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How the Purge in Saudi Arabia might link to the Democratic computers in Congress

This essay is going to outline some interesting associations that appear to exist between a number of very unconnected news stories in the past few months, links that might help explain how recent events in Saudi Arabia might have something to do with the U.S. Congress and car dealerships in the U.S. and Africa.

First of all I want to emphasize that I really have no idea if the associations I am going to note even exist. I am no expert on foreign policy, other than being a very well-read follower of the news. However, my skills as a historian have often allowed me to spot connections between disparate events that further research very frequently confirms as true. In this regard I think it very worthwhile to reveal what I have noticed, and let the chips fall where they may.

This trail must first begin with President Trump’s first foreign policy trip in May as President, going first to Saudi Arabia followed by visits to Israel and Europe.

His visit to to Saudi Arabia received the most public attention. There, he was given a royal greeting, attending numerous photo ops filled with pomp and pageantry, all aimed at cementing an improved relationship with the Saudis following eight years of tension during the Obama administration.

The visit also apparently resulted in a change in U.S. policies concerning satellites that will likely benefit Saudi Arabia and its Arabian allies.

The United States is set to lift restrictions on the export of sensitive strategic technologies — to include high-resolution reconnaissance satellites — to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, according to a report in the French online publication Intelligence Online.

The recent visit with President Donald J. Trump and his national security staff in Washington, DC, by the Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, along with other senior Saudi national security officials, has apparently repaired Saudi-US relations after several years of tensions during the previous administration of President Barack Obama.

It is believed that the Washington, DC, discussions between the U.S. and the Saudis saw agreements on U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and also on common approaches towards containing Iran. Of particular significance, however, is the agreement by the U.S. to lift export restrictions on strategic technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles and reconnaissance satellites to Saudi Arabia, and potentially to other GCC countries.

This was the public part of Trump’s diplomatic visit. Like all such visits, however, I am certain there were also discussions that occurred behind the scenes, that the pageantry and public agreements served to help hide.

I do not know what those private conversations entailed. However, only five months later the same Saudi leadership that had met with Trump suddenly initiated an anti-corruption purge, arresting dozens of powerful and important Saudi officials, many of whom were members of the royal family with gigantic resources at their call.

Such a purge could not be done quickly. It certainly required months to plan so that the powerful individuals arrested would be unable to use their resources to protect themselves. Moreover, such a purge required knowledge by the Saudi leadership on whom to target, with solid evidence to use against them so as to make the purge creditable to those powerful Saudis who were uninvolved but must be convinced the purge is justified.

It was only in the past week, while reading another news story on a related subject (to which I will discuss shortly), that it occurred to me that the timing of these events suggested they were connected. Trump becomes President in January. By May he is well briefed on what U.S. intelligence agencies know about members in the Saudi royal family, including those members who are known to have links either with terrorist groups, corruption, or both. This information is carefully and quietly provided to the Saudi leadership during his May visit. That Saudi leadership, using what they now know, then take about five months to plan the purge that occurs in early November when they arrest many members of their royal family.

I don’t know if this connection is real. It just seems to make sense to me. The news story that brought it to my mind last week was the detailed report in Politico describing the investigation into Hezbollah’s global drug running operation and how the Obama administration worked to squelch that investigation.

The press has so far been focused entirely on the role the Obama administration played in shutting down this investigation, actions taken by them in their effort to get the Iran nuclear agreement signed.

A careful reading of the report however revealed a lot more than this. It showed that Hezbollah’s drug operations were widespread, that the government investigations in the CIA, the NSA, and the DEA were long running, extensive, and had almost certainly uncovered a lot more dirty information about the Middle East leadership, including many people in the Saudi royal family, than the Politico reporters were able to uncover.

That dirty information is what I believe President Trump almost certainly brought with him to Saudi Arabia in May, and was then used by Saudi leadership to carry out its purge in November.

There was one component of Hezbollah’s global drug operation that was described in the Politico report that immediately jumped out to me as having a connection not with corruption in the Middle East but in Congress itself. It seems that Hezbollah’s operations used about 300 U.S. car dealerships to launder money out of the country. The drug money would be used to buy used cars, which would be shipped to Africa where they were sold, the cash then heading to Lebanon for use by Hezbollah.

