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Pushback: New VA Attorney General shows Republicans the right way to fight the left

The way it has been for decades
The way it has been for decades

All around us the oppressive leftists of the Democratic Party are in control. They dominate the mainstream media, the education and science communities, the bureaucracy, the major social media companies, and the entertainment industry. That monolith of top-down rule now imposes its will everywhere, blacklisting and destroying anyone who dares dissent from its agenda.

For decades these intolerant socialists and communists and hate-filled bigots have steadily gained more and more control and power because no one would truly resist them. Time after time they would do something egregious and never face any consequences. For example, in 1999 a DC bureaucrat was forced to resign because he used the word “niggardly,” properly describing how the political world was sometimes cheap and miserly for the wrong reasons. Several ignorant co-workers accused him falsely of using a racial slur, and DC mayor, Democrat Anthony Williams, quickly forced the man to resign. Shortly thereafter Williams realized his error and arranged for the man’s rehiring, but never did anything to discipline the illiterate fools who caused the furor.

Republicans in this matter are far worse. For decades they never punished Democrats for bad behavior, even when the Republicans had gained power. For example, for a half century they have promised if elected to cut off funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio because of the decidedly pro-Democrat biases of both. Yet, when the Republicans win, these promises have never been kept. Instead, the Republicans accept weak statements that no more bias would occur, even as these government-funded media outlets continued and even increased their anti-conservative broadcasting.

An even better example was Republican President Donald Trump. Despite the impression he gave that he was a fighter, he never cleaned house in the FBI, the Justice Department, and all of the intelligence agencies, even when it became clear they were aggressively working with the Democratic Party to spy on him and get him removed from office. To do so would be crass and partisan!

Yet I have no doubt the Democrats would have fired everyone, if not on the day they took power then soon thereafter. And the Democrats wouldn’t have done it to stop misbehavior, but to stack the new bureaucracy with partisan allies, all willing to commit misbehavior that would help the Democratic Party — as happened with the FBI and Justice Department during the Trump administration.

I could cite thousands of other examples of Republican weakness in the past half century. The result has been that the Democrats and their intolerant minions have steadily since the 1960s become more and more dominant within the government, to the point that today they are blatantly using their power to squelch dissent and suppress anyone who opposes them.

This week however we finally had a Republican who showed us the right way to fight the left. On the very day that Republican Jason Miyares was sworn in as the new attorney general for the state of Virginia, he announced that he was firing thirty staffers, seventeen of which were attorneys. The firings also included two from the AG’s Office of Civil Rights, a department that nationwide has become a tool of the Democratic Party to attack conservatives repeatedly.

Following the mass firing, Miyares spokeswoman Victoria LaCivita said that the new Attorney General was “restructuring the office, as every incoming AG has done in the past.” [emphasis mine]

I emphasize the last phrase because it is not true. Since Bill Clinton the Democrats have routinely fired everyone appointed by Republicans when they take power, but the Republicans routinely have not. Prior to Clinton and for most of the last half of the 20th century, the tradition was to ask for resignation letters from everyone, but to not fire seasoned attorneys regardless of their political affiliations. The thinking had been that the caseloads of these attorneys were not political, but criminal, and to remove them would be harmful.

The Republicans, once again showing their weakness and unwillingness to truly fight the agenda of the left, have continued to follow this policy, while the Democrats, beginning with Clinton, abandoned it decades ago.

The new broom must sweep clean.
The new broom must sweep clean.

Miyares’ actions this week showed to Republicans the only right way to do things today. He immediately cleaned house, getting rid of staffers and attorneys whom he could not trust. He now starts out with a strong team, and is unlikely to be sabotaged, as Trump was, by fifth columnists he allowed to remain out of the goodness of his heart.

The nation needs more of this. Every new administration — both Democrat and Republican — needs to wipe the slate clean when they take office. By doing so the amount of political undermining within each new administration will be significantly reduced. Each administration will be able to cleanly get done what it wants to do, and thus the voters will then know without doubt if that administration had done a good job when the next election rolls around.

For conservatives this policy is even more critical, because the Democrats spent the last four decades seeding the administrative state with anti-American Marxist bigots, whose only real goal is power and the destruction of the American dream. These people need to be removed from power, as quickly as possible, before they can succeed in their effort.

And right now, they are very close to doing so.

