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Stop participating in the delusions of the insane

“Lily” Mestemacher

In a perfect example of the modern madness of our time, when a bearded heavy-set man using the name “Lily” Mestemacher was arrested in Arkansas for making bomb threats against a location in Mississippi, the local news organization reporting the story in Mississippi used female pronouns to describe him because he claimed he was a woman. To quote that February 13, 2023 news report:

On February 10th, Mestemacher was transported to Oxford where she was booked on the aforementioned warrant. She was taken before a Lafayette County Justice Court judge for her initial bond hearing and issued a $50,000 bond. [emphasis mine]

His arrest mugshot is to the right. This is a man. Just because he is somewhat deranged and wants to make believe he is a woman does not require that local news organization, called The Local Voice, to participate in that derangement.

In fact, by agreeing to use his fake pronouns this news organization is agreeing to lie to its readers, while distorting its reporting. How can anyone trust anything else this garbage news outlet reports, considering it is so willing to participate in the absurd fantasies demanded by the unbalanced?

What makes this story even more appalling is that The Local Voice is not the exception but the rule. Almost all mainstream news sources now require their reporters in all stories to use these fake pronouns when demanded by anyone who is mentioned in any story. It is also now common practice for government authorities and almost everyone else — including even a number of conservative news outlets — to quickly accede to these crazy demands and join the insane person’s desire to make believe he is a woman, or she is a man, when neither is anything of the sort.

I not only say no, I say hell no! Just because a person wants to make believe something does not a require me to obey. There is no such thing as a “transgender” person. If you are a man and like to dress in woman’s clothing, that is your prerogative. You are still a man. If you are a woman and want to cut your hair short, bind your breasts, and wear man’s clothing, that is also your prerogative. You are still a woman.

If such people wish to lie to themselves, that is their business. I don’t have to join in and lie to myself as well. As a journalist and historian I have an even greater responsibility to refuse to play this game. It is my job to report the facts accurately, and the second I stop doing so I am no longer trustworthy as a source of information. You would think most mainstream news sources today would understand this, but then, these bankrupt news outlets have long ago put aside reliable news reporting so that they can promote their leftist political “narratives” above all else.

These news outlets, and the activists with whom they are allied, are also terrified that everyone else will suddenly discover that the best weapon for defeating them is to refuse to participate in these lies of language. One of the reasons that Matt Walsh’s testimony in the Tennessee legislature on February 8, 2023 was so devastatingly effective was because of his own refusal to play this game. Watch these two clips:

In the second clip he asks the congressman questioning him the simple question, in plain language “Do you think a 16-year-old can meaningfully consent to having their body parts removed?” He doesn’t couch this with the fake terms “transgender” or “gender affirmation”. He describes precisely what is happening. And because the question is so honest and true, state legislator Caleb Hemmer (D-Nashville) cannot respond. If he agrees with Walsh and gives the obvious answer, he undercuts his queer supporters who now make-up the Democratic Party’s most ardent backers. If he disagrees with Walsh, he exposes himself as supporting the castration and mutilation of little kids, a position that will certainly not work in his next election campaign.

Every normal person in this nation must do the same. Stop using fake terms like “transgender” or “gender affirmation surgery” or “LGBTQ-inclusive” or “BIPOC”. The first hides the cross-dressing behavior of the individual. The second hides the ugly nature of such medical procedures. And the last two hide the fundamental bigoted nature of these alphabet soup terms, which focus everything on race, sexual behavior, and group rights, rather than treating each person as an individual with a uniqueness precious and miraculous.

If we all do this, with courage and without compromise, the balloon holding up these false political movements will very quickly burst, because they will be exposed for the evil they are truly promoting.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Cotour

    To my last point, don’t allow them to make you nuts with their insanity.

    That is their plan.

  • James Street

    “As a journalist and historian I have an even greater responsibility to refuse to play this game. It is my job to report the facts accurately, and the second I stop doing so I am no longer trustworthy as a source of information.”

    Well said.

    In the below two hour video Jordan Peterson interviews a 19 year old woman Chloe Cole who when she was 12 began transitioning to a boy, and in high school changed her mind and is transitioning back to a woman. She now wants to get married to a man and have a family but because of the chemicals they injected and surgeries they performed she can no longer breast feed and it’s still undetermined if she can have children.

    I know someone whose 13 year old daughter is doing the same thing so below are notes I took for my own edification. A couple key take aways are that “gender dysphoria” is common in kids going through puberty and if you just leave them alone by age 18 or 19, 90% of them settle into their birth gender; and that adults are allowing children to make life destroying decisions they aren’t prepared to make.

