Some stories of hate

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This morning civilized people the world over were greeted with several stories of hate and violence, where the perpetrators attempted to kill large numbers of people, merely because of their race or religion.

The first — and the one that our bankrupt mainstream media will spend all of its time reporting — occurred in Charleston, where a hate-filled racist killed nine black church-goers during a prayer session.

This was an evil act, committed by an evil and sick man. No sane or civilized person on the left or right condones it.

Two other stories, both reported in the Israeli news outlet The Jewish Press, described two attacks in the Middle East, one on a Jewish religious site and the other on a Christian religious site.

Both of these Middle Eastern attacks are as evil as the massacre in Charleston. Both expressed the same mass hatred of a group of people, this time based on religion rather than race. And as in Charleston, no sane or civilized person on the left or right should condone them.

Sadly, I expect America’s modern leftwing intellectual class, represented by our mainstream media, to focus entirely on the first, not only condemning the murderous attack in Charleston but to use that act as an excuse to attack all conservatives, essentially repeating the crime by expressing a mass hatred of an entire group of people, this time because of their political beliefs.

The Middle East violence will meanwhile be ignored. In fact, if you dig hard enough, you will likely be able to find examples in the left wing press where these acts are condoned.

In a sense, the reactions of people to these violent evil events provide us a litmus test for hate. They will reveal who is civilized and who is not. Those who are civilized will condemn them all, and will not spend any time trying to assign the act to their political opponents. Those who are not will try to make political points and will try to assign blame in all the wrong places.

Watch and listen. If you pay close attention over the next few days, and keep a clear mind, you will be able to learn a lot.



  • Edward

    Obama responded to last night’s Charleston massacre: “… someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.”

    Let’s be clear: the president has the problem backward. The problem was that the people who needed protection had too much trouble getting *their* hands on a gun. It is the gun-free zones — such as churches, schools, and movie theaters — where the massacres that Obama laments occur. These are victim-rich zones, where someone who wants to inflict harm is most likely to go to do so. Massacres do not occur in gun-rich zones, such as police stations.

    In fact, it is rare that gunmen attempt to cause their havoc in places that they know are gun-rich zones, and on those occasions that they do, they have trouble inflicting their harm. The recent Dallas police station incident is a fine example. In that case, the gunman did not even wound a single person. The reason is that the intended victims in the police station did not end up like those in the church, because they were able to defend themselves and drive off the attacker.

    In the Charleston church, however, the victims could only cower helplessly as their attacker reloaded and reloaded again and again.

    When seconds count, people have to be able to defend themselves, because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Unless they are already on the scene. (1 minute)

    As for why the American press likely will go on and on about Charleston and ignore similar events in the middle East is that the events in the Middle East do not help to advance the press’s ulterior motives of disarming all law abiding Americans. Perhaps they think (backward, like the president) that we will break the law but the lawbreakers won’t.

  • Cotour

    Obama being a moral literalist and his agenda in office, demands that he by design must vilify firearms in general and the Second Amendment specifically when ever the opportunity presents itself. His agenda expressed in his own words and his actions in fact creates a higher pressure atmosphere where the insane and the fringe player among us is encouraged to commit these heinous and inhuman acts like the disgusting events that have occurred previously and in Charlotte the other day.

    Until God himself comes down from on high and purifies the human race of the hatred and tendency to abuse power there is no other counter balance to the insane who would murder, the fringe player, the racist, the criminal, the rapist, the terrorist, the extremist and the government that would enslave their own people, the Second Amendment is and will remain necessary and relevant until that moment.

    Some may see that fact as being sad and unreasonable but that is reality.

  • Cotour

    Rapper “Killer Mike” gets it correct ( I never heard of him but he gets it right).

    The reality of existence demands that some responsible person might have been inconspicuously armed in that congregation. To insist that there should be no firearms in a church is an ideal and naive wish, we do not live in an ideal world, we live in reality where when you refuse to recognize reality, as uncomfortable as it may be, you create a situation where the innocent among us can be preyed upon, abused and murdered. Reality is offensive to many. From today on I am hopeful there will be less incidents like Charlotte.

  • Phill O

    Just think about the guy on the Greyhound in Saskatchewan cutting the head off a fellow passenger ( a couple of years back). If folk had carried (or were allowed to carry), the head might not have come off (except maybe the fellow who did the cutting. By the way, last I heard, he was out walking free.

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