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Mueller widens witch hunt investigation

Special counsel Robert Mueller today widened his investigation on President Trump’s contacts with Russia during the campaign to now include Trump’s entire business transactions.

I haven’t posted anything about the Russian collusion story until now, because on its face it is absurd. As noted repeatedly by even Trump’s critics, there is no evidence of any illegal acts by anyone. Moreover, the media focus on the Russians distracts from the heart of the DNC hack, that it revealed illegal pay-offs and corruption by Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others in the Democratic Party. I don’t really care that much how these emails were obtained since what they uncovered is far worse.

What prompts me to post now is to underline the corruption of Robert Mueller himself. It is already well known that the investigation team he has put together includes at least seven Democratic donors, including an attorney who donated $34,000 to Democratic candidates. What I want to highlight is his blatant partisan actions to help cover up the IRS scandal for the Obama administration. I only remembered this recently, but when Mueller was called to testify to the House about his newly begun FBI investigation into that scandal, he couldn’t name the head of that investigation, even though he was the man who would have appointed such a person only a month prior.

I once again have embedded below the fold Mueller’s testimony in 2013 before Congress. Not only does he not know who is running his so-called IRS scandal investigation, he admits that not one victim of the IRS scandal had yet been contacted. In fact, none of these people were ever contacted, and that investigation never took place. Mueller stone-walled it for Obama, so that administration and president could get away with their use of the IRS as a weapon against their opponents. And of course, the Democratic mainstream media assisted them in this stone-wall by never pursuing the story. They let it fall, as they do today with the content of those hacked Clinton emails, into the memory hole.

And even if there were improprieties by Trump and his campaign, does anyone with even the slightest objectivity believe that Mueller’s investigation is going to non-partisan? I don’t. This is a witch-hunt, and it always has been.

And if you disagree with me I dare you to watch the video below. Mueller comes off clearly as a tool of the Democrats, something he still is today.

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  • Noah Peal

    Some of us expected a special prosecutor for the Clintons. Instead, we get one for Trump. The Empire Strikes Back.

  • Cotour

    Eventually Mueller will come across something Russian in Trumps dealings. Nothing related to the campaign but something related to real estate. There is a trend in the movement of money from foreign entities / millionaires / billionaires / oligarchs / state mafiosa etc. into American / New York real estate for the purpose of investment (read: money laundering and hiding stolen state money) in the 80’s and 90’s. The Russians do it, the Chinese and every other state sponsored kleptocracy does it to secure their interests outside of their home situation. Some to greater extents then others.

    Trump (and every other real estate owner / builder) would have certainly sold properties to these operators.

    If Trump thinks the depth of Muellers investigation is too deep and too outside of the parameters of the actual campaign then I expect him to fire him and everyone else who supports him. And I will have to generally agree with that action. Then its going to all hit the fan. And so be it.

    Look long enough and deep enough at anyone’s past and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

    From the beginning what I have said about Trump and his administration is, its going to be every day, every day.
    And so it is. Buckle up, its going to get bumpy.

  • LocalFluff

    I’m amazed by US politics and justice. Nothing like this questioning could occur in Europe (possibly in the UK). Now I want to object against the use of the term”witch hunt”. You’re giving it a bad reputation. Witch hunt 300 years ago served the purpose of getting rid of the bitches who are now destroying our society. They knew what they were doing back then.

  • LocalFluff: This isn’t the worst example, but you are beginning to once again drift into gutter language. The word “bitch” does not have to be obscene, but it is often used that way, which is how you use it here. Please control yourself.

  • Ingot9455

    Trump is going to have to pre-retaliate.
    Jail the Clintons, Podesta, everyone in the DNC on everything they have, and use that to keep Mueller out of the headlines.

  • Patrick

    Robert Zimmerman: Stop being a whiny, bitchy baby. Unless this is your site. If it is, shut it down for its stink of an old schoolmarm.

  • wayne

    Time to mow the lawn!

  • Patrick: You don’t like my demand that people treat each other with respect? Then why are you here?

    In fact, I’m not sure you should be here. If all you can do is call people names, than maybe you should get your facts from someone else’s website. I think I will suspend your commenting rights for a week.

  • RMH


    If you want to run a site, run your own. Your three readers will no doubt enjoy your non-schoolmarm hipness.

  • Thanks for that clip: not exactly the savior in the white hat he’s made out to be, is he?

