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“If you have wrongthink, you will not be allowed.”

The fascist, intolerant, and oppressive nature of today’s leftist culture has now gotten so bad that The Atlantic, a liberal publication long considered a reasonable intellectual voice from the left, can no longer tolerate for more than two weeks the hiring of a conservative, even though that conservative, Kevin Williamson, was also a vehement opponent of Donald Trump.

The quote that forms the title of this essay however comes not from the above Williamson story, but from a cogent essay by Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist about that intolerant leftist culture. As he says,

This story [Williamson’s firing] is a predictable continuation of the left’s ownership not just of media but indeed of all institutions. It is depressing. It is predictable. And it is where we are as a country now. It is not confined to the realm of ideas. Eich, Damore, Williamson and others are subject to blacklists and HR reports and firing in every arena of industry and culture. If you have wrongthink, you will not be allowed for long to make your living within any space the left has determined they own – first the academy, then the media, then corporate America, and now the public square. You will bake the cake, you will use the proper pronoun, and you will never say that what Planned Parenthood does is murder for hire, and should be punished as such under the law.

As Domenech notes, Williamson’s firing is only one example of a legion of similar stories. There is the fascist intolerance of modern academia for example. Or we can talk about the hateful scapegoating of innocent NRA members, blaming them for a murderer’s violence merely because they wish to defend their Constitutional rights as specifically outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Or maybe we should mention the hate and violence committed against children and students, merely because they either wear a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt or carry signs supporting Trump.

I wish these were only isolated examples. They are not. For most of the second half of last year I was able to post weekly updates listing anywhere from six to several dozen new stories describing this hateful leftist culture. Here are just a few more that I gathered in mid-March but found too depressing to report at the time:

Then there are the stories like this one, where leftists fantasize the murder of their political opponents. You might think Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) is merely making a slightly edgy joke about killing Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions, but when she was California’s district attorney she used the power of her office to try to obtain the confidential tax records of conservative organizations in order to get the names of donors, information she could then have used, as district attorney, to investigate and harass them.

Nor is Harris the only major political figure to public express such tyrannical fantasies. Such fantasies by major Democratic figures are happening with increasing frequency, and usually with audience approval.

The problem however is not really the behavior of these oppressive leftists. The real problem is with the inability of Americans, both on the left and the right, to come to grips with this hateful subculture and its intolerant ways. People simply do not wish to believe that this subculture really and sincerely plans to do harm to its political opponents. They continue to view them as nothing more than another political movement expressing its opinions. Few are willing to admit that should these people take power, they truly plan to wield that power aggressively, and they will very likely follow the path of the leftists in Venezuela, who once they gained power quickly moved to suspend the rule of law so that they could rule unopposed.

Worse, these leftist fascists are not very far from obtaining such power, since in the past two years it appears that this violent subculture has wholly captured the Democratic Party. While a decade ago that political party might have held back, fearful of a backlash should it take such radical positions, since Donald Trump’s election they have dropped their mask and have become as intolerant of opposition as the worst campus leftist bully. Kamala Harris is not an exception, she is now the rule.

Even more terrifying, that radical Democratic Party continues to get votes. It is not alone in its increasingly radical beliefs. There is now a significant percentage of the American populace that celebrates the very fantasies expressed by Kamala Harris. You only have to watch the video of Harris making this “joke” and listen to the audience cheering and clapping to realize that many people today are quite willing to entertain such ideas.

This mob is smelling blood, and it wants it badly. And as Ben Domenech concludes,

When such a mob forms, it is important to understand you cannot escape them. You can only face them. It is a moment that demands courage in the face of the braying of Social Justice Warriors on the internet and within your own offices. But that is in short supply.

…The pressure surrounding the American public square is building. It is steadily destroying the standing of institution after institution and bringing a certain frantic tension to every aspect of life. It will, eventually, explode. What that explosion looks like, I cannot tell you. But I can tell you that if you think Trump was the explosion, you are wrong. You haven’t even seen it yet.

