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Pete Buttigieg: Democratic Party Fascist

If you happen to be one of the many Democrat voters who limits his or her reading to such media sources as the New York Times or Wired, you might believe without doubt that Pete Buttigieg (pronounced BOOT-i-edge), the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is not only most qualified Democratic politician running for President, he is also John Kennedy reborn, able to lead the nation into a bipartisan paradise of smart liberal polices beneficial to all!

First there is this June 18, 2018 article in the New York Times:

Far from being just the out-gay mayor of a scrappy rebounding Rust Belt city, Mr. Buttigieg is a singular politician: a Democrat in a Republican stronghold; a high school valedictorian who graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard and who also attended Oxford as a Rhodes scholar; a political comer who, after winning election at 29, quickly set about reversing an economic decline in this northern Indiana city, where the last Studebaker rolled off a South Bend assembly line in 1963; a Navy veteran who, in 2014, took an unusual leave-of-absence from his civic day job to serve a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

He is also one of a handful of Democrats that, in a New Yorker article, were cited by President Barack Obama as the future of the Democratic Party, an anointing whose potential ramped up this spring when, with an eye on the 2020 race, Mr. Buttigieg’s own political action committee began supporting legislative races in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Colorado and Ohio.

This more recent April 11, 2019 article in Wired is equally ebullient.

Buttigieg brought data, flow charts, and McKinsey-esque analysis to city government—as well as a bit of philosophical humanism. Since he became mayor seven years ago, unemployment in the city has fallen, from 13 percent in 2010 to 3.2 percent last fall—below the national rate—and South Bend has seen its first significant population increase in half a century. (Unemployment has since ticked back up, to 4.3 percent.)

The country itself was in recovery from the Great Recession during those years, but Buttigieg undertook specific changes that pushed South Bend up the hill.

Pete Buttigieg however is none of the things these puff pieces say he is. Both articles are the worst and most despicable form of journalism. They tell you nothing really about this Democratic Party candidate, but attempt — for partisan political reasons — to make that Democrat appear to be the second coming of Jesus.

Let’s take a real look at Pete Buttigieg, based on what he claims he wishes to do should he win the Democratic presidential candidacy and then win election. We will find that he is not unlike Andrew Yang, another Democratic Party fascist who thinks he knows best for everyone, and thus should be given the power to rule our lives, down to the most trivial matters. And woe to us should we have the temerity to disagree with his totalitarian demands.

First, Buttigieg wants to establish some sort of program asking young people to serve at least one year doing “national service.”

By national service, he means a year of military service or mandatory civilian service, i.e. helping this government agency or that. But what does he mean by “if not legally obligatory”?

Perhaps it is nothing more than this: Buttigieg is indeed considering a program of forced service, but wants plausible deniability, a way to back off in the heat of an election campaign . . . when moms and dads are voting.

Later, on MSNBC’s Monday Joe, he again urged a “look at national service,” and added, “It can be voluntary, but at the very least let’s create more opportunities for more people to have a service year after high school, because that builds community. [emphasis mine]

This sounds like a variation on Kennedy’s Peace Corp, or Clinton’s AmeriCorp, both of which were voluntary. Both also ended up doing less service for the nation than providing good liberal propaganda for Democratic Party politicians. Buttigieg’s proposal takes this one step farther, by making the nation’s youth an army of government workers, enlisted to aid the government in whatever programs he decides the government should impose on the American citizenry.

Does this make him a fascist? Maybe. Maybe not. Alarm bells however always go off in my brain whenever a politician begins to push a program that asks young people to do “service” for the benefit of government. At a minimum such programs act to indoctrinate those young people. In the worst case, such programs too often devolve into becoming obligatory, imposed by force. Buttigieg might sincerely have the best of intentions, but we all know where that leads. He is clearly favoring a policy here that conveys power to government.

Those alarm bells get louder when one notes that Buttigieg’s also supports a host of other fascist Democratic Party agendas. He supports Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal, a bigoted and communist fantasy that would bankrupt the nation and turn it into Venezuela. On the subject of gun control, he supports universal background checks, which means he likes the idea of the government keeping track of what you do, and using that data to decide whether you can or cannot do something. Think about that for awhile.

In this context he also supports the idea of denying people their right to own guns based not on some legal framework but on a vague determination of mental health made by the government. To him, almost any kind of gun control is “compatible with the second amendment,” a position which eliminates that amendment entirely.

