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If Trump wins in November, expect a real insurrection from Democrats

The Democratic Party: Fostering election tampering everywhere
The Democratic Party

The reaction by Democratic Party politicians and pundits to the Supreme Court ruling on March 4, 2024 — voiding the effort by Colorado to throw Donald Trump off its ballot — reveals some very fundamental realities that must be faced by all Americans. To put it bluntly: These Democrats have no intention of accepting a victory by Donald Trump in the upcoming election, even if he should win by a majority so vast that no amount of election rigging can disguise it.

The first reaction to that decision was a major tell. Jean Griswold is the secretary of state of Colorado who had taken Trump off the ballot, claiming he was an insurrectionist even though that was merely her opinion as Trump has not only never been convicted of that crime, he has not even been charged with it. Immediately after the court rejected her actions unanimously, she tweeted the following:

I am disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision stripping states of the authority to enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment for federal candidates. Colorado should be able to bar oath-breaking insurrections from our ballot.

Spurred by her blind hatred of Trump, Griswold’s refusal to deal with reality here is disturbing, to say the least. First, the court made it very clear, unanimously, that the states don’t have this authority when it comes to federal elections. That she as a lawyer could not recognize the plain legal arguments here that were agreed to by even the most radical leftists on the court indicates how blind she has become to reasonable disagreement.

Second, Griswold clearly thinks she by herself, based on nothing but her opinion, has the right to determine who is or is not an insurrectionist. In a country where by law and a very long tradition all people are innocent until proven guilty, by what law does she think she has that right?

The bottom line is that Griswold reveals the mindset of the Democrat Party. They are mentally unprepared to accept a Trump election victory, no matter what, and will do anything to block his victory.

This mindset is further revealed by this CNN article published today, attempting to figure out other ways in which the Democrats can block a victory by Trump.

If Trump wins the election, that theory goes, Democrats might attempt to disqualify him before electoral votes are counted in January 2025 during the same once-perfunctory process that pro-Trump rioters interrupted when they attacked the US Capitol in 2021.

Political pressure to do so would likely swell if Trump is convicted in any of the four criminal cases pending against him – especially with the timeline of his federal election subversion trial increasingly bumping up against the November election.

…Some saw ambiguity in the [Supreme Court’s] opinion – and the possibility of a constitutional showdown. “The opinion is unclear on what happens after the election if Trump wins,” said Gerard Magliocca, law professor at Indiana University and one of the nation’s top experts on the ban and who supported Trump’s disqualification. “At best, it’s unclear,” he said. “And therefore, if Trump wins, people are going to try these things. And it just makes the presidential transition – if Trump wins – more complicated, unpleasant and problematic than it needed to be.”

Bluntly put, leftist lawyers like Magliocca fully intend to work with Congressional Democrats to prepare new tactics, ready to go in November, should vote rigging fail to block a Trump victory.

This leftist team effort was immediately apparent the very day of the Supreme Court ruling, when Democrats in Congress made it clear they are already putting together legislation to cancel a Trump win.

Representative Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, on Monday said he’s working with colleagues on legislation that could bar someone who committed insurrection from holding office. Raskin made the announcement after the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that former President Donald Trump should appear on the primary ballot in states that have challenged his presidential candidacy.

“”I’m working with a number of my colleagues—including [Democratic Representatives] Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Eric Swalwell—to revive legislation…to set up a process by which we could determine that someone who committed insurrection is disqualified by section three of the 14th amendment,” Raskin said during an appearance on CNN.

It is unlikely this legislation could pass the House, but that these Democrats began push for it immediately once again illustrates their utter unwillingness to accept the will of the voters. These politicians plan to do whatever they can to stop Trump, even if he wins.

The ballot box: Rejected by Demcrats

And based on present polls, a Trump victory would have been considered guaranteed in the world that once existed prior to 2020. Then, any time an incumbant failed to get more than 50% support in a poll, the political class considered that elected official in serious trouble. Biden is not only not getting 50% support, he actually trails Trump now in the polls. On top of that, support for Biden among previously guaranteed voting blocks, blacks and hispanics, has plummeted.

