Ten years after the Russians did it, NASA finally produces lettuce in space

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Lots of news stories today about yesterday’s lettuce feast on ISS, where a Japanese and two NASA astronauts chowed down on lettuce grown in a NASA-built space greenhouse, ten years after the Russians did it with the American-built and still working LADA greenhouse.

Almost all the stories below, however, fail to note that earlier effort, and instead make the false claim that this NASA experiment is the first to grow lettuce in space.

Only the last article, written at an alternative space news website normally focused on the collection of space memorabilia, gets it right, noting that the Russians did it more than a decade ago and have since then been regularly growing lettuce, peas, and radishes on ISS — and eating them. (They also link to the 2003 Air & Space article I wrote on this very subject.)

Meanwhile, take a scan of all the important mainstream news outlets above, none of whom did the slightest bit of research or fact-checking so they could find out that NASA’s experiment now is not the first, and in fact is more than a decade behind an earlier co-operative effort between the Russians and Utah State University.

This should make you wonder if maybe their other news research is as sloppy.



  • David M. Cook

    Not so much sloppy as LAZY! Someone reports that this is a “first” and all these outlets run with the info, as they know it. None of these LAZY folks in the MSM can be bothered to do any actual reporting (you know, fact-checking, asking other sources, getting other quotes; things REAL reporters do).

    They are spoon-fed info from the democrats and aren’t used to getting the story right, just repeating what their masters tell them. Cowards! Lazy, useless mouthpieces of the socialist left.

  • Chops

    I am a pilot and when the news reports aviation stories it almost ALWAYS has details wrong. If it doesn’t get what you know right, how can you trust it when you don’t know…

  • “This should make you wonder if maybe their (all) other news research is as sloppy.”

    Yes, it is.

  • wodun

    I am perhaps more partisan than most people but this is hardly a problem confined to our reporter friends to the left :)

  • David M. Cook


  • Dan

    Oh, but if it’s on the internet, then it must be true, right?

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