The words “car dealership” immediately made me think of Imran Awan, the computer specialist who had been running the Congressional computers for numerous Democratic Party congressmen, including then Democratic Party boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and has since been arrested for bank fraud and is strongly suspected of doing much worse, including the possibility he was using his position to provide intelligence to our enemies in Pakistan and in the Middle East.

I have posted numerous stories about the Awan scandal since July. A more recent story, describing Awan’s large illegal operation, included details of a fake car dealership Awan set up in Virginia that was apparently used in connection with Hezbollah’s money laundering scheme.

As the intrepid Luke Rosiak notes in the Daily Caller, Imran’s brother Abid ran a used-car lot in Falls Church, Virginia, called Cars International A. Trouble was, the “CIA” dealership had no inventory and the sales people were fakes. …[T]he Awan dealership “took money from a Hezbollah-linked fugitive” whose financial books were “indecipherable.” And as the DEA was aware, “the Iranian-linked terrorist group frequently deployed used car dealerships in the US to launder money and fund terrorism.”

In other words, there is now strong evidence that the corrupt IT specialists hired by Congressional Democrats and now under arrest for bank fraud might not only have been working to collect intelligence for Pakistani sources, they might have also been working with Hezbollah.

This data also increases my suspicions that Imran Awan has been blackmailing many of these Democrats, which would explain why Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been so aggressive in her defense of him.

Meanwhile, the scheduled January 8th court date involving the Awan arrest and indictment, already postponed twice, has mysteriously vanished from the court’s calendar.

This might not mean anything, or else it might mean that there is an effort in the corrupt swamp that is Washington to bury this story.

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  • ken anthony

    While always keeping my grain of salt shaker handy, this is exactly the type of post you should do more often. The dots certainly seem to connect and may lead to a lot more. Great work and please keep it up. I sense your caution and expect you have more in mind?

  • ken anthony: This post is my personal effort to try to understand what is going on. The press today (both on the left and the right) does a horrible job covering these stories, essentially only writing about them in a very superficial way. As I can’t depend on the press for good analysis, this essay is merely my attempt to dig deeper, based on my overall effort of trying to ignore the childish twitter-fed spats and focus on the deeper events that might actually change things, for better or worse.

  • Diane Wilson

    This seems spot-on; a number of these connections were already jumping out, but the possible connection to the Saudi purge is a very interesting idea.

    I’ve long suspected (and I’m not alone in this, by any means) that Trump uses Twitter as a distraction to keep media interest away from serious issues, especially the mid-East, especially counter-terrorism, especially foreign policy, all areas where the media would normally stir up trouble for a Republican president. I suspect that 2018 will be an especially nasty year politically, and that even a partial housecleaning in the DOJ will result in a lot of corruption getting aired out just as the Dems are talking up impeachment. Awan, Uranium One, the DNC, and more, will get much more public attention than before.

    The timing of the reveal of Obama’s thwarting of DEA investigations of Hamas drug dealing will accomplish one other thing; it is sure to win Trump friends down in the trenches of the Justice Department. Those friends will be increasingly vital in cleaning up throughout the bureaucracy.

  • ken anthony

    The press today (both on the left and the right) does a horrible job covering these stories

    No kidding. I count the murder of Don Bolles as the day journalism died. The only excuse I can think of is the talking heads wouldn’t have a job if they tried to actually do it.

    Trump uses Twitter as a distraction

    Dianne, He’s said as much, but of course, nobody was listening.

  • Chris

    I asked a couple of friends how many stories they read in 2017 about Imran Awan. They didn’t even know who I was talking about. These are good dots.

  • Chris wrote, “These are good dots.”

    Could you explain what you mean by this? It is a bit too vague for my brain to deconstruct.

  • Cotour

    Oh what a tangled web we weave.

    The complexity of these Democrat arrangements and blatant naive disregard for U.S. security and foreign intrigue at the minimum is initially just lazy and plain stupid (And I do not like using the word stupid, but that does seem to fit), and at the same time it is the highest levels of treason and possibly murder and could only be believed in a product of a failed fiction writer who’s worst manuscript was somehow produced into a book or movie.

    Why a failed writer?