Buttigieg also supports a “single-payer” health system, which in plain language means he supports nationalizing our health system, turning it into socialized medicine run by the government.

Are you beginning to see a pattern? There’s more. Did you know that Buttigieg’s father, a professor at the University of Notre Dame, was an avowed Marxist who worked aggressively to inject that philosophy into American society. And while Pete Buttigieg has been vague about whether he supports Marxism, he isn’t vague about his dislike of capitalism.

Pete Buttigieg said in an MSNBC interview on March 20 that he considers himself a capitalist but that the system needs changes. “The biggest problem with capitalism right now is the way it’s become intertwined with power and is eroding our democracy,” Buttigieg said, noting the influence of big businesses in government.

From experience I have learned that anytime a politician says that capitalism needs to be “fixed,” he or she is really saying that they require the right and the power to run my life for me. Sure sounds like a fascist to me.

Buttigieg’s desire for power is also revealed by his demand that Donald Trump be impeached. Buttigieg doesn’t cite any violation of the law or the Constitution to justify such action, merely saying that Trump “deserves impeachment,” and that Trump should be removed in order “to get Republicans to abandon this kind of deal with the devil they made.”

In other words, the voters legally elected someone Buttigieg dislikes, and thus because he doesn’t like Trump it is right and proper for the Democrats to remove him from power. Kind of makes elections irrelevant, doesn’t it? Vote for whoever you like, as long as it is a Democrat that Buttigieg approves of!

Finally, let’s take a look at how Pete Buttigieg defines freedom:

We’ve allowed our conservative friends to get a monopoly on the idea of freedom. Now, they care about freedom, but they care about a very specific kind of freedom. Freedom from. Freedom from regulation. As though government were the only thing that can make us unfree. But that’s not true, is it? We know that your neighbor can make you unfree. Your cable company can make you unfree. If they’re telling you who you ought to marry, your county clerk can make you unfree. You’re not free if you’re afraid to start a small business because leaving your job would mean losing your healthcare. [emphasis in original]

So, your neighbor and cable company can make you unfree? Let’s get the government in there to make sure that can’t happen! Let’s impose our will on anyone who might threaten us with different ideas or business choices we don’t like! And if some damn Christian doesn’t want to endorse gay marriage, let’s use the power of government to destroy them for daring to follow their own moral choices!

Pete Buttigieg is no different from all the other Democratic Party politicians running for president. He wants power, and he wants it so he can silence all those who dare to disagree with him. Almost all the Democratic politicians running for president are saying the same things, pushing for more government power and control. These politicians, from Buttigieg to Yang to Biden to Harris to Warren, have taken what they think is the pulse of the Democratic Party electorate, and have decided that electorate wants a fascist leader able to impose their will on everyone else. Every single of them is is trying to convince that electorate that they are the right person for the job.

I pray that their sense of that Democratic Party electorate is badly wrong. I pray that decent Democrats will look at these oppressive policies and reject the politicians advocating them.

Because if they don’t, we are in for some very very terrible times. Lord help us if the nation votes any of these people into power, As Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) said during the Kavanaugh hearings in talking about the Democratic Party, “Boy, you all want power, God I hope you never get it.”


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  • Cotour

    Pete Buttigieg (AKA: Sheldon Cooper) IMO is running for the governor of his home state and will probably wind up there to create some form of gravitas and credibility for the future. He is just too young. He is a bit more than Beto, who is faking everything. Beto is a BS artist of the first order. Buttigieg certainly is more accomplished and has more substance, seems like a very nice young Fascist.

    Was at Easter dinner with a bonified journalist turned professor of journalism for a major N.J. university who attempted to using stealth to interject and talk about “Climate change” and Trump’s threat to journalism and remain “objective” and non partisan. Towards the end of the dinner he and I got into a rational discussion, the subject?

    The MSM is populated with talking heads that pose as journalists but are mostly all very partisan Liberals fully invested in pushing a story line and not objective facts. And the people who watch them are not really informed.

    No yelling, no screaming, and I think we clearly established that my theory about journalists in general and talking heads specifically in the MSM being primarily Liberals at the minimum was well founded. In addition we also agreed that the Constitution was in fact in full operation as per design, counter balancing the potentials of the abuse of power. And that there are consequences to elections.

