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It is simple: Conservatives don’t have the votes

The Republican Party and its voters
The modern Republican Party and its voters

Many conservatives both in Congress and out have recently railed in fury at the compromises that House speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) has made with the Democrats in order to pass large multi-billion dollar foreign aid bills to help the Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan protect their sovereignty and borders, while doing nothing to pass any bills to secure the American border at all.

That fury is best represented by Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R-Georgia), who has filed a motion to vacate the speaker but as yet has not followed through to force a vote. She has repeatedly condemned his willingness to work to pass Democratic Party proposals while doing little to help Republicans get their bills passed.

The problem however for Johnson is the same one faced by the previous Republican speaker, Kevin McCarthy, as well as the Republican speaker before him, Paul Ryan, and the speaker before him, John Boehner. All struggled to get Republican proposals passed, and all failed. None could garner a majority strong enough, especially because the Democrats stood firm and united in opposition and many Republicans were actually more allied with the Democratic Party agenda. It is this same problem that Greene faces and is why she has not moved to force a vote for a new speaker.

It is very simple: Republicans have not had the necessary votes to win for two decades. During the speakerships of Boehner and Ryan from 2011 to 2019, the biggest problem was in the Senate, where the Democrats used their voting power to block any Republican initiative.

Since 2022, when the Republicans took power in the House, the problem has been in both the Senate and House. The 2022 election was supposed to be a “red wave,” that would give Republicans a large majority in both Houses of Congress. Instead, they did not get control of the Senate, and only got a razor thin majority in the House, which has been steadily shrinking as Repubicans resign or are removed, and few Democrats step down. As Donald Trump noted quite accurately in a radio interview yesterday:

“Look, we have a majority of one, okay? It’s not like he can go and do whatever he wants to do.”

And why have Republicans been so hampered with a shortage of votes in Congress? The answer here is once again simple: They are not winning elections. The voters are not supporting them. Gerrymandering in the House might lock in too many Democrats and limit Republican districts, but that wasn’t a problem in 2014 when the public gave the Republicans the biggest voting majority in decades.

No, the problem is that the voters have simply stopped voting for the Republican Party, partly because many conservative voters have lost faith in that party because of its inability to pass its agenda even when it had the majority, and partly because Republican voters themselves have given up the fight and stopped voting. In both cases too many conservatives have seen how the establishment that previously controlled the Republican Party has worked very had to stymie and block Donald Trump. Why should they keep voting for a party that refuses to represent their interests?

The modern Democratic Party
The modern Democratic Party

Either way, the communist-dominated Democratic Party is now calling the shots, and will continue to do so as long as the voters don’t change their votes come 2024. And they will have to do it in large numbers, because you can be certain that the Democrats will continue their effort to tamper with the results in order to guarantee a victory.

These are the facts. It would be a mistake to ignore them. We get the government we deserve, and at present the government Americans seem to prefer is one pushing policies favored by the establishment in Washington, dominated by the radical anti-American Democratic Party that believes in Marxism, identity politicas, and queer power.

That’s our future, if we Americans don’t soon rise up and say “Enough!”

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  • Gary H

    Just to be clear, it is communist money that is funding the left. Under Trump, the FBI should not go after Trump’s enemies, but rather those financing his enemies. Russia is financially stretched, so that should narrow down the usual suspects to usual suspect. One kid in college and the other in high school and their friends here in Texas are pro-Palestinian. Where do they get their news? TikTok and Instagram are pushing the left’s agenda to the younger people and most other social media do so for those a bit older. I suspect that Elon knows better than the rest of us at to how difficult it is to keep state actors off of social media.

    So, right now, we need to get out the vote, especially in the supposedly swing states. I’ve been burned when giving to a candidate for president. My contribution kept giving without my approval. Is there a reliable organization worth contributing to that won’t do what Republicans usually do… screw their voters?

  • The simple version of this scenario might go like this:

    The Speaker of the House: Mr. president, so nice to see you today. I am here to tell you that if you do not close the borders of the country to the flood of illegals and seal them using the military then I will put forward nothing regarding the budget or anything else for consideration.

    Now that is as I am sure everyone can appreciate a very simplified scenario.

    And until the Republicans attain some meaningful degree of majority in the Congress, OR there comes into the control of Congress someone that has the internal fortitude and basketball sized stones to go down some similar path things will continue the way that they are going.

    And along with a stone-cold power play scenario like that there would come with it all of the CIA briefings warnings and pressures and the danger of the Ukraine falling to the Russians and Israel imploding and the threat of the government being shut down and the total chaos and world wide fear that will be spread. Political Armageddon in other words.

    ALL on the shoulders of one little man.

    Now that is what I call a high-pressure situation that not many are big enough to pull off.

    I do not even think Trump could do so.

    You would have to be a suicidal psychopath without any concern for your safety and life, your family’s safety and their lives and whatever other real and imagined threats might be thrown at you.

    You would have to be a real live cowboy.

    IMO most all of these players are in some way controlled / blackmailed (Epsteined?) and influenced to do what the machine must have done.