With these numbers Democrats in the past would have been scrambling to find someone to replace Biden, and would have been doing so for months. Today, the Democrats have instead been scrambling to find ways to prevent anyone from beating Biden. They not only are attempting to disqualify the Republican choice, Trump, but have taken action to prevent any other Democrat, such as Robert F. Kennedy, from challenging Biden in their own primaries.

All these tells us that we should be prepared for some crazy times come November. All the traditional signs right now point to an easy win for Trump. All the present signs however suggest the Democrats will not accept that victory, should it happen.

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  • F

    Raskin, referring to the 2020 election, accuses others of being “election deniers”, but he himself has denied the 2016 election of Trump, and he is obviously ready and eager to deny a Trump victory in 2024, if it should happen.

    There is no sharing a country with people like Raskin, whether they be Leftists, Marxists, “democratic socialists”, whatever. The Left, despite all its preaching for tolerance, has no tolerance whatsoever for different opinions or viewpoints.

  • Trent Castanaveras

    There’s already a movie coming out in April to get your brain acclimated to the idea:

    Never mind some of the unlikely details (such as Texas and California allied for this op), this show clearly depicts an uprising against a Trump figure by the militant liberals in the “West”. I’m reminded of the relentless Hollywood depictions of pandemics and post-apocalyptic scenarios leading up to the covid scam. Social programming.

  • Gary H

    The “Democrats” will not allow Trump to win and take the oath of office. I expect more active forms of election interference with the help of social media, AI, foreign wars and disease/emergency response prior to November. Street resistance only comes about if all else fails and I would not expect the election interference will look the same as it did in 2020. The deep state does not intend on failing. BTW… real dangers that may arise from the actions of military aged men from Iran, Iranian proxies and China might, or might not be part of the plan. We will see if we have a country, or a tyranny.

  • David Eastman

    I remind people of what happened with DACA. Trump issued an order to stop a policy started (illegally, he admitted himself) by Obama. It went to the Supreme Court, which ruled that Trump’s order was not valid since the necessary studies on the impact of terminating this program had not been performed by his administration. But a deep state long service bureaucrat went on The View and proudly proclaimed that those studies had in fact been done, but she had deliberately not included the proper documentation in the reports signed by the Secretary. And since she was now retired, and the Supreme Court had ruled, and the department was back under democrat control, there was nothing that could or would be done about it.

    Unless congress gets behind Trump and pushes, and the DoJ actively comes down on his side and pushes when matters come before the courts, we’re just going to see more and more of this. The government will be in open rebellion against him, either ignoring his directives, or structuring their actions in ways that will be struck down or easily reverted under the next administration. And the deep state will fold in on themselves and protect each other and nobody will even get fired much less go to jail or lose any benefits.

  • Raskin, son of a Marxist, its in the blood. Fani Willis, same, good soldiers all.

    If Trump wins, and he must win, we have not seen the worst of it.

    A good majority of the Left are without doubt seriously juvenilely and mentally disabled. The crap that Raskin proposes is the height of desperate and stupid. And who is Raskins guru? Lawrence Tribe, enemy of the Constitution. A despicable man. Trained / indoctrinated many lawyers, good soldiers all to hate the Constitution.

    They have the legal minds of children. Desperate children with power. Very scary.

    Listen to Alan Dershowitz regarding Raskin who was his student:

    The onslaught from the radical “progressive” Left and former Americans will be withering.

    Bring it.

  • 370H55V I/me/mine

    The possession of a vagina is her privilege to do that.

  • Ming O'Mongo

    Regardless of the outcome, expect mostly peaceful riots, limited arson, some looting, especially in blue urban areas. E. g.: Nearly every Philadelphia loss or victory in a major contest results in disorder.

  • Directly related: Dr. Bret Weinstein testifying before the Senate:

    Huston, we have a problem!

    If you remember I happen to state several times right here on BTB now years ago when all of this “progressive” crap began to get rolling: “Political correctness will get us all killed”. And I still stand by that statement.

    Prophetic? No, just common sense.

  • Steve White

    Someone tell the Democratic Congress-critters that we already have a law that enforces Section 3. it’s U.S. Code, title 18, section 2383:

    We don’t need a new law. We need Congress-critters to know the laws they passed in the past.

    If you really think Mr. Trump incited an insurrection, you have a law with which to charge him. Do it. I dare you.