    Because this entire mass of extensive corruption and what looks like just plain ignorance dominated by raw political ambition and the chase for eternal political power is for not one second a believable scenario.

    Not for one second! But here it is right in front of everyone’s eye balls.

    It is so deep and encompasses so many that it truly is unbelievable. And of course it all leads to one of the most manipulative, lawless and corrupt politicians to ever operate at the highest levels on American soil, Hillary R. Clinton. All others, and I mean ALL others, pale in comparison.

    Lets take a look at the politically walking dead who will go to their graves defending what has gone on for the past 8 years that has brought us all to this apex of incompetence and treason.

    Look at them, these are the walking dead of the Democrat party, four lily white Liberal dopes, a stolen valor Senator (Man he pisses me off), a plain vanilla Leftist, a Socialist come Communist, and an invisible NY Liberal democrat and one big do nothing, know nothing tool of a smile in the back round. The only one missing is Chuck Schumer to complete the scene.

    You are witnessing the death of the leadership of the Democrat party right here in this one picture and therein the inability for them to capture the presidency for at least one cycle for sure and possibly many more.

    What we are also witnessing as this entire thing rolls out in the coming months has the potential to be the germination of a true reJuvenated America reconnecting to its foundation document, IF WE AS A PEOPLE HAVE THE GUTS TO DO WHAT MUST BE DONE.

  • Cotour. Nicely put. For once you don’t insult everyone who is reading what you have written and might agree with you. :)

    Note however that your last paragraph illustrates why I remain reluctantly pessimistic. You say “we as a people have to have the guts to do what must be done.” However, we as a people have been reelecting these corrupt frauds for decades, and I guarantee will elect them again. And while much of the blame might fall on the liberal voters in liberal states, the conservative states don’t have much to brag about either.

    You get the government you deserve. Right now, I think this corrupt bunch is unfortunately exactly what we deserve. And I remain doubtful we are acting in a way that will make us deserve better. You will see why in an essay I will post Monday (where I might quote you above as well).

  • Cotour


    Please feel free to use what you think valuable and not use what you believe insulting, I look forward to your observations and comments. Although insults, both veiled and not so veiled serve their purposes.

    I leave you again with my latest tag line: ITS COMING.

    Doubt me not, it permeates the atmosphere and will come to a critical mass like a spark to a room full of methane in 2018. And if its does not happen or happens in only a minor symbolic way then we are all truly doomed because we are all fraudulent and we fail miserably those who crafted our system of governance.

    All the best to you and your wife in the New Year.

  • Laurie

    “The press has so far been focused entirely on the role the Obama administration played in shutting down this investigation, actions taken by them in their effort to get the Iran nuclear agreement signed.”

    It appears to me the Obama administration’s (concerted) effort to shut down the Hezbollah drug/financing investigation(s) may have had more to do with preventing ‘dirty information’ entangling certain Democrats (politicians and staff) from getting out rather than protecting the Iran nuclear deal.

  • cjones1

    Jan. 8th should be interesting in the saga of the “blame America” Democratic party. The MSM will bury the story of Imran, the car dealerships benefitting Hezbollah, and the DNC emails sold to the highest bidders. Right now the MSM is running Papadopoulos’s drunken boast “Russians have dirt on Hillary” story. After discovering Hillary’s private server and the missing emails, we all thought the Russians, Chinese, or others had hacked her. Of course that was before Russian hacking was cool. Given her pay to play bonuses and proceeds from the Rosatom/Uranium One deal, it has been amazing that Comey or Mueller has never asked if anyone from her campaign met with the Russian Ambassador of any “operatives.” It is even more remarkable now that it is known that the Steele dossier was a Clinton opposition research project compiled with collaboration from Russian intelligence services.

  • Jwing

    My gut tells me we will be seeing many “accidental”,untimely and seemingly unrelated deaths of close associates to Hillary and the Obama administration….freak private charter jet crashes, skiing accidents, unexplainable overdoses, and a rash of suicides with guns.
    2018 is going to get downright intriguing.

  • Cotour

    I leave 2017 and BTB with my final post of the year, and its not something that I wrote but its something that Hillary R. Clinton wrote and emailed, I believe to Donna Brazile. Its short and to the point and nicely illustrates what every conscious American knows without doubt and it tells the whole story about what will be unfolding in 2018.

