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Pushback: Why are ANY parents sending their kids back to Loudoun County schools?

And clowns should not be running the schools
And the clowns must be fired, now!

In the past week the conservative press heralded two big legal victories against the administrative thugs running the schools in Loudoun County in Virginia who, despite no evidence that masks did anything but harm children, insisted the little kids under their supervision be muzzled eight hours a day.

First, despite an executive order by the new Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, outlawing mask mandates in the schools, Loudoun County administrators refused to go along, even threatening to arrest children for trespass should they show up without masks. A local judge however on February 16th issued an injunction against the county’s mask mandate, preventing it from going into effect.

Second, the state’s legislature, controlled by the Republicans but with additional votes from Democrats, had quickly passed a law banning further school mask mandates, which Youngkin signed into law on February 18th.

Hallellujah! the conservative press declared. A victory against tyrants.

I say bah! If I was a parent in Loudoun County, I would not care one iota that this mask mandate has been voided. Instead, I would be terrified of putting my children under the control of these tyrants, with or without a mask mandate. The vicious and dishonest behavior in the past two years by the administrators and teachers in these schools against little children is beyond the pale. All of them still work there. None have been fired or replaced.

So what the kids will no longer have to wear masks? These same administrators, teachers, and faculty will still be controlling their lives for eight hours a day. Now that in-class teaching has resumed, who knows what child abuse these bullies will come up with once they have the kids in the class, out of sight of parents? If I was a parent who had been particularly vocal against the mask mandates I would especially fear these thugs might take their anger against me by my abusing my children.

Parents in New York City, subjected to the same goonish and bullying behavior by people running their schools, have come to the same conclusion I have, and are pulling their kids from the school system now in gigantic numbers.

Families in some of the city’s top school districts are leaving the Department of Education at an alarming clip, according to state data. Mayor Eric Adams speculated this week that parents who’ve ditched the city and its public schools are likely to return as soon as Gotham gathers itself.

But that ongoing flight — which is hammering school budgets — is hitting traditionally popular districts especially hard.

Elementary school enrollment in Manhattan’s District 2, which encompasses affluent areas like Greenwich Village and Soho, is down 10 percent this year and 17 percent over the last two.

According to state figures, the district went from roughly 16,040 kids in 2020 to over 13,333 this year — a loss of more than 2,500 students over that span.

A concerned district source noted that that would equate to the closure of up to seven district elementary schools.

The article goes on to list the steep enrollment drops in district after district, averaging about 25% to 33%.

It appears parents in New York, especially those from the higher income brackets, have decided this government school system is a terrible place to send their kids, and are taking them out, either to teach at home or to send to better private schools. And I suspect the only reason poorer parents haven’t done the same is because they don’t have the same resources to do so.

Nor is this trend only seen in New York. Across the nation the data shows parents pulling their children from the public schools in large numbers.

Loudoun County parents in Virginia should do the same. The people running those schools demonstrated in the past few months that they couldn’t care less about the kids under their care. Get your kids out now, before they do them even more harm.

Furthermore, don’t let Youngkin and the Republicans in the state legislature off the hook, just because they have cancelled Loudoun County’s mask mandate. Will the Republicans do anything to fire or replace them? Will any effort be made to reform the administration of this county’s schools?

If the Republicans do nothing, then we will know that everything they are doing is just show, done merely to placate the public while allowing the status quo to remain unchanged. Virginia parents must not let the Republicans get away with this. Parents must pushback, hard, and force the politicians take real action, cleaning house so that the child abusers who run Loudoun County schools are never let anywhere near a public school or its children ever again.

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  • Alton

    Well the March Out Has begun, which causes a fall in Funding from the Commonwealth Fall 2021 figures:

    This year’s enrollment of 81,318 students at the start of the school year represents a 7% drop from the original projected enrollment for the year, meaning less money will be coming in from Richmond. The district, which is the third largest in the state, would have received about $440 million from the state this year had it met its projected enrollment

    Despite Loudoun’s growing population and the opening of two new schools this fall, public school enrollment has declined for the second consecutive year, according to preliminary counts released this week°



  • Alton

    Bills that would help are making their way through the General Assembly.
    Republicans now Control the House of Delegates, but the Senate was not up for election last November. The DIMs have a one seat advantage in that chamber, pressure has been applyed to a hand full of middle of the road dunces in the upper chamber, some headways has been achieved, now that crossover day has just passed (each house finished with their own bills and have sent them for passage to the other. Much work still needs to be done — but as happens in most years you go down to the last day of the session when the clocks in the Capitol building are stopped at 11:57pm and the real horse trading begins for hours — even days of nonstop infighting 24 hrs a day till the bills pass….