I know I am willing to face this onslaught and stand up to it. I fear however that Domenech is right when he says that this courage is in short supply. And I say this from experience. When I try to make this point about the power-hungry and oppressive nature of today’s Democratic Party among any group of Americans, even those I know are conservative, I have found that very few are willing to accept its truth. People look away, or poo-poo the idea. It just can’t be true.

But it is true, and that dangerous culture is coming into its own, with power and strength. The consequences if we don’t face up to it will be quite terrible.

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  • Bitterly Resistant

    I’ve had thoughts along these lines for many years. Leftist vermin are either at your throat or at your feet, to adopt an old saying about another problem from the last century. It’s a damn shame that my current financial circumstances virtually forbid starting a long-planned organization meant to explain clearly how to systematically, methodically push back and defeat the terrifying, murderous leftist enemy. Perhaps the next couple of years will see a drastic improvement in my ability to stand up in public and very loudly say, “No more.”

  • Cotour

    Like him or not, I think Robert De nero has summed it up pretty much for everyone.

    Now it will be political warfare, hammer and tong, let the conquest of the Left and the attempt at restoring the Constitution continue. Mr. Horowitz, Mr. Huber and Mr. Sessions we await your next moves, let them be decisive and non ambiguous.

  • Tom Donohue


    For all his early promising potential, Mr. Sessions seems to be sleepwalking these days. His time to shine arrived a while ago but I have not seen from him, or any of his charges, a passion for an honest accounting. He did put the Sanctuary havens on notice and filed a lawsuit in support of those goals but where is he in regard to cabinet-level email mismanagement or election interference from his own, still gainfully employed, workforce? Where are the investigations into the DOJ/FBI leaks? The Post-dated special counsel authorization memos? And that huge body of Obama era shenanigans ranging from Mexican rifles to electronic eavesdropping/unmasking, to weaponized Federal agencies, and ignored due diligence from sworn officers, etc. ad nauseam. He woke up sometime in early 2017 in a very “target rich” judicial environment but seems to be holding his powder for some reason. I hope that, in retrospect, Mr. Sessions turns out to be the man we needed, at the time we needed him. His boss is taking all the flak and needs a wingman RIGHT NOW.

  • Cotour


    One of two things will turn out to be true:

    1. Sessions understands that its best to wait for the Horowitz report which has been under way for the past year in order to be perceived as being even handed and a non partisan and serving justice. Sorry, but this scenario is determined by “others” time table and not yours, mine and any one else’s time table. IMO patience will be rewarded.


    2. Sessions is there to protect the Hillary / Obama Globalist / anti American Constitution agenda and has already determined that there will be no follow up or consequences to prior bad acts and he is just a stooge of the machine and his fellow Senators. Hillary being one of the former members of that most exclusive club.

    Think about both and see which one makes more sense to you. Like I have stated, I will be happy with a 5 to a 7 on a scale of 10 in the search for justice. It is unlikely that we will see a 10, but I look forward to being surprised.

    Stay calm, the answer will reveal itself soon.

  • wodun

    Even more terrifying, that radical Democratic Party continues to get votes. It is not alone in its increasingly radical beliefs. There is now a significant percentage of the American populace

    Those of us to the right tend to get an eyeful of all of the marxist craziness and can see not only the historical associations but the connections between various incidents. Does the average Democrat know what is going on in college, on the streets, and in the halls of power? Do they rationalize it all away as isolated incidents? Are they ignorant of the ideological foundations of the Democrat base? Do they not understand that capitalism, our natural rights, and individualism have lifted humanity up out of the mud?

    Most people don’t care about politics and don’t have time to keep up on everything. On top of that, one really needs to go out of their way to find what the media keeps hidden when it comes to Democrat activism.

    My personal experience is that many Democrats don’t like a lot of the policies or views put forward by their base but they totally buy into the identity politics. They view Democrats as being cool and want to be cool themselves. They view Democrats as fighting injustice, which not only gives them purpose in a life without religion but also creates the view point that because they are against something that the other must be for it. And when the cultural marxism jumps from the campus into daily life, they just go along without thinking.

