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Good news: The nature of the riots this election year suggest the leftist rioters are losing steam

Don't tread on me!

Amid the illegal protests by pro-Hamas anti-Semitic new Nazis on college campuses, a wider looks suggests some encouraging trends, though hard to spot amid the chaos promoted by these genocidal rioters, most of whom are students but led it appears by many outside agitators.

There is no question these college rioters are causing havoc as they spread fear and hatred on numerous college campuses, including Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, NYU, Cal Poly Humboldt, USC, and UT-Austin, to name jsut a few.

In every case the protesters arrived with tents and a definitive plan to illegally occupy part of the campus, using almost identical tactics of the Occupy Wall Street crowd in 2011. Very clearly they wanted to establish themselves in a prominent position on each campus, where they could daily interfere with campus life while harassing anyone they saw as either Jewish or a potential enemy. Their tactics also mimicked the actions of the 2020 BLM and Antifa rioters, not only acting to keep out Jewish students from campuses, but working together violently to exclude anyone they wanted excluded. Reporters were routinely blocked with banners, umbrellas, and their bodies. In at least one case these terrorists even attacked one reporter, stabbing her in the eye with the pole of a Palestinian flag.

There is also no question that these riots have the same ulterior motives that existed in 2020, to disrupt the upcoming November election so that the Democrats could win. Many of the 2020 riots were specifically aimed at Trump election rallies, often causing their cancellation. The riots also provided Democratic Party officials in many key swing states reasons to justify the arbitrary changing of election laws — done also in conjuntion with the COVID panic — to allow the illegal use of very insecure ballot measures, such as unsupervised drop boxes and the misuse of mail-in ballots.

The differences today from 2020 and 2011 however are quite significant, and suggest these violent tactics are no longer working, that the country is beginning to push back hard against such insurrectionist behavior.

The pushback

The first difference is the most obvious. In 2011 and 2020, the rioters and looters and illegal tent cities were generaly allowed to do whatever they wanted, with little push back from the authorities. Few rioters or looters were arrested. Almost no illegal tent cities were removed. The authorities simply let these terrorists have their tantrum, simply waiting it out.

Now however college officials and state governments have been much more aggressive in arresting and punishing these pro-Hamas terrorists. Many have been arrested. Many of the occupations have been shut down.

We should not be deceived into thinking this aggressive action is because college authorities disagree with these protesters. On the contrary, most of the administrators at these formerly elite universities are radical leftists and entirely pro-Hamas themselves, and are only taking action now because these protests are making their schools look very bad while revealing the anti-Semitic nature of these people. You can see this by the general weak effort of these officials to stop the protests, even when they do pushback.

Nonetheless the pushback is happening, which was entirely lacking in 2011 and 2020. In colleges in states like Texas and Florida, the government has not allowed university officials to decide what to do. In these states the government has moved in and shut these rioters down entirely.

The localized nature of the Hamas protests

This difference might be the most important of all. In 2011 and 2020, the riots were widespread in almost all urban areas, lasting weeks and largely destroying whole blocks of businesses and homes. The protests and occupations lasted anywhere from weeks to months to even a year, during which it was entirely unsafe to go into these inner city neighborhoods, as the rioters had taken over completely, and were allowed free reign to attack anyone they deemed an invader to their occupied territory.

That today’s protest riots have been almost exclusively limited to college campuses is another good sign. The number of rioters appears down, and they also don’t seem to have the resources necessary to occupy and loot many inner cities. Instead, they are mostly targeting these leftist college campuses, where they know they are generally supported and have had up until now been greeted by a friendly supportive atmosphere.

To their surprise however that atmosphere has not been as supportive as expected.

The ugly nature of the cause

A Nazi youth rally, little different than today's pro-Hamas demonstrations
A 1930s Nazi youth rally, little different than
today’s pro-Hamas demonstrations

Finally, the ineffectiveness and much more limited nature of the protests now could be attributed to a recognition that the goals now are obviously very ugly, bigoted, and have no redeeming purpose. In 2020 many of the riots were instigated by mindless mobs reacting emotionally to what they perceived as the injustice of George Floyd’s death. Their understanding of what happened might have been wrong (he was not killed by the policeman but by an overdose of drugs), but the sense of injustice seemed real, and therefore to some justified the violent response.

Today’s protesters are protesting in favor of a terrorist organization, Hamas, that gleefully raped, tortured, and then murdered more than a thousand men, women, and children on October 7th. It is also an organization that proudly wants to do the same first to every Jew living in Israel, then spread that genocide across the whole globe. The protesters themselves have proudly declared their support for such genocide, repeatedly calling for the murder of Jews while declaring “We are Hamas,” “We’re all Hamas, pig!” and “Long live Hamas!”

Even the most radical leftists find these goals quite distasteful. The public meanwhile is horrified. The goals of these protests is ugly and evil on its face, and it also stains the entire left with a stink that cannot be easily washed away.

Thus, there is no groundswell of support, demanding action. Instead the public is not making any excuses for these riots, and are in fact opposing them with great force.