    Times are at HH:MM marks in the video and approximate.

    Detransition: The Wounds That Won’t Heal | Chloe Cole | EP 319

    • 00:17 Ken Zucker, a Toronto psychologist who has studied Gender Dysphoria for years says if you just leave kids alone until they are 18 or 19 years old, 80% to 90% settle into their birth gender.
    • 00:45 Three questions a therapist should ask a new patient:
    1. Why is this person here? Why are they suffering?
    2. Is this something intrinsic to them or is there something about their situation that would make anyone miserable in the same situation?
    3. What can be done about it?
    • 00:52 “Facts” that therapists told Chloe that Jordan Peterson said are lies:
    1. There’s no alternative treatment
    2. Only 1%-2% rate of regret for people who transition
    3. If parents don’t allow the child to transition they are at risk of suicide
    There are no long term follow-up studies on transitioning because the surgical and hormonal regimen is too new to base these statements on.
    • 00:56 What the medical community does is corrupt to the point of malevolent, asking parents would they rather have a live trans child or a dead child.
    • There’s no evidence that alternative treatments or not allowing them to transition increases chance of suicide
    • 01:33 Doctors and counselors talked to her like she was an adult and could make these decisions but she wasn’t, she was a child and didn’t understand the ramifications
    • 01:57 The core of medical and counseling malpractice: forms were vague and didn’t have enough info; she was too young to understand what it meant.
    • 01:58 Consent has to be documented and informed, which means you have to understand what it means. You have to fully understand what it means. All options with pros and cons, at least 6 months minimum of weekly therapy to understand what it meant.
    • 02:00 Chloe still has a wide range of side effects she wasn’t told about before transitioning: complications with skin grafts on breasts; joint pain in arms, legs and backs; blood in her urine; sexual dysfunction at 18 that people usually don’t experience until 40s and 50s. How was she supposed to know all this when she was 12 years old?
    • 02:03 Where she is on the legal battlefront: she’s a broken woman from all the choices she was allowed to make when she was a child, and none of them should have happened.
    • 02:04 she’s filed a lawsuit against Kaiser, her health care provider

  • Chris

    The first thing to do if we want to “Stop participating in the delusions of the insane” is to name things correctly.

    This is an ancient rule form Confucius and is read by John Batchelor in his interview of Josh Rogan (opening quote)

    “If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success….”

    We keep using the incorrect words – and lose half the battle/debate in doing so.

    One great example of this is the (mis) use of the word ‘gender’

    Gender – noun
    A grammatical category, often designated as male, female, or neuter, used in the classification of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and, in some languages, verbs that may be arbitrary or based on characteristics such as sex or animacy and that determines agreement with or selection of modifiers, referents, or grammatical forms.
    The fact of being classified as belonging to such a category

    A third definition has been added – because we also allowed the misuse of this word. This definition tries to glom on the definition of the word sex.

    When we use the word ‘gender’ incorrectly, we incorrectly acknowledge the “new” definition of the word. We should first correct the speaker and then state the truth in the correct terms. Our first step toward winning back normality is to stop arguing with the incorrect words.
    If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success

  • wayne

    Michael Malice: Marxism and Communism
    Lex Fridman Podcast 347

  • No

    Matt Walsh did not testify before Congress. He spoke at a hearing in the TN state legislature. Caleb Hemmer is absolutely not a Congressman. He is a TN state representative. This is not a small mistake. My goodness.

    Also “responsibility” is spelled wrong in the below quote.

    “As a journalist and historian I have an even greater responsibilty to refuse to play this game. It is my job to report the facts accurately, and the second I stop doing so I am no longer trustworthy as a source of information.”

  • Editor

    When a criminal says his pronouns are I/me, reporters will be hit with how important it is to not lie about reality. I don’t see them writing this: “Police say their investigation proves that I broke into the victim’s home and stabbed him repeatedly.”

  • David

    Isn’t conducting journalism in a manner where you weave personal beliefs into the coverage kind of a sticky matter? I realize the above is a commentary and not a piece of pure reporting, but your “style” of journalism can present your personal moral views as a “truth” it seems to me.

    I’m probably, in my usual ham fisted way, doing a poor job of explaining what I’m getting at, but I hope not. Your style seems very commonplace nowadays, particularly online/social sites. In the above piece, you make moral judgements on people, which is 1,000% okay as an editorial.

