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It is the PARTY of Biden that must lose big in November

Modern Fifth Avenue in New York
Today’s bankrupt New York,
a typical Democrat-run city

With the upcoming November presidential election, only two months away, the major focus continues to be on Trump and Biden. Who should win? Who is better? Do we want four more years of Trump or another four years of a Obama-type rule?

My readers will know immediately where I stand. Biden would be major disaster for the country, especially because it appears he is declining both physically and mentally and seems owned by the most radical leftist elements of his Democratic Party.

This essay, however, is a call for voters to not just vote for Trump. It is a desperate call for voters from both parties and from all ethnic, religious, and racial cohorts to vote for Republicans in every election and at every level of government. Biden is only the figurehead. It is the body of the now very corrupt, anti-American, and radical Democratic Party that must be killed, thoroughly and at all levels, including the House, the Senate, and in every state, city, and local council election.

The riots and looting and the almost willing endorsement and support given to those riots and looting by local Democratic mayors and councils and state governors demonstrates their incompetence to hold office. For the United States to survive as a nation ruled by law that also supports the freedom of its citizens, voters must reject them, unequivocally.

Normally voters focus on the big ticket campaigns that get the most press coverage. This means they generally ignore the local elections, or if not they tend to vote for the incumbent, regardless of party. It is essential for the future of the nation as well as the Democratic Party itself that this laziness end this coming November. Voters must vote against Democrats, no matter what, because by throwing out the anti-American leadership of that party at all levels it will allow that party to reshape itself in a different direction. And we can be certain that it is very unlikely that this new direction will be more radical, more communist, and more fascist. A major across-the-board defeat in November will force a moderating political change, and maybe help make the Democratic Party become a true loyal opposition.

Find out who is running in your local elections. Make a point when you go to the polls to support the Republican candidates, in every case. And if there are no Republicans running (a sad situation often found in Democratic Party urban strongholds where that party has acted for decades to squelch any opposition) see if you can write in a candidate. If there are other minor party candidates, find out something about them beforehand, and vote for the least socialist and most pro-American you can find.

Above all, don’t be afraid to vote for an unfamiliar name. Voting for incumbents at the local levels in urban Democratic strongholds is one of the reasons we are now where we are, with local Democratic Party political leaders endorsing rioting and violence while calling for the shuttering of police departments, even as they simultaneously call for strict gun control laws that will disarm all ordinary law-abiding citizens.

These Democrat local leaders have even made it a point — in their fear of COVID-19 — to release thousands of criminals from prison (many of which were convicted for violent crimes), even as they imposed strict house arrests on the general law-abiding public while shutting down religious gatherings and bankrupting legal businesses.

The Democratic Party is not on our side, no matter if you are white, black, brown, or violet. They support the criminals, the killers, the hate-mongers, and the law-breakers. They must be removed from office, as quickly as humanly possible.

This call to vote Republican is not however a partisan endorsement of that party. Far from it. The Republican Party is in many ways no different than the Democrats. They also want power, in order to conserve and expand their own financial gains obtained in government. For this the citizens of the U.S. must always be aware. A vote for a Republican now is not really an endorsement of their path to power, but a demand that the incompetence, hate-mongering, and anti-Americanism from the Democrats nationwide must end.

Should Trump and the Republicans win nationwide in November, and then fail to bring major sweeping changes in Washington and elsewhere in the next four years, then maybe after a crushing defeat in 2020, a renewed Democratic Party in 2024 will give Americans a new option, and should then, and only under those conditions, be given a second chance.

Either way, in 2020 it is the Democrats who should lose big. They have become a party of power-hungry criminals, of corrupt bureaucrats working to overthrow the government, of looters and rioters, of illegal immigrants, of lock downs and masks, and finally of economic bankruptcy because they are touting socialism and communism as our future, ideologies that have always failed whenever tried.

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  • Gary

    Wonderful and a well intentioned appeal. Unfortunately, we have an electorate that can focus long enough to read a tweet, or listen to a sound bite. I believe that is why calling someone a racist, rather than making a coherent arguement, is the current weapon of choice.

  • Cotour

    The fear on Nancy Pelosi’s face tells me that the Democrats understand what is going to happen. Or should I say what should happen?

    And there can only be a crushing landslide by Trump, because if there is any doubt then the Democrat machine will hold the entire country hostage. And that obviously is what they are right now setting up.

    Its all part of the political warfare that we are involved in and have no doubt, because Trump is nether really a Democrat or a Republican but is more a patriot he represents an existential threat to them all.

    The people will decide soon enough, if the election is held in a relatively fair manner, and that is by no means ensurable. If we see 15%?, 20%? Or 30% even? Of the black population moving Right, then it is all over. And that may be realistic. It will certainly be interesting.

    We can all wear masks and wait on line at the DMV, Home Depot, Cosco, Walmart, the Post Office and the grocery store, but we can not wait on line to vote? And some states are going to allow mail in voting even though the election is two months away and the virus by then will have certainly cycled through most of the country?

    Me smells a rat.