These signs provide us a hint that maybe our society is finally begin to come to its senses, and is no longer willing to bow meekly to every violent protest. Instead, it is beginning to demand that people act more civilized, and is more determined to shut down barbarism when it rears its ugly head.

We can only hope.

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    “George Soros, Maoist fund Columbia’s anti-Israel tent city (

    “USCPR provides up to $7,800 for its community-based fellows and between $2,880 and $3,660 for its campus-based “fellows” in return for spending eight hours a week organizing “campaigns led by Palestinian organizations.” They are trained to “rise up, to revolution.”

    The radical group received at least $300,000 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since 2017 and also took in $355,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund since 2019.”

  • Gary H

    Wow, you are at heart an optimist.

    Let’s see how Chicago survives the un-Democratic National Convention before calling this rejection of protests a trend. Things are going to get a lot more disfunctional prior to election day.

    Big money and organization have been behind unrest and protest for decades. I lived one block from the “People’s Park” protests/riots in Berkeley. I was tear gassed sitting on my front porch. There were a small core of organized radicals and ten thousand students/people watching. Nothing new, except the left has far more influence in today’s society.

  • pzatchok

    This election might not make it to the DNC convention.

    Upset republicans could keep Biden off the ballot. Lets ask trump why they might be upset about something.

    The DHC pushed back their convention so Joe would have a less of a chance of screwing something up. They will hide him like the pea in a shell game. He will never be seen again until after the election.
    By election day they will shuffle him out for a few hand waves in the distance and then shuffle him back into hiding.

  • Stephen Gorey

    As part of their punishment, the demon seed and their leftist enablers should be forced to watch the Hamas savagery that occured on October 7th chronicled by the Hamas terrorists themselves. They would see Jewish women being butchered even as they are being raped among other extreme atrocities.

  • Jeff Wright

    The biggest difference is you have less of the gangsta’ element.

    I remember on TV one of the George Floyd rioters years ago talking about how Trump made gas so cheap that Molotovs didn’t cost much.

    Well, Biden doesn’t want their Grandmas having gas stoves, doesn’t want them having menthols or Escalades—so the worst actors are sitting this one out.

  • Related:

    Franklyn D. Roosevelt: “In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way”.

  • Mad Celt

    Refusing to punish bad behavior is to command it to be done.

  • James Street

    I wonder if I should be the one who breaks the news to her what Muslims do to queers….

    “Model-turned DEI manager is fired by university for posing in front of Israeli flag emblazoned with swastikas – and is now suing over claims her free speech rights were violated”
    • “Mashal Sherzad, 29, was fired from her position as the diversity, equity and inclusion manager at the University of Minnesota”
    • “Sherzad, who identified as Muslim, and who is in a relationship with a woman”
    • “‘I did nothing wrong. They discarded a proud Queer, Muslim, Afghan and SWANA woman,’ she has claimed”
    • “Sherzad is seen pictured with her girlfriend Ralena Young, who owns a restaurant and bar in Minnesota”

  • Richard

    It isn’t riot season yet. College students are not serious people so ignore them.

  • roger

    I understand Trump’s appeal. I understand that he is apparently the only one fighting back.

    I just wish that this resistance/retribution/payback was not personified in an exceptionally arrogant womanizing Queen’s Borough ass.

  • Well, that is what you have got.

  • Roger, it either has to be Trump, or someone who is as abrasive to the societal elite as he is, if we value life in a free society instead of the end-stage theocracy known as the Church of Woke.

    Because that abrasiveness is needed, in the face of experts in leveraging perceptions, double standards, and passive-aggressive behavior who will take any civility you extend to them and wrap you around the axle with it to marginalize you and render you irrelevant to public policy … for to them, you are the Evil Other opposing their Righteous Normal.

    Confront, dissent, defy, disrupt – that is the leadership this nation needs to resolve the mess we’re in, and it is time we accept that and start making the coherent case for it.

    These elections are a test of OUR priorities, OUR judgment …

    … will this nation consistently elect leaders who possess the resolve and reliability to institute policies that respect and protect individual liberty .- even if that means he/she doesn’t check all the boxes of sainthood, and/or has to be uncivil and obnoxious to do so in the face of the professional/political complex …

    … or instead, elect Nice People™ we won’t have to explain to our neighbors, but will not advance our rights over top of the complex. Which is what we have had under Biden, and for at least the twenty years before Trump.

  • Edward

    Richard wrote: “College students are not serious people so ignore them.

    They may not be serious, but the consequences of their malfeasance is. Students are being prevented from attending classes that they not only need for their futures but that they paid for. These “not serious people” (NSP) are disruptive at the very least. The NSPs have already harmed people, and that goes beyond disruptive. At least one campus has asked Jewish students to avoid campus, showing us that this is a serious problem of individual freedom. Now the NSPs are breaking into and occupying buildings in ways worse than the protesters on January 6th, 2021, which is criminal.

    I have begun hearing rumor that some campuses are planning to forego graduation ceremonies, again disrupting freedoms and expectations for all. Attending their children’s graduations is one of the rewards for parents in raising children that are able to make it all the way through college, and sometimes for paying the high cost, too.

    I would say “throw the book at them,” but NSPs don’t seem to be good at book learning.

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