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How the localized nature of Democrat vote tampering will influence the 2022 election

Based on the ample evidence of election fraud, corruption, and vote tampering done repeatedly by Democrats nationwide during the 2020 election, we can expect these politicians and their minions to commit similar election crimes in the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections, especially because the effort by some Republicans to reform their state election systems in the key purple states was so effectively blocked by Democrats, by many quisling Republicans, and by a willing leftist press.

It is however important to understand where that election tampering was done in 2020 in order to understand the election fraud to come, as well as creating a strategy to prevent it. As real estate agents like to say, “Location is everything!”, and it appears this applies to election fraud as well.

Summary slide outlining Powell voter fraud allegations
The 2020 fraud in Democratically-controlled Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia.

In 2020, in states that were purple and where the final result was in doubt, the Democrats took advantage of their total control of the local urban voting districts in those states — where there are very few Republican voters — to tilt the results. In such places (Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix) the government is essentially a one-party Democrat operation. Many election districts in these cities have no Republican election judges at all. If the Democrats wish to commit election fraud, there is no one looking over their shoulder to question them, with some districts actually taking aggressive action in 2020 to illegally keep Republican poll watchers out.

Thus we saw strong evidence in all of these cities of pro-Democrat ballot-stuffing, of all types, from fake ballots to ballots counted multiple times to evidence the votes on the ballots themselves were changed by computer. The fraud however was strongly localized to these urban centers controlled by Democrats. The vote tampering was able to tilt the statewide results. but not the local contests.

For example, Democrat mayors in Wisconsin teamed up to have drop boxes placed illegally in unsupervised locations, where Democratic Party mules could stuff them with thousands of harvested ballots. The Wisconsin Supreme Court finally ruled on July 8, 2022 that these boxes were illegal, and violated the plain language of the state’s election laws:

The court noted that by spring 2021, municipal clerks reported that there were 570 drop boxes in 66 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. “Only the legislature may permit absentee voting via ballot drop boxes,” the court said in the ruling. “WEC [Wisconsin Election Commission] cannot. Ballot drop boxes appear nowhere in the detailed statutory system for absentee voting. WEC’s authorization of ballot drop boxes was unlawful.”

The drop box policy was pushed mostly by Democratic Party mayors and officials in Wisconsin’s largest cities, most of which are controlled heavily by Democrats.

Thus, even though there is strong evidence in recent years that overall the electorate in Wisconsin has been increasingly moving rightward — illustrated by the fact that both houses of its legislature have been controlled by Republicans since 2011 after decades of mixed control — in the 2020 election Biden won the state, and its state-wide offices have shifted to Democratic Party control.

Maricopa County election audit
The 2020 fraud in Democratically-controlled Maricopa County (Phoenix-area),
Arizona. Click for full graph.

Similarly, the election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county controlled mostly by the Democratic Party, found rampant evidence of ballot tampering and fraud, so much so that some election researchers are convinced the fraud in that county stole the state’s election from Trump.

The same process can be seen in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, and in other states. While local elections seem to be shifting to the right, the state-wide elections seem to be going to the left, a pattern that makes no sense.

The consequence of this localized fraud was the ability of the Democrats to change state-wide and national elections, shifting the vote totals so that Democratic Party senators, governors, and other state-wide officials won their elections, especially if the actual vote count was reasonably close. This fraud also shifted the final totals in the presidential election in several states from Trump to Biden, turning some into Biden victories and thus giving Biden the victory in the electoral college.

Expect the same localized election fraud effort in 2022. While the Democrats’ tactics will have to change somewhat because some of their fraud (such as the drop boxes in Wisconsin) has been uncovered and banned, their vote tampering effort will still be focused in those major urban cities where they have total control. We saw this illustrated again in the New York State primary on June 28th, when Republican voters in at least three election sites in New York City discovered there were no Republican ballots on hand, disenfranchising them from voting.

What will this localized fraud mean for the total election? It means that while Democrats are more likely to steal the elections on the state and national levels, they have little ability to change results at the local level. House elections are more likely to be fair, because Democrats don’t control the election process. They might be able to guarantee victory in the urban centers, but since Democrats already control those congressional seats their vote tampering gets them nothing. And in the other more balanced districts, the election will be more properly monitored, and likely will produce the expected strong victories for Republicans..

Thus, I predict that the Republicans will win control of the House, and will do so with a surprisingly large majority.

As for the Senate, the Republicans will also regain the majority, but in at least a few cases, such as in Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, election fraud could end up defeating some Republican Senate candidates, because Democrats will stuff votes in Democrat-controlled cities. In the end, the Senate might shift to Republican control, but not by much.

Similarly, expect the Democrats to hold their own in elections for statewide offices, such as governors and attorneys general, but to lose badly at the local legislative level and at school boards.