    They hold a lot of stereotypes and have rewritten history to create false narratives. Many are ignorant of who freed the slaves and started the KKK and the ones that do know go through mental gymnastics to claim everyone switched sides. They think quoting a bible verse means slavery was Christian doctrine while ignoring that Christians freed the slaves and that progressive moral busy bodies banning alcohol was really Christian doctrine.

    At every turn they change objective history in order to support their modern narrative and when they do this they always hold their modern political opponents as responsible for things their own party did in the past. Then the scapegoating leads to collective punishment.

  • brightdark


    I think there is a possibly a #3 as well: The Dems have something on Sessions, or someone he cares about, that is bad enough that he has to follow their orders to the point of not being able to resign. The PTB(power that be) want Trump to fire him.

  • SDN

    Well, brightdark, we know that Vichy Mitchy has already said openly that if Sessions leaves, no replacement will be confirmed, and he’s not allowing the Senate to recess. That means Obama operatives from the bureaucracy will take over.

  • Cotour


    Thank you, I forgot to add the resolution that must take place if #1 is not so, Sessions must be fired and replaced with a patriot. (Good luck getting a true patriot installed as Attorney General if Sessions refuses to do what must be done. The most exclusive club on the planet, the Senate, where many of the strings of guilt and double dealing will lead right to their office doors will be very particular in who they allow to judge them. Ah, Politics, the dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt game humans play.)

    While this Horowitz / Huber investigation remains under cover and in the more gray political arena we can not quite see how or when it reverts to the Pedestrian realm where law, consequence and reconciliation must at some level rule. I suspect that in about 2 to 3 weeks we should know a bit more? But that is just a guess on my part.

    But as we all know, while the Mueller investigation continues this may all be an issue.

  • Cotour


    I did not know what McConnel said, if true then he perfectly supports my contention that the Senate will not allow just anyone to judge / prosecute them or a former member of their most powerful, most exclusive club. Sessions is not in his position for no reason.

    McConnel through his wife’s family is heavily connected to the Chinese government, I suspect that connection made him a very rich man.

    Remember, its S.O.M., all night and day long in the leadership of the Congress and the Senate. They only want the people think think they are at some level Pedestrian, but in reality they exist in the gray Political realm.

  • Even otherwise intelligent people have a strong tendency to live in denial. Denial makes people stupid, as stupid as if they were actually too stupid to figure things out. If you do figure things out but reject the conclusions and their implications, then, in effect, you are not any smarter that those who can’t figure things out in the first place.

    This is why I say that the problem is that people are stupid, and their stupidity is off the charts, and what we need are much bigger charts.

  • B Dubya

    You see this stuff developing every day. The long march through our institutions has almost been completed and we are seeing an entire generation of sheep being manufactured into something that is so un-American that they seem as aliens to me.

    Eventually, a response must take a form other than talk.

  • Scaramouche

    Wodun wrote, “. . . They view Democrats as being cool and want to be cool themselves. They view Democrats as fighting injustice, which not only gives them purpose in a life without religion but also creates the view point that because they are against something that the other must be for it. And when the cultural marxism jumps from the campus into daily life, they just go along without thinking.”

    I agree. Look at brave Lindsay Shepard’s description of having thought of herself as a Leftist and her leaving the Left –

    I like to think this drama can, and should, fall under Newton’s Second Law of Motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” I say, “Can, and should, fall,” as the conservatives and Republicans have not always allowed the Second Law to come into play. They played nice and didn’t want to fight.

    But now it is largely out of the hands of the elite. Look at the Never Trumpers losing their hold. The Left has taken a brutal loss with the exposure of Fake News. True, they always fight all the harder when they are out of power. And it appears their hold over many institutions is firm.

    What we conservatives need to explore and offer are the ways Newton’s Second Law of Motion can be applied. Prager U is one huge avenue (and not just cheering on the YouTube lawsuit). What are other “Prager Universities” that can be developed for other institutions.

    I would be curious to learn what other readers think.

  • Scaramouche: My answer to applying Newton’s Second Law, as you put it, was to create this webpage. Here, I no longer have to beg an editor to publish my work. Here, I no longer have to search for a venue that would even consider it. Here, I no longer have to fight with editors who don’t like my perspective and try to force me to write their opinions instead.

