since the 1960s. And sadly, I see nothing that changes my mind.

    I might post more on this later today.

  • Lou Bag

    It’s amazing how well Google can understand my voice but please excuse grammar and punctuation. I think we nearly lost years ago and over maybe the last 15 years the sleeping giant had been roused from a long sleep. Good men and women started waking up to what was being taken from them and they started schools, began homeschooling, fighting at universities, radio shows, sites like yours and many many other forms of a so-called Awakening. Fathers started stepping up fathers and mothers started realizing what threats have manifested to attack their children. Movements like the tea party and others. We have not won winning is a tactic victory is a strategy. Never despair never give the devil or evildoers a sniff of self-doubt on our part we continue to fight the fight till we win. Victory means good over evil. Mr. Zimmerman you have a wonderful site you have more guts than me don’t go away.
    LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of holiness”

  • wayne

    George Orwell;
    A Final Warning

    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever. The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one. Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.”

  • Andrew_W

    “. . . but overall we have been steadily losing ground since the 1960s.”

    It all depends on how you define “our side”, if “our side” is “conservative” values (resistance to change) it is, almost by definition, destined to aways lose, if “our side” is small government it’s also been losing for at least a hundred of years in most Western countries, taxation a century ago was around 10 – 15% of GDP. If by “our side” you mean classical liberal principles, individual freedoms contrary to conservatively acceptable social norms, “our side” has been on a roll.

  • wayne

    American “Conservatives” aren’t resistant to change, they are resistant to change, for the sake of change.

    I’d date our decline, fundamentally, to the 17th Amendment, which completely changed the balance of power between our Federal government and the sovereign & separate State’s which created it. The House was to be elected by the people, the Senate was to be appointed by the respective State legislatures.

    12 conservative principles in 12 minutes
    excerpt cued to #8

    “It is better to do what everyone has always done, unless you have some extraordinarily valid reason to do otherwise.”

  • hondo

    “eager to exercise power to impose its will”
    Only a few of us truly understand what that actually means – and how it’s done.

  • Cotour

    To my point:

    The opposition, Liberal and now Leftist Saul Alinski / Community Organization type tactics combined with the newest communication and hypnotizing real time technology makes the political battle very fast and better organized and interactive.

    They now show up in mass numbers at your house, your brothers house, your media supporters houses, your Senate and Congressional offices, they mass and assault you as you dine and threaten your wife in the restaurant all facilitated by their high tech. This is “Community organization”.

    Andrew W is correct, the Zman is correct, I am correct, Democracy is always dying, Democracy’s natural state is ever more Liberalism and as it grows and power shifts and power and the ability to confiscate the peoples wealth becomes irresistible to those who gravitate to the power then it tends to destroy itself and fulfill its destiny, death.

    And still the only hope is the Constitution and the ability of the people to change their mind and choose a different direction, at least for a little while.


  • Cotour

    To my point:

    Maddow, an MSM talking head is an operative, and so now is Hannity who rallied with the president along with Rush. The lines and sides are being drawn.

    And now we hear that RBG had a bad fall and broke three ribs at the age of 85.

    2019 / 2020 are going to be very contentious years to say the least.

  • Nitecat

    Dan Rather was a Democrat operative. Hosted a fund raiser at his home while doing the ” news ” on CBS. I’m starting to see the Constitution as having been written as a first attempt to thwart the natural tendency of psychopaths and sociopaths ( inbred ? ) to seek power over others without morals or empathy. Government at every level does not want to be limited ! Not sure how mid – terms will effect replacing RBG if she retires.

  • Nitecat: The Senate results, with the Republicans strengthening their hold on the Senate, mean that Trump and the Republicans will be better able to appoint someone of their liking, even if the Democrats continue their smear tactics.

  • commodude

    The best description of the Republicans strengthening their hold on the Senate that I’ve seen was someone describing it as “a conveyor belt for conservative judged at all levels.”.

    As we’ve seen before, a small majority in the House is almost a non-issue, as the House tends to be far more fractious than the Senate, and many of the candidates who flipped seats in the election are moderate to conservative Democrats who know that they’re seats are in jeopardy if the vote lock step with the leadership.

    If nothing else it’s going to be interesting .

  • wodun


    It all depends on how you define “our side”, if “our side” is “conservative” values (resistance to change) it is, almost by definition, destined to always lose,

    Once again, Andrew_W shows that he doesn’t know what American society is like or what American conservatism is.

  • wayne

    Dan Rather never understood the frequency.

    What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

  • pzatchok

    I can see this election round as actually being a positive for the conservative GOP.

    For the most part we lost the weak RINO’s in congress. I do not think any of them expressed strong conservative ideas or even sided with the President to a visible extent. Those who did for the most part survived.