  • Steve Richter

    but we have to consider how poor Trump is at governing. He seems totally incapable of meeting with and managing experts. I am thinking of FDR as the model of how you manuever and co opt interest groups, academics, political leaders, industry, technical experts. Trump is able to exert zero influence on big tech, academia, democrat governors. Even car companies are defying him in terms of them applying California environmental regulations to the entire country. Fentanyl is still being brought into the country and killing scores of working class kids.

    Consider that Antifa and Black violence will continue into 2021 if Trump wins election. Sadly, Trump is not competent enough to stop it. Democrats however would be forced to stop it once they have Federal and State authority.

    Do not want to sound a down note. But with mail in ballots and vote harvesting, political parties now have an incredible amount of power in terms of getting their candidates elected. Pay professionals to bring ballots to voters, wait for them to fill them out, then deliver those most certain votes to the polling place. You do not even have to cheat. I think based on that single factor alone, democracy is done.

  • Cotour

    Just one point here. Trump walks a fine line between governance, and not allowing the Democrats and the media to cast him in a “Dictatorial” manner. Which he clearly is not.

    And no one can argue that Trump does not know where that line should clearly be drawn between Federal power and States Rights. Might that change if he wins reelection? I think that there will or should be more aggressive Federal action related to rounding up these children of chaos and Marxism and Federally prosecuted and suffer real consequences for their treachery.

    To contrast that, Joe Biden talks freely about national mask mandates, but no one in the media talks of him being a wana be dictator?

  • Michael S. Kelly

    Voting for Biden is simply voting for Kamala Harris for President. Forget his “position” on anything, because he doesn’t have one. He is 25th Amendment material right now. Think “Harris for President,” and hammer that message home to anyone and everyone that will listen.

  • Icepilot

    “we have to consider how poor Trump is at governing” – I strongly disagree.
    Take foreign policy:
    No presidents, R or D, have had the courage & insight to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem (to the accompaniment of screams/teeth gnashing) from the State Dept. Yet the Middle East appears on the verge of several more muslim nations making peace w/Israel. Most of NATO have long needed a kick in the ass. No other president has had (or likely would have) the courage to confront China (again, long overdue). No one else would have trashed the Iran deal and/or the ridiculous Paris Climate Accords.
    President Trump has started to curb the federal regulatory beast, expanded oil production & paved the way for overseas LNG markets (much to the chagrin of Russia). He has restored defense.
    He has pissed of all the bureaucrats comfortable uncomfortable with having to get out of their rut. Good.
    4 more years & he will have saved the Constitution with his judicial picks.
    He will be the most consequential president since Lincoln.

  • Just wanted to endorse Icepilot’s foregoing comments – right on brother! (thanks for saving me the trouble of composing my own, you said it all.)

  • Tom

    “we have to consider how poor Trump is at governing” – Wrong!! I agree with IceMan. Trump, a non-politician, has governed just fine when he is allowed to. Instead, he’s had a huge phalanx of swamp critters working overtime to take him down, any way possible and at any cost. But, he’s stood up to them, weathered their vitriol, turned the country around and today offers us a positive and clear vision for it’s future.

    Knowing that and seeing who is waiting in the wings to take his place from the Democrat side was all I need to make my decision and to know it is the correct one.

    I have made it known, quietly, to my circle of friends and family two things; for me it’s God, Country and Family so anyone who chooses to support the Democrats and the on-going violence they enable will be still be loved and appreciated … but mostly from a distance. They would be hurting my country and my family. And second, any financial or other material support need from me will be difficult to come by. Over the years I have been generous to a fault (says the better 1/2). That will stop for some.

    This is the first time I’ve ever thrown down the gauntlet like that and I hope its the last. But … I have a feeling this is only an early skirmish in a longer war. We best prepare for a marathon, not a sprint.

  • To all,

    I am fascinated by this thread. The entire point of my essay was to note that just voting for Trump was not enough, that it was essential that the American people give the entire Democratic Party a drubbing, up and down the political spectrum. I wanted to bring the focus beyond Trump.

    Yet, the entire focus in the comments has sprung like a rubber-band back entirely to Trump and why we should or should not vote for him. It is as if no one really got my point at all.

    Just re-electing Trump will accomplish nothing if he is not given majorities in the House and Senate, and if the elections for statehouses and governors also don’t swing to the Republicans. Consider the damage done to Trump and the nation simply because this modern corrupt Democratic Party was given control of the House in 2018. If that happens again, a victory by Trump will be totally meaningless.

  • Cotour

    Ah, if everything that we intended were to be the world would certainly be a better place. Signed: Lucifer.

    This entire election, this entire political era inflection point in American history is about one non political man, Donald J. Trump.

    And you are certainly correct that if he alone is elected and the Congress and Senate fall to the enemy we are still lost. True enough.

  • Cotour

    To my being accused of being a dictator point.

    “This Was A Crime’: Joy Reid, (Rachel Maddow and Nichole Wallace) Compares Trump To Fidel Castro, Goes On Tirade After RNC Speech”.

    The media and their corporate Globalist masters are entirely committed to this narrative and the defeat of one man….Trump.

    The president has gone way out of his way to respect States Rights and is no way that I can detect an aspirational dictator. He does not even want to be there IMO dealing with all of this now insane nonsense. But that narrative must be pumped into the heads of the now unconsciously Leftist American Democrats among us.