The result will be that the Democrats will not be defeated as resoundingly as the polls clearly indicate they should be. The result will be that they will not be properly punished for their increasingly authoritarian and oppressive policies that are bankrupting the nation. Their power will be reduced, but not enough to allow for any real reforms to take place.

How can we change this? Experts on war always warn military officers to avoid the mistake of fighting the last war when engaged in the next. While you can learn something from what happened before, you must not think things will be the same.

To fix our election system, it is actually less important to block the specific tactics Democrats have used and now plan to use to commit election fraud. Blocking computer manipulation and absentee ballot stuffing is good, but a more important strategy will be to recognize the localized nature of the fraud. If the Republican Party was to send a lot of poll watchers to these urban centers while saturating them with investigations, it will do much more to prevent the fraud, before it can happen.

In other words, rather than screaming about election tampering after it has happened and the Republicans have already lost elections, Republicans should focus their effort to make the tampering difficult to begin with.

Go to the scene of the crime — before the crime has been committed. Don’t let them lock you out. Don’t leave when they ask you to. Make them do things right, because they know you are there, watching.

This strategy is not only more efficient and effective, it will likely result in some solid and very legitimate Republican victories.

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  • Bob Wilson

    I predict an outbreak of the wuhan flu just in time for the election this November. There will be collusive lawsuits between Democrat supporters and Democrats like your Arizona Secretary of State where the SecState will “reluctantly” agree to bring back all mail in ballots. We can hope that the Democrats are so unpopular that the margin will be outside the stealing Range. BTW who are you voting for Secretary of State?

  • Cotour

    “Democrats are so unpopular that the margin will be outside the stealing Range.”

    That point is key and I believe that the Democrats being soooo desperate and soooo corrupt to install their un and anti American insanity they may have out done themselves this time.

    But never underestimate their desperation nor their abilities to pervert and corrupt. Never.

  • Bob Wilson: Finchem, without any doubt at all.

  • Daniel Kaczynski

    Here comes the Monkey Pox!

  • Steve Richter

    We need more specifics as to how party organizations ( both parties ) harvest ballots. When voting in person, no electioneering is allowed. No election posters. No one other than poll workers are allowed to interact with voters. But what about absentee ballots? Are party operatives allowed to bring the ballot to the voter? Can they watch as the voter fills out the ballot? Is anyone but the voter allowed to touch the ballot and bring it to the mail box or drop off box? Republicans should insist that there be no interaction with voters involving their mail in ballot.

  • Steve Richter

    The board of elections should be required to conduct a sample survey after the election, Each election district records the name of each voter who voted in the election. After the election, select at random 5% of the voters. Have an election official contact each voter in the sample. Ask them to vote again, secret ballot. The percentage of the sample should match that of the election district as a whole. Any discrepancy – voters who could not be found – or the sample showing a 60/40 split between the two candidates compared to 80/20 in the actual vote – would be grounds to seriously question the validity of the election.

  • Legioinvictus

    Lol… Like our “elections” matter. Smoke and mirrors by our corrupt elite/oligarchy class. This will not end well when people are starving and cold. Hunger focuses the mind.

  • Process matters.

    The compromises in the election processes we have recently seen – junk-mail voting, hasty changes in election rules, and irregular activity in counting the votes; perpetrated by judges, governors and other unauthorized parties in haste in a crisis-not-to-waste – tainted, and will taint in the future, elections as much as bad police procedure taints courtroom evidence that leads to its exclusion … and the government, as opposed to its individual operatives, does not qualify for the presumption of innocence.

    No evidence of actual fraud, as supporters of the current regime demand, is necessary. The compromises are all the evidence that is needed, that an election can’t be trusted and should either be decided by available constitutional remedies, or re-done without the compromises.

    In 2020, the Presidential election should have been sent to the House per the Constitution to vote in a President, not merely certify a compromised election. Of course, that would have led to Trump winning a second term, and they couldn’t validate 75 million deplorable people like that. And it was reinforced by the courts ducking their duty to adjudicate the process on technicalities, to avoid the flak they would catch from the chattering classes for a repeat of 2000’s “selected, not elected” (in their eyes) situation.

    It is the job of government to prove that this election was on the up-and-up. And “because we say so” is not sufficient.

  • many quesling Republicans

    A misspelling, yes, but quite descriptive in that such RINOs do induce stomach upset.

  • Andi

    Minor edit in last sentence of first paragraph: “quisling Republicans”

  • Jeff

    Midterm elections will be tough since the fix is already in work, coming from the top.

  • BonHagar

    Republican candidate for Senate in Michigan John James, likely won that election twice but for fraud and ballot box stuffing in Detroit and other urban centers. A 38 yr Assistant to MI Secretary of State stated in testimony to the Michigan senate that they haven’t been able to certify the cities of Flint, Pontiac, Benton Harbor and Detroit. They do so anyway to simply avoid the negative press which is a lame excuse considering if the SoS decertified them once or twice and rode out the media cacophony, these fraud laden communities would make an effort to clean themselves up.

