How leftwing journalists lie

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Oink! The Washington editor for Bloomberg today demonstrated to all the dishonest way liberal journalists like to cover the budget debates in Congress.

In an opinion piece for Bloomberg, editor Albert Hunt says that the Republican cuts to the budget threaten the American lead in science. According to him, “House Republicans want to cut NIH funding for the current year by more than $1 billion, to $29.5 billion.” Because of this cut would “future advances in areas like brain science are especially threatened.”

NIH research is “absolutely indispensible” to breakthroughs in neuroscience, says Guy McKhann, the founding director of the Mind/Brain Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the former chairman of the department of neurology at the university’s medical school.

Even worse, “Young researchers would be most affected” and might flee the country for “places like Singapore and China.”

To further strengthen his case, Hunt finds a former Republican Congressman, an Illinois RINO by the name of John Porter, who while in Congress had helped triple the NIH’s budget over that past 15 years and who is “horrified” by these cuts. “These are blind cuts that take us exactly in the wrong direction; they are wrong-headed and short-sighted.”

The trouble with so-called analysis is that while Hunt makes it sound as if the budget cuts are going to decimate the NIH and all future research, he fails to note that all the Republicans are proposing to do is have NIH go back to the budget it had in 2008.

How terrible! Wasn’t it only two years ago that we all had to go to witch doctors to cure our sicknesses, and doctors used leeches to heal illness? In fact, before Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress under Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi appropriated that extra money in 2009 and 2010, no medical research was possible in America! The NIH was bankrupt and could do nothing! And if we let these barbaric Republicans cut those extra dollars, it is very clear that American society is going to quickly return to the Dark Ages!

You see how absurd this is. The Republicans propose cutting the federal budget back to the perfectly acceptable numbers from 2008, and we are all going to die!

Hunt should be ashamed.



  • LINO

    Anyone in congress (of either party) who lies on the floor of the body in a public statement that misleads voting should be thrown the hell out.

    That would empty the place quickly.

  • larry

    Get a grip. Your science stuff is ok. But all of us have fallen in to this werid left-right analysis – which short circuit any intelligent discussion. People Lie and People are assholes. And some people work on telling the truth or what the understand the truth to be…

    Simplifying the scenario for “them” vs. “us”, is just a high school perspective.

    The big issue as you point is the where is the $ going! It’s the classic Monte Carlo on a large scale.

    Uncomfortable facts, And then comes the emotional smokescreens.

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