  • Phill O

    There are some universal principles involved here which every country should take note at this point in history. I say this as a Canadian who live part time in the SW of the USA. In Canada, we have a party in power which has (like the Obama/Biden admin.) enriched themselves at the lowly Canadian’s expense. The WE scandal is only one example.

    It is true that President Trump has taken advantage of a weak leader like Trudeau. Oh that we had a strong leader like President Trump! I stand in awe of President Trump’s ability (thick skin) to withstand the immense effort by the dimocrat party to oust him.

    The irrational reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic shows what electing left wing nuts does. FEAR mongering! We have had the Alberta health expert say that Covid-19 is significantly less contagious the the measles. Yet the whole world has gone crazy right from federal leaders to municipal leaders. The Calgary mayor (which used to occupied by conservative thinkers) has gone WOKE. He is now suffering the backlash.

    The sports in the USA have gone WOKE and (IMHO) will go BROKE. Personally, I will not watch any sport which has gone WOKE, taking its popularity to promote political agendas.

    Local politics has been forgotten by me and we are paying the price. Mr. Z is correct on this topic and we should act accordingly.

    IMHO, a return to Judo Christians values is required.

  • Cotour

    Phill O:

    I have been watching the BLM / Sports trajectory related their “wokness”. And my conclusion is that this entire sports issue relates directly to bankrupting the franchises and then recasting then into black ownership. And then paradoxically then the black owners have to deal with the political movement that they themselves have created. Good luck, sports just like journalism has died in America. And what do you do when something dies? You bury it.

    And sports stars like, LeBron have been enlisted to accomplish this result. And not that LeBron is behind the ultimate result, he is just a big childish dummy. If you have ever listened to him speaking on these subjects he sounds like a 16 year old boy, or should I say to be politically correct and to remain in a state of fear, young man?

    There are trained and well financed Marxist operators behind all of this and I am not saying that they are so brilliant but they have created a movement and that movement has momentum and they are making the best out of it. But its going to come with consequences that will negate it.

    LeBron through his handlers in the BLM have decided to stop playing ball. I say good, let them stop playing for as long as black men are shot by the police. Does he really think that all police officers just pull their guns out and shoot black men in the street? And that is not to say that there have not been abuses at times, because there have.

    But people like LeBron who have now turned their profession into a political venue will now suffer in real terms, and that builds character. So you build a lot of character LeBron. And that will be the new form of entertainment that they will provide, watching their diminishing fortunes waste away. All for a noble cause of course. Be noble, I will have some degree of respect for you then. Lets see just how committed you are when we see how you now deal with the Communist Chinese.

    Maybe you can move all of your committed black players to China and find your true “Freedom”. Maybe that is the future of the NBA?

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.,-
    to your lament– that’s in-part why we have Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan. (Her opponent in 2018 was not well loved, but one thing he wasn’t, was Gretchen.) On the upside, our State Legislature is controlled by republican’s, at least in name.
    –it’s just not enough to vote Trump.

  • George

    My solution, which will never happen because Americans are pretty much apathetic, is do not vote for any incumbent. At all. Not one of them. Vote for the other candidate in every race. And where ever possible, vote for an other party. Libertarians, Greens, whatever. This includes the Presidential race. Send a very loud and clear message that we’re tired of the whole mess.
    Pipe dream. Never going to happen. We don’t have the guts to send this message. We are getting what we deserve.

  • Hank

    Civil War 2.0 brought to you by the Party that gave us Civil War 1.0

  • Phill O

    George I see your logic, but have given that up some time ago when I see the alternatives. In this case, the anti-American dimocrat party stance and their permitting riots!

  • Cotour

    A message from Alessandra Biagi (D), NYS State senator:

    Dear Community,

    “I want to start by acknowledging the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday, August 24, and the continued pain and trauma of police brutality experienced by Black and Brown Americans every day. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back in front of his children. My heart hurts for Jacob, for his children, his family, and his community.”

    (Just like LeBron, this politician without any knowledge of the evidence in the case generally panders and refuses to see the facts in the Blake shooting. As I understand it he was a thug, his girl friend called the police because he was not suppose to be harassing her at her home, which he was, the police confronted him, he had an outstanding warrant, he refused to listen to them, he struggled with the police, was Tazed to no effect, and he broke loose and went to his car where he had a knife.

    And to listen to this politico and LeBron the police rolled up on this guy, told him to turn around and shot him in the back. That is there knee jerk racist interpretation of the event. They are the racists.

    Do black men have a problem with being confronted by the police? Yes, I think that is a reasonable assumption. So why not concentrate on that instead of essentially created a “special” protected class of American? That no matter what they do or no matter what threat they pose to life and limb they are not to be confronted or dealt with in a manner that corresponds to THEIR violent, provocative and problematic actions and behavior. Education for all involved, both the police and the general public is called for and not the creation of a “special” class of individual in America.

    A police officer does not wake up in the morning looking not to come home that evening and sacrificing themselves in the course of doing their JOBS. If you find yourself in a situation with the police usually the best policy is to listen to them. Get things straightened out in court. This is our system, this is our process.