    Been running such a Process since Patrick Henry, George Mason, George Madison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Marshall (Chief USSC) served in the General Assembly, and Back when it first Sat as a Representative body at Jamestown, Virginia 1619.

  • BLSinSC

    What is going on in LOUDON County that must be kept so SECRET?? We’ve already seen the RAPE , TRANSFER, RAPE AGAIN Coverup that has been EXPOSED and ADJUDICATED so what ELSE is lurking under the tip of the iceberg?? Shouldn’t the GOVERNOR have the AUTHORITY to INVESTIGATE the SCHOOL MANAGEMENT and SCHOOL BOARDS?? This is what happens when these little local TYRANTS get some power and exert it and are not reined in! ALL of those people who had knowledge of the FIRST RAPE should be FIRED/CHARGED! No reason to retain people who have that kind of BAD JUDGEMENT!

  • Col Beausabre

    “A concerned district source noted that that would equate to the closure of up to seven district elementary schools.

    Will a single teacher or administrator be dismissed?

    Are you kidding me? And lose all those union dues? They’ll be parked in the Rubber Rooms.

    The city and union have agreed to abolish the “Absent Teacher Reserve” as soon as possible. That was in 2010. In 2020, they said they were working on it with no implementation date in sight.

    Note that my old school system went from eight to four elementaries with the two middle schools looking deserted (you could put all the middle school students in one and shut down the other) when the boomer generation graduated and the world did not end

    Remember, government always grows, it never shrinks

  • m d mill

    The solution is a voucher based parental choice educational system where private education can compete fairly with the publicly administered schools. The parents would decide who gets the voucher money. It is a simple, effective solution to the idiocy of monopolistic authoritarian partisan and often incompetent public schooling, and is even an option in the Swedish welfare state!

  • Phil Berardelli

    The teachers’ unions in this country have been a scourge on educational quality for at least half a century. A now-retired friend of mine, whom I once profiled for his metropolitan newspaper — whose editors rejected the piece because it was “too positive” — was an educational innovator who developed an excellent program for inner city schools, where he had worked for years. Whereas the overall graduation rate in his city’s system had been — and still is — only about 35 percent, students going through his program were graduating at a 90-percent rate, and fully half of them went on to college. Same kids; stunning different results. The reward for his successes? The union pushed and pushed until his program was shut down, arguing that it constituted an unfair burden for the teachers.

    The next rational president whom this country elects should, on Inauguration Day, summarily end all public-service unions via executive order. This is doable because President John F. Kennedy had established the unions via the same mechanism. And every rational governor in the country should follow suit.

    As for Loudoun County, I know it well. Once a mostly bucolic bit of countryside about 30 miles west of D.C., it has become chock-full of suburban sprawl and overdevelopment. My two daughters live there, and all six of my grandchildren attend or have attended public schools there. These petty tyrants who run that system shouldn’t be elected out — they should be run out of town, with not another dime of public funds spent on their bloated salaries, benefits and retirement. They have completely lost the concept of public service and should be duly punished for their conceits.

    It is long-past time for 2AR, the Second American Revolution.

  • It is long-past time for 2AR, the Second American Revolution.
    I’m starting to think the “and this time we really mean it” approach might actually work. The phrase “retcon” is fairly well known. Let’s just retcon the Constitution 2.0 experiment out of existence (throwing away all Supreme Court precedents would be a good start). It’s not going to happen until we run out of money, but that day is getting closer and closer.

    What is going on in LOUDON County that must be kept so SECRET??
    That’s a good question.

    As a Formatting tip, might I suggest the Colonial-era approach of Random capitalisation, utilised in a decidedly NonRandom – mayhaps Planned – manner for Emphasis? SHOUTING capitalization is just a bit Much for one’s Sensibilities and brings upon its User, deservedly or otherwise, a certain amount of Opprobrium; adding in Extraneous, or Otherwise gratuitous, bits of punctuation, is optional – as are the Digressionary, yet most decorative and nigh upon Expected, subordinate Clauses containing as they do phrases most erudite and Pleasing unto the eye.

    OK. That’s a skill I do not posses. I did rewrite it to remove the “f” as “s”; it waf too hard to underftand.

    Let’s not retcon English.

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