    And one other thing we agreed on, dinner was excellent! Baked glazed spiral ham with mashed potatoes, purple coleslaw and asparagus.

  • “We’ve allowed our conservative friends to get a monopoly on the idea of freedom. Now, they care about freedom, but they care about a very specific kind of freedom. Freedom from. Freedom from regulation. As though government were the only thing that can make us unfree. But that’s not true, is it? We know that your neighbor can make you unfree. Your cable company can make you unfree. If they’re telling you who you ought to marry, your county clerk can make you unfree. You’re not free if you’re afraid to start a small business because leaving your job would mean losing your healthcare.”

    Here Mr. Buttigieg demonstrates his superficial understanding of the Universe. The immature view is that of the childish desire to divorce action from consequences. Somehow the reality of opportunity cost is oppressive.

    Mr. Buttigieg also displays the common Progressive belief that the physical and regulatory infrastructure creating and sustaining his comfortable Western life will always be ‘there’. They can run their social experiments understanding that if they fail (!), society will cushion the blow. Reality has to be crafted every day by folks with more substantial work than conference director of a think tank.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “He wants power, and he wants it so he can silence all those who dare to disagree with him.

    Please don’t tell me that you think that Pete Buttigieg may be the very “neighbor [who] can make you unfree.”

    He seemed like such a nice, caring guy who only wants what best for him — er — us. Clearly, he only wants to protect us from the bad decisions that we make every day. Fortunately, I have not yet had my daily over-16-oz. soda pop, but I need someone else to make it illegal, because I just don’t have the willpower to save myself from myself.

    And how about those straws? Here in California, sit-down restaurants are forbidden to just bring them with our drinks, because of all the straws in the ocean. They don’t forbid fast food drive-through windows from passing them out, because no one would ever drive to the ocean to eat fast food as a picnic, but every sit-down patron that I know takes his straw down to the ocean and throws it in. Every time. Or maybe it is that California secretly dumps its trash into the ocean in the middle of the night, which would explain a lot about the “trash island” we keep hearing about.

    The oppressive solutions that the left imposes are always the wrong solutions.

  • Cotour

    “We know that your neighbor can make you unfree. Your cable company can make you unfree. If they’re telling you who you ought to marry, your county clerk can make you unfree. You’re not free if you’re afraid to start a small business because leaving your job would mean losing your healthcare.”’

    All free choices, Buttegieg creates a false equality and a fraudulent argument. You are not compelled by the government to participate in any of the above. However, when the government compels the individual, as in what these new age Fascists propose, that is when we have a problem.

    Buttegieg is just as bad as Beto in his own special Ivy league way, they are all nutty and do not understand some fundamental concepts. Shultz may turn out to be the most reasonable among them.

  • Brian

    Cotour, I live in Indiana, he will never be governor here. Everything he is espousing would never fly with the voters here in a statewide election. Our former Democrat Governor and Senator Evan Bayh who was pretty popular and the only Democrat Governor we’ve had in the last 30 years, came back and ran for Senator again in 16 and was trounced by 30 points.

  • wayne

    “We’re going to change the world”

  • wayne

    Obama Kids: Sing for Change (Pyongyang Remix)
    Reason TV 2008

  • Tom Laskowski

    I live in South Bend. This person is claiming that he saved South Bend which was listed a few years ago as one of America’s top dying cities. Crime is rampant, the population has barely grown and all the good things he has claimed to make happen really aren’t happening. He’s a joke.

  • insomnious

    So many fellow Hoosiers here. I live near the Dunes.

  • eddie willers

    Whatever happened to the maxim: “Caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy”?

  • Cotour

    Pete Buttigieg, Democrat candidate for president, is this years Peter Strzock because of the unusual nature of his last name. People will struggle mightily to remember how to spell it and say it.

    Pete, 37 years old, and his husband, Chasten, are apparently the Democrat party’s newest power couple of 2019/2020.

    His being gay is not the issue, he is still an AOC like, command economy, Liberal millennial control freak who will do what ever has to do to make everyone “equal”. You know make the rich poor, not make the poor rich.

    He seems like a very nice young man, but the operative word in this sentence, besides his tendency to Leftist doctrine, is YOUNG.

    PS: The Democrat electorate knows they are screwed as far as who and what they see being offered in and by their political party in this cycle. Most are truly embarrassed by what is under way. And Joe Biden (thank God his ego was bigger than his common sense) is not their savior. There is no way around what the Democrat party must go through, destruction and rebirth. The question remains: Reborn into what?