  • Steve Richter

    yeah, democrats will unleash Antifa and Blacks to riot all across the country if Trump is the president. And few of competence will step forward to serve in a Trump admin. There will be large scale disarray internationally as countries, European especially, will be very reluctant to join in any coalitions led by Trump and the US. Meaning, China will likely take Taiwan. Domestically we are due for all sorts of problems due to our national debt. Has Trump said anything of substance describing solutions to the nations looming problems? Even if he has answers, who will listen to him? Kind of obvious the country will be facing terrible events and problems in the near term years to come. Maybe, on the bright side, Trump would force a peace between UKR and RU. NATO could even be transformed into a broader alliance of Russia and the West. Just that there are multiple scenarios where a 2nd Trump presidency makes problems harder to solve and result in terrible outcomes.

  • wayne

    “Peaceful National Divorce Is Possible, Says Michael Malice,
    Tim Pool Says, Civil War”
    Timcast excerpt (December 27, 2023)

  • mac

    It may very well get difficult in a lot of America’s major cities. However, I suspect President Trump will do as he did in his first term, which was to let things get handled by the state officials unless violence affects Federal property. So, if NY, Ill, Cal and Mass all find themselves facing crazed rioters, they will be on their own unless they ask for help from the Federal Government.

    The place I expect the first demonstration of President Trump’s power is on the southern border. I expect he will use the military to close it from Tijuana to Brownsville. He will probably then start firing as many DOJ and DHS personnel as he can and sending those he can’t fire to Kodiak, Alaska. He learned a lot about how to deal with a recalcitrant bureaucracy last time he was in office. I think we’ll see those lessons put to work posthaste once he takes the oath. And if we get Ken Paxton as AG, the feathers are going to fly in the dovecotes of the leftists.

    I am going to love seeing it!

  • SDN

    Does anyone with a functioning brain expect an honest count of ANY Republican votes, let alone votes for President Trump, to be counted honestly in Colorado (or any other blue jurisdiction)?

  • James Street

    Eric Swalwell, who slept with Chinese commie spy Fang Fang.

    6 months or a year ago there was a Twitter thread where a guy did a timeline of how the Democrats’ reaction to the J6 “insurrection” was a preplanned choreographed event by Democrats to avoid the normal election validation process of the fraud ridden 2020 elections and declare Biden the winner.

    The never used J6 pipe bomb was somehow their plan B.

    I’m sure the Democrats have something like that planned for 2024 election.

    (Besides outright violence)

  • David H.

    In case you missed it, the Colorado State Supreme Court actually held a trial and found Trump guilty of insurrection, based on the evidence produced by the J6 investigation congressional committee. I guess they weren’t concerned with things like jurisdiction or Trump’s sixth amendment rights at the time. I’m sorry but I can’t find a link.

  • Jeff Wright

    Terrorists are burning Teslas all over.

    Greens need to be put in Gitmo.

  • Where is Fort Sumter for this generation?

  • GWB

    And it just makes the presidential transition – if Trump wins – more complicated, unpleasant and problematic than it needed to be.
    Well, the Clinton-to-W transition already took us there. As well as the 0bama-to-Trump transition. So, the barn is empty.
    But, this also argues for simply firing everyone as insubordinate once Trump is in office. Everyone between the appointed positions and down to just above the GS-6 spots. Period.

  • Orson

    I am unable to get Cotour’s link on Dershowitz and Raskin (SEE ABOVE) to work.

    However, I was able to find this column by Dershowitz on Raskin:

  • Taylor Lake

    It’s hard to disagree with the thrust of this article. I’m predicting an eventual assassination of Donald Trump some time before November. That’s how “by any means necessary” works, and by their language the donks are already liquoring themselves up for it.

    As soon as they realize that Trump can Beat the Cheat, they’ll try to kill him. And given that the Secret Service is probably already one of the federal agencies the donks have weaponized in their service, they’ll probably succeed.

  • “The never used J6 pipe bomb was somehow their plan B.”

    As I understand it the “pipe bomb” (?) that was placed I believe the day before the Jan 6th event had a one-hour timer on it.

    Process that.