    HRC: “If that F#ckin Bastard wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses! You better fix this [deleted]!”

    Tomorrow is January 1st, 2018, buckle up, its going to get like nothing anyone has ever seen before in American politics. This is political war of the highest order and there will be blood! And if we fail the test as Americans we will be no better than the worst of the worst governments that have ever been, and in fact we will be much worse than they because we will have abandoned our responsibilities as American to do what must be done.

    Good luck to all who deserve it in the coming year, and to those who have systematically sold out their country through raw and in your face arrogance and corruption may God and the people of America have mercy on you.

    Happy New Year.

  • Cotour: What the hell is wrong with this world?! Have I not made it clear that I will not tolerate obscenities on BtB? Have not just today told LocalFluff that I will ban him if he can’t control himself?

    And then you come along and do it yourself.

    I am pissed. I am tempted to shut down comments entirely for a week just to make everyone understand that I will not have my website poisoned by the garbage that the rest of the world wants to wallow in. This place at least is going to be civilized and decent. I have to live here. It is where I work. I will not have soiled.

  • Cotour

    I am communicating real words used by the most corrupt political operative / individual that has ever trod on American soil, I did not write them, I have respectfully modified my writing to accommodate your preferences they are a direct quote, she said it not me. You as a journalist value accuracy, don’t you? This is real life not some play fantasy that someone wants it to be.

    No disrespect meant, just the reality of the situation.

    Now this will be my last post of the year.

  • Cotour: When Nixon’s White House used the term [expletive deleted], everyone knew what it meant.

    You are a guest here. I reserve the right to run this place as I wish. Your response makes me even more angry.

    Have a Great New Year, but it will be a week before you can post again here. You have been suspended for a week.

  • ken anthony

    Bob, I understand and agree with you regarding bad language, but expletives are culturally defined. Some may not be aware they are using a word you object to. Perhaps a list could be referred to for first time offenders? (not a solution I know but would provide guidance.)

  • ken anthony: That you think it necessary to teach people what a curse word is illustrates how far our society has declined. People know exactly what words I’m talking about. The culture might have decided its okay to say them, but it has decided to do so in order to make it permissible to say what everyone knows are ugly and barbaric words. This is just manufacturing an excuse.

    Moreover, it is not like the commenters yesterday had not gotten in trouble about this with me before. Both had been warned previously, for exactly the same words.

  • Judy

    Anyone who really needs a list can start with George Carlin’s.

  • Cotour: Your suspension has been lifted, and you are welcome to comment here again.

  • Cotour

    On another very interesting front, we get back to the Las Vegas shooting.

    In this article the writer lays out the probable scenario and seems to establish that Prince Bin Salman WAS in Vegas at the Tropicana.

    Bin Talal’s failure at the apparent attempted assassination of Bin Salman in reclaiming his rightful place as King apparently failed in so many ways. This power struggle that was caused when King Fisal named his brother as King and that changed the lineage.

    “There was a King Fasal who had a son, Prince Alwaleed, bin Talal. King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as king in his place. King Salman has named his son an heir to the throne, instead of his brother’s son Prince Al Waleed. Al Waleed is a Wahabbi. Salman is Suni. Wahabbi is extreme Islam.”

    And now Bin Talal sits in a maximum security prison.

  • Cotour


    The guy in the white tee shirt in the Tropicana trailing the armed contingent marching through the Tropicana is not Bin Salman, I believe he is a security guard.

    Which does not establish one way or the other that Bin Salman was or was not there, he was just not in that video. Notice the police were not fooling around, ordered everyone “hands up” with AR’s at the ready and they were carrying a stretcher. For who’s body? This was at the Tropicana which is a little over a half of a mile from the Mandalay Bay.

  • Cotour

    As the Saudi anti corruption program and flushing of their system winds down, the American anti corruption and flushing of criminals from its government and corporations begins I.E. the Dec 21st. Trump E.O..

    The parallels are not going unnoticed.

    Could the era of Leftist collusion, corruption and anti Constitutional activities from within our own government in the attempt at the Globalization of the world be coming to an end?

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