    PPS: Joe Biden has stated that he has been called by leaders from all over the world encouraging him to run. Sounds like potential collusion to me, this will have to be looked into, no? And this is the tell related to just how effective Trump has been. And how desperate the leaders around the world are because of Trump and his actual interest in actual Americans, they must rid him from their lives. And Biden, or anyone is their answer. Trump being a big pain in the Buttigiege from their point of view.

    PPPS: Joe Biden? I am already embarrassed for him and it has not even begun. He makes his presidential announcement in a video and then takes three days off to rest (?). Trump would have presided over 5 rally’s over those three days. Biden will be buried alive, and he has not got a clue, his ego has supplanted his objective reasoning. Typical indoctrinated and immersed politician, believes his own PR people. How do you know when he is serious? When he talks really serious and he steels his eyes. Thats his super hero / Hollywood, I am here to take care of business and save everyone look. Total, unadulterated, BS.

  • wayne

    tangential, but somehow appropriate, and I’ll throw it in here—

    Incidentally– the Powers That Be, have been secreting illegal alien invaders into the SW Michigan area for the last 10 years. Obama directed 100’s of millions of $$, primarily to ‘church groups,’ which have as their only goal to get these people into the country and signed up for SNAP & Medicaid (and… register to Vote).

  • Cotour

    The Left, in and outside of the country, is using the Trump administration as an opportunity to flood the country with their potential future voters, they “see” no problem at the border. Make Trump look like a tyrant and cause chaos and flood the zone with the oppressed people from below the Southern border where the reclaiming of California and Texas will be facilitated by.

    One problem, they forget that the everyday American is watching all of this play out and it is what it is in their collective opinion, not right and a growing threat to the country. Last week even Thomas Friedman recognized the reality of what is going on. I suspect his “revelation” is an attempt to reclaim an issue that has spun out of control. But even Friedman, who I rarely if ever agree with the word bouquet positions that issue forth from his computer sees that something is very, very wrong.

    The existential death spiral continues for the lost Democrats and will not cease until they are able to produce a leader with a coherent thought on the issues that are actually of real concern to the country and the American people who pay for it all in their treasure, blood and freedom.

    In the end this border situation will be on the list of issues that Trump will actually be able to in time reconcile and actually fix. All thanks to the desperate un American power play that the Democrat leaders in Congress and those Leftist operatives both inside and outside of OUR country as it unfolds before all of our American eyes.

    So thank you Democrat leaders, your anti American death spiral in the end will have served a valuable service to your country. All issued forth by a depraved desperate mistake and incorrect political calculation of course.

  • Cotour

    The future of the Democrat party?

    After the fires of desperation and insanity consume the Democrat party as we know it today, is this what it will align with after it shakes off the ashes of transformation? The millennial component and the AOC like up and coming people in the Democrat party is what is worrisome. They are fully indoctrinated mini me righteous Marxists who are not actually educated in the subject of their concern, Politics, Power and Governance.

    You want to worry about something? Get off the “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” / New World order bus and get on the “The Democrat party scares the hell out of me because their up and coming people are mini me Marxists and you will have to be arrested, or worse, if you disagree with what must be done for everyone’s good” bus. Typical Leftist MO.

    The Democrat leadership shouts that “Trump is threatening the Constitution!”. When all you hear from them are more and more proposals to surrender our Constitution like when they insist “There is no emergency on the border” (As 100K illegals pour over our borders per month). Or they insist that all firearms be registered (And then confiscated) One of the first things that all real dictators accomplish. Why? Because they detest being shot at

    Ask Maduro, Mao, Hitler and Stalin. Trump a dictator? Please provide some real evidence of this offence against the American people. “Trump lied 10,000 times!” (And counting.) A childish MSM strategy that attempts to create and support a narrative to that end. Why? Because they really have nothing much else.

    Trump may speak biggley, but a dictator? Not even a close call. The MSM and the Democrat leadership through their desperation purposefully conflate and confuse actual leadership with “lying”.

    In the Democrat party leadership desperation for relevance and power they will propose to confiscate all of everyone’s wealth and freedom to facilitate their “Good” intentions. Bet on it.