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  • Phill O

    The basic problem is that all politicians are, or will be, corrupted. How many republicans went to Epstein’s island?

    The dems have ways to keep even republicans in line! You can bet the wheels for finding (or creating) dirt are in motion.

    The left has won battles. Let us pray they have not won the war!

  • Skunk Bucket

    It seems that the Republicans like to fight by Marquess of Queensberry rules, while the Democrats find even MMA rules to be too confining. It’s time for the Stupid party to take off the gloves when fighting the Evil Party.

  • Mitch S.

    “To do so would be crass and partisan”

    Trump never shied away from being crass and partisan.
    But unlike the VA Ag he had nobody to back him up.
    The VA AG has a newly elected Republican governor to back him up.
    Trump was under siege from the start. I figure he was advised such firings would bring too much backlash – and that advise may have been correct.
    Anyone Trump fired would become a media star. Congress would probably create a “Congressional Bureau of Investigation” to continue the “important work” of the FBI (and other sffected agencies).
    And who could Trump turn to for support? Ted “Jan 6th was a terrorist attack” Cruz?

  • Mitch S: So let the fired become media stars. Big deal. They would no longer be running the FBI, the Russian collusion fraud would have been exposed as a hoax years sooner, and the people now in charge would have had the power to prosecute those who committed crimes.

    Republicans have to stop being afraid of media frenzies. Such things no longer have the impact they did in the 1990s. If anything a media frenzy against a Republican today is often seen as a sign of quality.

  • Cotour

    Hmmmmm, who’s style does the new Virginia governor and his attorney general who fired a bunch of his people on day one sound like?

    Hmmmmm, now let me think.

    The people of America are desperate for real leadership and are not interested in “careful” politicians who test the waters before they dive in or first see which way the wind is blowing.

    You know it when you see it, and so we shall have it.

  • Gary H

    If Trump gets in again and cleans house, there will be such an uprising on the left that he will never be able to serve a third term.

  • Andi

    He can’t serve a third term anyway..

  • Jeff Wright

    No law in the arena

  • Robert:

    “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

    Jonathan Swift

    “Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting”


  • Gary H

    “He can’t serve a third term anyway.”

    That was my point. He would be free to clean house, which he failed to do in his first term.

    I prefer Ron DeSantis, due to Trumps tendency to get involved in a self-defeating circular firing squads, but I suspect that Trump would do a better job of neutralizing the left’s strangle hold on power in Washington and moving against big tech/media censorship.

  • BLSinSC

    Mitch S. I think you are right!! In addition, PRESIDENT TRUMP was fighting against the RINO’S too! Let’s say he HAD fired a large portion of the FBI/CIA/DOJ/other agencies – what would the Impeachment articles cite first? Russian cleaning out honest EE’s? Most likely! How about “Trump doing Putin’s firings”? Yes! He was also, I think, taking names for the azzes he plans on kicking later! Would Americans have gotten the FULL EFFECT of democrat domination if PRESIDENT TRUMP had not stepped aside and let the FRAUD take place?? How many AMERICANS NOW think the dems are capable of leading? How many AMERICANS have seen the dems’ fingerprints on their loved ones’ deaths? This has been an UGLY five or six years. I do think PRESIDENT TRUMP had to allow everyone to see it first hand! Most didn’t believe him when he said how damaging and anti-America the dems were — any DOUBT now?? As for the NEXT TIME?? I want SCORCHED EARTH! Not only CLEAN houses, burn them to the ground, salt the ground, and plow it under! He can use all the precedents that the democrats have established. Arrest anyone connected to the Russian Hoax as “Insurrection Conspirators” and put them in the same dungeon as the FREED and PARDONED Jan. 6th sightseers! Leave the current crop of insurrectionists in their cells with the same treatment the Jan. 6th sightseers are experiencing! Anyone complain – SEE PREVIOUS TREATMENT! The same goes for other areas and other prisoners! That EO that requires asset forfeiture – don’t think Biden has reversed that one so it could/should be used extensively to address “inequity” of the elite criminals!

  • Cotour


    Starbucks cancels vaccine mandate:

    Boris Johnson announced the end of mandatory masks, vaccine passports, and working from home Wednesday as Omicron wanes.

    As the fear wanes and the government has been slapped back by the court, this is progress.

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