    Funny that President Trump said yesterday that Mueller applied for the job of FBI Director, after Comey was discharged. Of course Mueller and Comey were best friends for years, so it is likely that Mueller was aware of Comey’s role in the cabal of Intel chiefs (with Brennan and Clapper) that concocted the ‘Russia collusion’ fable, and probably agreed with it. So now instead of one fox invading the chicken coop, we’ve got his brother. And this one will be harder to fire; apparently Mr Trump can’t do it directly, but needs someone in the Justice Department to do so.

    Well, Jeff Sessions is now on notice (via the NYT interview) that he’d better shape up and put the kibosh on the witch hunt. He’s got to rescind his recusal, fire Rosenstein, and then fire Mueller. Nothing less will do.

  • R Daneel

    Good heavens! That is incompetence and cover-up and a previously unknown level! I really had not seen that before.

    That video needs to go viral.

  • Mueller should be prosecuted for pursuing an investigation on an open warrant, something that is NOT ALLOWED under the Fourth Amendment. This is a violation of the president’s civil rights.

    It’s tricky to deal with because President Trump has his own recourse available: he can fire the special investigator, but he has really been hamstrung by Sessions, who was supposed to be his agent at DOJ but immediately fled his post.

    It should be Sessions who is firing Rosenstein and Mueller and Sessions who is deciding whether Rosenstein and Mueller should be prosecuted for pursuing an illegal warrant, but now it is Trump who might have to take those steps himself, and he might even have to fire Sessions, if Sessions can’t start doing his job, all of which creates a gigantic political mess, which is all the Democrats have going for them now: that with their control of the media they can make a political stink over nothing.

    Sessions was so irresponsible. Every lawyer has one primary legal duty: to represent the person they are supposed to represent. Do not leave his position unrepresented. Sessions abandoned that primary duty in favor of tertiary concerns about possible appearances of non-existent conflicts of interest. Come on.

  • Daniel Kleitman

    About Mueller’s testimony: did he ever get back to the committee with the information he had been asked, and claimed to know nothing about? In particular did he name the gentleman or lady conducting the investigation? He claimed that victims would be contacted. Were they ever contacted after the investigation began? Did it ever begin?
    Did Mueller lie in his statements or his assurances that victims would be contacted about their victimization?

  • Mitch S.

    This isn’t just about Trump, this is the establishment (the “deep state” if you will) striking back.
    They want to punish and purge the outsiders who dared challenge their power.
    So unlike other partisan scandals Trump has no support from his own party.
    Notice Bernie Sanders has also been slapped for his insolence (I don’t think the investigation of Bernie’s wife is due to Republicans).
    The mainstream press has a big stake – they planned to claim credit for putting Hillary in office so even though they are loosing readers/viewers/advertisers they could still present themselves as a political power to be reckoned with.

    Unfortunately Trump is not the ideal person to face the challenge – I just hope he stays strong and listens to good advice. I’d also like to see conservatives realize what is at stake – Trump may be a last chance to reign in the establishment (who employ people such as Muller and Clapper to grow a surveillance police state to stop such future insurrections)

  • eddie willers

    I was shocked when Sessions recused himself. Who convinced him to do that?

  • Chris

    I agree that the Open Warrant is the key item here as pointed out by Alec. This had been mentioned many times on John Batchelors show by several guests. Trump needs to use this term in his comments about the investigation.
    Trump can open new or renew investigations into Hillary Clinton (slam dunk on several counts)’ James Comey (ditto just based on Congressional testimony).

    Patrick: Freedom reigns on the internet – at least for now. That freedom includes a “schoolmarm” attitude (your description) to an individuals site, or not.
    You are free to leave and find others, or change,or create your own site… the freedom is yours.
    You do not have the freedom to directly dictate Mr Zimmermans site rules. You can try to convince others and possibly sway Mr Z.
    Freedom … it’s messy, it’s not always easy, you may not like the result of others freedom but its freedom…. I won’t put up with anything else.

  • Des

    Bob, if there is nothing to the Russia contacts then why has the Trump campaign kept changing its story? As new facts emerged the story has changed from:
    “We never met with any Russians.”
    “Collusion isn’t illegal.”
    “Anybody else would have colluded, it would have been dumb not to.”

    If Hilary Clinton had won the electoral college instead of just the popular vote, and the story was about here would you dismiss this as a nothing story and a witch hunt?

  • ken anthony

    Sessions has got to go. At this point he can’t redeem himself even if he does everything right. Pence, is in the traditional role of attack dog and he seems more like the puppy wetting the carpet. It’s not that he’s not a good man, but he has a media job to do and he’s not doing it.