    The “pipe bomb” appears to be just like the bag of cocaine in the White House surrounded by I am certain many, many video cameras and surrounded by the highest security I would assume on the planet and in possession of the highest DNA investigatory technology by the FBI and the Secret Service no one could seem to determine who it belonged to.

    Tell me again, who is Ray Epps?

    Orson: I have checked the link for Dershowitz commenting on Raskin, Lawrence Tribe juvenile and desperate enemy of America and the Constitution and it worked for me.

  • Chris

    Steve White – late to your comment.

    From the site “Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto,…”

    However, where is insurrection legally defined. I see that as the problem.
    Is it to disagree?
    It is to organize in disagreement?
    Is it to disagree with malice?
    It it to openly protest?
    Is it to organize to protest?
    Is it to commit open noncompliance?
    Is it to riot?
    Is it to organize in riot?
    Is it to take violence upon individuals?
    Is it to organize to take violence upon individuals?
    etc. … to organized violent overthrow of the government.

    With no definition I don’t see how it is a valid law. It looks like this law could directly conflict with the First Amendment on “against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof,” part.

  • Bob Dobolina

    It’s simple. The CIA/leftist/commie Clique running the government will assassinate Trump.

    They will blame it on Iranians or a disgruntled vet.

    Trump will never be allowed to take office because he can eliminate the CIA/FBI by lopping off the leadership.

  • GWB

    we should be prepared for some crazy times come November
    I NEVER thought I would consider Piers Anthony prescient, but has anyone here ever read the series Bio Of A Space Tyrant? Particularly the 4th and 5th books? That is the level of craziness facing us.

  • Richard

    This is precisely the problem with Federalism. It is situational, depending on who controls the state in question. The Colorado creature is appealing to Federalism and I am willing to bet that she opposes Texas’ effort to stop illegal immigration. Ditto for abortion vs drug legalization. And there is a mirror image of this on the Right.

    So Federalism isn’t going to fix the divisiveness, only full separation will do that.

    When in the course of human events…

  • GWB

    David Eastman
    March 6, 2024 at 4:43 pm

    The government will be in open rebellion against him, either ignoring his directives, or structuring their actions in ways that will be struck down or easily reverted under the next administration.

    And we will be told again and again that there is no such thing as The Deep State.

  • GWB

    David H.
    March 7, 2024 at 6:03 am

    the Colorado State Supreme Court actually held a trial

    Well, no. They had a tribunal and decreed he was guilty. As a law-abiding citizen I wouldn’t give it the honorific of a “trial.”

  • GWB

    Bob Dobolina
    March 7, 2024 at 7:53 am

    They will blame it on Iranians or a disgruntled vet.

    And… they’ve already prepped the battlefield by stating there is an Iranian assassin running about (evidently having crossed the southern border) looking to do in Trump administration people in revenge for killing that terror leader.

  • wayne

    I fully expect the election to be stolen.
    I’m in Michigan, the tri-country Detroit metroplex dominates the entire State.
    They don’t have to steal the entire election, just enough to win.
    Amazingly, for our Primary, all the votes were counted before midnight, but on Election Day in November there will be ‘problems,’ guaranteed.

    nothing wrong with federalism, but– the federal senate no longer represents the States.
    Direct election of US senators breached that firewall.

  • Milt

    To Taylor Lake —

    More likely, the Deep State will probably arrange a “motorcade in Dallas” (or a quick trip through a crowded hotel kitchen) for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. should his polling numbers become of concern. [To my knowledge, the Biden Admin. *still* refuses to provide Mr. Kennedy with any Secret Service protection.]

    Of even more concern — killing bothersome Kennedies seems to be “normal” for our rogue, out of control intel agencies — is that our friends in Foggy Bottom will exercise the “Rubashov Option”* and arrange for Joe Biden to be taken out in a classic false flag action by “right wing MAGA / Christian extremists” who hate our democracy.

    *In Arthur Koestler’s novel, Darkness at Noon, the old Bolshevik Rubashov “is arrested, imprisoned, and tried for treason against the government that he helped to create.” In this scenario, the old pol Biden, like Boxer the Horse in Orwell’s Animal Farm (who is sent to the glue factory to raise money for the Pigs), would be similarly sacrificed for the good of the Party.