  • wayne

    Just got around to reading the dailycaller link you posted above, so, “noted film director” Samuel Greisman thinks I’m a lowlife, and I “should burn,” for pulling the lever on Trump?
    Who is this clown? In the Alternate Universe, he’d be rendered off-shore & disappeared, with extreme malice aforethought.

  • Cotour

    I have no idea who Samuel Greisman is, never heard of him, he is nobody to me and you. But he does not like either you or I with intense feelings of negativity and hatred. But he is apparently a significant person to one of our aspiring presidential candidates. At least for the Hollywood monies that may flow his way because of his association with him.

    Joe Biden will lasso and corral the Democrat party and give it some real direction and leadership.
    (Really, thats what they are selling. I can not see Biden lasting very long or prevailing in any scenario, a Democrat joke play. Why? Because in their desperation they really have nothing else)

    I think what is confusing these millennials is the word and concept of “Nationalism”.

    Nationalism in the United States today for the most part is something entirely different than say in pre WW11 Germany or somewhere in Africa. In America we can have a conversation about illegal immigrants but still embrace legal immigrants and immigration as well as tolerate illegal immigrants. For the most part there are no shots fired, we will work it out in time through he political process. I, as do you, and most everyone else on this site embrace and encourage immigration to America. Come to America to become an American, otherwise you can visit under certain circumstances, and then you will go home.

    In other country’s like in Germany pre WW11 and some country’s in Africa however when there is talk of Nationalism that involves people immigrating into their country, legally or otherwise. There can come with it due the more pure racial, religious and cultural make up of the country a much shorter fuse and tolerance. And if and when the economy becomes under pressure racism, violence, looting and murder are quick to appear.

    The tag of Nationalism is used as the ultimate political tool of manipulating one group against another group and there in those who seek power acquire their power. Nationalism in the purest sense is a natural defense mechanism of the indigenous people and those who recognize it as such will step in and utilize that nature to their own power acquisition purposes.

    American Liberals in the form of our millennials today see it all as one when they should be making more of a distinction between the two. This conflation serves those who seek to roil the masses and manipulate what we can pretty clearly see are the lets say less educated on the subject. A segment of these millennials appear to be highly educated uneducated emotionally unstable people. Thats the terrifying aspect of Americas situation right now. Its not this next election, its the following elections that are a concern. The Left has been at this for a long time “educating” (Read: Indoctrinating) the young.

    So is education the answer? You can not readily educate a drug addict that has become out of his or her mind with their disease and their perverted reality.

    The only answer is to beat them at the poles and retain power and through example and real actions demonstrate to those who are not fully indoctrinated and somewhat reasonable, like most Americans really are, that the narrative of those who would manipulate are doing just that, manipulating. And Trump is the prefect icon for this purpose both for rallying his base and for the opposition. A bit of a paradox, but Trump is effective and gets people going.

    So in this conversation, “Nationalism”, needs to be redefined to “American Nationalism” which is very different than the kind of Nationalism that is associated with the likes of Hitler which becomes the go to imagery that is so effective for the Left.

  • wayne


    just some quick babble, no time for a thoughtful comment.

    I spent a bit of time going between Niles, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana, circa 2000. No clue how this Buttigieg guy got himself elected. Most people in Indiana are normal, although South Bend has a bit of a structural poverty [roblem going on. Sounds like “community organizing.”

    Joe Biden- never had a real job, in his entire life. And he apparently interceded on behalf of his son in a corrupt endeavor.


    Hans Hermann Hoppe
    “Populism” (so to speak)
    June 30, 2018

  • Cotour

    I think my observation about the millennials and Nationalism is also expressed here, in the American Jewish community. I have personally been successful in enlightening exactly 1 Jewish friend from being a Liberal to a now a hard core Conservative. She “hates” me for it, most all of her Liberal friends have alienated her. And she is mystified by the Jewish position regarding the lack of support for Trump. Perhaps it lies in the confusion of the Nationalism and American Nationalism definition.

    Most American Jews are cultural Jews only? And not so much religious Jews and so can I assume justify going against what would appear to be their own best interests.

    Perhaps if there are any Jews reading this, cultural, religious or otherwise, they might give their opinion on the subject of the paradoxical nature of the Jewish vote in America. It certainly is a head scratcher for me.

  • Cotour asked: “Perhaps if there are any Jews reading this, cultural, religious or otherwise, they might give their opinion on the subject of the paradoxical nature of the Jewish vote in America. It certainly is a head scratcher for me.”