    The Dems on the other hand might have won the seats but what are they occupying them with? Far far far left leaning radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. People that the Democrats don’t fully understand and will end up fighting with over everything. People that do NOT connect with the majority of Americans. People that actually look down on the majority of Americans for not being like them.

  • Edward

    I bet there are LOTS of skeletons in Maxine Waters wardrobe and wig closet.

    She never wears the same outfit more than once, while the people in her district live in tent cites along side human waste and needles.

    She hangs out with racists like louie farraklan.

  • Edward_2

    SORRY. My above post as “Edward” is really from Edward_2. I am not related to “Edward”.

  • wayne

    Look up Low IQ Maxine’s husband– she directed millions of dollars into his BANK shortly after the 2008 meltdown.
    She does not live in the district she represents.

    (She’s psychotically dangerous. In the Alternate Universe, she and her entire family would be rendered to Gitmo and summarily executed, assets seized, and her name erased from history. It would of course be wrong, but I wouldn’t care one micron.)

  • Cotour: Your philosophical approach to Democracy might be correct, but your predictions about what would happen this past election were poor, at best. See especially the comment discussion between you and I on this post: The utter childishness of modern intellectual discourse. In specific, see this response by me to you:

    Cotour wrote: “I am hearing more and more comments by Democrats about how stupid these people are sounding. … The general public are coming to understand very well that these people who they watch have little to no respect for their common sense.”

    You live in New York City, my hometown and a place I lived in for 45 years. Thus, your statement above is based on the people you talk to, in New York.

    It sounds encouraging, but I don’t believe it. Or to put it another way, I will only believe it when New Yorkers actually vote for someone besides a Democrat. Will they vote De Blasio out of office? Cuomo? Either of their Democratic Senators? I don’t think so.

    When it comes to the leftist political culture in New York, I don’t put much faith in these anecdotes. I want to see actual change, at the ballot box. Only then will I believe it.

    As I expected, New Yorkers threw no Democrats out of office. If anything, the Democrats strengthened their hold on government in New York. And that hold shifted significantly to the left, with the election of an outright communist in my old hometown district in Queens.

    Bad times are coming, especially for those who live in the one-party Democratically controlled regions. Be warned.

  • Cotour

    I am taking note, trust me. I am still waiting for the more general statistics related to Black, Hispanic and Female voting trends in the entire country, that is what is my main interest is in. Still waiting because of all of the contentious nature of all of these ballots mysteriously being found in these mainly Democrat controlled areas of the country.

    They are tending to find thousands and thousands of ballots at will when ever they need them. How does that happen? (SRCSM) As we will both agree, the Democrats and their leadership will do anything in pursuit of the acquisition of or the retention of power, up to and including murder. ANYTHING!

    My prognostications are really more related to presidential year elections but I was / am hopeful that the trend begins to show itself now in this last mid term election. And my hopes for New York City, like yours, are regularly a let down. With a governor that says “America was never that great” as he panders to the Leftists and the people of NY reelect him what more can you hope for?

    I found this today that is a clear and prime measure of just how successful the Democrats have been over the past 50 years.

    Between the education system and the welfare state the Left has actually done a very good and thorough job. That is if you are seeking to destroy the cleanest dirtiest shirt in the Democracy / freedom hamper. We at the moment live much too far from the interface of reality I fear and that allows these “progressives” to sell their BS and people are all to willing to believe them. If however we begin to get closer to that reality interface and people are forced to face their own ignorance then we will / may have the required action needed.

    But we live so far from that interface.


  • Cotour

    The now empowered by some of the people of New York City political gift that will just keep on giving.

    Why doesn’t she “Just pay for it?”, her D.C. apartment.

    The day before the election I was met on the street by a 25 or so year old Ocassio / Cortez canvasser reminding people to vote and asked me.

    “Will you be voting tomorrow?” “Are you familiar with Alexandria Occasio / Cortez?”

    “I actually am very familiar with her but can you tell me some things that she stands for and is working for?”

    And she began.

    #1 “She is for humans”. (Seriously, thats what she said)

    #2 “She is for Medicaid for everyone”.

    “Oh, so she is for humans, thats great, so am I”, I replied.

    (I also told her how I really love Ms. Cortez representing and being a spokes person for the Democrats. I really am.)

    And I went on. “So she is for Medicare for everyone, so she is a Socialist?”.

    At that point it was dawning on the very nice young lady that I was probably not the most productive potential voter for her to talk to. We had a bit of a laugh and she moved on. I am certain that at some point I will get to personally speak with Ms. Cortez, it should be very enlightening for all involved.

  • wayne

    “The Times They Are A-Changing” – Social Justice: The Musical
    Chris Ray Gun 2016

  • wayne

    “Right Here, Right Now”
    Jesus Jones
    Berlin Wall >November 9, 1989<

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