    And here, I can publish anything, even items that I know are interesting, such as the cool space images I periodically post, that no other publication would bother with.

    The feeling of freedom I felt the first week after I established BtB was incredible. More conservatives should do it. And more conservatives should act to support every conservative who does.

  • Cotour

    And interesting NYT’s read related to this discussion:

    ” “You cannot possibly imagine the size of this,” said a Q dispatch last month. “Trust the plan. Trust there are more good than bad.” Q almost certainly doesn’t know any state secrets, but he, she, or they understand that some fervent Trump supporters require more reassurance than they’re willing to admit.

    Their desperate conviction that they will be proven right about Trump betrays a secret fear that they will be proven wrong.”

    This “Q” narrative is an interesting twist to this entire very complex and well known by all reading this about this story that has played out in the last 30 years in American politics and society.

    Why is the NYT’s paying attention to this “Q” narrative? Are they just as needy and scared as they accuse the Right of being? A little unsure of themselves because they know and understand that much of the corruption and perversion is true and they fear it being revealed and dealt with?

    Time will tell the tale.

  • @ Bitterly Resistant:

    Blogs and websites are free or very inexpensive.

    Rivers flow from raindrops.

  • J.P.

    You cite Mr. Domenech’s (correct) observation:

    “[Today] is a moment that demands courage in the face of the braying of Social Justice Warriors on the internet and within your own offices. But that is in short supply.”

    This is apparently cited as a conclusion based upon your earlier observation in your column:

    “The real problem is with the inability of Americans, both on the left and the right, to come to grips with this hateful subculture and its intolerant ways. People simple (sic) do not wish to believe that this subculture really and sincerely plans to do harm to its political opponents. They continue to view them as nothing more than another political movement expressing its opinions.”


    Why is this so difficult to comprehend? Domenech lists in his column the institutions that the left long ago sought to dominate – academia (which he neglects to point out includes all of grade school, K-12), the entire spectrum of public media (movies, television, radio, the internet, print media) and culture (art, music, literature), the legal profession and pretty much the entire public bureaucracy – local, state and federal.

    Since they have, indeed, succeeded, please take a moment to consider the totality of their political and cultural power.

    And every single one of these institutions that has been won by the left is deliberately used to either program or force the common folks to conform to leftist principles. This has been the leftist plan for close to 100 years and its success is well within sight. The only thing mildly surprising about it all is that – like Victor von Doom’s blurting out of his plans for world domination right before he tries to kill off a team of superheroes – the election of Trump has prompted the left to strip off its mask of alleged benevolence and has begun to openly reveal its real plans for the world to the world.

    And while the left’s insidious corruption of our nation’s institutions has proceeded apace over the last several decades, the only action that the right as a whole has taken it upon itself is to screech impotently about the excesses of the institutions – but never to challenge their existence from First Principles.

    This is why courage is in short supply, Mr. Domenech. You have a much harder job than you think: the People cannot, from a fundamental, foundational standpoint, morally justify rebelling against the rules and the laws that the leftist Establishment have created when the right has tacitly accepted them.


    Courage, per se, is not the issue – that is, the courage to confront our intellectual enemies on a tangible or an intellectual battlefield. No, the “courage” that the right needs is a different kind. The courage the right needs is not the conviction of its arguments; the left is wrong but it has conviction in spades. So this isn’t about how passionately one holds an idea; it’s about whether the ideas are just – or not.

    Indeed, the right needs to understand what ethical values it should be fighting for. It needs to understand what was the political and the ethical justification for America as it was originally (and correctly) conceived, how leftism is acting to destroy these values and why the values of the Founders are a moral good that every American should strive to embrace.

    But the right hasn’t understood its own ethics or politics for decades – as in 80 to 100 years. Indeed, the political right long ago accepted the fundamentals of leftist ethics as a legitimate moral goal. And since then, basically, the conflicts of the right vis-a-vis the left have merely been disagreements with some of the left’s particular applications of those ethics via politics (e.g., using public funds for abortions.)