    Laws are being broken and have been for decades, not by Trump. The deep state is a violation of every American principle. Replacing Sessions with somebody that can get rid of Mueller will solve half of Trump’s problems.

    They need to build a prison just to hold the democrat/media enablers. Rule of law depends on the DOJ.

  • Cotour


    Your Hillary analogy is a non starter, you would have heard nothing about anything if Hillary had become the president. NOTHING. Just like the medias ignoring the Obama rise to power and his plainly Marxist / radical training and back round.

    You would have heard crickets. You get a demerit for being uninformed or being able to be manipulated.

    The Democrats have successfully strategically started this Russian narrative to stop out the Republican / Trump momentum, and the Democrats deep state actors are proceeding with that successful strategy. This is how political war is executed. And have no doubt, this is political war.

    The reason that Trump is sooo useful is because he is sooo disruptive to the perverted and blatantly corrupt inside the beltway, Washington culture. This push back will continue every day that Trump is in office, EVERY DAY.

  • Kirk

    Alec Rawls: “Every lawyer has one primary legal duty: to represent the person they are supposed to represent. … Sessions abandoned that primary duty …”

    No. The Attorney General may be appointed by the President and serve at the President’s pleasure, but he does not represent the President. Even the White House Counsel, whose job is to advise the President on legal issues related to official administration actions, does not represent the President (and does not enjoy attorney-client privilage) on private matters.

    Were we an autocracy, then the Attorney General may be responsible for the President’s personal legal defense, just as the Treasury Secretary would be responsible for the President’s personal enrichment, but we are not there yet.

  • F-16 Bill

    Allegedly, there must be a criminal act in order to appoint a Special Counsel. I do not see it in the case against Trump. It seems therefore that the entire investigation is unwarranted and illegal itself? Agree?

    28 CFR 600.1 – Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.
    § 600.1 Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.

    The Attorney General, or in cases in which the Attorney General is recused, the Acting Attorney General, will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted and –

  • Orion314

    And yet, today, Sessions goes on a rant about the evils of dat ol debil weed , Marijuana. His mandate seems to be to roll us back to the 50’s.. The good old days when you could give a life sentence for a couple of seeds or a roach..sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover , or in this case , a corrupt, inbred redneck bible thumping hillbilly. He needs to be in jail , not AG

  • Cotour

    I strongly suspect that Sessions will be short lived and may well be replaced with……………………..Rudy Giuliani ?

    Stay tuned on this one, thats who who it appears to be being now vetted by some accounts.

    What must happen, as I have stated before, the two sets of laws created by Comey for Hillary at the behest of Lynch must, among many other Hillary issues must be reconciled with full blown, testicles to the wall investigations. This must take place for all of our sakes.

  • wayne

    You bring up an extremely interesting point (and an expansive Topic) that none of our “leaders” are capable of discussing, and I would venture to speculate, a huge number of our fellow citizens are totally clueless;

    Mary-Jane remains totally illegal under Federal law, no matter what State you live in, how many registration cards you have, or which “dispensary” you bought it at. The DEA and the Controlled Substances Act, remain in full-force throughout the land.
    That’s truly an authentic “federal case,” in the making, if there ever was one.
    (I would however, love to see, say.. Oregon, argue States Rights and Federalism against the DEA, but they are perfectly capable of being two-faced liars and could do it with a straight face.)

    tangentially–I do find the “medical weed” route to be entirely disingenuous and fake– pure THC has been available “medicinally” for a long time, it’s called Marinol®. A Schedule III drug, just like oxycodone and mixed-amphetamine salt. (Lortab & Adderall)
    People just to like to smoke weed.
    –It took an Amendment to outlaw alcohol, and another one to make it legal again. Now, under the Controlled Substance Act and a 100 years of Statism, the Feds can outlaw any molecule they want, no matter what any of us think about it.

    Personally, I do want mary jane completely legalized, and I certainly wouldn’t pay any taxes on it, ever. (I don’t partake myself, messes up my Parkinson’s-meds, big time.) I don’t register with the State and pay a per-gram tax on my tomato’s, only a fool would pay a State-government weed-tax.

    We can’t even get the Feds to shut up about Russia, repeal Obamacare, stop spending us into oblivion, or lower taxes— does anyone really think they have, or could (ever), rationally handle “the drug problem and what should we do about it?”

    (I love these crony leftist capitalist-pigs (he said sarcastically…) who sell weed “legally,” it’s Socialism for all the rest of us, but you never see THEM selling their genetically modified, super-duper, high-potency, smoke, for it’s marginal cost of production. Which btw, they use carbon dioxide tanks to enhance the growth rate and rely on coal-powered high-intensity indoor grow lights to illuminate.)
    -Just wait until the Feds introduce the “Weed-Subsidization Program,” it’s unfair, isn’t it?, that poor people can’t afford $15 a gram for weed?