    And if you choose through the excitement of the situation to not listen to them then they need methods of subduing you without having to shoot you. But understand that when you are perceived to become a threat to their lives or others lives you are probably going to be shot or similar. Skin color aside, black, white or polka dot. But that is in extreme situations. The police officers want to go home at the end of the day after performing their JOBS, and that is not unreasonable. Do you really find that unreasonable? I didn’t think so.)

    “Mayor Bill de Blasio, First Lady Chirlane McCray, and Chancellor Carranza announced “Bridge to School,” a Citywide initiative for the 2020-21 school year focused on the social and emotional well-being of students and adults in order to create a safe, supportive learning environment that confronts the trauma caused by the COVID-19 crisis. The program will help schools integrate trauma-informed practices into school reopening, and build off of last year’s major expansion of mental health support in schools.”

    (And here this Democrat political panderer establishes that all of the children have been traumatized by Covid and they now all need mental health services. Just another creation of a “Special” class of American? This is not leadership, this is pandering to a perceived constituency that apparently constantly sees itself as being so delicate and precious they must receive this “Special” class designation? In other words its the infantilization of grown men and women, the majority of which are black Americans, and the terrorizing of children in the pursuit of votes in perpetuity.

    I am sick of it. Again, this is not leadership, this is crippling mental abuse IMO.)

  • pzatchok

    Its not that America is apathetic. We will vote for the third party.

    Its just that the third party offers nothing to most people.

    Just getting rid of the two big parties is not enough. By the time you get one of them down small enough to remove they will have infiltrated the third party that is growing and take it over.
    Then after all that work your left with the same thing as always, just with a different name.

    You can not stop or kill the mechanics of politics. Its been around for thousands of years under dozens of different political forms.
    The rich and politically motivated have always controlled the politics of the government.
    In Europe Kings had to listen to the Barons or they would find a new king.
    In Greece they had tyrants who had to listen to the oligarchs just like the kings of England.(tyrant just meant dictator, cruel or benevolent)
    Sparta had two kings and still the oligarchs had power. Even when the rich and powerful were kicked out they were always asked back because they employed everyone.
    Russia(USSR) is a good example of a modern dictatorship. Even when everyone was forced into equality a few gained power and accumulated money and thus formed an oligarchy again. They then took power and to this day control Russia.

    In the early 1900’s the USA had industrialists as our oligarchs, now its the tech giants. Next it could be the biotech giants. Who knows.
    But the rich will always have and use their influence.

  • A. Nonymous

    The Republic of Texas had the right idea–their Presidents were not allowed to run for office as incumbents. They could run again *after* sitting out a term, which is why Sam Houston was not President for the nation’s entire existence.

    Institute that rule for all federal contests. Anyone may run for an office as many times as they like… but they must sit out every other term, and may not use the powers or the popularity of their office to retain their seat.

  • Cotour

    Well I think this video seems to settle whether there was self defense involved in Kenosha, WI shootings.

  • Michael S. Kelly

    I live in Virginia, which has gone from red to blue due to a number of recent, easily identifiable demographic shifts (one was the deliberate relocation of illegal aliens and Muslim “immigrants” here by the Obama administration). The Republican party has pretty much abandoned the state, leaving 26 state legislative seats with no Republican candidate in the mid-terms. The Republican National Committee doesn’t appear to know that the state exists.

    It’s difficult to vote for Republicans all the way up and down the government hierarchy when they don’t have anyone running.

  • Michael S. Kelly: Yeah, I agree. But do you have a write in capability? In some state seats, it actually wouldn’t take many to steal the seat from the Democrat.

    The times are desperate. If we are to save the nation for our children, desperate actions should be taken. More of us have to step and volunteer.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “It is as if no one really got my point at all.

    For those who don’t live in deep-blue states it may be difficult to understand the point. My state has passed election laws that make it especially difficult for a second party to get on the ballot and has made it easy for voter fraud, because ballots may be collected after the election, so that fraudsters know where to concentrate their efforts in collecting late ballots. Or in fabricating late ballots.

    Conditions here have deteriorated to such a degree that this state’s beauty and productivity attracted hundreds of thousands to come here. Now the people and their businesses are leaving. Businesses do not like the control that government has taken in running companies. It is expensive for business to operate, here, and government limits the ability for companies to improve over the competition’s advancements.

    The state can no longer keep the power running, and wildfires have gotten far out of control. Both have happened due to poor governance, in the past couple of decades. As I write this note, the sun is partially blotted out from the smoke of current fires.

    Maps are available for where to not step in San Francisco to avoid getting human feces on our shoes. Illegal aliens shoot innocent people with impunity (which is why Trump got on the map for president in the first place).

    With our recent election “reform” laws, we now live in the fascist society that we had been warned to watch out for with a vigilant eye. It is too late for us; save yourselves!

    I recommend that the rest of you prevent your states from becoming controlled by Democrats, because they will set your states and cities with the same “reforms” and governance that destroyed my state and most of the cities and town within it. Once they are entrenched, Democrats take far more than tenting your statehouse to eliminate. They fundamentally transform laws in order to favor their own power and retention thereof, and as demonstrated in the recent Democratic National Convention, they don’t give a rat’s tail about We the People .