    You name the change in founding political principles and the right has had a great big helping hand in it: creation of the Federal Reserve, trust-busting, publicly funded education, the establishment of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, public-sector unions, etc. The right has never been morally opposed these programs. Rather, the right has seen them fundamentally as has the left: morally necessary, although for slightly different – but similar – reasons.

    Ultimately though, the right’s answer to “Who can morally be against universal healthcare, public education, giving dignity and economic independence to the poor and the elderly, public safety, the regulation of entrenched economic powers, etc.?” is “Not us!”, which is an overt capitulation to leftist ethics. Despite the unprecedented economic success during the first 125 years of America’s existence, the right failed to understand the importance of the left’s argument from a moral perspective and not only lost to their ethical inferiors but, invariably, they embraced their ideals. Unfortunately, the GOPe has been around for a lot longer than people realize.

    By accepting the moral goals of the left, the right also accepted the moral justification for the State being a master that should necessarily “take care of” its citizens – from public education to publicly subsidized healthcare to public pensions to “regulation” of every aspect of their economic lives. As such, one shouldn’t wonder why the political right cannot stop deficit spending any more than will the left. And this is why you never see the right, when it has the rare political opportunity, repeal allegedly “unjust” laws (e.g., Obamacare) rammed through by the left or attempt to dismantle the organs of the State.

    From a modern rightist’s standpoint on socialist America, what’s the point of going to war with the left if you agree with them on fundamental philosophic principles? Why would a rightist invest moral, political or economic capital in an endeavor that challenges… what, exactly? What is the right allegedly fighting for that is fundamentally different than the left, politically? A smaller welfare state is still a welfare state – and make no mistake: the vast majority of the folks on the right, quite emphatically, stands for a substantial welfare state of some kind.

    This is why the right cannot – and will not – believe that the left will do them harm. I mean, we all basically agree on the same things, so they can’t really be a threat, eh? They don’t really mean “us”, right? Yet they think this despite the right’s allegedly dogmatic belief – as typified by Kevin Williamson – that abortion is the murder of helpless innocents.

    But they won’t do us harm. Of course not. Right?

    Talk about your “cognitive dissonance”.

    Until the right rejects the ethics of the left – i.e., socialism – that they, in fact, currently embrace, they’ll never have the ability to fight it. The courage that they need, Mr. Domenech, is the courage to admit that they were wrong. I will believe that the right is finally rejecting leftism when they begin to see the left for what it is: the enemy.

  • Pyrthroes

    Infantile-regressive collectivist/Statist saboteurs have attitudes only, not ideas. Accordingly, persuasion rational or otherwise is a non-issue… when socio-cultural armatures give way , there is no easy remedy.

    We think three things will do this rabble in. First, outside their self-selected institutional precincts, they are by no means a majority– probably three-eighths at most, more likely 20 – 25%. Second, for obvious reasons, everything they touch is doomed to fail; while some few ineffably corrupt charlatans and knaves will feather nests, despite vast self-esteem most lumpen adherents will live selfish, squalid, louche and unrequited lives. And finally, third: Where everything from blighted academia to flat-out lying media; treacherously malfeasant corporations, censorious publishers; soulless churches and radical-extremist partisan-political poseurs, seek safety by suppressing all dissent– behold Goliath, shambling to a fall.

    “We do not think the house will fall, but we do think it will cease to be divided” (Lincoln). Let’s face it: For all their jejeune posturing, PCBS types are notoriously ignorant, incurious, incapable of dealing with reality. Having failed, failed miserably, in November 2016, the country’s Deep State subversives, depraved popcult, reigning clerisy will enter self-exile, rendered terminally irrelevant by the very asininities they so fulsomely profess.

  • wodun

    @ Scaramouche, Blair Ivey, and Robert Zimmerman

    I have been putting some thought into this problem, how can the internet be leveraged to counter Democrat controlled media?

    At a national level, we see all kinds of YouTube channels, blogs, and other publications that wear their ideology on their shirtsleeves. National issues draw a national audience, which means it is easier to attract an audience large enough to support the effort.