    Getting back to the thread– Session’s did totally mess up by recusing himself, but I don’t see him as the primary problem.
    Lest we forget– Rince Priebus, Chief-Weasel & Perpetual Crony Progressive RINO, is Trump’s chief-of-staff, head gatekeeper, and a back-stabber.

  • Kirk

    Is Mr. Trump known to have ever voiced any complaint against the A.G. for anything other than recusing himself? I vehemently disagree with many of the A.G.’s policies, but I’ve only ever heard the President criticise his recusal.

  • Cotour

    Sessions was on the Trump train from pretty much day, I do not exactly know specifically why, from sessions point of view. Trump see’s “HIS” Attorney General as being on his side. That is not really the relationship that a president has with an attorney general.

    Trump wants to hire people who back him up, unlike the Republican party leadership, who I suspect would be happy for trump to just go away.

    Its the Hillary thing that Trump is conflicted with. The powers that be are focusing on him and some Russian narrative, and Hillary, who is plainly as guilty as anyone could be on sooo many levels and subjects appears to be getting a total pass.

    I predict that this total pass condition will be modified in the near future.

  • wayne

    it was just a few days ago that Trump publicly voiced displeasure at the recusal. (And on this one I agree with Trump.) Before that, Trump has always been openly 100% supportive.

    For Sessions, it was Trump’s position on immigration. (surprised you don’t recall!)

    I still want to know why Rince Preibus is Chief of Staff.
    He IS the Swamp!
    He, Ryan and Mitch, run the show. Trump has very few Conservatives around him, why attack Session’s? He’s never been a Libertarian Republican, his stanch on drugs is well known. I don’t like it myself but I see no reason for him to be fired.
    How about they clean house of all the entrenched Obama holdovers and stop appointing the same-usual-suspect Hillary/Obama lovers in the first place, before attacking a Jeff Session’s?

    Phony Manufactured Distraction.

    C–RUSH, just discussed the CNN generated Fake News on the Rudy-replacing-Session’s rumor, his take is that it’s a created-narrative.
    …We’ve had this discussion before, but I do fear HRC is free-and-clear. Nobody is going to go after her. She’ll never be president, and she does have a neurological disorder, but she will never be held account for her innumerable crimes.
    And that Schniederman guy in NY (your State AG) certainly is not investigating the Clinton Crime Foundation.

  • ken anthony

    Law is the key here and Sessions isn’t part of that solution.

    Trump doesn’t need people loyal to him. He needs people loyal to America. Then Trump would be fine.

    You can’t play the game pretending the criminals are following the rules. You have to send the criminals to prison, not give them pensions and platforms.

    Even people that absolutely hate Trump concede he’s done no crime. So why is government protecting those that are treasonous criminals.

    Comey and Lynch revealed who they are. DOJ and FBI need their swamp drained first. Sessions is now part of that swamp that maintains the status even if not actually guilty himself.

    Freedom is not free.

  • Kirk

    So why does Mr. Trump ask us why his “beleaguered A.G.” isn’t “looking into Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russia relations?”, instead of asking his A.G. himself and telling us the answer.

    The guy is the President, after all. (He does realize this, doesn’t he?) If anyone is in position to demand answers from the A.G., it’s him.

  • Kirk

    And in related news, Mr. Giuliani just stated that A.G. Sessions “made the right decision under the rules of the Justice Department” in recusing himself from the investigation.

  • wayne

    good stuff!

  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    Robert Mueller is a dangerous man and is going well beyond his mandate
    (July 20, 2017)

  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    “If Trump pushes AG Jeff Sessions out, it will be a terrible mistake”
    (July 24 2017)

  • Cotour

    Levin wants everything?

  • Cotour

    The DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign paid $3.6 million of the $5.6 million dollar bill for the now infamous Trump “Golden Showers” dossier.

    The report was initiated by a Republican (Who?) and then taken over by the DNC and the Hillary campaign, and where did the information in the report apparently emanate from? The Russians? (Is that collusion?)

    I am certain that this is all just a mix up and no one did anything wrong or illegal. (Except maybe for the FBI, Mueller, Comey, Obama, Lynch, the DNC, D. Wasserman Shultz, the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, who else? Very complex and deep.)

    Politics, the dirtiest, filthiest and most corrupt activity that human beings engage in.

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