    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. We have discovered that these aren’t just words.

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    I like this: They must be removed from office, as quickly as humanly possible. Notice the “humanly as possible.”

  • Bart

    Steve Richter: “Democrats however would be forced to stop it once they have Federal and State authority.”

    One doesn’t throw away a tool when it has worked so well. It will simply become the enforcement arm for the Democrats’ diktats.

  • Steve Danford

    Steve Richter,your comments are so far of base they don’t deserve a rebuttal but, I will give you a short one any way. President Trump has accomplished more in less than 4 years than most of the Presidents over the last 50 years or so. I will let you do your own research but will give you some hints. China trade, Iran, Israel, UAE, defense, unemployment, economy, Mexico and Canada. This should keep you busy for a while.

    For those comments that all demos should be defeated in November, I totally agree. President Trump needs all the help he can get from a Republican Congress, Governors and every one at every level.

  • Loretta Hope Tennant

    I will grant that Trump has done many things, in in the areas you listed. The point is, what he did. I will be kind, and say, Nothing to help the average Joe, who is not Wall St.

  • Bart

    “Nothing to help the average Joe…”

    Yes, none of those things “helps” the Average Joe. SMH

  • Phill O

    The employment statistics for the USA would support the argument that President Trump’s administration has helped the working class. Southern border security helps the American workers, not the businesses which employ cheap workers who are not American citizens.

  • commodude

    We’ve abandoned federalism, and left the Constitution many years ago.

    We need Congress to return to rulemaking, and not shuffle it off on unaccountable bureaucrats. That would however, cut down on their campaigning, so it’s not going to happen.

    I have either a bad choice or a terrible choice in one of the local races that truly matter…..either a populist RINO who kowtows to the crowd, or an outright leftist.

    Both pander to the loudest voice, not the most logical.

    I’ll vote against the party of Biden, but I’ll have to hold my nose to do so.

  • Cotour

    Loretta Hope Tennant:

    Without Wall Street there are no tax dollars to support and run government. You will witness the reality of that statement soon as New York City and other municipalities attempt to function after the virus and the “Protests” (Read: The ideological support of “Social Justice”, looting, chaos, murder and rioting promoted by Democrats throughout government in the country) and the policies of your fellow empowered Democrats in government have driven most all of those in Wall Street to other places.

    “New York City’s most important economic sector lies in its role as the headquarters for the U.S. financial industry, metonymously known as “Wall Street”. The city’s securities industry, enumerating 163,400 jobs in August 2013, continues to form the largest segment of the city’s financial sector and an important economic engine, accounting in 2012 for 5% of the city’s private sector jobs, 8.5% (US$3.8 billion) of its tax revenue, and 22% of the city’s total wages, including an average salary of US$360,700. Many large financial companies are headquartered in New York City, and the city is also home to a burgeoning number of financial startup companies.”

    To be an American and not understand that Capitalism requires their be Capitalism is a faulty and naive thought process. Loretta, you, like it or not, are a Capitalist, you are not a Socialist. I think it is time that you face this truth if you are not aware of it.

  • Cotour



    The Soros “Progressive” Democrat “Social Justice” agenda (Read: Globalist, Socialist un and anti American agenda), playing out right in front of your own eyes. And it is Trump that forces all of this to be revealed because he is an existential threat to it all.

    Who financed Diane Bectons run for office? George Soros and company. She is one of at least four prominent elected law enforcers nation wide that adhere to the Globalist “Progressive” upside down and backwards policies that we are witness to and are in the process of allowing to destroy several exclusively Democrat run cities across the country.

    “For the District Attorney to put out that kind of plan is irresponsible and where do you exactly draw the line on need because these are people’s businesses that are being impacted and livelihoods that are being destroyed.”.

    Irresponsible? I would use other words to describe her and their actions.

    This is “Social Justice”. I just sent you an email explaining exactly what “Social Justice” was, there is a reason that I put the term in quotation marks, they make the term Subjective. And there is no justice in Subjective punitive Justice. None what so ever. This is the way of the Socialist, the Communist……the GLOBALIST. Do as I say, not as I do. And this is what is coming to America if you do not stop it cold in its tracks.

    This is what you have allowed your country to turn into America, specifically American Democrats. Specifically well meaning but naive Democrats across the country. You have been duped. Does anyone really think that the everyday hard working, tax paying, patriotic black American supports this what can only be described as insanity and malfeasance? Under the cover of law? I think not.

    Time to #Walkaway Democrat Americans.

    You say, “But I don’t love Trump, I don’t even like him!”. (Like or love him or not, that is not the point. Trump is a non politician and is a patriot and he respects the Constitution and the rule of proper and Objective law and juris prudence. The Constitution and our judicial system are based in the Objective rule of law, it is our American foundation. And these people are perverting it for their own purposes.)

    And I ask, “Do you need to love the surgeon that specializes in the surgery you so desperately need to save your life?”. No.

    And believe me, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in no way what America needs today, that is a joke of a ticket. Not unless you want to turn to the Socialism and the Globalist model ala George Soros and company have planned for you. You are not that ignorant, you are not that self hating.

    #Walkaway Democrats.