    What is needed though, are local media outlets to inform and provide perspectives other than what the local powers want to provide the populace. For me, all of the local media is dominated by Democrats. One tv station even ran a weekly segment on information feed them by a Democrat activist group. They pump up every single Democrat issue and event. While the in the closet bias is annoying, the bigger problem is that legislation at the state and local level is not covered in any depth.

    For a local person to set up a media outlet to cover local issues it is extremely tough. It takes a lot of time to do research and sit in meetings. To be successful, it also needs to include topics other than politics. Because it would be a local outlet, the potential audience is much smaller and so is the potential revenue.

    I see a few challenges:
    – Time
    – Expertise
    – Funding
    – Staff
    – Training

    Democrats use an extensive network of organizations that provide funding and training. It is time for those of us to the right to do the same thing. Instapundit always talks about wealthy donors buying a women’s magazine instead of giving money to a candidate. Helping local publications get off the ground can have a lot of impact too.

    It could be that there are existing funding available through grant programs, I haven’t looked into it, which would be a really subversive way to get funding considering these programs are usually focused on media left of progressive.

  • Cotour


    There are few among us who have such a unique command of the English, very few indeed. I know of only one other who, 1. has such a unique command and, 2. Such a knowledge of the subject at hand, and he is very busy interpreting and doing a patriots work for the cause in the renegade media.

    And that cause is some reasonable measure of actual tangible justice, undiluted by politics and corruption where the people of America can plainly see that there are times when those who conspire to destroy our founding for the cause of “Globalization” and the incremental surrendering of our sovereignty and Constitution are brought before the law to account.

    This problem has been 30 years in development, the solution will not take as long to solve under the direction of a true and proper leader.


  • Cotour

    The closer he gets to accomplishing what must be accomplished the heat gets hotter and hotter.

    I wonder, is the building at risk of falling?

  • I’m wondering: is it arson by Leftists?

  • Max

    Very good, well thought out statements. What could I possibly add?
    J.P. Commented;
    “Why is this so difficult to comprehend? Domenech lists in his column the institutions that the left long ago sought to dominate – academia (which he neglects to point out includes all of grade school, K-12), the entire spectrum of public media (movies, television, radio, the internet, print media) and culture (art, music, literature), the legal profession and pretty much the entire public bureaucracy – local, state and federal.”

    I keep thinking, we’ve seen this before…
    The best methods of state craft, are the old ones that work. Introduced with proper timing after the population has been conditioned for its exceptence.
    I watched schools all over the country, kidnapping our children/students out on a second amendment protest march. Then I remembered where I saw it happen before.

    The methods are too similar to be a coincidence. When you see the teachers taken down for teaching substance over emotion. When you see blind hatred act without cause to destroy. When you see children bullying churches, synagogues, businesses, or any institution that stands in the way. When the freedom to speak is forbidden, censored even though you paid the advertising costs. Then the time will be ripe, an entire generation of useful idiots. The most dangerous weapon the world could never purchase. Socially crafted and educated human suicide bombers to take out our constitution, freedoms, American way of life. A weapon you can’t argue with or reason with. The thinking has been done, the consensus is in, blind action is all that is required.

    I hope it’s not too late to stop this.

  • cotour

    On “wrong think”:

    The Left insists on creating a scenario that does not exist through just throwing it out there, and is highly unlikely to exist.

    Now I know Democrats who would be right on board with this discussion just because they need Trump removed from the presidency and they do not care how that gets accomplished, legal, Constitutitonally or otherwise. But this just goes way, way over board.

    Joy Reid attempts to manifest, at least in the minds of some of the public a scenario that keeps them satiated for the moment and hopeful while a lot of nothing in the form of actual evidence accumulates against Trump.

    Mr. Horowitz, make your move.

  • Edward

    J.P. wrote: “what’s the point of going to war with the left if you agree with them on fundamental philosophic principles?

    Many who support leftist politicians agree with the right on their principles. The problem is that the left lies in order to hide the actual leftist fundamental philosophic principles. Jonathan Gruber pointed out this technique when he said that the left depends upon the stupidity of the American voter (meaning the Democratic voter, as he was not trying to convince Republicans or conservatives, as they were steadfast in their principles).