    As a Jew who follows politics closely, I have been baffled by the knee-jerk loyalty of Jews to the Democratic Party for decades. It is blind, it is close-minded, and it is entirely against their interests. And now it is so blind it cannot see the growing anti-Semitism that is taking over that party.

    Most liberal Jews are exactly what you ask, cultural Jews only. They know nothing of their religion or its beliefs. Their loyalty is to their liberal politics which in recent years have completely devolved into simplistic partisan loyalty to the Democratic Party.

    As Trump might say in a tweet, “SAD!”

  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    ‘1,000 Years From Now’ Trump ‘Will Be Remembered’ For Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty”
    March 23, 2019

  • Cotour

    Interesting, blind political alliance as a form of cultural and potential literal suicide. There is something amiss here, where in a peoples mind is such blindness constructed to be so all consuming? Lets see what happens in the real world regarding how the Jews, like the Blacks and the Hispanics will in fact vote in the coming election due to the unprecedented actions by Trump regarding the securing of the economy and Israel’s future. Hopefully there will be some surprises in store for all.

    And the Jews stereotypically are known for their intelligence, and in my experience that is generally true.

    But here on this political issue, an issue that they have directly suffered greatly under, namely extermination, and they for the most part as a people are having difficulty in seeing what must be seen. Is Trump and the Republican party that much of an off putting subject?

    Like I said, a head scratcher.

    Even you have put your initial personal subjective and political dislike aside for Trump, like many others have. Mark Levin being one of the most overt examples for me. Action over rhetoric delivers the goods.

    Objective rational over Subject emotional. Subjective / Emotional is the playground of the political master manipulators of the world, until someone is able to shine the light upon them as they operate from their dark holes.

  • wayne

    Ben Shapiro:
    Why Jews Vote Leftist?
    Feb 2015; Truth Revolt Originals

  • Cotour

    And where does Pete get his philosophy from? (You just can not make any of this up)

    The apple does not fall far from the tree, a Red Marxist tree.

    The Democrat party is soooo (You know what)

  • Cotour: You do realize that the link you provide is already provided in my essay, with my own commentary about Buttigieg’s parental roots?

  • Cotour

    No I did not, just became aware of the Red Marxist apple tree that Pete apparently fell from.

    And he looks like such a nice boy.

    You just can not make this stuff up.

  • Cotour

    And of course Trump trolls the media and the politically correct perfectly in his honest response to a question.

    Trump: ‘I think it’s great’ seeing Buttigieg onstage with his husband

  • wayne

    DNC 2020 Convention Promo Reel

  • Cotour: Then you might want to spend some time reading my posts more closely before you add a comment. It will make what you say more effective, as well as more on-topic..

  • Cotour

    Sometimes if I am busy I skim read and miss some content, you know I am a work in progress.

    On a related subject: Lots of content related to the “Reconciliation” coming down the road.

    Technically by my own metric the formal reconciliation is the recognition and revealing of and the destruction of the two sets of laws created for “Madam president” by Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch. And in addition the indictment of Ma Barker herself. Which may take a bit longer but it does seem a real possibility now IMO.

    All the rest, like bringing down the former CIA head Brennan and and associates will just be gravy.

    Hope you and your wife are having a great time on your trip, looks like a beautiful country.

  • Cotour

    Remember my point about how the Left uses the emotional push button, “You don’t love us”, as a strategy? I give you an example.

    Its not about making an argument and prevailing through rational deliberation and changing the minds of the populous. No, thats not good enough. Buttigieg transmits that although we as a country are gaining a more and more respectful and tolerant position towards all people that are “different”, either through choice or a different biology, religion, what ever, that will not do.

    “Proud” = “Love”.

    Because you do not fully embrace and “Love” (Are not proud) of us and our differences we can never relent, never be content. We will destroy YOU.

    A political push button and fraudulent juvenile, emotionally based, SJW argument. I can and do respect people just because they are human beings, what ever differences there are are of no concern to me unless in your difference you insist on having to injure me.

    The Left and by extension the Democrats are fundamentally dishonest and must destroy and raze what is in order to execute their “Fundamental change” in America.

  • Cotour

    Pete B’s handlers should point out to him that he really should not be holding such a big micrphone during his rallies.

    Its just a bad image for him in particular.

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