  • Max

    Vote for the content of their character.

    It is known, that Utah is the reddest of the red states. Not true. We have mandatory social programs and the highest taxes.
    Long ago, Democrats realized to get elected in Utah they have to be pretend to be conservative. Many of our current leaders were once prominent members of the Democrat party. I will give you Mitt Romney for example as a well known rhino (or as is known in Utah, the third senator from Massachusetts)

    Not only is he a thorn in President Trump side consistently (even though Trump supported him for election) but mitt Romney’s staff, as well as mcCains old staff, have all prominently declared their support for Biden! telling you all you need to know about how deep the deep state has rigged the system on both sides. (by their actions, you will know them)

    As for third, fourth, and fifth parties…
    I joined the libertarians after Ronald Reagan raised taxes, going against his promise. (he made a deal with tip O’Neill that the government would cut spending three dollars for every dollar he would raise, the tax cuts never occurred)

    I would argue with the Democrat legislative leaders who come to our steel workers union meeting about the illegal tax gathering of Utah State. (Among other things)
    Utah tax code, at the time, would figure your taxes locally by taking the amount you paid to the “federal” and multiply it by .5 … this is the base amount you would pay to state tax.
    When Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton, Bush Junior, Obama raised taxes… Utah got a tax raise by 1/2 without any legislative action. Taxation without representation.
    When I asked how this illegal tax collection without legislative action could occur, the politicians would shrug their shoulders and say; ask the Republicans… They’re in charge.

    The tax code has been changed to make it more complicated, less obvious, in the name of fair tax and simplicity.

    During the tea party movement, the state residents voted in “term limits” making it the law.
    To be fair to the new politicians voted in, the law would take affect in 8 years from its enactment. Seven years later, as the tea party was being destroyed by the IRS, republican state legislative action voted and removed term limits from law. Over turned it like it was never there.

    If a movement of a third-party gets popular, the main parties will adopt the movements platform as if it was their own… Then destroy it.

    What the people want does not matter. We are not a democracy!

    Rose warned us in a prior thread, that the worst thing that can happen is for the medical white coats, who represent the pharmaceutical dictators (corporate oligarchs with more money than most countries) to claim in emergency to be the final authority. Threatening your very life, like a hostage, to give up your constitutional freedoms.

    The most trusted institutions in America are #1 military, #2 churches, #3 the police force.
    Obama was successful in undermining the military. (Trump is trying to restore it) The planpandemic has destroyed churches, the Democrats, with the riots, are undermining our police force demanding that they be defunded at the same time forcing the police to guard the politicians homes. If these movements are successful, our country is done. The dark age will be solidified.

    Then the killing begins.

    They are teaching in our schools that all whites are racist. To end racism, we must kill the whites or breed the racism out of them. Laws will be passed, unjustified hatred will become uncontrollable. People will fight back and suddenly the laws will flip in the other direction, making it legal to kill the killers of the other color.
    History is full of examples, and it always ends badly. Hundreds of millions have died just in the last century. (The methods to kill and to remove the offending bodies have gotten more sophisticated as technology has advanced)

    This is about control. Create a crisis, in which the people by popular demand will want “your solution” to the crisis problem.
    “Never let a crisis go to waste”

  • Cotour


    Michael Cohen describes the traits of most every life long, long term Republican and Democrat professional politician that has ever inhabited Washington D.C. And that is the fundamental problem we Americans have at this moment in time. Life long, self serving professional politicians in people just like, Joe Biden are the problem. Biden helped create what we see today in Washington D.C.. And he is going to fix what needs to be fixed there? I think not, and I know you agree 100 percent with me. The man is one brain aneurysm away from a coma. He has had several.

    (Biden is not really running for president. Biden is a throw away candidate and the Democrat leadership should be ashamed. If only they had shame, but they don’t, this is politics, remember? Their only strategic play here is betting on chaos and confusion and the potential of civil war as a result of their forcing mail in voting. That is how desperate they have become. Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest most deadly game that human beings play. And this is Washington D.C., the epicenter of all politics in the world.)

    Trump is not a life long politician. Trump is a practical problem solver and from what I can see an American patriot that believes in the Constitution as formulated, no matter what the Atlantic or Michael Cohen says. The Democrats and the Left? Not so much, as evidenced by their support of and aligning with organizations like ANTIFA and BLM that actively seek our governments overthrow. And I am not even exaggerating that fact. It sounds crazy but its true. Do everyday voting Democrats understand that? I wonder?

    These characteristics describing D.J. Trump, the New York City builder and business man, by Michael Cohen in his new book if so are some of the reasons that I hired Trump to go to Washington. You do not become successful in the fields that Trump has become successful in without getting down in the dirt and getting yourself dirty, and survive. And not only survive but excel.

    I ask again, who better to deal with the perverted and corrupt professional politicians in Washington D.C.? Trump has trained his entire life for the job that he is currently in the middle of executing.

    I see many other traits in Trump that people would see as being “Good”, which is their nature when choosing a political representative. That’s how most people see things in terms of “Good” and “Bad”, “Moral” and “Immoral”. I do not see things like that, that IMO is a childish “Mommy” and “Daddy” simplistic manner of thinking. I like the fact that Trump knows how to deal with those who need to be dealt with in equal and ruthless terms. And his actions in office, not his rhetoric, prove my point.