    Until one of those two things appears. And even if and when the Republicans have a significant majority they will not do what must be done. And so, it may well come down to that one little suicidal psychopath.

    True leadership, not the faux “leadership” that grows in Washington and in go along to get along politics, is a rare human condition.

  • James Street

    Mike Johnson’s problem is that the U.S. Intelligence Community pulled him into a SCIF and explained the meaning of life:

    “Tony Seruga @TonySeruga”
    “Friends of @SpeakerJohnson are saying he changed instantly after exiting that SCIF. He is scared to death, but not necessarily for our country but his fear seems more personal, more likely his personal life is about to blow up if he doesn’t cooperate with the deep state.”
    6:47 AM · Apr 19, 2024

    The USIC wields a lot of power in DC.

    Also, Democrats have no conscience when it comes to cheating to “win” elections.

  • Milt

    For Alfred Stieglitz’ classic photographic commentary on the “Spiritual Republican Party,” see

    Meanwhile, as wrong-headed with respect to Hamas as they may be, at least the kids who are currently protesting at their colleges have some heart. Republicans might regain a bit of their credibility if they demonstrated that they were 1/10 as committed to anything as these students are.

    Jim Kunstler makes much the same point about the gelding of America in a recent a recent essay on his website having to do with “Crazy America” and the NPR-listening cat ladies who mostly now run things there.

  • Milt

    Whoops — wrong url for the Stieglitz photo. It’s actually

    The original one will take you to “Partners in Crime,” Roger McGuinn’s musical ode to an earlier group of revolutionaries. Worth a listen.

  • D. Messier

    It’s quite a conundrum you’ve got there:

    1. Democrats control the White House and Senate.
    2. There’s no way to pass a border bill — or any other bill — without the Democrats.
    3. Marjorie Taylor Greene is right to condemn the speaker and try to throw him out for cooperating with the Democrat, who are….checks notes…anti-American Marxists, among other things.

    Things are even more complicated with the border bill.

    1. The Republicans demanded it
    2. Democrats agreed and the two parties worked on a bipartisan bill in the Senate
    3. Bill seemed likely to pass both the Democratic Senate and Republican House
    4. Republicans killed it because Trump wanted to run on the issue rather than see a bill passed that would address the problem
    5. The decision delayed any real legislative action on the crisis for about one year.

    If the solution is to never work across party lines in a divided government to accomplish anything, and the Republicans are going to depose any speaker who does, nothing at all will ever get done.

  • Richard

    The “bipartisan” border bill in the Senate would have made things worse not better. It would have admitted an additional 1.8M illegal immigrants per year (plus the ones that get away). Trump was right to spike it.

    The reason Republicans don’t have the votes is they keep selling out their voters. Not a policy to encourage support.

  • You know, a big set of stones and a suicide psychopath attitude like Nancy Pelosi has.

    Love her or despise every breath that she remains to be able to take, she played hardball from day one. From proudly ripping up the president’s state of the union speech for all the world to see, to the Jan 6th “insurrection” set up, to Trump being legally persecuted and prosecuted and impeached, she crafted and was involved in all of it if I were to take an educated guess.

    Recognize who has beat you like a drum while wearing a dress and 4″ heels, for in that stark honesty with oneself you might be able to reconcile your efforts in the future in order to prevail.

    Ruthless take no prisoners kill and destroy your opponent hardball is the game, learn how to play it.

  • Dave Walden

    I agree with Cotour – and others!

    No, Republicans cannot “pass” legislation without concurrence of Dems and whoever in Intelligence and the DOJ has pictures of individuals with a girl or young boy. But the House can certainly STOP whatever legislation the usual suspects wish to pass, unless said pictures prevent renders its “subject” impotent.

    We did not arrive at the precipice into which we now stare by accident. It was case after case of “going along to get along.” The only issue being with who and how much!

  • Very much related:


    “Without strong opposition and benevolent, rational, Objective leadership, the Liberal sensibility will by the freedom of thought and luxury provided by others that is developed over time will become a threat to all and every person that comes in contact with its self-masturbatory, “Feel Good” religious like Subjective do as I say ideology and “Morality”. ”

  • D. Messier

    Ah Richard:

    The 1.8 million figure is wrong. This is something Trump and his allies made up.

    But, don’t take my word for it. Listen to a Republican Senator who was one of the bill’s co-sponsors.

    >>If a hypothetical 5,000 migrants were encountered daily for a 365-day period, it would equate to approximately 1.825 million migrants.

    >>But Republican Senator James Lankford, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, refuted claims about that 5,000 figure on Monday on Fox News’ Fox and Friends.

    >>”We’ve got to be able to have something that mandatorily deports everyone rather than actually releases everyone,” Lankford said. “That’s what this does. Some people are thinking this is somehow like counting 5,000 in every day or releasing them. That’s absurd.”

    Full story:

    Bottom line is the Repugs are simultaneously calling the border a crisis and blaming Biden for it while refusing to do anything about it for a full year.

  • D. Mess:

    Let’s be clear and let us not allow ourselves to be lulled into the deceit of the Left. The people who have been actively imported into America are “Migrants”, they are Illegal immigrants.