    Indeed, offing poor, doddering China Joe would not only solve the DNC’s “problem” with their current candidate, it would instantly convert him into a sanctified martyr to their cause, and the electorate, as happened in 1964, could be expected to vote in mass to repudiate those evil, racist people who hate America so much that they would kill its President. Not only that, AI could be used to create Deep Fake evidence that would conclusively “prove” that MAGA hat-wearing lunatics (if not Donald Trump himself**) did the deed. The ultimate win-win for all concerned on the radical, Jacobin left. Whoever the new Democratic candidate might be, he or she would be the odds-on favorite to win the White House in November, and his or her coattails might carry the House and Senate as well.

    **Remember that phone call to Ukraine…)

    On this basis, let us all pray for a long life for Mr. Biden.

  • Jay Dee

    The Democrats can revolt all they want. In fact, I hope they do because they are in for a very rude awakening when all the precedents that they set in prosecuting Trump are used against them.

  • The Old Freedom Fighter

    I lived through 1968. A tragic year. 2024 is up for grabs. Just happy to be in my 70’s & preparing for the inevitable.

  • MN Steel

    Funny how the political has sucked all the air out of the room.

    Especially when the room is full of elephants that seem ready to rampage throughout the global village, or at least the Potemkin Village set up by the narrative creators in government, media and academia.

    Elephants with names like Economic Woes, Energy Issues, Supply Issues, and Military Endeavors.

    With politics the ONLY focus, it’s easy to miss the elephants, much less what color they are. At least I hope they’re elephants, and not horses, especially the pale horse. Modern Medicine is that one’s name.

  • Milt

    Here are Victor Davis Hanson’s Comments on Civil War 2024:

    I have transcribed some of his comments, beginning about 3:29 into the video and continuing to its end.

    VDH: “Yeah, I think that most people who are confronted daily with the realities
    of living one more day, paying for their gas, their food, building something, pouring
    cement, fixing…, whatever it is, it’s real and the have absolutes that they see in nature.

    But when you have the desk bound class, or the bi-coastal elite, whether it’s tech
    or in academia, I think that people get divorced from reality, and we’ve had this
    globalization that really enriched the coast because they had unique gifts that could
    have a global market. I mean tech and law and media, whereas the muscular clas-
    ses really have lost wages because their labor or their products could be Xeroxed
    abroad. So I think a lot of people in the universities live in a La La Land, to tell you
    the truth, and we saw that with the testimonies of these three esteemed presidents
    [of, Harvard, UPenn, and MIT who waffled on whether or not virulent antisemitism
    was OK on their campuses].

    They were just completely out of touch, and I think that most people who were elec-
    tricians or plumbers, if you asked them do you think in your little company people
    should be saying every day that they want to wipe out the Jews in Israel? They’d
    probably say, no, I wouldn’t let them say that; it’s too dangerous, it [would] lead to

    So there’s a common sense, and I think it is really drawing in the question of the
    value of a four year education because they’re not inducting empirical centers;
    they’re deductive, and they’re indoctrinating people in a very pernicious dogma that’s
    really tearing us apart.”

    The new film — while perhaps a wonderful example of predictive programming — doesn’t (at least as much as can be discerned so far) seem to get anywhere near the real causes of the actual fissures in American life. And, so much the worse for us, Hollywood and the identity politics Kool-Aid drinkers in the media are never going to “get,” or acknowledge this reality, short of being on the receiving end of something like General Sherman’s “March to the Sea” toward the end of the first Civil War…

    One hopes that Mr. Trump — should he be allowed to take office again — will have the cahones to channel General Sherman and do what needs to be done, lol.

  • Icepilot

    Antifa/BLM tearing down blue cities? Not a problem. It’s expected.
    But if they move on to surburbs and/or out into rural areas, they’ll learn why those areas support the 2nd Amendment.

  • Related:


    “Hubris thy name is anyone who assumes a Subjective partisan based superior political morality charge based on the dominant and clearly perverted and corrupt party politics of the day and acts upon it in a court room.

    And it is she that has done the investigating and due diligence and has brought the heat and light of the surface of the sun on all of this judicial and prosecutorial treachery into the public light. ”

  • pzatchok

    I will be CCW to the voting booth and keeping my powder dry at home after that.