    Don’t personally like Trump? I do not care, not relevant, your not dating the man. And that’s why the permanent professional politicians in Washington D.C. fear him, and that is why he must continue on in a second term as president.

    In this case, fear is a good thing.

  • Cotour


    Here, in Ireland, a Chinese Billionaire will buy all the necessary politicians and build an entire city for the people of Hong Hong? Not really necessary to buy them because the Irish politicians will do as the EU dictates. Why? Because the EU is the Globalist model for the rest of the world.

    The EU and the Irish government sell out the private property Rights of all of the Irish people.

    Think that can not happen here in America?

    Not when todays Democrat party is so closely associated now with the Leftist and Marxists in our country. They tell you right up front exactly what they intend. But you do not believe them? Ever hear of U.N. Agenda 21? Look it up.

    Bill DeBlasio, mayor of New York City: “What changes things is the redistribution of wealth”. And he is doing exactly that as best as he can doing the best work of his life right now as he equally destroys New York City. This is what is going on in Ireland, New York, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, all Liberal or Democrat controlled cities, and they are making their move when they believe they have the momentum.

    And of course with the help of the number one Globalist billionaire, George Soros and friends.

    Right in front of your own eyes.

  • Cotour


    One of my more mature very distinguished Liberal lady friends, a committed Democrat and TDS sufferer, sent me this email:

    “Check out a book by Dan Alexander… “How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency into a Business “ and made 1.9 billion during his first three years As he unconstitutionally ignored the emoluments clause and did not divest.”


    My response:

    Trumps current est. net worth: $2.5 Billion. Made his money in the real estate business and the entertainment business, BEFORE POLITICS.

    Barack Obama est. net worth: $11 million. A life long professional politician and community organizer, wants to “Fundamentally change America”. He now owns 2 mansions, one in D.C. ($6 million) and one on Martha’s Vineyard ($14 million).

    Bill Clinton est. net worth: $80 million. A life long professional politician. And he did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. And he did not have sex with all of those underage children on Epsteins island. (And I bet you supported him and supported his wife. How do you feel about that now being a warrior against the abuse of children and sex trafficking?)

    Hillary Clinton est. net worth: $45 million. A life long professional politician. Has no idea how those 30 thousand emails got erased, nor how all of those phones and computers were smashed. Mr. Putin by evidence contributed greatly to both Mrs. and Mr. Clintons net worth as did the Chinese.

    Trump has been a professional politician for about 4 years, these others, Democrats all, have been in politics for an average of 30 + years each. Could you imagine how much Trump would be worth if he were a life long professional politician like these Democrats were for 30 + years? He would be worth TRILLIONS, possibly QUADRILLIONS of dollars.

    4 years and he comes to the presidency with 2.5 billion in net worth and he earned it in business. And I would expect the Trump empire to be worth less now rather than more due to him becoming the president.

    And these others, professional politicians, are now very wealthy and they made their money in politics, all paid off after the fact through “Book deals”, expensive “speaking engagements” and who knows what else.

    Your obsession with this emoluments clause is going nowhere, its a zero, and it just serves to feed your TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) of which you have a severe case. You are just being kept busy and focused by those who run the Democrat party PR operation and so desperately need you and your TDS.

    If not that the Democrats really have nothing. Joe Biden? Now that is another interesting net worth to look into. He has an estimated net worth of $9 million dollars and he has been a professional politician for 47 years. How does that happen?

    And I will throw this into the mix:

    And once again, Biden way under performs Trump.


  • Cotour


    A simple video by a guy named, Gary Lamb, 40 Y.O. young black man. To a guy named, Tim Pool thanking him for opening his eyes to Trump. 9:44, some adult language, no biggie, this is the real world.

    Tim Pool is a Millennial 35 ish (?) vlogger / new internet news reporter / opinionator, this is the future of the news business IMO, who is middle Left. But Pool is a rational person and has decided that Trump is the real deal and that the Democrats are desperate and have gone insane and will do anything to win.

    Gary Lamb, young black man, lives in the real world not the political narrative world where the media and the political class attempt to create a world that does not exist, that certainly does not exist for him. Gary Lamb preys that Trump wins so that he can continue to have hope, make a living and build a worth while life. If Biden wins, Lamb, “Does not know what he is going to do”.

    This is a moving and worth while video and reveals what is what in the real world.

    Share this with friend, even with a confused Democrat with TDS.

  • wayne

    Alternative Media, Alternative Facts?
    Tim Pool — Rubin Report
    June 2017

    Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool
    Joe Rogan Experience #1258

  • Cotour


    I found this article about NBC, which now apparently calls itself “Peacock”. So hip and now, this is the first thing that got my attention that I did not like.

    Then you read further about how “Peacock” plans to mind control the people who for some reason watch their programming. They are going to “Help” in crafting how the American public thinks.

    “Peacock announced on Saturday two news shows featuring political commentators Mehdi Hasan and Zerlina Maxwell set to launch on October 5.” (I am certain they are well aligned with the likes of Ilhan Ohmar, AOC and the like. Sickening to me.)