    They are all economic refugees and are not in any way seeking asylum for being oppressed or in danger for their lives. They are in essence political tools of conquest being employed by the corrupted and now radical Democrat party machine.

    Let us not play their manipulative Marxist / Communist word and term games.

    It is just dishonest.

  • Correction: They are NOT “Migrants”, they are illegal immigrants.

  • Icepilot

    D. Messier-
    The Democrats would never view the 5k/day as a floor vice a cap. That’s just crazy talk!
    Nancy Pelosi & AOC would NEVER allow 5k/day illegal immigrants … oops … poor, latinx migrant folkx into the country.
    Just wouldn’t happen.
    I’m certain of it.

  • Icepilot

    And I have yet to hear when those “migrants” plan to migrate back …

  • Edward

    Ah, Doug,
    Some people are thinking this is somehow like counting 5,000 in every day or releasing them. That’s absurd.

    It would sound absurd, except that at the time the bill was being considered, there were over 14,000 being released into the U.S. every day, not counting the ones that Biden flies in directly from their home countries. 5,000 people a day was small potatoes, not absurdity.

    What is more amazing is that Biden’s government had previously said that illegal aliens arriving at a rate of 1,000 per day would constitute a crisis, so the bill would have allowed a five-times crisis. Every day. And at the time, there was a fourteen-times crisis happening every day. If there were an average of 4,999 a day, then all would be released into the USA.

    By the way, it only deported Canadians and Mexicans, not “everyone,” because they were easy to send home. Everyone else would be released into the USA.

    Lankford may have intended otherwise, but bills get these things called amendments that have been known to completely change the original intent of bills — the intent of the signatories. It is why, when the votes come up, no one knows what is in them. No one knows what is in the amendments. No one knows whether the original intent is still there, and no one knows what other nefarious evil has been surreptitiously added.

    It is one of the reasons why we Americans are no longer being represented by our elected representatives. They vote on things they don’t know. They don’t know whether the bills they vote on are in the interests of their constituents or against their interests.

    Which brings up:
    Richard wrote: “The reason Republicans don’t have the votes is they keep selling out their voters. Not a policy to encourage support.

    Which is a better answer to Robert‘s question: “And why have Republicans been so hampered with a shortage of votes in Congress? The answer here is once again simple: They are not winning elections. The voters are not supporting them. … the problem is that the voters have simply stopped voting for the Republican Party, partly because many conservative voters have lost faith in that party because of its inability to pass its agenda even when it had the majority, and partly because Republican voters themselves have given up the fight and stopped voting.

    Why would we ever bother voting for Republicans when they keep pulling a McCain on us? They promise us the Moon and the stars, but what they failed to tell us was that they would be the shapes of the holes in the outhouses that they actually give us.

    This is no longer our Republican Party, the one that kept its promise with the Contract with America. Newt Gingrich and his people were honorable, but what the hell happened to the Republicans since?

  • D. Messier

    Ah Edward:

    Reading is fundamental. But, you don’t seem to have clicked on the link and read the story. The bill was designed to address the problem of release you talk about.


    > Let us not play their manipulative Marxist / Communist word and term games.

    As yes, they’re all Marxist Commies. The rhetorical excesses of the loonie right.

  • D. Mess: Most do not understand, YOU do not even understand, that they are exactly using Marxists psychological methods of manipulation using / repurposing / redefining words and terms for their purposes and in the end, they propose a Communist authoritarian future for all.

    And YOU do not understand that.

    Just like most protesters on the Columbia campus do not even know and understand what they are protesting about. They essentially are through their ignorance promoters of rape, mutilation and are terrorists. Most all lily white rich WASPS and JEWS. Their grandparents fought the NAZI’s and they are now doing the NAZI’s bidding. Make sense to you?

    To my exact point:

    “Remember, in “Political Correctness”, in the unopposed Liberal and now radical Leftist Democracy everyone dies, there is no civilization. That is how this all ends if there is no Objective, counterbalancing, strong rational leadership in the world.”

    D. Mess: Don’t choose foolish ignorance because it fits your myopic Subjective model of the world, it is unbecoming.

  • Related:

    When a knucklehead like Chunk Yogurt lays out the truth about Biden and his clear inability to do much of anything and is clearly revealed as being just a Potemkin president clearly run by his betters who are all radical America must be destroyed Democrats. Then you know one of two things is on the horizon.

    1. Trump prevails because there was just too much insurmountable voting numbers which the Democrat street machine cannot overcome.


    2. The Democrats understand that they are unable to overcome Bidens plain inability to fulfill his office and the numbers and will now go to the extreme violence and chaos in the streets model that they used during the Geroge Floyd event as Trump takes office. And now they have their *NEW* street force in place in the form of the massive numbers of illegals that they have imported into the country to improve their chances.

  • Edward

    Ah Doug,:

    Reading is fundamental. But, you didn’t read what I wrote. Design is one thing, but by the time it gets to a vote it is another thing.

  • Jeffrey Williams

    We’re IN an UGLY, brown, commutarded revolution…

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