    Just do not riot in my yard and you can burn down all your own neighborhoods at will.

  • Edward

    David H.,
    You wrote: “In case you missed it, the Colorado State Supreme Court actually held a trial and found Trump guilty of insurrection, … I’m sorry but I can’t find a link.” [ellipsis mine]

    Perhaps you cannot find a link because such a hearing would have been a secretive Star Chamber type of event, complete without defense for the accused or ability of the accused to face or question his accuser. Hardly a trial that follows American jurisprudence. Guilt by accusation is a bit more French Revolution.
    Robert wrote: “First, the court made it very clear, unanimously, that the states don’t have this authority when it comes to federal elections. That she as a lawyer could not recognize the plain legal arguments here that were agreed to by even the most radical leftists on the court indicates how blind she has become to reasonable disagreement.

    Worse than that, Section 5 of the 14th Amendment states unambiguously:

    5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

    This is not a state’s rights issue. This is a power explicitly granted to the federal government.

    Second, Griswold clearly thinks she by herself, based on nothing but her opinion, has the right to determine who is or is not an insurrectionist. In a country where by law and a very long tradition all people are innocent until proven guilty, by what law does she think she has that right?

    I suspect that she believed that since everyone else was grabbing rights away from We the People during the Wuhan flu panic, she could grab whatever rights she wanted. This is why pushback is so important. If we don’t push back, then we lose the rights that our tyrants take away from us.

    This mindset is further revealed by this CNN article published today, attempting to figure out other ways in which the Democrats can block a victory by Trump.

    Another case in point. Time Magazine printed an article on how the U.S. press helped to rig the 2020 election, and the Republican Party refused to push back. Now CNN is showing how to rig the post election process and the importance of all the election interference that we are getting from Democrat officials. One of the more important of which are the various bogus trials against a non-Democrat candidate. The tyranny is so well entrenched that it can be displayed for all to see without fear of pushback. This is how badly the lack of action from the Republican Party has affected us.

    It is unlikely this legislation could pass the House, but that these Democrats began push for it immediately once again illustrates their utter unwillingness to accept the will of the voters. These politicians plan to do whatever they can to stop Trump, even if he wins.

    See? The Democrat Party knows how to push back, and they do it even before it is needed. Preemptive pushback. The FBI worked on preemptive pushback when they were rigging the 2016 election, and when that failed, they and other Democrat operatives within government and outside of government prepared more preemptive pushback for the 2020 election — which worked.

    The Democrats have their useful idiots. The Republicans are useless idiots.

  • Jeff Wright

    Right now on C-SPAN 2 is the free-and-equal Presidential debate–you know…for losers.

    The socialist wasn’t the most frightening one. The libertarian looked like a greaser with Gavin levels of Brylcream…Jill Stein was the big threat there.

    Tho socialist just looked like someone who washed dishes her whole life. Jill Stein and Biden would tell her she can’t have a stove.

    Greens are EVERYONE’S enemy.

    France existing proves her lies against nuclear power are just that–lies.

    I think a winning platform is to explain to Americans that Biden, like Jill Stein, wants to replace the constitution with the Unabomber Manifesto.

    Grover Norquest should be sent to Michigan to say to folks in Dearborn “psst…Trump is going to end all foreign aid.”

  • Martin

    Facts to do with what you will:
    USSR Leaves Afghanistan: 02/15/89
    USSR Collapses: 12/26/91
    Days elapsed: 1044

    US Leaves Afghanistan: 08/30/21
    US date + 1044 days: 07/09/24
    Days until that date: 123

  • Stephanie

    If they acquit him of ‘insurrection’ does that mean they have to give up their captured Jan.6 pawns as well?

    Maybe that’s what they are afraid of happening.

  • Stephanie: Since Trump has never been even charged with insurrection, he can’t very well be acquited. In fact, as far as I am aware none of the Jan 6 demonstrators have been charged with this as well. Most have been sentenced to harsh prison term for things like “parading.”

  • pzatchok

    Some of those Jan 6 punishments are being overturned for being excessive.

    At least thats what I have heard.

    I also believe that most of the verdicts and punishments against Trump will also be reduced on that very same account.

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