    “We’re developing a show to help people think through how news affects their individual lives and our culture as a whole,” said Maxwell, a former Obama field organizer and media director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. “Peacock provides a fantastic platform for the show to be seen by a broad audience.”

    If there has been any question before about exactly what the media is up to and what political party and philosophy they are aligned with, have doubt no more. This media company, NBC, “Peacock”, and many more like them have become un and anti American.

    Have become, that’s funny, these media corporations have just abandoned all appearances of being balanced and neutral and have delivered their programming unapologetically to the Left and the Leftists among us. These American corporations are now full blood Globalists and are determined to deliver America to the same. And who has made it necessary that they abandon their faux cloak of being American oriented?

    TRUMP. Trump forces all Democrats, RINOS, Liberals and Leftists to reveal themselves. And that in the end is Trumps purpose in the age of Trump.

    Just one more reason to not support ANY Democrat agenda or candidate or company that promotes their anti American agenda. I hope you are paying attention America.

    So get better soon Mr. president, we need you to continue your purpose in this American age of transformation and our reconnecting with our Constitution and rejecting these Globalist and anti and un American Americans. These now mind controlled and Broken Americans.

  • Cotour


    I, like I am certain you, loved watching the TV series COSMOS hosted by, Carl Sagan when I was young. I miss Carl Sagan, he died much too young.

    And I just happened to see and watch this interesting clip: “Ted Turner asks Carl Sagan if he was a Socialist” (?). And watching the clip I realized that Carl Sagan was a silly Socialist, or at the minimum a silly Liberal. (Is there a difference?) And I was not really surprised. Ted Turner simply asks Sagan the question: “Are you a Socialist?”.

    And Sagan goes into a kind of a scolding moralistic diatribe about how its the governments responsibility to “care for the people”. But Sagan says that he does not really know what Socialism is. And for what I assumed was an intelligent man who can understand how the universe operates, from the structure of the atom to black holes, I would think that he could have thought about and figured out and answered that question posed to him in a more honest manner.

    Thomas Sowel, former Socialist and former Marxist, and now an enlightened Conservative economics guru makes the point about how a Liberal, in this case, Carl Sagan, thinks that people can be moved and manipulated just like chess pieces. And of course that is not so, people are not just like chess pieces, people are just like people and respond to incentive and disincentive and government has no paternal responsibility to care for them.

    Government does have a responsibility to ensure law and order, protect our borders and interests, promote business, ensure that the people are educated, and most important, to not infringe on the peoples enumerated Rights. But government has no responsibility to care for them. That is silly, Carl.

    Now like I said, I loved the show COSMOS and I think Carl Sagan was a fine physicist and really an excellent communicator of the subject that he specialized in. And like most others who specialize in one something when ever they are asked questions not related to that field, especially politics, its usually best they take a pass on the question lest they appear to be, silly.

  • Cotour: !. I’ve never seen any of Sagan’s shows.

    2. If you had read Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8, you would have learned about Sagan’s communist allegiance a long time ago.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Imagine if you had to manage your pieces in such a way as to give them a reason to move.

    Incentivize the knight to move to the center, a controlling, dominate position, but also, a position of higher risk, a risk he must be willing to accept.

    Even so, maybe he may see an alternate position that suits him better.

    What if you had to create a reasons for pawns to sacrifice, or pay your queen?

    If the king had a treasury that had to be managed, to pay his pieces, lest they abandon him. It would constrain his options.

    Closer to reality.

    (I think I might trademark this idea. Calling dibs)

  • Cotour

    I never knew about Sagan’s life philosophies, but it did not surprise me.

    I will quote my friend, Matt who I thought gave a succinct response to my Sagan email: “Exactly. It is the rare person who can synthesize all of their knowledge into a thought process. Not just looking at the time but understanding the Clock and how it works. ”

    Zman, ever listen to the Beatles?

    Sippin: Keep working on your concept, I think we are on the same page.

  • Cotour

    To my point about how most people who specialize in one thing not comment on other things, especially politics, especially when you are going to be quoted:

    Subject: Some quotes on why NFL players are kneeling …

    So pathetic……and these idiots are heroes to some!

    (World News Bureau) – In a recent polling of 585 NFL players,
    nearly all of them were unsure of exactly what they are protesting.

    Here’s a ‘sampling’ of responses to the question: “What are you
    protesting by kneeling during the National Anthem?”

    “Pretty sure it’s against Nazis – especially the white ones.”

    “We’re protesting America becoming capitalistic instead of equal.”

    “I’m protesting against Trump saying black lives don’t matter.”

    “We’re against global warming and the police..”

    “We’re showing the world that we care about, ah, things such as…. such
    as…ah, …. freedom from suppression?”

    “Me and my fellow players are protesting the Constitution of
    Independence because of what it does to people of color.”

    “We are displaying our right to stand up by kneeling for our beliefs.”

    “We are protesting Trump, because he, you know, keeping the black man down.”

    “Myself is kneeling to show that just because I’m American don’t mean I got to act like one.”

    All above comments are from National Football League players with 4 years of
    an American College “Education”. Average player salary $1,900,000.

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