    When asked about specific policies, most people tend to choose the conservative position, but when names, political parties, or left/right labels are associated with these policies, many people choose the leftist position, because they have been successfully Grubered. They have been trained to reject the very rightist principles that they believe in. Thus, it seems that the left has successfully made some people as stupid as Gruber needs in order to turn America into a leftist paradise.

    Gruber has identified this part of the problem. Now it needs to be corrected.

    In addition, and mildly off topic, it was acceptable for the Obama and Clinton campaigns to use data mined from social media sites (e.g. Facebook) and to brag about it in public speeches, but once it was discovered that the Trump campaign used the very same techniques to obtained the very same data from the very same sources it became a huge scandal, complete with Congressional inquisitions and Zuckerberg testimony.

    Data supplied to the left: rightthink. Data supplied to the right: wrongthink.

  • Cotour


    This day after the Mueller special council investigation invades the offices of the presidents personal lawyer we see a more important news item. And we can all plainly see that Mr. Muellers investigation is focused on Russian collusion, apparently the Russians were hiding in Stormy Daniels brazier? (Thats where I would hide)

    President Trumps ACTIONS and strategies trumps Muellers invasions of privacy and politically driven investigation. The Chinese apparently see that they are more vulnerable than we are and have apparently acquiesced to president Trump’s threats of tariffs.

    “China’s Xi Jinping Blinks, Vows to Lower Tariffs on U.S. Imports”
    These illogical economic structures that have allowed China immense trading advantage that have built their country and economy and their military over the last 30 or more years that today militarily threatens the U.S. and the world is coming to an end. Thanks to all four of the last four American presidents who have essentially sold us all out over that period. IMO traitors all for their willful turning of their heads and shirking of their responsibilities. I would love to take a look at their bank accounts and holdings both before and post presidency for doing so. And I would include with that look all of the Congressional and Senate leaderships accounts also, Democrat and Republican.

    And on another counter intuitive subject, apparently a Russian oligarch gave $150K to the Trump Foundation! This must be it, they must have him, right? Not really, everyone from all over the world attempts to buy influence and access to power, take the Clinton Foundation for instance. This same Oligarch funneled $13 MILLION DOLLARS into the Clinton Foundation to do the same, gain access to power with the next president of the United States. Except the Clinton’s “donation” structure to do so was on steroids and includes multiple BILLIONS of dollars “donated”.

    Now what does this tell us? Oligharch Victor Pinchuk when he was making his bets on who would become the next American president was much more confident that Hillary Clinton would be the next American president rather than Mr. Trump, by a factor of 86 times! But you have to cover your bets and his paltry $150K was a small, I have to assume legal, offering indeed.

    But Trump is the president and not Hillary, thank God, but I am willing to wait for when the investigation into the Clinton Foundation is switched on. It must in time happen. Right?

  • Orion314

    In a lawless government, they hope only the fools will obey the law…cry havoc, let slip the dogs of war.

  • Cotour

    This is the legacy of Liberal Democrat “Progressive” thinking in application. 10 min.

    All you are left with is ever growing taxation and the very poor living and crapping in the street and the very rich who essentially live in another dimension, for the moment anyway. As one of these interviewees from California says: “We are happy to lose our middle class in order to make room for our immigrants (Illegal immigrants of course because that is now who the Democrats exclusively represent).

    Is this what and how the average Democrat in America really thinks? If you are a Democrat do you agree with this alleged “advanced” political thinking? This is not theory this is actually going on right now in California and other Democrat lead states.

  • Cotour

    “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that the company has already begun to implement a system that ranks news organizations based on trustworthiness, and promotes or suppresses its content based on that metric.”

    We have already established that these people, masters of the internet universe, who control the internet are, like Zukerberg himself has stated, “Where we come from, California leans Left to say the least”.

    How might they be tuning their systems to “rank” the many different “News” organizations, right down the middle? Could happen, right?

    Zukerberg and most of the many other internet providers tend to be Left leaning to say the least and when they attempt to choose what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and will now tend to shut out the Free Speech of half of the population that is the real edge of actual functional Fascism in America and the world.

