Gender politics at NASA

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O joy! It’s time to favor gender over achievement at NASA. The Obama administration is considering using governmental authority at NASA and other agencies to guarantee that the same number of women receive science, technology, engineering, and math degrees as men. The actual White House statement emphasizes the need “to ensure equity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs.” [emphasis mine].

If you want to be really annoyed, download NASA’s Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity documentation [pdf] and read how institutions are expected to do “periodic reviews of data broken down by gender. . . to ensure program policies and practices are not having a negative impact on program participation.” [page 5]

In other words, NASA should decide whether to provide education funds to universities, based not on the ability of those universities produce qualified engineers and scientists of any sex but on the number of women in their programs.


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  • Kelly Starks

    Well the new finance control bill enforces race and gender quotas on staffs and who gets loans for all banks and financial institutions, or the companies that deal with them. Justice department been ordered not to persue civil rights cases where blacks are the violators sooo….

    Rob, is Obama ever DOESN’T screw something up insanely unbeleavably bad – could you let me know?

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