  • Rory

    I performed a Benford Analysis (random number test) on the Philadelphia results. On the chart Trump’s numbers matched ‘expected’, Biden’s were all over the chart – hence “something was amiss”…

    Lots of internet dweebs did Benford Analysis and came up with the same.

  • Deoxy

    “Go to the scene of the crime — before the crime has been committed. Don’t let them lock you out. Don’t leave when they ask you to. Make them do things right, because they know you are there, watching.”

    And they will simply arrest you and remove you, anyway. They paid no penalty for illegally removing watchers last time, and they will pay no penalty this time.

    You aren’t thinking early enough in the process. We need to pass legislation that requires both public visibility AND recording of the entire process, and if that process is not followed… none of the ballots in question are counted.

    No proper chain of custody? Ballots ejected. No video of the counting? Ballots ejected. THAT will prevent these problems, and nothing else will be as effective.

  • Jester and Andi: Fixed. Thank you.

  • Kristo Miettinen

    The structural fix is to make statewide elections into contests for majority-of-districts rather than majority-of-ballots. Let each district count its ballots, and declare a district winner for statewide (or national) office. Then at the state level, add up the districts to declare a state-level winner. In this way improper ballots in one-party districts cannot cancel out proper ballots in other districts. District boundaries serve as a rip-stop mechanism.

  • In all cases of election fraud, two conditions are present: A complicit Clerk/Recorder and inflated voter registrations (voters who have moved; voters who have died; voters who never actually vote). The Clerk/Recorder will either be personally directing the election fraud or will allow it to happen under the direction of his or her subordinates.

    As a minimum, monitor chain of custody from the organization that prints the ballots to the tabulation of those ballots in the election system, and keep physical track of election officials in that chain of custody during the election process. Find out if the printed ballots match the voter rolls. Track what happens to mail ballots that are returned to the post office as non-deliverable. Watch to see if all ballots are sent to the post office or if some are held back. For those ballots not sent to the post office, monitor the person who maintains custody of them.

    It’s not the volunteer election workers who are the problem. It’s the salaried individuals working for the Clerk & Recorder.

  • Jerry Pfefferkorn

    Suggested reading : Lost Not Stolen …

  • Cotour

    All related:


    Here AOC *A POLITICIAN* is walking up the Captial steps going to work, and a comedian heckles her about being beautiful, having a great rear end, and she loves to kill babies. Accurate enough and nothing IMO really that offensive. But again, free speech is not about people speaking things that you agree with, free speech is about speech that may offend you and you may disagree with. She don’t get it.

    And what is her thin-skinned reaction? AOC insists that leadership (D) have the Capital police stop, interrogate and investigate him. And believe me, she would have had him arrested if she could have. And as a matter of fact, she later stated that “She wanted to go over to him because she wanted to “Deck Him”, FOR WORDS SHE DID NOT LIKE.

    SHE DOES NOT GET IT! She does not get what the substance of her job entails, and that inability to properly and objectively understand makes her very dangerous to the country. She does not get America. And it is her right to think what she thinks, and she needs to be either rewarded or disciplined for her interpretation by those who have politically empowered her. All is being revealed.

    She does not get what America is about, not for one minute! She is thin skinned and so she does not want anyone to exist that differs in any way shape or form from her. If this is in fact what the American people have to look forward to in the future then you will be living in an authoritarian state and any thoughts of having free speech or differing in any way from the dominant political party positions (D) will in fact get you investigated, arrested and locked up as a threat to the state and cancelled. Just like the old Soviet Union.

    Soooo cute, but soooo dangerous. A pretty poison who has no objective idea about what her job is in a Democratic Republic.

  • Edward

    Deoxy suggested: “We need to pass legislation that …

    They violated the U.S. Constitution. Why would we think that they would suddenly obey a mere law, or rules, or authorized methodology?

    “It can’t happen here” is just an illusion. It cannot happen when honest people are in charge, but now that we have the dishonest “the ends justifies the means” people in charge, anything can happen here.

  • Alpheus

    There’s another strategy that is apparently used in Illinois to try to neutralize Chicago cheating somewhat, but needs to be adopted nationwide by the various Republican counties that can potentially be dominated by city districts: withhold the reporting of the counts of votes until the cheating districts report theirs.

    This doesn’t necessarily stop cheating, but it provides yet another barrier: the cheating districts can’t just wait and see the margins from the other counties, to figure out, precisely, how many votes they need in order to win. The cheaters have to guess what the margins are going to be, which means that they are more likely to get the cheating wrong.

    What’s more, if they overcheat to make up for the ambiguity, that’s a lot easier to prove than if they only marginally cheat — and the more obvious the cheating is, the easier it is to call for reform.

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