    Who decides what is “acceptable” and what is not?

  • Cotour


    I have come to the conclusion that you are similar to the likes of Noam Chomsky and other Liberals and now Leftist “Intellectuals” who are always looking for an ideal that is never attainable in governance or human relations. They understand the depravity of the human animal related to politics and power and that is what drives them to their “Perfect” governance model. This is what makes you and them so dangerous.

    This is where your favorite word that you point at others like a weapon, “Fascism”, is born and flourishes (I know you would disagree with that but in my experience and understanding it is exactly on point)

    Life, and the Constitution for that matter, both a dirty business at times, are structures within which the intellectual and conceptual human animal exists, as imperfect as both can be. Your extreme and growing more extreme position and your inability to see some wiggle room is going in only one direction, and that is to the gates of hell.

    Governance, especially at this level that we find ourselves in America is always a messy proposition when it is working properly. Governance is corrupt, as we will soon see through evidence that will not be able to be unseen and it is perverted and it will be abused, as we will also soon see through evidence that will not be able to be unseen.

    Your extreme position where the president, this particular president, “Must be removed at any cost”, is like I have said a very dangerous position to adopt. It is emotional and it is irrational, which is the signature of your brand of now Leftist oriented politics. You propose the tearing up of the document that you say you understand and love so well. That is an unsupportable position to me.

    This particular unique and extreme political warfare that we find ourselves in is a long time in coming and is necessary for the health of our country and the world. We too long have been dragged too far to the Left and the Left has gotten comfortable with their domination of the cultural and the political conversation and the control of power and we can all see their / your desperation and panic in the things that they are willing to say and do. While I understand your hatred for the country as it operates in the real world you propose that it be thrown away because it is not “Perfect” in your estimation. To be replaced by what?

    To be replaced by your favorite word and “your” ability to control it all and make it all “Perfect”? You and your kind in the end will turn out to be the real “Fascists”, and that is not going to be acceptable to anyone.

    This too will pass. MAGA

  • wayne

    Submit to the will of Landru!

    Star Trek Supercut:

  • Cotour

    Excellent, Wayne, a perfect illustration of my point.

    Thank you.

    I would have included this trimmed up clip in my post.

    Yes, the absolute good.

    I am Landru:

    This is what the Left proposes (but they mean well)

  • wayne

    …peace be with you…it is the will of Landru


    ST: DS-9
    Garak; the boy who cried Wolf

  • Cotour


    In the age of Trump, “Leading from behind”, like one very Leftist former anti American president is now famous for promoting and actually attempting to put out into the world is just not cutting it. It was ridiculous and dangerous then and its just as ridiculous and dangerous now, all in the name of political correctness and fulfilling Leftist political agenda.

    Just like in Chicago when the mayor allows the unstable anti American and radical Left and street thugs to run the streets and disrupt and kill at will that is when things must be dealt with in a more serious way. What message are the mayors of Chicago and Portland sending to the radicals and thugs and more importantly to the tax paying citizens of their cities?

    “Its a good thing to allow the inmates to run the asylum and you tax paying citizens do not count at all, you are all just collateral damage waiting to be counted as a statistic”.

    The likes of these empowered politicians from the former president on down to these mayors very badly need to be replaced with actual pro American people who actually have their priorities in the proper order regarding basic law and order fundamental to their citizens being safe to live in reasonable peace.

    Everyone understands the rules so we must reasonably ask: What purpose does this allowing radical and lawless chaos to rule the good and law abiding and tax paying citizens of these communities?

    One person who I asked this question recently seriously reasoned that the monetary liability to the cities would be too high to take the streets back from these thugs and political radicals. Really, no kidding. And when you hear logic like that seriously coming out of an allegedly educated persons mouth you understand that things are way out of whack. Things have gone much too far and they are no longer reasonable.

    Lets us be hopeful that in the age of Trump this kind of ridiculous and radical thinking and logic is in time discarded as the people choose to empower the politicians that need to take care of business and restore some semblance of law and order in these bastions of radical political chaos empowerment.


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