    But can it be presented as a piece of fact based journalism if you don’t acknowledge there are other valid facts and viewpoints held by others, particularly in these complex social issues? In this matter, certain things you may denounce as evil, but others will say not so.

    Then again, it may just be me. I’m getting old and perhaps I just miss the days when a journalist and a commentator stuck to their very distinct fields and were generally viewed as such.

    It is a brave new world…

  • sky mnasterson

    I don’t hate trans because they hear voices coming from the microwave oven. But, I don’t have to agree that they hear voices from the microwave oven. I sympathize with their mental disorder. I do not have to suspend reality and agree with them.

  • Strelnikov

    Abraham Lincoln once asked an audience how many legs a dog had if you count the tail as a leg. When they answered “five”, Lincoln told them that the answer was four. The fact that you called the tail a leg did not make it a leg – Thomas Sowell

  • No: You are correct. My error. I have fixed it.

    In trying to get things correct, it is also important that a journalist correct errors immediately and admit to them. Have any of the mainsteam leftist news sources retracted their numerous false attack stories against Donald Trump? No.

    I think the difference here is very important.

  • David: I do not hide my biases, as do most leftist news outlets and journalists. I am at least honest about them.

    Also, some of my columns are pure reporting, In that case I am very careful to try to get my facts right. And if I am speculating I say so.

    Meanwhile, can you clearly answer Matt Walsh’s question? Do you think a 16-year-old can meaningfully consent to having their body parts removed?

  • GWB

    *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*

  • beau

    they are mentally ill people who are being used to push chaos across this nation. their mental illness will never become my normal. it will always remain their abnormality.

  • Nabi

    ‘Removed’ is too sweet a way to put it–sugar coats the activity and diminishes the violation to the body. We have to get better with words.

  • Nabi: This is why I call it “the mutilation and castration of kids.” More accurate.

  • Cotour



    Kim Jong Un’s daughter likely ‘chosen one’ as successor, spelling doom for his sister
    Kim Jong Un’s daughter likely ‘chosen one’ as successor (

    Top Putin war official plunges 160 feet to her death from high-rise building (Ooops, another “accident”)
    Top Putin war official Marine Yankina plunges to her death (

    Video of Hu Jintao Pulled From CCP Congress ‘Chilling’: Ex-NATO Commander
    Video of Hu Jintao Pulled From CCP Congress ‘Chilling’: Ex-NATO Commander (

    World Of Pain For Former Trump Lawyers: Suspension, Fines, Possible Disbarment And More
    World Of Pain For Former Trump Lawyers: Suspension, Fines, Possible Disbarment And More (

    If it’s too overt to just throw your political rivals and detractors out of the window, you just make sure that their lawyers are all vilified, disqualified and disbarred? That is how those in the Political Realm in America assassinate their political warfare rivals in America.

    They always tell you who threatens them and who they fear the most.–~B/aD03NDE7dz0xMDI0O2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/

  • Wasn’t this the same crowd that was up in arms about female genital mutilation? Not hearing that so much, now. I would like to see a UN Resolution introduced condemning the United States for pediatric mutilation. Progressives are all about Global Opinion, but most of the world does not agree with them. At local government meetings, the most strenuous objections to Liberal policies come from people of Asian and Hispanic heritage, a goodly portion of whom came here to get away from this [stuff].

  • drewtho

    … adolescent boy given puberty blockers, later regretting the choice and discontinuing is then doomed to live out the rest of his life with a micro penis. I suggest this would result in an extreme level of regret.

    Don’t do it; don’t do it young man – allow nature to take its course. Accept what you are now, you are what you are meant to be.

    Don’t do it; don’t do it medical establishment – don’t do it to him!

  • David

    Mr. Zimmerman:

    Hey there. Thank you for the reply on your journalism style. Not to shock anyone, but I was genuinely curious (no hidden agenda) about your take as journalism certainly is a different creature today compared to that consumed by folks our age decades ago! You don’t hide your biases and indeed also do straight reporting.

    Regarding Mark Walsh’s question, my reaction is NO, 16 is too young. A minor is a minor.

    That said, I’d be less than open if I didn’t add that I’m uncomfortable about telling other people how to raise their kids. I don’t agree with surgically altering the sex of a minor, just as I have always had strong emotions against aborting babies in most circumstances once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

    But I’m just another flawed human being, as we all are, so I try to remind myself that since I don’t have complete understanding of every other person’s life, family, or circumstances, I need to try to always listen. And always reflect. These are tough issues for some folks. I don’t have all the answers on some of these social issues.

  • David

    “Mark” should have been “Matt.”

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