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For the next two days posting will be light. I am in Chicago visiting family for Passover, the annual Jewish holiday celebrating the release of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. During the Seder meal, Jews read the Haggadah, which retells the story of the Jewish slavery in Egypt and their escape, with the idea of reminding each person what is like to be a slave, and then to be free. As it says in the Haggadah,

In every generation each individual is bound to regard himself as if he had gone personally forth from Egypt.

Tonight, this is what Jews do. It would be nice if all people reflected on this and did the same.



  • Rene Borbon

    Although not a Jew, I’m fasting in respect of Good Friday and Passover.

  • wodun

    Have a good passover.

  • May you be blessed in your observances and reflections this night.

  • jwing

    I am a Christian andI have nothing but a profound respect and admiration for my elder Jewish brothers and sisters. As a kid growing up in Queens and the Bronx, I was steeped in Jewish culture and Yiddish sayings without realizing it. My Uncle Ralph Abrams was Jewish and without question was one of the most influencial men I knew growing up as an Irish/German Catholic middle class son of an NYC firefighter.
    G_d bless you and your family this holy Passover, Bob.

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